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Photoreading Paul R. Scheele Photoreading When you learn Photoreading you will experience what might sound impossible You will PhotoRead the written page at rates exceeding a page per second directing information into the expanded processing

  • Title: Photoreading
  • Author: Paul R. Scheele
  • ISBN: 9780925480538
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • Photoreading Paul R. Scheele When you learn Photoreading you will experience what might sound impossible You will PhotoRead the written page at rates exceeding a page per second, directing information into the expanded processing capabilities of your brain There the information connects with your prior knowledge and becomes useful to accomplishing your purpose You get your reading done in the timeWhen you learn Photoreading you will experience what might sound impossible You will PhotoRead the written page at rates exceeding a page per second, directing information into the expanded processing capabilities of your brain There the information connects with your prior knowledge and becomes useful to accomplishing your purpose You get your reading done in the time you have available, at a level of comprehension you need.
    Photoreading Paul R. Scheele

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      466 Paul R. Scheele
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    One thought on “Photoreading”

    1. PhotoReading is the most sophisticated and UNDERRATED reading learning system the Rob Lowe of reading on the market I m an experienced photoreader and the reviews that I ve read are shocking In my opinion these reviewers are actually dismissing, due to a lack of dedication, an open mind and persistence, something that could change their lives The Good and the BadThe Good 1 A reading paradigm shift PhotoReading is basically using divergent eyes to see the page and thereby allowing your creative r [...]

    2. This is a groundbreakingly innovative review because it is telling you something new but you ve really got to want to read it or it won t work This review really is groundbreaking Mr Smith, Nottingham who may or may not exist Firstly, we ll start with some exercises Picture a banana balanced on your head and feel your awareness widen This will help you concentrate when reading this review I found this review so helpful that I managed to rescue my family from a burning building just by visualisin [...]

    3. This book is a bit ridiculous While reading it, I kept on thinking about all those dogs who are quite big, with big teeth and lots of strength so there is no need for barking Photoreading book is a bit like one of those barking tiny tiny dogs I made me tired just reading all the praises from the readers inside the book Why would you bother with that if the technique was reliable The worse one is about a fire fighter who, after attending the photographic reading course, showed up at the station b [...]

    4. Why didn t I read this earlier If you re going to read, why not learn first HOW to read This book breaks down not only how to absorb info fast, but the strategy behind the process of taking in info In a world where many of us feel information overload, it s essential to develop systems for taking in of what we need and want the most.

    5. Is an utter waste, you won t remember 1% of what you read from books if you read this way I tried it for one entire semester yes i actually made myself believe that this method works, but is futile for texts which require even little thoughtwork I d willingly flay this dead author walking if i was to find him alive

    6. The PhotoReading step is pretty different No other book I ve read has this I learned to mind map from reading this book, and so far it is my favorite method for notetaking I ve been a little hesitant to jump off the deep end with this book and take its suggestion to use this method exclusively.The method does seem to work, as odd as it may seem I ve been able to find things in books pretty easily after I ve PhotoRead them, or I have an idea of what part of the book I m looking in and what for.I [...]

    7. One of the best speed reading course.I gain my speed reading the at the first time read it With very creative approach you ll notice that the skills happens naturally.I strongly suggest for those person who want to start their speed reading course to get this book for the start so you don t have to find another.Be bold and follow the instruction Remember that practice make perfect Most of the failure with this such program that we re blocking our mind to accept the ideas at the first time If you [...]

    8. I think Paul R Scheele is a fantastic teacher This course has allowed me to go from reading one book a month to 20 books a month.

    9. I m still not sure if flipping through a book cross eyed really does anything, but after photoreading a novel I started on some writing for nanowrimo Later I went back and read this novel normally The parallels between the novel I looked at cross eyed and the one I later wrote are astounding Completely baffling if I try to take the position that it was random chance, I can t imagine that I got such strong clear imagery that agreed so precisely with this novel I hadn t read yet by complete coinci [...]

    10. Bought this for less than half the price my first introduction to this genre of skills.To be honest, this took me many days to read I ignored the advice to have fun, and found pressure in the most unlikely of places I managed the sausaggae weiner without batting an eyelash, but book blimps were hard to come by I only see the top of the blimp.But I did manage to read faster by focusing and skittering onto key words A reference manual for sure, and I hope to imbibe the skills taught here.

    11. If you don t know how to photoread yet you really should learn I don t practice it as much as I should, but it has changed me for the better Paul Scheele teaches you how to hypnotize yourself into a receptive state, and you literally flip through any book even upside down and backwards Then you release the info into your unconscious mind and it sorts through it for you Then, you go back to the book consciously and use another method to quickly pick up the details that you have identified He has [...]

    12. The last speed reading book I would read, and I did Too much claims about absurd reading speeds like superman Then wait 24 hours for incubation, then read again I recommend read this book really really fast.

    13. than AMAZING a technique that if u succeeded in putting it into practice you will read a TON of BOOKS in just few days Read it and you will know HOW

    14. It is a bit annoying that a huge section of the book is talking about how great this method is There are endless opinions from people who have supposedly read the book who think it worked and all I did not finish it in the end I am not sure whether it will work or am I being sceptical

    15. I have just finished reading the book so it s too early to say if it s effective or not I will update my review in a couple of weeks.The method suggested here is quite new I think most people will argue if the photoreading step where you let your unconscious mind see the content at an unbelievable speed is useful Maybe it is, maybe not, but it takes such a short time that no harm is done if you do it The other steps can also be found in normal speed reading manuals Having a clear purpose, active [...]

    16. O livro ensina o m todo da fotoleitura, que ensina t cnicas para ativar o inconsciente durante a leitura de um texto O m todo uma mudan a de paradigma em rela o ao processo tradicional, em que um texto lido do inicio ao fim, palavra por palavra Na fotoleitura o texto lido em v rias passadas, algumas superficiais e outras t o profundas quanto o inconsciente A teoria do m todo fez sentido pra mim, principalmente por afirmar a import ncia de sempre declarar um prop sito no inicio da leitura e utili [...]

    17. Most books with this rating I never finish and so don t make this list This one I probably started speed reading to get it over with Average Wasn t terrible, but not a lot to recommend it Probably skimmed parts of it Decent A few good ideas, well written passages, interesting characters, or the like Good This one had parts that inspired me, impressed me, made me laugh out loud, made me think it got positive reactions and most of the rest of it was pretty decent too Amazing This is the best I ve [...]

    18. Time will tell if it actually works Too much selling the system reeks of scam, but I think there is some useful material in here Update there is useful material here, but nothing that can t be found elsewhere in condensed versions The section on the actual photoreading is questionable There is little evidence to back it up Where did he come up with this technique How does he know it works I tried it, it just seems to take up time Why doesn t skimming have the same effect as photoreading

    19. what I learned from this book sekali lagi bahwa membaca adalah soal teknik many books, so little time juga arus deras informasi di dunia maya so, belajar kembali cara belajar mutlak perlu klo nggak ingin terlindas arus maha besar abad ini ya si informasi itu kalimat sakti dari teknik ini membaca adalah soal mengekstrak isi bacaan jadi, ingat untuk selalu menetapkan sebuah tujuan yg jelas sebelum membaca dari situ pekerjaan baru dimulai pekerjaan mengekstrak selanjutnya adalah penerjemahan dari t [...]

    20. A book to help me read faster I think it works and it reminded me again that I don t have to read every single word in a book to have read it though it s probably a good idea to read every word for the program books But on the other hand, I really wonder if it works, like taking in a whole page of words in a couple of seconds

    21. secara teorinya cukup masuk akal, yaitu mengandalkan kemampuan focus mata dalam melihat halaman, sepertinya perlu latian yang cukup lama agar bisangkin kelebihan dalam metode ini adalah membaca super cepat, namun kekuranganya adalah waktu persiapan yang harus matang persiapan mental, rileks, review singkat buku dan mungkin mengeluarkan banyak waktu jika belum terbiasa.

    22. Scheele has a problem with setting correct expectations, in my opinion You shouldn t expect to understand any of what you are reading if you are at the 10,000 wpm speed Like anything, if you want to learn you have to put in the time This book gives great reading tips and presents an unorthodox reading style that helps you engage in your reading thoroughly and a little bit quicker.

    23. I m not sure about the usefulness of the first step or photoreading flipping one page per second with page out of focus , but I did appreciate the method of doing multiples passes on a book, each time a little deeper, until you have the information that you want More an information extraction process, then a speed reading process.

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