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The First Lady Carl Weber The First Lady Charlene Wilson First Lady of First Jamaica Ministries has lived a good life with her beloved husband Bishop T K Wilson If the Lord is ready to call her home she s ready to go her only concern is

  • Title: The First Lady
  • Author: Carl Weber
  • ISBN: 9780758215758
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The First Lady Carl Weber Charlene Wilson, First Lady of First Jamaica Ministries, has lived a good life with her beloved husband, Bishop T.K Wilson If the Lord is ready to call her home, she s ready to go her only concern is finding T K a good woman to look after him when she s gone Charlene has four candidates in mind Marlene, the mother of T.K s illegitimate daughter Monique Johnson, whoCharlene Wilson, First Lady of First Jamaica Ministries, has lived a good life with her beloved husband, Bishop T.K Wilson If the Lord is ready to call her home, she s ready to go her only concern is finding T K a good woman to look after him when she s gone Charlene has four candidates in mind Marlene, the mother of T.K s illegitimate daughter Monique Johnson, who s made it plain she wants T.K Savannah Dickens, the church s attractive new choir soloist and Charlene s good friend, Sister Lisa Mae Johnson Charlene has written letters to each woman to be delivered as needed upon her passing by her friend Alison One thing s for sure even if Charlene won t be around to see it, her actions are going to shake up a lot of people
    The First Lady Carl Weber

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      Carl Weber

    One thought on “The First Lady”

    1. This book is about a church bishop, whose wife the church s First Lady has died Prior to the First Lady s death, she and her friend the church secretary wrote a series of letters to be delivered after her death to 4 women of the church whom would be in the running to become the new First Lady after her death.The four women are Marlene, the bishop s first girlfriend, whom he has a child with and she is currently a recovering drug addict Savannah, a younger woman whose father a deacon in the churc [...]

    2. I didn t like this book at all I only read it all the way through because I was in the ER all night with a family member and there was nothing to do but read The book was incredibly unrealistic I regret that this was the first book by Carl Weber that I ve ever read because now I m not sure I want to read anything else by him.

    3. Kept me reading page after page Intriguing Plot When I first started reading The First Lady I was about to close the book and forget about it, because it was so boring and tedious to read I m glad I didn t, because this story turned out to be a very enjoyable read By midway, I was getting a good dose of all the spitefulness and scheming that these women of the church could dream up Cark Weber didn t hold anything back as he unfolded the driving force of these women as they competed to become the [...]

    4. This story was an eye opener to the inner workings of an African American church Very entertaining in how we as humans can be when we re faced with trying to live right Along with that theme, there is a love story brewing which drew me in because I wanted to see who would win TK s heart I found myself comparing each woman s characteristics, wondering to myself, is she right for TK Trust me, you ll be pleasantly surprised to find out who finally wins his heart P.S this story also reminded me of a [...]

    5. Just finshed this book.Whew is all that I can sayBrief premise the 1st lady of West Jamacia is dying and takes it upon herself to pick her husbands next 1st lady of the churchAlot of backbitting and scandel just to call the Bishop their manWas a gr8t quick read didn t disapointMight make you look at your church a little differentlyyy.

    6. I expected from Carl Weber I ve read some of his earlier works, but this book was no Bueno Grammatical errors aside, then again maybe not, where was the editor this had to be a comedy I pray that folks claiming to be Christians aren t this devious, self centered and ridiculous The bishop came off as simple, foolish, with no sense of discernment This was a comedy, right

    7. Carl Weber really has me going with this one Throughout the story, there are times when I was convinced that each of the women except Savannah vying for TK s heart would be THE one who he would eventually choose I ll finish it on the way home tomorrow Sad to see it come to an end, I enjoyed this one.I was satisfied with T.K s choice in the end The unexpected twist made for a richer wrap up of the course of events that finally reveals the winner of the race to be the next first lady of First Jama [...]

    8. So far, this book tends to be unrealistic for me where a first lady on her death bed would write letters to other women to be the next first lady for her husband Bishop T.K Wilson You also see the behind the scenes, where bishop didn t even know the Lord and went under a former deacon wings and became a changed man I was a little surprised to see him drinking with his friend, to talk about women, and who would be the next lady in his life.I just read less than halfway, and read a disgusting part [...]

    9. To whom this maycorcen i hopeyou enjoy it.The name of the author is Carl Weber he is the bestselling author oy So you call yourself a man,The preachers son,Player hater,Lookin for luv,married men,and baby momma dramma.He is also the publisher and editorial director of urban books.He graduated from Virgina state unversity with a B.S in accounting and has an MBA in marking from the unversity of virginia.He lives in long island,newyork with his family.

    10. The story started off slow for me but I continue reading to find out who Bishop took as his wife other than that it was a good read

    11. I m glad I read this out of order, because I don t know if this one would ve hooked me like The Choir Director The same great storytelling is there, but I m not sure character development is the same Not enough of the Bishop s point of view, maybe The ending seemed a bit rushed Or maybe the build up to his choice was too subtle And Lisa Mae and Loretta really got away with a serious crime Knowing what I know about one of the other women, considering the role she played in this book, I m trying t [...]

    12. A saucy little story about an respected African American church leader who loses his wife to cancer, but before the first lady of the church died, she wrote a bunch of letters to send out to his potential new wives when she is gone He goes on to reluctantly try to fall in love againinly because his late wife told him to from beyond the grave Really interesting if you don t mind all the sex, crack whores, sinners and skanks Really, it was a pretty entertaining beach read for me.

    13. OMG This story was another excellent piece of writing The writing surrounding the Marlene character really has my emotions on a roller coaster because it was so scary what a person in the wrong state of mind will do and it seemed so real and perhaps the character wasn t but the behavior I believe is Oh my goodness the last incident before she decided to make that change nearly broke my heart I am so glad that Carl did not go that far whew

    14. Fabulous I am very much enjoying reading the works of Carl Weber This book keeps you turning the pages.e storyline is well thought out and I truly love how all of the different characters points of views are all intertwined The series of events kept me wanting to read I am definitely looking forward to reading The Choir Director Let the drama of First Jamaica Ministries Continue

    15. I ve really grown fond of Carl Weber and his writing style I ll admite first 25 pages or so were a little slowbut things picked up and by page 150 It got difficult to put the book down and go to bed I was wondering what was going to happen next He writes in a way that keeps you intrigued and engaged He also throws in a few twists and turns to spice things up YepI like Mr Weber, indeed.

    16. This book is not for young ladies at all, there are topic s of discussion and words you have to put your hand over your childrens eye s before reading This is a very funny, very adult book about a women trying to control things even from the grave I so can relate on the control issues I loved this book

    17. As I began to listen to the book, it was ok then the book started really getting good After about half way or toward the end, I grew tired of the book and wanted the pastor to make his decision and choose who he was going to marry It was an ok read, but I wanted excitement within the book It just seem to drag on for days.

    18. It was ok.just ok Just a bit of church drama, not as much as I would have liked to see In the end though, I WILL say that I was surprised by the Bishop s choice All in all, this was one of the toned down books that I have read from Carl Webberbut I guess every book cant be laced with jaw dropping drama

    19. I didnt really like this book The only reason I finished is to know who he d end up with, plus it was a book club read The characters werent likeable It was so unrealistic beyond belief His wife trying to control his life through death Come one Weber, seriously Many parts of the story was stereotypical Some parts kept me interested most didnt.

    20. This is one that I was up until about 3am reading Sleepy as I don t know what, talkin about Just one page I m ready to see what happends now, that the Preacher has found him a new lady I m glad he chose her because she is not who people thought he would chose I like the unexpected and usually I m rooting for the person that most people don t like.

    21. It was a great story.I love all of Mr.Webers novels that I have read thus far He is a very talented writer.The main characters were well writen and extremly interesting.The story line was excellent as were the plots.I say thumbs up to Mr.Carl Weber for another magnificent read

    22. It is amazing that in the church there is so many women who are all in the minister face waiting to be a 1st lady of a church It seems there is women than men and the selection is so few I can why it is so much competition and what the ministers have to be confronted with also.

    23. Um um um This book shows you the side of the good old church folks people pretend does not exist Scheming at its best but a very good read Premeditated antics to try and controll from beyond the grave.

    24. This book was good I loved the way the first lady took care of family even in her dying days I was reading this book and watching TV at the same time so that s how bad I wanted to finish this book Another great read by Carl Weber Great addition to the church series 5 star read.

    25. Outstanding This book is a wonderful read You will not be able to put it down You will forsake all others until you finish this book Keep up the good work Carl Weber Loved it I can t wait for .

    26. I like Carl Weber s ability to play tricks on his readers while telling a story that keeps me intrigued The end kind of crashed and died to me but definitely a good read, I enjoyed the story that took it there though.

    27. Something from The Jerry Springer Show.This book was an ok read It overflowed with drama which is good if you enjoy that negative kind of energy In my opinion, a little drama is ok but this book seemed to go overboard with it So glad to be moving to the next book.

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