Like Jake and Me #2020

Like Jake and Me Mavis Jukes Like Jake and Me In this Newbery Honor winning story from a new family builds a relationship as a stepfather and stepson celebrate their differences and take heart in their similarities

  • Title: Like Jake and Me
  • Author: Mavis Jukes
  • ISBN: 9780440421221
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • Like Jake and Me Mavis Jukes In this Newbery Honor winning story from 1984, a new family builds a relationship as a stepfather and stepson celebrate their differences and take heart in their similarities.
    Like Jake and Me Mavis Jukes

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      Mavis Jukes

    One thought on “Like Jake and Me”

    1. This is a brief story about an episode in the life of Alex and his stepfather, Jake The two are not close, and a wolf spider on the porch brings them both the opportunity to start building a relationship Since the story is so short, there is much left out And the episode with the spider can read like slapstick Yet, the author is obviously skilled with subtle detail to help round out the story I could see this modified only slightly into a short story for young adults rather than a picture book.

    2. Like Jake and Me is a story about a young boy trying to adjust to life with a stepfather The young boy is having trouble building a relationship with his stepfather because he feels like they do not have many things in common This would be a good book to have in a classroom library for students who may have stepparents They can feel comfort knowing that it is not uncommon to have a stepparent in the family.

    3. I love the pastel paintings by Lloyd Bloom This a sweet small moments story about Alex a small boy wanting to help his step father Jake When a wolf spider incident helps them to bond This would be great for a realistic fiction unit for grades 3 5 This would also be a great companion book for a nonfiction read on wolf spiders or a mentor text for a small moments writing unit as well as unit on family.

    4. This one is about a young boy bonding with his stepfather over the idea that everyone, no matter how strong and brave he looks, has something he fears Short but very warm and sweet, and with lovely illustrations.

    5. Like Jake and Me Hardcover by Mavis Jukes what an endearing story, of a man and an young boy learning to bond The pictures are amazing, and the story is just the sweetest thing i have run across in a long time.

    6. Overall Review Like Jake and Me is a fabulous example of a book that says a lot with very few words Little Alex is trying to help his step father, Jake, but is usually brushed off with that age old phrase, Maybe another time Then comes a moment in time when Alex helps Jake in this instance, Alex realizes that even a grown man and a real cowboy can have fears that seem just as simple as his own, and Jake realizes that Alex is a person, too We see a very sweet bonding moment between a boy and a ma [...]

    7. I did not enjoy this book for a few reasons The relationship between the two main characters, Jake and Alex, is not explained and I still do not know what it is I would guess either a step father or an uncle and nephew The book is very odd because Alex keeps trying to impress Jake but he does not notice and gives him a hard time about things chopping wood, lighting a fire, doing ballet Then the last part of the book Jake has a spider on him and he takes off all of his clothes in front of Alex be [...]

    8. Like Jake and Me is a fresh and unorthodox approach to the connection between a boy and his stepfather, and the one small event that seems to bring them together like a real father and son Mavis Jukes is a good writer of detail, and leaves no ambiguity in any of the lines that pass between stepfather Jake and stepson Alex as Alex spots a wolf spider on Jake s neck after the latter s excursion into the woods one day He tries to warn Jake about the creeping arachnid, but a communication gap betwee [...]

    9. 1984 Like Jake and Me by Mavis Jukes Knopf, Inc Newberry Award WinnerEarly Childhood BooksOdd Odd Odd Alex s mom is pregnant and he is trying desperately to connect with his stepfather His big and tough stepfather doesn t talk much and doesn t want him to help with whatever he s working on Alex sees a spider go into his stepfather s shirt and tells him about it His stepfather is horribly afraid of spiders and in an attempt to get the spider off of him, he takes off ALL OF HIS CLOTHES While the s [...]

    10. 1985 Newbery Honor BookThis is a picture book but there s a whole page of text for every picture so it s a advanced picture book I wanted to enjoy it but it didn t impress meThe boy in this story is distant from his stepfather, a big cowboy type He discovers a wolf spider only to discover that his stepfather is arachnophobic It creates a bonding moment but the whole story seems superficial to me.

    11. I read this book because it was a Newbery Honor It is a very short read about the growing relationship between a boy and his stepfather Because of its brevity, some details are never mentioned, like what happened to the boy s father I was surprised that this book was a Newbery Honor it s a cute story but nothing spectacular.

    12. I liked this book It told a story of how a step father and step son became close to each other This book not only showed this type of relationship but could be used for many relationships people encounter The illustrations were not my favorite but they did go along well with the story Overall I enjoyed this book but would not use it for a classroom read aloud.

    13. I thought this was a good, nothing that stuck out to me in a fun way However, what brought my attention the most is the pictures and how the artist made them in a smothered or smeared way The colors blended in so nicely, but I don t think this story is anything better without these wonderful pictures and way the lines are drawn.

    14. At first glance, I had to wonder why is there a picture of a naked cowboy in this book and is it appropriate for kids It turned out to be hilarious I love the way the story breaks down gender stereo types Also, I am a step parent so I love stories with happy families like mine.

    15. Very endearing story about a boy and his stepfather I don t think it deserved a Newbery Honor, though It s too short to develop into anything spectacular I think it would ve been an excellent Caldecott choice, however.

    16. This is short story, but a powerful one It s about a boy and his new stepfather The boy tries to help out, but the stepfather doesn t really want him in the way and they end up having a bonding moment It s Newbery Honorable.

    17. Deals with stepfathers in a sweet and humorous way The illustrations are lovely There is a partially naked man in it, but the way it is handled is funny and playful Read it and decide for yourself.

    18. A Newbery Honor Book, but also a picture book A boy and his stepfather grow closer when they realize they are alike than they thought.

    19. Alex desperately wants to bond with his rough edged step father This doesn t happen until Alex saves Jake from a nasty spider bite Then there is a everlasting bond that forms.

    20. I can t believe this one is still in print, I had an older copy from the Eighties It s not all that great, but it is a really well written middle grade novel.

    21. A stepfather and stepson grow closer together when a spider gets lost in Jake s coat Alex agrees to help his stepfather find it

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