Initiation #2020

Initiation Jessica Burkhart Initiation It s time The new girls are taking the spotlight at Canterwood Crest Lauren has moved around enough to have the new girl code down Lay low But not too low Don t amubush the in crowd But Canterwo

  • Title: Initiation
  • Author: Jessica Burkhart
  • ISBN: 9781442419483
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • Initiation Jessica Burkhart It s time The new girls are taking the spotlight at Canterwood Crest Lauren has moved around enough to have the new girl code down 1 Lay low.2 But not too low.3 Don t amubush the in crowd.But Canterwood isn t just any school And Lauren is about to face an initiation unlike any she s ever encountered Bon chance, Lauren you re going to need it
    Initiation Jessica Burkhart

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      197 Jessica Burkhart
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    One thought on “Initiation”

    1. sigh It s great that the book series continues, but I would have liked to have on Sasha At least the author could have put a chapter with Sasha s point of view in it I miss Sasha and her drama

    2. Lauren Towers is a 7th grader at the Canterwood Crest Academy She is very shy and is afraid of anyone knowing her secret past When she meets her room mate, they instantly become best friends along with Lexa But there is one problem and her name is Riley She is the queen been, best of the best, and cocky She is trying to freak out Lauren because she is testing out to see which riding class she will be put in There are 15 riders trying out and only 1 seat in the intermediate She tests out and gets [...]

    3. Initiation By Jessica BurkhartRealistic Fiction299 pagesLauren Towers is going to be the new girl, again She is finally moving to Canterwood Crest after a long summer She is super excited, scared, and nervous She hasn t met her roommate yet but only emailed When Lauren gets to the school, everything is going great Her roommate walks in and scares Lauren so bad with her acting skills Luckily, the two get along great after that Finally, the first day of school comes Lauren tried to 1.Lay low 2.But [...]

    4. I thought this was an amazing sequal to the first book in the series If you liked Chosen you have to read this one Lauren is back and ready to tackle Canterwood She has an awesome roomate and loves having Whisper around She has survived her first week and so far no one as reconized her from her past to celebrate her and her roomate have a sleepover Everything is going great They wake up and go to the lounge to eat breakfast Since they were all riders the decided to watch riding videos Laurnes mo [...]

    5. There are a new crop of girls at Canterwood Crest Academy, and fans of the first series will eagerly pick up this first book in the new series There is enough information for new readers to also be able to start with this character, Lauren, rather than the original, Sasha Readers who enjoy immersing themselves in characters with privileged surroundings will love all the product name dropping and fashion tips, though others may be turned off by the lack of diversity Horse lovers will of course be [...]

    6. To be honest, Lauren Towers is kind of a let down for me I would have preferred the series continue with Sasha as the main character, because she was really relatable and fun LT is almost a copy of Sasha, with slight twists in her backstory that make her a little different, but not in a super intriguing way to me Plus, I feel like this second series focusing on Lauren is boy centered than horse centered, which was another big let down But an OK book overall, I guess.Another disappointing aspect [...]

    7. I love Khloe She is so fun and sweet and love that she wants to be an actress I am so mad that Khloe didn t get the part of Belle because I hate it when mean people like Reily get what they want it makes me so mad My favorite part of this book is when Lauren makes it to the intermediate team and Drew starts liking her because Reily gets so mad But I m glad they showed that Reily wasn t that bad because of her telling them about her brother at the sleepover The sleepover I feel was kind of nice s [...]

    8. Recommended for gr 5 9, especially for the horse loving girls Although part of a series, this book stands alone quite well Some brand name dropping felt a little out of place.Lauren is starting as a new student at Canterwood Crest, an exclusive boarding school with a riding program She is trying to start fresh after a riding accident, and hasn t told anyone about her past She fits right in with her new roommate and friends, and meets some cute boys, but of course there is one mean girl trying to [...]

    9. Lauren Towers has arrived at Canterwood Crest, made new friends and started the seventh grade school year As always there is drama and for Lauren it comes in the form of trying out for the intermediate riding team, the glee club and keeping the secret that could destroy her new found joy INITIATION is a wonderful addition to this series As with most Canterwood Crest novels the stories continue on so don t expect a neat tidy ending to this one and anticipate learning in Book 14, POPULAR.

    10. The Canterwood Crest books are books I ve been reading since I was in Junior High, and I refuse to give them up Granted, they are a bit cheesy and filled with pointless drama, but I still can t help but adore them.

    11. I thought this book did not have a lot pf action.The end was terrible and I did not understand the book very much The author style is the kind i do not like because she says the thought and it does not make very much sense.

    12. This Canterwood book is awesome, the series is better when you read the whole series so far because you understand better than just guessing The book is awesome Wouldn t be a ideal class read aloud book, boys and some girls wouldnt enjoy

    13. 4.5 stars Really fun book about horses, boarding schools and with great characters I will be sure to get all the other books in this series D

    14. typical teenage horse girl fluff, really heavy on the name brand dropping Still enjoyable as a skimmed book I keep telling my husband that I m using these as research for my novel hehehehe.

    15. This series was a childhood favorite of mine Looking back, it s pretty terrible But I loved it as a kid and it made me appreciate books , so that s what matters

    16. I really liked this book Lauren seemed a little too happy go lucky though, because a lot of things went right for her It was a good book though

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