I Am the Book #2020

I Am the Book Lee Bennett Hopkins Yayo I Am the Book The pleasure of reading is introduced via poems

  • Title: I Am the Book
  • Author: Lee Bennett Hopkins Yayo
  • ISBN: 9780823421190
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I Am the Book Lee Bennett Hopkins Yayo The pleasure of reading is introduced via 13 poems.
    I Am the Book Lee Bennett Hopkins Yayo

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      Lee Bennett Hopkins Yayo

    One thought on “I Am the Book”

    1. Great collection of poems celebrating the joys of books and reading A fun complement to other books with a similar theme such as J Patrick Lewis s Please Bury Me in the Library, Lane Smith s It s a Book, Mordicai Gerstein s A Book, and George Ella Lyons s Book.

    2. Fantastic poems about books I especially loved Hopkins Poetry Time and Jane Yolen s A Poem Is, but there isn t a single one in there that I didn t enjoy The illustrations were unique, but sometimes were a distraction rather than something to help support the poems.

    3. I Am the Book is a collection of thirteen different poems These poems written by various authors, and are selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins The poems in this book take you away into a world of reading with the language that is used Each poem describes a wonderful trait of the world of reading There are poems about snuggling up with a book on a rainy morning, the feeling you get when something surprising happens in a book, the ability to get lost in the book, and the richness of a book that is wait [...]

    4. This book is a collection of short poems that are all about reading books I loved each and every one of the 13 poems buried inside this book but if I had to choose one it would be Paperback Plunder by Michele Krueger This particular poem describe a girl going to the beach to retreat away from every day life, the end of the poem brings attention to the reader that the poem is a metaphor for reading and letting a book s story take your mind away on a retreat The illustrations are very colorful, cr [...]

    5. Poetry anthology selected by Lee Bennet Hopkins does it get any better Each poem is a reflection or celebration about books their function in our lives, subjects, emotions, etc In short, a perfect book about books Pair with BookSpeak Poems About Books, by Laura Purdie Salas.

    6. Thirteen poets share poems celebrating books and reading A wonderful launching book for reading workshop.

    7. Thirteen poets use thirteen different poems to pay tribute to reading Tireless promoter of literacy and poetry Lee Bennett Hopkins has selected poems that pay tribute to the swashbuckling nature of reading as well as its ability to help us get lost in the books we re reading Perennial children s favorite poets such as Karla Kushkin, Kristine O Connell George and Jane Yolen are here as well as newer poets such as Jill Corcoran, Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Amy Ludwig VanDerwater Poems by Avis Hartley, [...]

    8. I think I missed the poetical aspects, because I was enjoying the subject of them A great read for those who love reading Kids and adults alike will remember when they experienced for themselves what the poems describe Though the book left behind is very sad to me Some of the illustrations went along with the poems quite well My favorite illustration was of the amusement park My favorite poem is a tie This Book or I am the Book I liked it as a Beehive nominee because it will reach the kids who [...]

    9. This poetry book could be used for grades 1st through 3rd on every page there is a book somewhere and on most it is the main theme This poetry book emphasizes how important reading is and all the places that a book can take you These poems have some thought provoking words in them that would be good to talk about with students This book also contains many bright illustrations I would do an activity maybe write a small story and and tie a book into an every day activity or a place that someone mi [...]

    10. Pair this book with Book Speak to inspire reading and poetry These thirteen selected poems by different authors have been brought to life by the illustrator, Yayo They can be used to study strong words, relationships between stanzas, metaphors, similes, rhyming and All the poems in this book are thoughtfully illustrated with two page openings in full bleed detail How about a dog with a book for a snout, or a whale of a tale It s poem o clock Use this book to inspire a love of poetry as well as [...]

    11. Personal Reaction I enjoyed this book mainly because of the illustrations For every poem, there is a book included in the illustration related to the poem This book helps children realize that reading can be fun and many different adventures can be learned about.Purpose I would use this for children s enjoyment and as a read aloud I would want children to think about their favorite books and how those make them feel I would want children to realize that reading should be enjoyable and not as a c [...]

    12. I have to admit up front that I am not a huge poetry fan so my rating and opinion on the book is biased by that There were a few poems in this anthology that I really liked and some beautiful metaphors and descriptions of the power of reading I did love the whimsical, fun illustrations I read it to my daughter last night and we had some great discussions on metaphors and how she would describe her love for literature Interesting.

    13. My book obsessed son memorized this poem for a class assignment Who s Rich A boy with a book he hasn t read yetA girl with a stack of books by her bedShe opens and opens and opensHer life starts everywhereWho s Rich Anyone befriended Again and againThis is a wealth we never lose.A sweet collection of poems about the love and adventure of reading Wish it was longer and deeper But a worthwhile read nonetheless.

    14. Another great Lee Bennett Hopkins anthology So many terrific poems This anthology feels a little younger than many of his anthologies partially because there are rhyming poems than usual, I think All the poems in here are really accessible even to primary aged kids but would still be enjoyed by older kids, too The poems are beautiful and wonderful and about my favorite topic books

    15. I love this book Hopkins has gathered a lovely collection of reading themed poems, rich in figurative language and poetic devices It has been on my to read list for awhile, and I m so glad I finally tracked it down I Am the Book will be a great resource, starting at the beginning of the new year as we reflect on our journeys as readers and writers.

    16. Finally read all of these too Really, what was I waiting for Liked them very much Loved a few, especially the ones about poems and Avis Harley s This Book poem, too Thank you Lee Bennett Hopkins for all of the great poetry collections you have produced Okay really it s a 4.5

    17. Anyone who loves to read will enjoy this anthology of poems collected by Lee Bennett Hopkins from authors and poets such as Jane Yolen, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Karla Kuskin Each delightful poem describes the wonder and joy of reading and each page is filled by Yayo s vibrant and whimsical illustrations For readers age 6 and up.

    18. Love the illustrations for each poem as they depict the imagination that books bring to the reader This thematic picture book is a collection of poems that focus on losing yourself in a book A few poems seem to focus on poetry alone All but one of the poems have a lovely flow to them, some with rhyme through the use of assonance and consonance, and others with onomatopoeia.

    19. Utterly charming collection of poems about books the joys, the dreams, the treasures, etc Readers or listeners of all ages will enjoy the short pieces and what they have to say about our good friends, books The illustrations are equally wonderful This is a fun collection, just the right length, too.

    20. Too short Despite that, and even though I don t care for the art style, I love this anthology and highly recommend it I can t even share a whole poem with you, as that would be beyond fair use in a book this short, but consider part of Jane Yolen s _A Poem Is_Words that take a thought,a wish,a sentiment,a prayer,and then suck outall the air.

    21. As a poetry book about books and I love books this one was okay Some of the poems I loved, such as When I Read , and others were a bit abstract for me The illustrations, also a bit abstract, were a good fit for the poems but some left me scratching my head.

    22. A book of poems about books and poems So many great poems to share and read aloud.BookAny Ludwig VanDerwaterBuried in blanketsBook in my bedSnuggled in storyBy heartIn my headI wallow in wordsChapter One Till The EndClosing the coverI sigh Good bye, friend.

    23. I feel like a collection of poems needs to stand out, and none of these poems did I love that the subject matter is the love of reading and books, but none of them were memorable The illustrations were quirky but not bold enough to be exciting to children.

    24. The beautiful illustrations and the enchanting poems helped make this a fun read Anybody who loves books would enjoy this since it s a tribute to the wonder of reading I believe there s a poem for everyone in here It was excellent.

    25. The selections are nice as always LBH does a great job of picking poems , but the subject much as I love books is just a little bit too underwhelming by itself, likely to only attract bibliophiles.

    26. Poems seemed forced, at times, and the illustrations were not my style making this kind of a dud IMHO Just didn t do it for me A better choice also published in 2011 is Book Speak Poems About Books by Laura Purdie Salas.

    27. Books are such mind thrilling spine tingling friends A line from the Poem This Book by Avis Harley Just one of thirteen poems about the joy of books and reading I ll be using this book with my students this year as I try to add poetry to my library time.

    28. Who s Rich Naomi Shihab NyeWho s rich The boy with a book he hasn t read yet.The girl with a tower of books by her bed.She opens and opens and opens.Her life starts everywhere.Who s rich Anyone befriended again againby a well loved book.This is a wealth we never lose.

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