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My Two Worlds Sergio Chejfec Margaret B. Carson Enrique Vila-Matas My Two Worlds Approaching his fiftieth birthday the narrator in My Two Worlds is wandering in an unfamiliar Brazilian city in search of a park A walker by inclination and habit he has decided to explore the city

  • Title: My Two Worlds
  • Author: Sergio Chejfec Margaret B. Carson Enrique Vila-Matas
  • ISBN: 9781934824283
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Two Worlds Sergio Chejfec Margaret B. Carson Enrique Vila-Matas Approaching his fiftieth birthday, the narrator in My Two Worlds is wandering in an unfamiliar Brazilian city, in search of a park A walker by inclination and habit, he has decided to explore the city after attending a literary conference he was invited following the publication of his most recent novel, although, as he has been informed via anonymous e mail, the novel isApproaching his fiftieth birthday, the narrator in My Two Worlds is wandering in an unfamiliar Brazilian city, in search of a park A walker by inclination and habit, he has decided to explore the city after attending a literary conference he was invited following the publication of his most recent novel, although, as he has been informed via anonymous e mail, the novel is not receiving good reviews Initially thwarted by his inability to transpose the two dimensional information of the map onto the impassable roads and dead ends of the three dimensional city, once he finds the park the narrator begins to see his own thoughts, reflections, and memories mirrored in the landscape of the park and its inhabitants.Chejfec s My Two Worlds, an extraordinary meditation on experience, writing, and space, is at once descriptively inventive and preternaturally familiar, a novel that challenges the limitations of the genre.
    My Two Worlds Sergio Chejfec Margaret B. Carson Enrique Vila-Matas

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      427 Sergio Chejfec Margaret B. Carson Enrique Vila-Matas
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    One thought on “My Two Worlds”

    1. I don t know what a fair rating for this book would be It s very interesting but very odd A writer is attending a conference in a foreign city He goes for a walk and his thoughts make up this book A way of organizing a book that has honorable precedents for example, Robert Walser He explores the city s big part and muses on each area an aviary that s closed, a lake with boats in the shape of swans, a cafe where he writes at his shame at being seen writing.I enjoyed thinking about the book than [...]

    2. a 50 year old man takes a walk in a foreign city by looking at objects and scenery he falls into reveries which lead to memories, associations, insights, wisdom as his walk progresses it becomes increasingly clear this is a higher and essential level of thought and presence than the linear mode required and rewarded by our culture taking place in buenos aries, the same may ring true for any major city and shows the universality of this message.

    3. a meandering and somewhat melancholic work, my two worlds is the tale of a nameless author, whom, on the cusp of his fiftieth birthday, finds himself in brazil to attend a literary conference likely an unsuccessful novelist, the narrator spends his day traversing the city, strolling through the park, and ruminating on whatever crosses his path my two worlds is the first novel la by argentine author and poet sergio chefjec to appear in english translation despite having written a dozen or so book [...]

    4. This book did not work for me or, better put the work in this book did not get under my skin, nor did it move me There is talent here, and I recognize it as such Chejfec dives into his character s head and carves out a life that extends into different places at different times There is a definite feeling of space to this story, both in the literal and the metaphysical senses What lies in these pages can only exist in prose, and that is an accomplishment that I admire and respect.Still, for all o [...]

    5. When the Author Clearly Knows Things the Narrator Supposedly Doesn tThis is a book about an afternoon spent wandering in a park It s endorsed enthusiastically by Vila Matas as an example of the future of the novel Vila Matas is wonderful, and I have nothing against experimental novels that try to do very little In a maximalist way, The Pale King is similar The problem here is that I just can t believe Chejfec The book has airs of the universalism of Beckett and the everyday despondency of Pessoa [...]

    6. msarki.tumblr post 9019366It never hurts to have a writer such as Enrique Vila Matas introduce your book And the introduction was a very good one at that, comparing Chejfec with Max Sebald and his artful use of digression and imagery such as employing to his page photographs and historical text But the negative of all this praise and comparison is the possibility of not measuring up to the hype The gushing introduction meant the actual beginning of my reading of this novel didn t carry as much w [...]

    7. Sometimes I feel bad for comparing every book I read to something I ve read in the past But a lot of times it seems helpful, especially when comparing books that have nothing to do with each other, in that they bring out a different way of reading, shadows of each reading experience accentuating the other Every once in a while, it isn t helpful, but also unavoidable In cases like this, for instance My Two Worlds is so firmly in the shadow of Sebald that I cannot not invoke his name Chejfec uses [...]

    8. Reading My Two Worlds by Sergio Chejfec was, to me, less like reading a book and like watching an artist paint Seeing the colors and shapes emerge here trying to figure out how this stroke will add to the whole sometimes needing excruciating patience to wait for layer upon layer to be added and always being pulled along in anticipation of finally viewing the finished piece.Who knew there could be this much to a walk through a park The narrator s thoughts and observations linger on everything fr [...]

    9. The second coming of Sebald Or, maybe a cousin of Sebald But hell, this book will never let you see birds, watches, fountains or gardens the same way again.

    10. Sergio Chejfec writes So I began to think about how long I ve been taking walks Years, decades And if I live significantly longer I could keep on adding, because one thing I m sure of is that I ll never stop But despite this great amount of walking, however, no walk has provided me with any genuine revelation In my case it s not as it was in the past, when walkers felt reunited with something that was revealed only during the course of the walk, or believed they had discovered aspects of the wor [...]

    11. Reading My Two Worlds is the literary equivalent to taking a leisurely, meandering and companionable walk with a new friend He talks while you enjoy the scenery the story has a very conversational tone to it In this way the reader quickly learns quite a bit about this anonymous narrator without penetrating his anonymity Our narrator is in the city attending a literary conference As is his habit when traveling, he has obtained a map from the hotel front desk and carefully planned his walk the nig [...]

    12. This is an exquisitely crafted work of fictionquite different from anything I ve ever read It s a quite story of a man s journey, both physical and metaphysical, expressed in his reflections of both types of experiences, as he walks to and through a park in an unfamiliar city Mr Chejfec possesses a superb descriptive talent much so as to invoke a visceral responseI could physically connect with the sights, could smell the earth, hear the water Originally deluded by the book s small size 103 page [...]

    13. ever been in strange place and had a map and nothing made any sense you can practically FEEL which way to go, but are hesitant so as not to get lost you can TELL from the setting sun and the river going to the sea which way is up but still, you cannot get your bearings, or decide really which way to go some panic, some like me ask the blind lotto seller hah , some zen out and just enjoy what is around them and que sera sera eventually will end up some where this novel is the que sera sera type.

    14. Saqu el libro de la pieza en donde estaba viviendo Iba por la mitad y no pude continuar, tuve que comprarlo y empezarlo de nuevo, rayarlo hasta el absurdo.El viaje creado por un caminante, oscila entre el presente y la memoria, alude directamente a nuestro viaje, un lugar donde no hay espacio real para el entorno f sico, por el contrario, encontramos tiempo y nostalgia, un mundo ajeno y familiar Algo que habla de nuestro recorrido.Mis dos mundos, un libro lleno de geograf a inventada y espacios [...]

    15. Sergio ChejfecMy Two WorldsEveryone knows that a good walk through the park is an enriching, calming experience perfect for airing some of that figurative dirty laundry It s a way to work things out in your head I find that my most introspective moment is when I m in the park at sundown, right before the police disturb my old newspaper blanket and make me leave.The narrator of Sergio Chejfec s new novel, My Two Worlds, is on just such an afternoon journey He s a writer, about to turn fifty, atte [...]

    16. I decided to read this strange, melancholic little book both in Spanish and in the English translation which was good, though definitely not close to great it s so hard to translate Arg Spanish after a recommendation, and it proved a good idea I read both almost simultaneously, as I used to do with Simone de B s books, and it made the flights of fancy transitions easier to get though I suspect that this would be easier still for someone with a much better command of Spanish who d read it only in [...]

    17. DISCLAIMER I am the publisher of the book and thus spent approximately two years reading and editing and working on it So take my review with a grain of salt, or the understanding that I am deeply invested in this text and know it quite well Also, I would really appreciate it if you would purchase this book, since it would benefit Open Letter directly.

    18. Divagaci n absoluta La verdad del libro para m se revel en la p gina 132 el libro tiene 140.La descripci n del parque del sur de Brasil es muy evocadora, porque el sur de Brasil es as , sin importar la ciudad.Si le gusta la lectura que se va por las ramas, este libro es para usted.

    19. Great book a half mysterious dialogue plagued by confusions, half words and suspicions always crisscrossed with imprecision.

    20. I know a lot of people can t stand poems about poetry or books about writers but I can t get enough of them and I don t understand why aren t written If we all wrote the same kind of book the same way if there was a correct way to write then, yes, they could become boring but we re all so different and one of the reasons we all read is to get inside the head of someone who isn t us for a few hours Well, Sergio Chejfec certainly isn t me but he s done a decent job of letting me be him Assuming, [...]

    21. This work by Chejfec was a fascinating character sketch absolutely devoid of plot The genius of it lay with its ability to reveal the narrator ever so gradually, to create a multi dimensional view of him from one of the most talented and intimate first person points of view I have ever read The scenes rippled back and forth through time, yet there was no confusion of the order of events, because there were no events Chejfec used digital imagery to good effect here, and portrayed the combination [...]

    22. Sensitive writer walks to a park and narrates stream of consciousness Not a good novel The insight wasn t interesting to me.

    23. I stumbled on this Argentine writer by accident I was searching for any new English translations of the Spanish writer, Enrique Vila Matas, after reading his four novels translated into English, BARTLEBY CO NEVER ANY END TO PARIS, MONTANO S MALADY, and DUBLINESQUE These are apparently his only English translations, but I did find a Vila_Matas introduction to this novel which has high praise for MY TWO WORLDS He says he d place it among the liveliest and most decidedly contemporary novels written [...]

    24. When I walk, my impression is that a digital sensibility overtakes me, one governed by overlapping windows I say this not with pride but with annoyance nothing worse could happen to me, because it affects my intuitive side and feels like a prison sentence The places or circumstances that have drawn my attention take the form of Internet links, and this isn t only true for the objects themselves, which are generally urban, part of the life of the street or of the city as a whole, shaped precisely [...]

    25. This book was a pleasant and peaceful read for me something I think all writers must delve into Through the narrator s stream of consciousness we are given a glimpse into the mind of this writer while he walks through a park in Brazil We see him relate himself to the things he sees, from fish to boats to other people, in ways that convey an uncanny sense of intimate familiarity with a completely unknown place With this novel, Chejfec forces us to recognize that we do not live in just one world, [...]

    26. Beautiful writing, but or less the ramblings of an intellectual He s near something with this work the inner reflection within a person but ultimately falls short of a beautiful story, even if its tact surpasses other well known works in the same genre.Felt like Tinkers, which I was not a fan of, and that won a Pulitzer, so perhaps this specific style is just not for me There is, however, something in his style of presentation that is very intriguing, so I am looking forward to tackling his me [...]

    27. Chejfec s My Two Worlds, an extraordinary meditation on experience, writing, and space, is at once descriptively inventive and preternaturally familiar, a novel that challenges the limitations of the genre Open Letter BooksWhile not exactly a book for the masses, I was quickly taken in by the familiarity of Chejfec s ruminating stroll At various points I found the narrator observant, thoughtful, hilarious, and incredibly tedious The intimacy created made it a challenge to read at times A perfect [...]

    28. I received a copy of this book through the First Reads program.I did not finish this book I ve had it for, I think, almost three years now and I just cannot seem to get through it I ve tried, multiple times, but my bookmark never seems to get past the first third of the book before it gets left on the shelf to collect dust Then eventually I feel guilty and pull it out again, try to start back from the beginning, and the cycle begins again.I m not saying this is a bad book, but it s just hard for [...]

    29. audacious in concept and execution, a sort of stream of consciousness about a man taking a stroll through a park though it is obtuse than that sounds Chejfec s digressions are mundane yet bizarre yet somehow frustrating i wavered between three and four stars but I did find it engaging and intriguing, but I wouldn t put it up there with similar works by say, Perec, Peter Handke or Michael Martone as it lacks their depth of atmosphere

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