Yakuza Pride #2020

Yakuza Pride H.J. Brues Yakuza Pride When yakuza underboss Shigure Matsunaga meets Kenneth Harris at a boring social event he s surprised to find himself attracted to the blond gaijin with the mismatched eyes Shigure is even pleased whe

  • Title: Yakuza Pride
  • Author: H.J. Brues
  • ISBN: 9781615819539
  • Page: 348
  • Format: ebook
  • Yakuza Pride H.J. Brues When yakuza underboss Shigure Matsunaga meets Kenneth Harris at a boring social event, he s surprised to find himself attracted to the blond gaijin with the mismatched eyes Shigure is even pleased when he discovers Ken not only speaks Japanese fluently, but is fluent in Japan s ways, even the violent of the martial arts Ken s expertise at kendo is not his mostWhen yakuza underboss Shigure Matsunaga meets Kenneth Harris at a boring social event, he s surprised to find himself attracted to the blond gaijin with the mismatched eyes Shigure is even pleased when he discovers Ken not only speaks Japanese fluently, but is fluent in Japan s ways, even the violent of the martial arts Ken s expertise at kendo is not his most striking quality it s the passion beneath his quiet, almost fragile exterior that ignites Shigure s lust, and the two come together as explosively as they spar Shigure is a dangerous man in a dangerous position He s been trying to keep the peace with the Daito kai his hated rivals but the danger on the streets is escalating, threatening those Shigure most wants to protect He may claim to love his gaijin, but before he can keep Ken safe, Shigure will have to overcome hostility from his people, a hidden enemy, and, the most insidious opponent of all, his own hard won pride.
    Yakuza Pride H.J. Brues

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      348 H.J. Brues
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    One thought on “Yakuza Pride”

    1. LOVE ME SOME JAPANESE LOVE More of my reviews and thoughts on my blog PANTS OFF REVIEWSMy checklist of why this book was awesome.1 Japan2 Japanese Men3 Yakuza4 Interracial Love5 Hot Man LoveI was somewhat iffy about this book in the beginning it was a bit stereotypical of Japanese culture With the cell phone, and the cos play and all that Then internally I mulled it over and realized that almost everything in this book has some actual truth This culture is all about family and honour, though con [...]

    2. Wow Okay I don t even know what to say in this review For now my shelves are talking for me I need a few days.

    3. There comes a time in all reviewers, whether experienced ones or amateurs, when they just cannot find the right words to express how they feel no matter how much they try For me, this is one of those books I ve been trying for days to conjure up the right words for what I want to say about this book but I just can t In all honesty, I m speechless I ve been speechless about a few books before but this one definitely takes the cake so far.I was drawn immediately into the story from the start The J [...]

    4. 3.5 Stars So this is a tale of two very disparate individuals In one corner you have Ken He s an American artist, estranged from his wealthy powerful family, but basically raised in the midst of Japanese culture A chance meeting with the rough yakuza Shigure sparks of course, an instant combustible attraction He s undeniably drawn to the reticent man and though he knows it can only end in disaster and heartache, he can t walk away In the other corner you have Shigure who joined one of the oldest [...]

    5. Quick show of hands Who thought Japanese kink shibari I had my heart set on shibari, maybe a little CBT, a little orgasm denial, perhaps some sensory deprivation, a smattering of pain sigh Alas, it twas not to be Well, there was shibari and oodles of pain, but the pesky kidnapping torture thing took all the pizazz out of it Dissatisfied Cupcake is dissatisfied.I do find Japanese culture fascinating with all their protocols and formalities, so that was most enjoyable I even learned a couple thing [...]

    6. You re strolling along a country road It s all butterflies and rainbows and joy joy joy And then.You re in the middle of a fucking TORTURE CHAMBER having your limbs torn off And you re all, what the fuck just happened here I m in the wrong story Yeah.There were things in this book I loved Japanese culture terminology one of my BFFs is Japanese, and I ve been to Japan with him , the gang turf wars, the passion between Shigure a yakuza, aka mafioso, lord and Kenshin American gaijin who was raised [...]

    7. Boy this is a tough one All through the book my rating kept fluctuating between 2 3 and 4 stars But I think I m gonna go with a steady 3 Unfortunately for me the constant uses of certain Japanese words and terms was annoying and confusing I would of enjoyed this as a typical mobster style fic, and in fact that s pretty much how i read it, I m afraid most of the Japanese detail was lost on me.The big violence scenes I was warned of weren t as bad as I was imagining, maybe due to my reading of HP [...]

    8. I must admit defeat I have no idea what to say about this book.I m dazed,stunned,fascinated andutterly speechless 5 brightly shining stars and a special place on my favorite list for the Yakuza.WOW What a book

    9. I ll start by saying that everyone has different limits on what s acceptable for a romance story I hit a wall in the middle of this story when there was a significant portion of time spent in the torture of one of the main characters The scenes were protracted overly long got to the point of being ludicrous I don t need to have the hero of the story brutally mutilated tortured for my entertainment It also starts getting impossible to believe that you can put someone back together after you ve br [...]

    10. This was an incredibly intense story I just finished it and I feel completely drained It felt much like a Barry Eisler, John Rain novel or one of the early works of Eric Van Lustbader where I would be immersed into the Japanese culture but still remain an outsider to it Much like the MCs of the book, yakusa underboss, Shijure and the American artist Ken Shijure and Ken or Kenshin as he s called, meet and sparks fly This begins a rather off balance love affair where Shijure is reluctant to acknow [...]

    11. Loved it This is another instance of where my reaction to a book has totally fried the wires in my brain that make for a useful review So short and sweet, here it goes This books plays so many cards at the same time that it a total immersion The characterizations are awesome even secondary and tertiary characters are brilliant little gems The suspense is well written and fair warning, for those that can t handle or prefer not to read violence torture, this book may not be for you That said, it i [...]

    12. 5 StarsI debated on this one 4.5 or 5 stars, but in the end, going with 5 Stars What an absolutely lovely story My eyes are still wet and my chest still feels tight I don t typically read m m romances although not sure exactly why The few I ve read have been very good This one was just a beautiful read I would lower my rating slightly because the story drags a bit in places A patient individual may not even mind In the end, the absolute beauty of the story made my mind up for me.This was a stor [...]

    13. Wow.Whoa Yakuza Pride It was such an intense, quiet and strong love story There s crime, some laughs Kotaro, Shigure s apprentice , some sick shit, hot sex, passion, intensity, severed pinkies, sword fighting, wise cracking madamsis story packs some solid punches The author did a brilliant job of introducing the Japanese culture and its intricacies to this Western reader The setting was vivid and the characters felt very authentic.Ken has mismatched eyes one s brown, the other s green , a pretty [...]

    14. 5 Stars7 2014 I reread for an upcoming book read to refamiliarize myself with the story I had rated it 5 stars and upon reread still 5 stars.Ken and Shigure were instantly attracted to each other but the first part of the books moves slowly please bear with it the culture and attitudes are important to understand for the rest of the book Ken proves his mettle among hardened yakuzas and shows that he s just as worthy of respect as Boss Man, Shigure 5 2013 I haven t read a Yakuza book so I don t k [...]

    15. This was a challenging read, maybe I should have read the reviews with all the warnings but as this was a group read I didn t want that influencing my opinion in any way So I was pleasantly surprised with the first half of the story, I had no difficulty with the Japanese language or their culture, the two central characters were interesting especially Kenshin He was courageous, stubborn and determined to do everything possible to survive I admired him he was very brave Then comes Kotaro what a j [...]

    16. Powerful That s the one word that pops up every time I try to express my feelings about this amazing love story It blew me away with its intensity.Intriguing characters with explosive chemistry right from the start that pulled me in and never let go, combined with a fascinating setting, a great secondary cast and vivid descriptions that made me feel like I was watching a movie The beautiful, metaphoric writing enhanced the emotional impact of the story so strongly I was stunned speechless than [...]

    17. Three and three quarter stars.Warning the discussion of certain topics in this review may be upsetting I apologise.I have to admit to being at a complete loss as to how to rate this book In fact, I m at a bit of a loss as to what to think of this book I feel the positives outweigh the negatives, but the negatives will be, for some, deal breakers Where to start I loved the setting I very rarely read books set outside of North America, and to read a book set in Japan was refreshing to say the leas [...]

    18. This was a very roller coaster kind of book Up until 50% the story was quite uneventful, and even a bit slow The whole romance getting together part was not for me view spoiler It all went very quickly A bit flirting at a party, bam, and that s it Not quite my favorite style And from then on, it felt like their relationship was one long intercourse I even skimmed The sex was so static, always happening the same way, so it got boring quickly unfortunately I was also not feeling a lot for either o [...]

    19. 4.0 StarsWow Intense I really enjoyed this book Fair warning, it is not for the faint of heart There was a torture scene which was prolonged and graphic That being said, I loved the characters H.J Brues created I enjoyed both Kenshin and Shigure and also fell in love with Shigure s rag tag yakuza gang At times they seemed like the Japanese equivalent of the Bad News Bears but that just endeared them all the to me I liked that they weren t perfect and made mistakes.My GR buddy, Heller, drew simi [...]

    20. I am at a loss how to describe this book.Powerful is a good description The story is forceful, strong, emotional and violent.Recommended

    21. 3.5 StarsThis book was good overall There were parts I loved, parts that I did not like too well, and parts that were quite interesting.I loved the portrayal of Japanese society in this book, I think the author did a pretty great job of showing the subtleties of the Japanese, and how they interact and see class and background I also was fascinated by her look into the Yakuza world I found it really interesting, and for the most part very well done The first part of the book specially was great, [...]

    22. A good flowing weekend trip to Japan read I enjoyed the middle part best The tension there was quite gripping made me read on The tension, the mystery of who was the bad guy, Kenshin s situation, the relationships developing, quite quite good I would rate 4 stars for that part Two factors made me lower my rating, the sappy sex scenes which crowd the first and last part and the ending which fit like an ill fitting jacket, pity But regardless of these niggles it was still an enjoyable read which g [...]

    23. Really enjoyed this book, especially the Japanese setting Honestly, I don t know much about Japan or it s social s, so I must admit that I can t account for the book s accuracy but what I can account for is the wonderful characterizations and unique intricacies throughout I always love when a book makes me feel like a cultural anthropologist wading through new territory The character s societal justifications were so incredibly fascinating Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.I must put a w [...]

    24. Will I ever manage to finish this albatross If only the actual book was as interesting as the cover Doh Stalled on page 100ish

    25. 3.5 stars A rich, character driven m m romance about a yakuza underboss and an American artist who fall for each other and struggle with some of the challenges that derive from the different worlds they live in.I thought this was a strong book, and I enjoyed most of it, but there were two factors that made it difficult for me to recommend this book in the end.The parts that I liked Even though Shigure, the yakuza, and Ken Kenshin the artist hook up very early, their relationship develops slowly [...]

    26. 3.5 stars i guess it wasn t boring or anything just little things with the writing bugged me and a couple scenes were just WTF The characters speak think in Japanese so all of the book is translated to English but random sentences or words would Still be in Japanese and then translated shortly after what was the point of that interrupted the flow for me The Yakuza MC was dumb and not a good leader like people didn t do what he told them or acted out and every time he thought he d deal with it la [...]

    27. I liked the sensuality of certain scenes at the beginning But it s still a novel in which an alpha male Shigure falls instantly in love with a blond American twink Ken Nothing really original here except that this alpha male is a yakuza Even though this is said somewhere on the Web that the author is a fan of everything Japanese and that she practises martial arts, I m not sure how authentic everything said about yakuzas is.As I mentioned in one of my daily updates, this novel includes several f [...]

    28. Take a detailed tour into the Yakuza way of life If this is how the Yakuza code is really like, I can see why it is so appealing Ms Brues creates a rich world showcasing both Japanese culture and gangster code of honour I bought into it all If this is all researched well, I have just taken an intermediate history course and loved every single second of it.This story is hard to classify because it is than just m m erotica The world building in this book is phenomenal I felt as if I visited Japan [...]

    29. Vous avez d j eu le sentiment qu apr s avoir lu un livre, vous aviez ressenti tellement de choses que vous tiez incapable de faire un avis Eh bien, c est ce qui m arrive avec cette histoire, j ai pris une claque magistrale alors que c est un genre qui priori ne devait pas me plaire plus que a Non pas que je sois r fractaire la culture japonaise ou au monde des Yakusas, simplement pour moi trangement il tait associ des images qui ne me parlaient pas Je revois mon jugement, du moins pour ce r cit [...]

    30. Wow Japanese Tone Beautifully Done BUTGosh it s Hard to Rate Okay, I m going with 4 Stars , cuz, that pic above is how I felt when I closed this book OMG, I felt like dancing My Thoughts of This Book The Writer H.J Brues does a beautiful job writing about prejudice and judgment I found so many spots that revealed Sweetness Healing Penance Pride Compelling 60% this book I felt like I was in the middle of a train wreckd I was rubber necking big time Those parts written above were good, but Okay my [...]

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