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Bright's Passage Josh Ritter Bright s Passage Bright s Passage shines with a compressed lyricism that recalls Ray Bradbury in his prime This is the work of a gifted novelist Stephen King The New York Times Book Review Josh Ritter s first novel i

  • Title: Bright's Passage
  • Author: Josh Ritter
  • ISBN: 9781400069507
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bright's Passage Josh Ritter Bright s Passage shines with a compressed lyricism that recalls Ray Bradbury in his prime This is the work of a gifted novelist Stephen King, The New York Times Book Review Josh Ritter s first novel is a wondrous, suspenseful, and uniquely affecting story of the journey taken by a father and his infant son.Henry Bright is newly returned to West Virginia from the ba Bright s Passage shines with a compressed lyricism that recalls Ray Bradbury in his prime This is the work of a gifted novelist Stephen King, The New York Times Book ReviewJosh Ritter s first novel is a wondrous, suspenseful, and uniquely affecting story of the journey taken by a father and his infant son.Henry Bright is newly returned to West Virginia from the battlefields of the First World War Grief struck by the death of his young wife and unsure of how to care for the infant son she left behind, Bright is soon confronted by the destruction of the only home he s ever known His only hope for safety is the angel who has followed him to Appalachia from the trenches of France and who now promises to protect him and his son.Together, Bright and his newborn, along with a cantankerous goat and the angel guiding them, make their way through a landscape ravaged by forest fire toward an uncertain salvation, haunted by the abiding nightmare of his experiences in the war and shadowed by his dead wife s father, the Colonel, and his two brutal sons At times harrowing, at times funny, and always possessed by the sheer gorgeousness and unique imagination that have made Josh Ritter s songs beloved to so many, this is the debut of a virtuoso fiction writer.
    Bright's Passage Josh Ritter

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    1. My spoiler free review Henry Bright talks to his horse That wouldn t be so unusual, except that his horse is the one who started the conversation Or so Henry believes He s convinced he brought an angel back with him from the war in France, and now it s guiding his life and communicating through his horse Now, that might not sound so bad if you believe in angels, but this one is directing Henry to do things that are dangerous and destructive He kidnaps a girl, has a child with her, and after she [...]

    2. Josh Ritter, the soft opinioned, pretty riffing, lavender enthusiast song writer from Idaho, wrote in my copy of his first novel Smoothtavious May all the better angels attend you Love, Josh Ritter You see, he came to my local book store and gave a reading He read a passage or two and played a song or two and repeated the process a few times It was pretty fun I m told that writers would rather be musicians, so his life seems pretty win win right now Josh Ritter s thing his THING, most successful [...]

    3. This is the first novel by singer songwriter Josh Ritter, the story of a WWI veteran who returns home to the hills of West Virginia, marries the girl he knew as a child and has a baby who is to be the next King of Heaven A tall tale, shell shock, myth, a little of alle novel is a post war fable of love and hate, good and evil, talking animals, and ultimately good people.It does move back and forth in time, which some might find troublesome but I actually came to look forward to these moves in ti [...]

    4. I wanted to love this book I wanted it to ooze emotion and ambiance in the same way that Ritter s songs do I wanted each chapter to be a finely polished jewel like so many of his songs I will say that for all of those high hopes I was disappointed But really, if this had been any other first time author of whom I had no preconceived notions, I would have probably been happier.As I read through the book I certainly found myself compelled by the personalities of the characters, the plots and the s [...]

    5. I have mixed feelings about this debut novel by Josh Ritter called BRIGHT S PASSAGE.As I sit here in recall mode, I am surprised that my memory thinks it has just watched a movie Vivid scenes are popping up one after the other many include a scrawny young man Henry Bright in a uniform with eyes veiled in suffering, fear, loss, bewilderment while some include a tattered old Colonel whose falsely grand manner cannot hide a crazed meanness of purpose Other images include a girl in white a wood cabi [...]

    6. Bright s Passage is a beautifully told narrative one that reads quickly as a short story than a novel about a World War I veteran from West Virginia named Henry Bright whose wife has died in childbirth, leaving him in charge of caring for his infant son When his cabin goes up in flames, Bright must make his way through Appalachian wilderness in search of salvation, escaping a father in law with a vendetta and entrusting his fate to a guardian angel who s followed him home from the trenches of F [...]

    7. Debut Author Josh Ritter believes angels are far from being benign characters This might explain why he made an angel so much a character of his book, Bright s Passage Michael Kindness of Books on the Nightstand raved about this book back in Episode 135, Writing So Good It Will Scare You Michael described the plot as the story of Henry Bright who returns from World War I with an angel on his side The opening scene begins with Henry holding his infant son, mourning the death of his wife, Rachel, [...]

    8. I like Josh Ritter a lot A weird lot I ve seen him in concert a few times, I ve driven from Idaho to Seattle while listening to his albums as a sort of sympathetic magic, I ve tried to turn on various friends to various songs So I really wanted to like this book.I didn t, though I listened to the book on tape version, narrated by Josh himself and intercut with musical interludes by his buddy and bassist I heard that he wrote the book after starting out with this story as a song, and I can see wh [...]

    9. Fire both purges and destroys The same can be said of war As the American Civil War swept across the land, it purged the country from an insidious practice, nearly destroying it in the process Ritter s novel is a reminder to us that dressing a man up in a military uniform does not necessarily make him a man worthy of honor and respect, and that at times, draping a military action in the guise of honorable intentions issues an unrestricted license for brutal acts of cruelty and carnage And yet th [...]

    10. I actually liked this better than I thought I would The story really drew me in and I liked to arrangement of the pieces of the story Love Josh s songwriting Glad to see that the storytelling can translate across a different medium.

    11. I think if you asked me, I would tell you that war stories are not my thing Reading Josh Ritter s debut novel, Bright s Passage reminded me that I would be lying to you Some of the most beautiful stories come out of terrible wars, and I cannot deny their effect on me surprise at my reaction toward them But, I don t like war stories , sadness for the tragedy and horror, too But, they are also books that stay with me You know, the good kind of literature that follows you around and doesn t let you [...]

    12. In singer songwriter Josh Ritter s debut novel, grit and beauty come together in paradoxically close proximity Set in post WWI Appalachia, the novel unfolds the implications of war and, perhaps, the mania of PTSD caused by it The narrator toggles between scenes of the main character, Henry Bright, at war in France and fighting to save his life back in post bellum America His life during peacetime is infinitely complicated by three other characters his newborn baby boy, his vengeful father in law [...]

    13. I m very skeptical of artists celebrities who dabble in mediums beside the one in which they made their name I m a big fan of Josh Ritter s music and decided to check out his book not only because I think he is a skilled lyricist, but also because I think he is a great storyteller I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the novel It wasn t horrible, however I think the story was interesting a the plot was strong, but I was about halfway through the book before I really started caring abo [...]

    14. I am a huge fan of Josh Ritter s music and was very excited to read his first novel, Bright s Passage I am in awe of Ritter s talent for writing lyrics, that I set the bar high for this book I think the book was great on many levels, but it took a long time to grab my attention I read the first half of the book in small chunks, a few chapters at a time, as it failed to grab me I read the second half this evening and the last part of the book made me appreciate the foundation built in the first h [...]

    15. This novel tells the story of Henry Bright, a soldier who has recently returned from World War I, who is grieving the loss of his bride and trying to take care of his newborn son, all while trying to escape the wrath of his father in law, who is not so happy about recent events Oh, and the whole time Bright is taking instructions from conversations with his horse, who he believes is an angel that followed him back from Europe Now, this isnt really the type of novel I typically enjoy I m not a bi [...]

    16. While Bright s Passage feels like Charles Frazier s elegiac style or Lief Enger s spiritual tale Peace Like a River, it is an underdeveloped story While Henry Bright is fighting in the first World War he meets an angel in a church in an abandoned village in France The Angel protects him for the rest of his time there She shoes up as a voice emanating from his horse after he returns home She then directs him to take the woman he was in love with the ominous character, The Colonel Rachel dies in t [...]

    17. Josh Ritter has rested within my top 5 list of contemporary musicians since I first listened to him in college His songs are packed with symbolism and deep meaning and a beautiful, poetic way of delivering to the listener his story It was comforting but also not surprising that these talents were well reflected in this novel It was almost like a fable, with the angel and everything I m glad that he didn t feel the need to explain things, such as why is a horse talking to this man It just is, and [...]

    18. I wanted to like this book a lot than I did, which is always dangerous I like Josh Ritter s music I give out free stars to books featuring horses, especially if they re on the cover But I didn t enjoy the book The premise is that an angel followed Henry Bright great name, by the way back from the War and is on a quest to help Bright birth and raise the Future King of Heaven For convenience s sake, the angel inhabits Bright s horse So the book really isn t so much about a horse as about an entit [...]

    19. I wanted to like this book, because I wanted to give kudos to Josh for stepping outside his songwriting comfort zone and creating within a new genre However, from the very beginning, even aside from the requirement to suspend disbelief that the first chapter demanded of the reader, I had the uncomfortable impression that he wrote the entire tale with an open Thesaurus beside him The word choices were frequently stilted and overly self conscious for the thing being described I spent half the book [...]

    20. Love, love, love, this man s ability to play with language in a way that leaves me reeling with beautiful images and strong emotion His songwriting is smart, astute, entertaining, and personable In person, he is a rollicking good time For all of these reasons, I loved reading Ritter s novel Almost an addendum to his music, this book is rich with motifs that play out in his song war, love, loss, angels, god, and a simple image of life that is as gritty as it is romantic I can t say what I would r [...]

    21. I nearly gave up on this book at page ten but returned the next day to give it another try If you can get past a rather slow start and the odd premise of a man conversing with an angel in the guise of a horse, then you will find that the story flows quickly and is rather compelling As Henry Bright and his newborn son seek safety from a raging fire, the story shifts in time between Henry Bright s childhood and his wartime experiences that have left him traumatized It is ultimately the story of a [...]

    22. Part historical fiction, part fantasy I am not familiar with the author, who is apparently an established singer songwriter, but is is beautifully written Each chapter reads like a short story, chronicling Henry Bright s life during the war in France, his childhood in rural WV and life returning after the war The author gives you just enough details without getting you bogged down It is quite suspenseful up to the very end If you can suspend disbelief and allow the story to be told, it is quite [...]

    23. Josh Ritter s book is an embryonic classic His writing has the power to entrap He weaves a myth of America that would stand happily alongside Steinbeck And Henry Bright and his passage, through war and through peace is a journey worth travelling I first heard of this book on a radio show Have long loved Josh Ritter s songwriting Now I eagerly await his next novel Writers like this are rare treasures.

    24. Singer songwriter Josh Ritter demonstrates equally fine craftsmanship in writing fiction This work of historical fiction is set in the early 20th century, in the period before, during, and after WWI The characters are compelling and well drawn, the plot carefully managed and there s a touch of what might seem to be magical realism or maybe it s not I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.

    25. Great potential and shimmers of brilliance Overall I enjoyed and recommend this book to others Actually I would recommend Josh s music with 5 stars as he is one of my favorite artists Stephen King s review in the NY times nailed this novel There were beautiful passages, but as a whole the novel lacked something Well worth reading, seems like this would work well as a screenplay.

    26. a four star wwI novel, a pretty good hillbilly noir, and fair to middlin plot, but great characters, a snarky angel, and shudder inducing in laws make for a fast, entertaining read by ritter, and indie folk rocker This reminded me a bit of latino magical realism meets Jack London s Iron Heel

    27. I see shades of Charles Frazier Cold Mountain to be specific here 3.5 4 stars I think Mr Ritter will only get better.

    28. I m totally biasede man can do no wrong a windstorm that made the trees bow to one another like ballroom dancers astounding

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