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A Serving of Love AndrewGrey A Serving of Love Sebastian Franklin has waited a long time to prove himself as front of the house manager at Cafe Belgie but his first night in charge while Darryl his boss is on vacation is less than a success The

  • Title: A Serving of Love
  • Author: AndrewGrey
  • ISBN: 9781615819102
  • Page: 106
  • Format: ebook
  • A Serving of Love AndrewGrey Sebastian Franklin has waited a long time to prove himself as front of the house manager at Cafe Belgie, but his first night in charge while Darryl, his boss, is on vacation is less than a success The restaurant is robbed at closing time, and the Good Samaritan who foiled the robber comes with his own complications.Robert Fortier is the county s newest judge, and a reluctSebastian Franklin has waited a long time to prove himself as front of the house manager at Cafe Belgie, but his first night in charge while Darryl, his boss, is on vacation is less than a success The restaurant is robbed at closing time, and the Good Samaritan who foiled the robber comes with his own complications.Robert Fortier is the county s newest judge, and a reluctant one at that He is well aware that a public life is not always easy, especially when your personal life makes you the target of a media frenzy Still, Robert enjoys Sebastian s company, and Sebastian is never without a serving of happiness and flair for his favorite public figure But Sebastian is not without his issues either family chaos and an ex in trouble will put the pressure on as they struggle for even footing in this new romance.
    A Serving of Love AndrewGrey

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      106 AndrewGrey
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    One thought on “A Serving of Love”

    1. This book was very bland The only hint of spice I ve been watching a Top Chef marathon today was Sweeper and I figured out the dealio way before the reveal and then we don t even get a happy conclusion WTF There was no chemistry whatsoever between Sebastian and Robert I don t even know why they even became a couple I also didn t like Gregory having such a big part in the story And I agree with the other reviewers regarding the nicknames Bunny was so fucking random Bunny Really I don t feel like [...]

    2. These where two grown men Right I could of sworn I was reading a YA I ve honestly never felt happier in my life I love you, Bunny, forever and ever, Robert told him, lips close enough to feel their heat See what I mean Their conversations with each other were just almost adolescent To be honest I didn t care much for Sebastian in the first book I just wasn t feeling the connection with Bunny and Robby Insert eye roll Plus, 30 something male coming out and a true virgin would not be THAT calm at [...]

    3. This is a review on the Of Love series as a whole I fell in love with this series pun inteneded that is all about these four couples, their lives, their families and their friends The way that their lives all intersect and come together throughout was very refreshing and intriguing as well, it made the stories just that much better for me The first story is all about Darryl, Billy and Billy s twin brothers Donnie and Davey Darryl is the owner and chef of Caf Belgie He s worked hard to get where [...]

    4. Una cosa che adoro quando leggo ad esempio yaoi conoscere il destino dei personaggi secondari amo dunque tutti gli spin off a loro dedicati, che siano pochi capitoli o una nuova serie Questa curiosit si applica anche ai romance quindi, dopo aver letto un assaggio d a , non vedevo l ora di scoprire chi avrebbe fatto battere il cuore di Sebastian, il capo sala del caff Belgie.Lo fa Robert, il nuove giudice di Carlisle che deve fare i conti con quello che i suoi cittadini si aspettano da lui e il n [...]

    5. Una porzione d a il secondo libro di una saga dolcissima, ormai un po datata, che vi consiglio assolutamente di leggere, se non l avete ancora fatto.Anzitutto, stato davvero piacevole ritrovare Billy e Darryl, i protagonisti del precedente volume, insieme con tutta l adorabile famiglia del Caf Belgie.Stavolta i personaggi principali sono Sebastian Franklin, il responsabile di sala ovvero il capo dei camerieri , e l avvocato Robert Fortier, che sta per essere promosso a Giudice della citt.Il loro [...]

    6. 2014 Re read Ah, such a cute story Robert, the adorably clumsy and shy, fresh baked judge, and Sebastian, who is so much sweeter than one would have imagined from his first appearance in volume one The romance is slow and tender, but there s plenty of side plots to keep things going I like how not everything has to be resolved to the last bit but nothing is left hanging either Lovely stuff Even the sex worked for me.I really do like this book.On a slightly different note, I feel the urge to some [...]

    7. Another disappointment Are we supposed to believe that in a couple of weeks, this couple has fallen madly in love without so much as an argument The characters are shallow, and poorly developed The author spends time telling than showing It s bad when the author has the protagonist pointing out where the other lead is demonstrating love for him Oh, and Bunny Seriously WTF I about stopped reading at that point, but then figured that I d paid for the book, I might as well finish it I m getting ti [...]

    8. Ok, under normal circumstances I d probably give this book 2ish stars, but after reading book after book from Andrew Grey and encountering the same problems every single time, I m feeling much less charitable My biggest problem with this one Not every couple needs to use nicknames There s no rule that says, hey, now that we re dating we d better come up with the most ridiculous nicknames known to man Seriously, how about something that nobody in the real world would ever think to call their sign [...]

    9. There were some really good plot points in this novel I really, REALLY wish this author would slow down and work on his craft It probably isn t worth his while though His sentence structure is so repetitive it gives me a headache His stories are good, there is just too much extraneous detail, I have a hard time finishing them.

    10. Because I ve read so many m m romances since I got my NOOK, I could do a review a day, and still not get through all of them in a year I m been kind of randomly picking one every once in a while, without any thought behind it That will change with this review A lot of the books I ve been reading are part of a series, so I figured it would make sense if I were to review them in order, without jumping around on my NOOK Since the last book was A Taste of Love by Andrew Grey, it s time for A Serving [...]

    11. We are again aback in Carlisle, PA, at the wonderful Caf Belige Darryl and Billy are vacation with Billy s young brothers leaving Sebastian Franklin in charge of the restaurant, he takes his duties very seriously since being promoted to Front or the House Manager, and he wants to do a very good for the couple that is his best friends Our whole cast is back Kelly, the sous chef filling in as chef for the week, Maureen, still working her magic with the desserts, filling in that week as the sous ch [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this story It s very sweet and I enjoyed how the two characters met because it shows that love can blossom at the most unexpected of moments, even on a chance encounter or during something dangerous like a robbery Sebastian was a very love able character especially because he was willing to help take care of his ex after he d hurt him Sebastian let his ex stay in his house and took care of him and even offered to let him pay rent for the room after he got a job Robert was equall [...]

    13. Rating 3.5 Andrew Grey has a lovely, straightforward writing style that is a pleasure to read This book is a sweet follow up story to A Taste of Love but I didn t find it nearly as satisfying as its predecessorRY MILD SPOILERS view spoiler Sebastian is the head server at Cafe Belgie, owned by Darryl, one of the protagonists in A Taste of Love When Darryl and his partner leave town for vacation, Sebastian steps in to run the place in his absence Closing up one night, the restaurant is robbed, but [...]

    14. In this sequel to A Taste of Love, Cafe Belgie house manager, Sebastian Franklin, comes to face to face with the man of his dreams when he inadvertently foils a robbery that was taking place at the restaurant Robert Fortier, lawyer and newly elected judge, has stayed firmly in the closet most of his life He never really accepted his sexuality and instead focused on his studies and work As Sebastian barrels into his life, he wants to pursue the relationship, but doesn t know what to do When Rober [...]

    15. Like the first book in this series, A Serving of Love is, primarily, a great love story As ever with Andrew Grey s characters, both men are loveable, everyday men who could be your neighbors I loved that the restaurant, Caf Belgie, played a major role again, since Sebastian, the front house manager, is one of the main characters in this book The setting in Carlisle added color, as did the second character s job of elected judge It put his coming out into the very realistic if unjustified public [...]

    16. Typical Andrew Grey story, but I can say that I was disappointed in a few details I ll get to those in my ramblings.Sebastian, who we met inis trying to prove to himself and his boss, Daryl, that he can be front of the house manager So when Daryl, Billy, and the twins, go on vacation he knows he needs to do a good job while they are away What he didn t need, was a robbery on the first night But, luck was on his side.While trying to chase down the robber Sebastian met Robert He has no idea why he [...]

    17. Reading the bio of this author, you learn he is indeed leaving in historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and so I assume the feeling of this small town is real life experience, a real life experience that would be nice to enjoy.It s not that there is no drama in Carlisle, it s only that every drama seems manageable, something you can face and deal with your own strength and with a little help from your friends Losing a job, dealing with an illness, growing without a parent, graduating and having a suc [...]

    18. Robert, il suo Robert, lo stringeva Spegnendo la luce, lo sent bisbigliare cose dolci e avoli che gli arrivarono dritte al cuore Nulla era perfetto, questo lo sapeva, ma l con Robert, tutto sembrava esserlo Questo secondo capitolo della serie Of love inizia dove il primo finiva Darryl e Billy sono partiti per la loro prima vacanza di coppia e Sebastian incaricato di tenere le redini al ristorante Peccato si ritrovi coinvolto in una rapina che si conclude con l arresto del colpevole grazie all in [...]

    19. Sebastian Franklin is the front of the house manager at Cafe Belgie and is looking forward to the challenge of running the restaurant while his boss is on vacation But it s just his luck that someone decides to rob the place the first night he s in charge Luck strikes twice, however, when the robber is thwarted by a customer who stumbles on his way into the restaurant And the third time s the charm when it turns out the customer, Robert Fortier, is tall, handsome, and possibly interested in Seba [...]

    20. Sebastian e Robert Cameriere e futuro giudice in una piccola citt della PensylvaniaS hai indovinato Questo un romanzo pieno di momenti di incertezze e tenerezze Pu Robert assumere la sua o omosessualit sapendo che questo potr mettere la sua cartiera a rischio Pu Sebastian amare un uomo che ha paura di essere toccato in pubblico Dovrai leggere per sapere pAttenzione, non semplicemente un romanzo ma anche un libro per stuzzicare un pu Temi caldi come religioni e abbandono sono mescolati in mezzo a [...]

    21. A sweet story about two unlikely people meeting and falling in love.Sebastian, whom we know from A Taste of Love, is manning Cafe Belgie while his friend and boss is away That s how he meets Robert who by accident prevents a robber from escaping There is an instant spark between Robert and Sebastian However, Sebastian is wary after being burned once before with a man who s just coming out, while Robert has to find the courage to live his life and try to find happiness despite the potential for t [...]

    22. Okay So Three and a half stars And here s why 1 Bunny I felt like the introduction of this nickname was awkward and not well placed It literally came out of nowhere Robert had only mentioned trying out a nickname once before this 2 Sweeper There was no fleshing of this character None No idea who this man is And I get it, you want some mystery But there just wasn t enough information about him to make me invested in him 3 Father revelation Nothing he s going to do nothing about finding out the id [...]

    23. I just finished A Serving of Love by Andrew Grey I liked the realism of this story with the progression of Sebastian and Robert s relationship There was clearly no jumping into be and into sex They explored and grew to know each other Sebastian was a slightly lacking in self esteem since he usually went with a worse assumption than typically called for in a relationship situation especially since he was dealing with a 30 some odd year old virgin.The ending in the epilogue might have been a littl [...]

    24. How the love came about is anyones guess but Bunny and Robby I kid you not in the middle of the sex scene totaly threw me out of the story Those nicknames made me cringe every time when used quite often in the second half Not impressed, the story might have been better but I found myself skipping some parts and bored with the book I would have probably give up on this book, if it was not for the bingo challenge It had too many details in some places and descriptions but the relationship happened [...]

    25. I thought this was a nice follow up to Taste of Love and I enjoyed seeing Darryl, Billy, and the twins again in this story Overall, I didn t think the story was quite as good as the first one and the ending felt a little rushed to me I did appreciate that the romance was a slow build up and there was no insta love I felt the 30 year old virgin twist was a bit, not quite sure of the word I m looking for forced awkward I didn t hate it, but it just seemed a little unrealistic I thought Sebastian a [...]

    26. Great story, loved it that Sebastian got a chance to tell his story He meets Robert when someone is trying to rob the restaurant and trips over Robert Robert is such a sweet man, he s gay but not out yet He s just been elected to Judge and he s not sure how the knowledge will affect his new job These two are both such good characters, they re very sweet And I liked that even though at times they didn t want to talk, they still do They realize how rare their relationship is and appreciate it Grea [...]

    27. Love these MC s The author does a great job of having opposites fall in love and making it believable for the reader Although he makes me very glad I don t work in the restaurant business as the hours really seem atrocious and I have a deeper appreciation for those who do Sebastian comes off as a little bit of a drama queen in the 1st book but really shines in this one just love him The MC s from the 1st book appear in this one and they are wonderful as ever Can t wait to read the 3rd book in th [...]

    28. This was a nice follow up to A Taste of Love Sebastian is a waiter and a very sweet guy Robert meets him when he inadvertently foils a robbery at the restaurant where Sebastian works As they get to know each other, they have to deal with the fact that Robert is becoming a public figure and with the reappearance of Gregory, one of Sebastian s ex boyfriends I look forward to Grey s next book.

    29. Purtroppo trovo molto spesso i romanzi M M troppo buonisti, e anche questo non si discosta molto da quella linea Tuttavia almeno qui ci troviamo davanti a dei problemi non tanto personali, ma rivolti ai protagonisti in quanto membri della minoranza gay.Comunque la storia carina, i personaggi reggono, ho trovato diversi commenti che non capivo questo un seguito , la storia un po telegrafata di Spazzino poteva essere sfruttata meglio e anche il personaggio della madre.

    30. Love Andrew Grey His characters are just so real and the setting he uses you just feel as though you are sitting right there having dinner or helping set tables in the restaurant A Serving of Love was just this way Watching the relationship between Robert and Sebastian develop slow and easy with dating was enjoyably romantic When I m done with one of Andrew s books I always feel like I have gained several friends.

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