Finding Mr Flood #2020

Finding Mr Flood Ciara Geraghty Finding Mr Flood Finding Mr Flood The new book from an author who blends warmth and humour with touching moving relationships as warm and addictive as Marian Keyes Full description

  • Title: Finding Mr Flood
  • Author: Ciara Geraghty
  • ISBN: 9780340998090
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Finding Mr Flood Ciara Geraghty Finding Mr Flood The new book from an author who blends warmth and humour with touching, moving relationships as warm and addictive as Marian Keyes Full description
    Finding Mr Flood Ciara Geraghty

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      348 Ciara Geraghty
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    One thought on “Finding Mr Flood”

    1. I found this book really hard to get into at first, but once the actual searching kicks in, it did get better I did think it was far too long, it could have done with a really, really good edit, which I felt was seriously lacking, not just in needing some chopping off, but there were loads of typos, that started to get annoying, at one point a character gets called the wrong name too The shortening could have been easily achieved by getting rid of all the bloomin repetition, I think it was suppo [...]

    2. When Dara s sister becomes very sick whilst waiting for a transplant, she thinks that maybe finding the father that walked out on her before she was born will solve all their problems She hires a private detective and in exchange she agrees to help train his unruly dog They have a couple of trips trying to find people who may help them find out where Mr Flood is Although they are both wary of relationships following bad experiences they seem drawn to each other will they allow themselves to fall [...]

    3. This seemed to take me ages to read but only because it s the biggest book I ve read in a while I loved her style of writing it was easy to absorb although a little too detailed at times I loved Dara and Stanley Just normal folk Very enjoyable read

    4. The rating for this book should be read as 4.5 stars.Sometimes you read a book and the characters in it become your friends You get to know them as you read their story, and you grow fonder of them with ever page you turn So fond in fact, that you dread having to say goodbye when their story finishes You don t want them to go away and long to keep them near You want to still be with them after the issue s they have been dealing with in the story have been resolved, just to make sure that they wi [...]

    5. I found this book endearing, annoying and boring not all at once of course Parts of it were too long, parts were excellent and parts of it made you want to take the heroine by the shoulders and give her a good shake.I bore with it to the end and I am glad I did but there were moments I seriously considered moving on to something gripping.I am sure that editing this book down to 350 400 pages would make a far enjoyable read.

    6. I enjoyed this book than I thought I would when I started it I like the author enough that I just bought a few of her novels before going on vacations, without even bothering to read the descriptions about what they were about It was odd that this book isn t one of her first, though, because there were quite a few sections that seemed a bit juvenile or writing 101 The constant repetition of her sisters eyes being wide with things like Trust And Hope was driving me up a WALL It was odd the first [...]

    7. Ciara Geraghty wird bei mir stets mit guten B chern assoziiert Ihr Roman Der Tag vor einem Jahr z hlt sogar zu meinen Lieblingsb chern, welche ich schon mehrfach gelesen habe Klar, dass ich mir auch ihr neustes Buch sofort zugelegt habe und mit hohen Erwartungen angefangen habe zu lesen.Leider konnte mich Wenn ich dich gefunden habe nicht einmal ann hernd so sehr berzeugen Das gr te Problem hatte ich mit den Charaktern Mit Dara Flood konnte ich mich bis zum Schluss berhaupt nicht anfreunden Sie [...]

    8. Dara Flood decided to find her father, who may be a match for her sister who needs a kidney She employs a private investigator to help her.A sweet and somewhat engaging novel about family and finding yourself I liked how well rounded Dara was and how likeable she was as well It had good pacing as well, although it did get a little slow towards the end and the ending seemed a little rushed All the other characters served the story well and added to the plot and Dara s arc.

    9. My thoughts on this book seemed to be shared by others it s far too long and could have done with a very significant edit but it was worth persevering with it By the end I was quite attached to the characters and the book pulled at my heart strings It would be a good book to get lost in on a rainy weekend stuck inside.

    10. I mainly enjoyed this book, however it was far too long.I read the first half pretty deeply, but the second half was skimmed.Once you realize the connection between Finding Mr Flood and Angel it kind of grinds to a halt.There were some real laugh out loud moments, but for the most part it was just okay for me.

    11. An enjoyable read but it didn t blow me away, a lot better written than the majority of The Shelf of Shame novels I ve read this year.

    12. 4 stars This book was so much better than I thought There are moments that are really slow, but then at the end I was turning pages so quickly, I couldn t put it down Pleasantly surprised.

    13. Reading this book took me forever because the story progressed sooo slowly The characters were well written and I liked them but I would have preferred it if Dara and Stanley were a little less insecure The story itself was okay but I struggled with it everything was almost too nice I don t know how else to describe it The plot was extremely predictable and I kept waiting for a plot twist that, sadly, never came.

    14. chicklitaholic 20Finding Mr Flood is the third novel from Irish author Ciara Geraghty After reading and devouring her two previous novels, Saving Grace and and Becoming Scarlett, to say I was excited to read Finding Mr Flood would be understatement While the book is pretty large at 550 pages, which can sometimes be a little off putting, I delved into the novel almost as soon as I received it Thirteen days before Dara Flood was born, her father walked up the road and never came back Now in her tw [...]

    15. Ciara Geraghty s third novel Finding My Flood, following on from her wildly successful first two novels Saving Grace and Becoming Scarlett, is a bit of a depature from her already mentioned previous two novels I must admit, I still can t decide if the departure is a good thing or a bad thing, because if I m honest I loved Saving Grace Saving Grace was original, it was warm, it was funny, and it also dealt with some really serious issues It looked like Ciara Geraghty was to become Marian Keyes na [...]

    16. Finding Mr Flood is Ciara Geraghty s third novel, but the first book of hers that I ve read.I love discovering new authors and Ciara is now high on my list of finds Ciara s writing style in Finding Mr Flood is individual and different and gives the story, told in the third person, a quirky air which I really enjoyed.This is a large book at over 500 pages and there is a huge amount of detail and complexity in the characters and plot At times I felt that the amount of detail made for slow but stil [...]

    17. I ve enjoyed previous books by Ciara Geraghty Saving Grace and Becoming Scarlett they are chick lit books, but so much clever characterisation, innovative twists and heart wrenching crises So you could say that I was really, really looking forward to this book I eagerly pounced on this book as soon as I saw it in store and began to read shortly after.Like the author s other books, it focuses on a young Irish single girl with a quirky family Meet Dara, she works at a dog shelter, cares little fo [...]

    18. When Mrs Flood was very pregnant, Mr Flood walked down the road to get cigarette and never returned Fast forward many years and you find Mrs Flood and her two daughters, Angel and Dara Angel has discovered that she was born with only one kidney and is in desperate need of a transplant A two AM phone call leads to a rush to the hospital in hopes that there is a kidney match The doctor runs tests and finds out that there is no match, sending her home devastated.Mrs Flood believes that Angel is the [...]

    19. Finding Mr Flood was picked by a book group I am a member of The author was only slightly familiar to me and at first I was a little unsure as the blurb did not sound my usual kind of read A heavily pregnant Mrs Flood waved her Husband off, only he walked up the road and never came back Mrs Flood was left alone to raise Angel and Dara the baby Mr Flood never got to see Angel however as young adult suffers renal failure and a compatible match is needed for a kidney After watching the suffering of [...]

    20. Ciara Geraghty is fast becoming an author whose books you can not miss Having read her previous two books as well, this latest book is a bit different, but just as stunning as the others Her books have this perfect mix of mystery surrounding its characters and their lives with just the amount of romantic tension you can t help but connect with her characters and feel the emotions that they are feeling I only wish her books were readily available in the US, so I wouldn t have to stretch my wallet [...]

    21. This was a strange one after 50 pages I was ready to give up, there s only so many quirky friends you can cope with But I m so glad I carried on from the point Dara joins up with Private Investigator Stanley Flinter to look for her father this story takes off and Stanley has a lovely back story of his own too It s touching, engaging, with characters you come to care about yes , even the irritating quirky friends Despite what the cover suggests, she s not the new Marian Keyes, but her lovely ligh [...]

    22. This is chick lit of the best order This is a fun read that draws you in and has you cheering on the characters, while at the same time not demanding too much of you part from sheer enjoyment The Flood family includes a hairdressing mother, Angel, a beautiful primary school teacher that is suffering from kidney failure, and Dara, who works in a dog pound and leads a dull life but who loves to bake Mr Flood is absent, as he went to buy a packet of cigarettes over two decades ago and never returne [...]

    23. I just loved this book A huge step up from the usual chick lit offerings One reviewer compares Geraghty to Marian Keyes, and they re not far off It s not going to win any Nobel Prizes for Literature hence the four stars , but I thoroughly enjoyed it The ending was so thoughtful and thought provoking, and there were few stereotypes among the characters except maybe the beautiful American femme fatale Cora It gets to the heart of what s important in life while avoiding too much chick lit cheese I [...]

    24. Really enjoyed this one, really easy to read and a compelling storyline.There s some real pathos in this and quite a few quirky characters, no doubt to try to balance it a little Thankfully, the quirkiness is applied with a much lighter touch than it is in Becoming Scarlett where the persistent quirkiness rather overshadowed the story and became quite wearing What was also nice was that the romantic lead for once was short and poor nice chap, obviously when does that ever happen in chick lit The [...]

    25. First book I ve read by this author and I must say the synopsis which attracted me to the story in the first place was translated into an entertaining romantic tale without too much slush The periphal characters Tintin and Anya, were well drawn and gave a rudderless Dara a life compass without ever dominating the story The Stanley Flinter character was wonderfully nieve when it came to his own relationships, but very knowing when dealing with others in his professional life All round a lovely bo [...]

    26. Like many reviewers it took me a while to get into this book, although I enjoyed the author s lively style The first part of the book could have been edited much shorter in my opinion A few things irritated me too Dara, a professional dog carer on one occasion talked of feeding a dog a whole packet of bourbons and on another said that a dog was fond of mini Crunchies, both of which are not good for dogs Having said that, once the search for Mr Flood began I was hooked by the story and the gently [...]

    27. Ciara Geraghty schreibt wunderbare Romane Der Tag vor einem Jahr geh rt noch immer zu meinen Lieblingsb chern Auch dieser Roman ist toll Nur leider ist der Anfang ersten 150 Seiten wirklich sehr schleppend Zum Ende hin wird es spannend, romantisch, tragisch und gut Dennoch kann es mit seinen Vorg ngern nicht mithalten Ich bin sehr gespannt, was sich die Autorin als n chstes einfallen l sst

    28. I found that this book was really easy to pick up and even made me slightly emotional at the end I like the characters, the story which is interesting and dynamic, and the writing which was at a nice pace and from interesting points of view I probably actually wouldnt give it a full 5 stars maybe like 4.8 because it didnt punch me in the face with amazingness but i can t fault it.

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