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Vision Beth Elisa Harris Vision Vision was published independently and is now out of print The author has rewritten the book and awaiting publication

  • Title: Vision
  • Author: Beth Elisa Harris
  • ISBN: 9781461001198
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vision Beth Elisa Harris Vision was published independently and is now out of print The author has rewritten the book and awaiting publication.
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      438 Beth Elisa Harris
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    One thought on “Vision”

    1. VISION is no longer published and will be rewritten rereleased as one book This was a personal and professional decision after many trials and tribulations More to come.

    2. It has been a while since I read a Young Adult novel for the simple reason, I got tired of seeing a whiny female worried about how wrong her life is and how she can t do anything that she wants Well I finally found one that was NOT like that Layla is a strong, intelligent girl who gets the opportunity to go to school abroad It was fun watching her acclimate to her new place, and to the new friends Of course seeing the huge crush she had on Stuart was fun too The plot of this story was smooth and [...]

    3. A good reads first reads by an author who seems to have a great talent to make the mind work, Beth Elisa HarrisOkay I honestly was not going to read the book at first as I had not read the summary a mistake I do often for the reason I like to get the story fresh from my mind not the others who have read it The reason I was not going to read it is I thought it was going to be religious, I could not have been wrong.The Book Vision is an incredible page turner from the first page.As you read it yo [...]

    4. Vision Young Adult gets five of five starts because it reminded me of what a teenage crush feels like It s been many years since I was a teenager But Harris writing took me back I m a male and Layla Stone, the protagonist is a sixteen year old girl Still it seems there is some similarity between the genders Maybe Harris has captured a small,lovely human truth.Here s Layla upon meeting the gorgeous and somewhat mysterious seventeen year old, Stuart I was dizzy with discomfort, embarrassed for fee [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this read and am even happy because I won it from this Author through a contest It was worth FREE I would have even bought it I would recommend it to anyone It took me so long to read me because I lost my nook but i found it today and finished it on my way to Natchez.

    6. It is so hard to describe this wonderful story I could call it a beautiful romance, a mystery, and at some parts I could even call Vision a paranormal novel, regardless of my issues to place this novel, there is one important thing you should know and that would be that this story is great With a cast of wonderful, intersting characters, a sense of mystery and paranormalcy throughout, and one hot, beautiful romance, how could you not love this story The story starts off with the main character, [...]

    7. I absolutely fell in love with this book I wasn t sure what to expect after reading the blurb, but Vision was absolutely enchanting Layla is a teenager who goes to Cambridge as part of an exchange program to attend school there She is very mature, far beyond her years, and very independent She adores her dad, but her mom, Liz, has always been rather distant and a workaholic To top it off, Layla also has a big secret, she can read people s minds Upon arriving in Cambridge, Layla and Sienna the da [...]

    8. One thing that grab me about this book is the setting Now while the setting was now, some went back to the past I love time travel And I guess I love it so much because I wish I can do it myself I loved to be immersed in a book where I can feel the past and the characters The plot was also great Not only did it entertain me all the way through, but it brought so much to the story The way the past was intertwined with the future really pulled me into the book I enjoyed watching both the characte [...]

    9. Layla is every bit a 21st century girl, or so she thought Okay, so she gets these vivid nightmares, and excruciating headaches, and has some ability to read minds But nothing out of the ordinary, right Layla receives a cryptic message and heads to England as an exchange student and immediately becomes the object of contention between two magnetic and handsome men Her life as an exchange student, worried about labs and tests, quickly turns to the surreal when she visits a remote island off the co [...]

    10. Love it surpasses all obstacles even time itself This is a beautifully written story of love, blended perfectly with paranormal abilities, legend and history When I read the description of this book, I thought interesting it piqued my curiosity From the first line I was captivated by the vivid imagery and powerful emotion, and by the end of the prologue I was already deeply immersed into the story and found myself picking up the book all day just to see what happened next I love when a book is w [...]

    11. Vision is an easy book to get lost in It was a well developed story that I devoured in one day The author has impeccable skills when it comes to wording, I kept finding myself smiling at the way she chose to describe things For example the mixed signals he had sent ricocheted between my left and right brain like a ping pong match , The atmosphere was a schizophrenic mix of stillness and intense vibration , The aristocratic Shakespearean theatrical inflexions dripped with subtle sarcasm Just a fe [...]

    12. Author Beth Elisa Harris spins a fantastic tale with her YA story, Vision It truly touched my heart to read the story that unfolded around Stuart and Layla and it was easy to see and feel the love and passion the two felt for one another through the crafty writing of the author An excellent first book of the series, I look forward to

    13. I really enjoyed this book took a couple of chapters for me to get into it but then I found it really hard to put down I loved the characters, the plot and now I can t wait for the sequel

    14. Nice quick read Interesting storyline and love Stuart and Layla Wish the first book was longer but looking forward to reading the second book

    15. Wowd that was not a compliment.A date is hooking up for sex, at 15 Dear God Yes, let s encourage teenage sex Guess what, it leads to babies I should know.Uhm, Layla practically whored herself out to get Andre to take her home Classy I don t understand why she didn t just get out of the freaking car and take her chances She had a cell phone.It was all a bit rushed with no character development and no where near enough explanation to keep you engaged or interested on where this book was going I wa [...]

    16. Note Won this book in one of the giveaways.I may be a little picker here than I would normally be, partly because it s a new book by a new author and I want to help them succeed and partly because I want to give it a thorough critique due to it being a giveaway and the rules saying it is appreciated.Firstly, I want to state that I did like the story, but I feel like it could have been better However, as a first novel, it was good, just some polish needed for future books I feel quite connected [...]

    17. Layla can hear what people are thinking As if that s not enough, she s also having intense dreams about a woman dying Little does she know that the woman in her dreams is a part of her As she begins to discover who and what she is, she realizes the people around her know than they are letting on Layla is a Clear.Enter Stuart and Andre She s attracted to Stuart right away, but accepts a date from Andre Too bad Andre s father, Jasper, is the head of the Bane Jasper wants a Clear, and threatens th [...]

    18. So far I am about half way through the book and it is just annoying me This would probably be because I live very close to Cambridge She seems to think that London is just down the road when it actually is about a 2 hour drive And when she first mentioned her going to Scotland she said for a day trip Yeah I don t think so Would take the majority of the day to get there Another part that I don t quite understand is how in the letter it mentions how her first child will never be born, but then say [...]

    19. Vision is the first book in the Vision Trilogy, and I really enjoyed reading it The characters are likeable and the story has a nice new twist to anything I have read before I won this book to read but didn t receive it, instead received the second book, so I borrowed a copy of this book Must note I am not sure if it was the first edition or second I am very glad to have been lucky enough to be sent this, well worth the read ThankyouIt was very interesting, the clear s and Bane s, then with the [...]

    20. Surely you ve heard the saying A singer is so good she could sing the phone book and you d want to listen Well for me Beth Elisa Harris is this kind of writer I am 47 years old yes, I admitted it the YA category is not one from which I normally buy the books I read After reading the sample to this book, however, I was intrigued Harris writes with a quiet authority that makes me want to keep reading her one of those authors whose very prose is what makes you love them Combine this with the fact t [...]

    21. I read this book for World Literary Cafe.There are many books out there in the paranormal genre This one is very unique I loved it The story flowed beautifully and you really wanted to know what happens next I felt invested in the story emotionally.This was the first book in the trilogy The next book is due out in May titled Soul Herder I personally can t wait to read it.If you are a romantically inclined person you would see that soul mates really exsist and true love never really dies.Layla s [...]

    22. Author Beth Elisa Harris draws us into a world you will not want to escape with her first book, Vision, in the Vision Trilogy You ll immediately be drawn in by the main character and her difference She can hear others thoughts Ms Harris takes this idea and adds in details you don t see in other stories It s fresh and new It s a story you can have fun reading and will be sad when you set it down And you will eagerly await the release of the second book to see how this plays out when you finish it [...]

    23. In compliance with FTC guidelines, I disclose that I received this book for free through First Reads.Novels aimed at young adults have not recently been captivating me as much as they used to However, this book seems to be an exception I really enjoyed it, and found myself immersed in finding out about Layla, as the story continued I would definitely give books in this series a read.

    24. I really enjoyed Vision by Beth Elisa Harris The concept was original, and I felt like I could really connect with the main characters I did think the ending happened quickly though It felt like there should have been to it I realize the book was set up as a series, but I don t know it seemed rushed at the end I did like the book though, and I will read what s next.

    25. I won this book through the Giveaway program.Very refreshing read I was really pleased with how well this was written and with how engaging and unique the story is Great book Would recommend to anyone

    26. This is the first self published book I ve read, and I can t say I m impressed Spelling, punctuation, and tense errors are bad enough, but a PATTERN of the same error means the author doesn t know the difference.

    27. Not quite sure what happened here The Email from said I had won a copy of this book The book I received was Soul Herder ISBN 978 1475075021 which is book 2 in the series I have read that book and will post a review for it.

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