One Salt Sea #2020

One Salt Sea Seanan McGuire One Salt Sea October Toby Daye is settling into her new role as Countess of Goldengreen She s actually dating again and she s taken on Quentin as her squire So of course it s time for things to take a turn for

  • Title: One Salt Sea
  • Author: Seanan McGuire
  • ISBN: 9781101547601
  • Page: 164
  • Format: ebook
  • One Salt Sea Seanan McGuire October Toby Daye is settling into her new role as Countess of Goldengreen She s actually dating again, and she s taken on Quentin as her squire So, of course, it s time for things to take a turn for the worse Someone has kidnapped the sons of the regent of the Undersea Duchy of Saltmist To prevent a war between land and sea, Toby must find the missing boys and proveOctober Toby Daye is settling into her new role as Countess of Goldengreen She s actually dating again, and she s taken on Quentin as her squire So, of course, it s time for things to take a turn for the worse Someone has kidnapped the sons of the regent of the Undersea Duchy of Saltmist To prevent a war between land and sea, Toby must find the missing boys and prove the Queen of the Mists was not behind their abduction Toby s search will take her from the streets of San Francisco to the lands beneath the waves, and her deadline is firm she must find the boys in three days time, or all of the Mists will pay the price But someone is determined to stop her and whoever it is isn t playing by Oberon s Laws
    One Salt Sea Seanan McGuire

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      164 Seanan McGuire
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    1. 5.5 The feels The other books deserve 5 stars too but this one OMG When everyone told me the series only gets better I admit, I was a bit doubtful I mean, I already loved it, what could I get Oh, how wrong I was Yes, boys and girls, this series is really as good as they say I haven t cried so much at a book in a long time and I admit, I love it I fell in love with all the characters, even the bad ones, and I hate to see some of them go But that is life, I guess.Anyway, it s the kind of series t [...]

    2. Wow Justwow I can t discuss this without giving too much away But I really like the way Seanan McGuire has introduced new elements that will be pertinent to the long arc, and will keep us engaged in the story from one book to the next, without needing to resort to some low rent, wanna be cliff hanger tactic Seriously, this is the way to keep someone musing about what s to come.And yeah, I have to say it I adore Tybalt Does anyone not adore Tybalt

    3. One Salt Sea is, without surprise, the strongest installment of the October Daye series to date Toby is drawn into a desperate effort to stop an impending war from taking place between land and sea when the children of the Duchess of Saltmist go missing and the Mists appear to be of blame Her debts to the Luidaeg have been called in, and it doesn t take long to realize that if the battle occurs, the land will be at the greatest loss As a new Countess, Toby must work to protect her own subjects a [...]

    4. Toby and her motley crew save the day again I like October She keeps on truckin whatever is thrown at her and picks up loyal followers as she goes There is Danny the troll, May the fetch, Tybalt and Connor, Quinn and Raj and the Luidaeg Her new home of GoldenGreen is typically Toby there are bogeys and pixies colonising the place and they are allowed to stay Toby s powers have improved since her blood has been changed All good stuff Without spoilers, I ll just say that I m now hoping the path ma [...]

    5. So I reviewed the first in this series and enjoyed it pretty much, even though there were some uneven parts For some reason I didn t feel compelled to pick up the second in the series immediately and just forgot about it, but people kept recommending it to me so I went and ordered the second on kindle, or so I thought I actually accidentally purchased this one, 5, and I have to say I regret not keeping up with the series, it was QUITE enjoyable It s done well and the Faerie world is very interes [...]

    6. Another fabulous fae book from Seanan McGuire I was finishing it up in the lunch room at the museum where I work and was dismayed to find myself weeping uncontrollably The military guys already have their misgivings about me and I really didn t need to get all emotional over black squiggles on a slice of dead tree to prove to them that I m a little different than they are Fortunately, I had chosen an odd time to go for lunch and I got to cry surreptitiously I went home and re read the last few c [...]

    7. So far my least favorite of the series I think this is due, in part, to the larger role of Connor, a character I have never cared for I think he s a weak character, and I ve always felt that October s infatuation with him makes her seem like a weaker character It doesn t feel like adult feelings, so much as lingering feelings from another lifetime, when she was a different person, while he, meanwhile, has been always weak After the events of this book, I do look forward to the next installment a [...]

    8. Sigh I keep waiting for these books to get better and they really don t The whole series has so much potential but it just never develops In theory, a changeling knight with a hero complex who spent 14 years as a fish would be an awesome main character Instead, it takes us ages to learn what s so awesome about Toby the first changeling knight ever You d think the whole thing was part of her identity or something and how she changed from delinquent changeling to knight in shining armor Oh, wait W [...]

    9. Everything changes And this was a transitional book in the Toby series A book about love and loss, honor and infamy, motherhood from at least four different perspectives , letting go when you have to and saving what you can Note to Author I see what you did there, making me love The Luidaeg and Tybalt and Toby and May even It makes me patient enough to wait a whole year for the next Toby book while trembling slightly at the thought of just what Ashes of Honor might entail Seanan McGuire continu [...]

    10. Just when Toby finally feels like she has her life pretty figured out someone kidnaps the sons of Duchess Lorden from Saltmist, an undersea duchy that happens to be the court of Mists closest neighbour Duchess Lorden believes that the queen of mists is behind the kidnapping and she has promised all out war between the land and sea if her sons are not returned to her safely Toby doesn t just need to find the boys, she also needs to prove her queen s innocence or they will all be forced into a war [...]

    11. The fifth book in October Daye series, One Salt Sea, picks up one month after the events of book four, Late Eclipses Someone has kidnapped the children of the Duchess of the undersea courts of Saltmist Toby only has three days to find the kids, and in doing so, clear her Queen s name and stave off a war between the land and sea Fae.One of the things I love about this series is the incredibly detailed worldbuilding I ve read many series involving the Fae but this one seems particularly vivid and [...]

    12. It s been a month since the defeat of Oleander de Merelands, since the Duke s mad daughter Rayseline went on the lam, and since October Daye was brought back from the brink of death and restored to the power level she should have had all along.This is a lot to deal with, and now there s a new problem in Faerie The two sons of a mermaid Duchess have been kidnapped Unless they can be found, the sea fae will declare war upon those of the land, with disastrous casualties for both sides If anyone can [...]

    13. rantingdragon one saltThe fifth book in New York Times bestselling author Seanan McGuire s October Daye series, One Salt Sea picks up one month after the events of book four, Late Eclipses A changeling part fae, part human knight turned Countess, October Toby Daye s life is finally beginning to take on some semblance of normal she s becoming comfortable with her role as nobility, actually dating again, and her life is starting to look up That is, until war is threatened when someone kidnaps the [...]

    14. This book is like rolling your emotions in peanut butter, coating them in fire ants, jamming them in your pants, and then charging a hungry grizzly bear so it consumes you whole.All in all, pretty great Reading the next one immediately.More thoughts ladybusiness.dreamwidth 20

    15. In one of her relatively recent blog posts, Seanan McGuire mentioned that One Salt Sea was the book that would have to keep people interested enough in Toby s story to come back to it after an entire year, as opposed to the about six months we ve had been each of the first five installments.Dear Seanan I do not think you have to worry o_O

    16. Another week another October Skye book with my UF friends at at Buddies Books Baubles4.75 Salty Tear StarsColor me invested in this series, I m pretty sure that is some sort of pink color reminiscent of a sunrise and it smells a little like a blend of pennyroyal and copperJust so we are clear I AM IN.I think the last book was the one that pretty well sold me on the October Daye series but THIS is the book the put the last nail in that coffin and now I will ride this out until the very end What w [...]

    17. You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading RomanceIf you haven t read any of the October Daye series, you are seriously missing out, as Toby Daye is my all time favorite Urban Fantasy heroine I don t say that lightly, as I like a lot of Urban Fantasy But McGuire s books set in San Francisco and the world of Faerie stand out among the UF crowd because of her taut writing, fascinating characters, and complex plots Toby is one of the most compelling heroines I ve read, mainly because s [...]

    18. Ah, Toby Your world wasn t difficult to get into, but I ve still traveled a hard road to get where we are today You used to frustrate the hell out of me, yet we ve come to an understanding So much so that I ve even chosen to remove you from my Glutton For Punishment shelf Kudos I hope you stay off it.One Salt Sea finds Toby a tad adept at researching clues if only because she s now willing to call in people with real expertise That mitigates her fumbling, round about methods She s a hero, not a [...]

    19. When a kidnapping threatens to spark a war between the land fae and their dangerous cousins from the sea, everyone that October Daye cares about is in the line of fire.We get to explore a new area of faerie this time, one that Toby doesn t know much about A couple of the established characters have connections to the Undersea, though, which brings up some interesting complications There are plenty of twists that involve purely land based drama as well, including several major shocks to both Toby [...]

    20. One Salt Sea4 StarsWhen the Duchess of Satlmist s sons are abducted and she accuses the Queen of the Mists of the crime, October Toby Daye has her hands full trying to prevent a war between the land and the sea As Toby follows the clues, she soon realizes that they lead in a disturbing direction and the culprit is someone not averse to striking closer to home than Toby expects.This series is gaining in momentum and there are some significant developments in this installment that will obviously t [...]

    21. Best of the series so far Action packed and all the Tybalt moments I feel like we ve hit a sweet spot in Toby s story and I like it.

    22. For three quarters of this book, I had it marked down at three stars, because I had a bit of trouble connecting with it Toby seemed initially to be just sliding across the top of things, rather than being fully involved, and the sequesnce of events seemed to me to be a bit pedestrian I ve put some of that down to Toby being relatively happy compared to how we have seen her to date, and consequently, the book lacked a certain amount of conflict, which for me, keeps things lively, and which we ve [...]

    23. RIP Conner Poor October Glad Dean got Goldengreen What bill is the Luidaeg talking about It was interesting to find out why the Luidaeg hates and loves the Selkies Can t wait to read Ashes of Honor.

    24. view spoiler Ehhhh, torn between saying it was too easy to just kill Connor to get rid of that obstacle and going GOOD because Tybalt is so much interesting and it bugged me to have Connor lurking about.I m glad the Gilly story is kind of resolved as well It just doesn t fit very well with the rest of the book.Also WHEN TOBY REFERS TO QUINTIN AND RAJ AS HER OFFICIAL SQUIRE AND HER UNOFFICIAL ONE hide spoiler

    25. This series just keeps getting better and better, and this one was absolutely top notch There is a darkness to this world that is there, but is always leavened with a sense of hope No matter what happens, and a lot happened in this installment, you always know that most of these characters will persevere Another things that really appeals to me is the humor interlaced into these heavy events That is the truth of this world as I read it, and it resonates so strongly with me humor and hope those t [...]

    26. Weekly buddy read with the UF lovers at BBBAnother awesome novel in the OD series It s both my favourite book in it so far and the least favourite one Yeah, Seanan McGuire is good like that That kind of conflict is rare these days The reasons why I hated the book are all connected to Connor O Dell Toby s childhood sweetheart I had problems with his involvement with Toby from the beginning He s just too weak is not the right word, like too soft for her she rolls right over him It s not a relatio [...]

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