Divine Deception (Love Notes #7) #2020

Divine Deception (Love Notes #7) Marcia Lynn McClure Divine Deception Love Notes Mistreated disheartened and trapped Fallon Ashby unexpectedly found the chance of swift deliverance at the hand of a wealthy landowner The mysterious deliverer offered Fallon escape from unendurabl

  • Title: Divine Deception (Love Notes #7)
  • Author: Marcia Lynn McClure
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Divine Deception (Love Notes #7) Marcia Lynn McClure Mistreated, disheartened, and trapped, Fallon Ashby unexpectedly found the chance of swift deliverance at the hand of a wealthy landowner The mysterious deliverer offered Fallon escape from unendurable circumstances Thus, Fallon chose to marry Trader Donavon, a man who concealed his face within the dark shadows of an ominous black hood a man who unknowingly held her hearMistreated, disheartened, and trapped, Fallon Ashby unexpectedly found the chance of swift deliverance at the hand of a wealthy landowner The mysterious deliverer offered Fallon escape from unendurable circumstances Thus, Fallon chose to marry Trader Donavon, a man who concealed his face within the dark shadows of an ominous black hood a man who unknowingly held her heart captive Yet malicious villainy, intent on destroying Trader Donavon, set out to defeat him Would evil succeed in overpowering the man whose face Fallon had never seen The ever hooded hero Fallon silently loved above all else
    Divine Deception (Love Notes #7) Marcia Lynn McClure

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      473 Marcia Lynn McClure
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    1. It s pretty obvious that I am a big McClure fan, I love her books They re a fun escape She s written around fifty books, that s pretty amazing There are some that are my favorites, but out of that many books these bound to be at least one that I don t like as much I hate to say it, but Divine Deception is not a favorite of mine It s still a fun read and I ve even read it a few different times, so it s a good book It s just falls in to the bottom of my favorite McClure books.Fallon is sent to liv [...]

    2. Sorry for the incoherency I was kind of in the mood for some Ms McClure, but she mainly writes silly, predictable and stereotypical romances They always start badly for me and then get better Here s my thoughts.What a loony heroine.She thinks she s in love with a man she doesn t know and has never seen Why do these heroines have to fall in love with dudes they don t even know She s a hysterical heroine She s always crying I like how she keeps shoving her husband Trader is childishly obsessed wit [...]

    3. Another clean romance A quick read and it was good enough that even though I knew the ending I read it a second time Fallon Ashby is sent to her Uncle after her father s death and her mothers illness She is treated horrible and is faced with conditions of poverty Then Trader Donovan the landowner comes collecting the late rent and ends up at the farmhouse during a snowstorm He takes the warm spot by the fire during the night leaving Fallon to the table, but when she wakes she is warm wrapped in [...]

    4. This story almost kind of reminded me of the movie Rigoletto a bit I really liked how Trader has always had a thing for Fallon, but Fallon doesn t know that, of course One of my favorite parts in this book was when Fallon had gone into town alone when Trader had told her not to She went anyway, and she got herself into some trouble Well, who should happen to show up, but her beloved I could just imagine him standing in the doorway of the market shop and staring down every last man that was threa [...]

    5. Spoiler alert Fallon staying with drunk uncle Charles when landlord Trader gets stuck at their home on a night of a bad snow storm Trader is a strong tough guy but wears a hood at all times due to battle scars Uncle wakes to find Fallon in Trader s arms and insists he marry her or have their reputations ruined When Trader discovers the bruises on back at his ranch, gives her the choice to marry him in name only or go back to live with her dying mother She chooses the marriage and they slowly fal [...]

    6. 3 12 13 Read it again in one sitting Ah, McClure books They make me happy 7 28 12 That s how I like my cowboys Rough, tough, passionate and handsome Wow, another great one I cannot get enough of this authorMoral Note Some mild abuse, passionate kisses.

    7. Rating 3.5 stars.A Beauty and the Beast re telling in a historical western setting It was clean and entertaining, like all of Marcia Lynn McClure s books.What made this book a little less believable for me was how quickly Fallon fell in love with Trader who s face she had never seen and the way the hood which covered his face was described He was able to kiss her with the hood on, yet she never caught a glimpse of his features There were some sweet, tender moments between Fallon and Trader, like [...]

    8. 2.5 stars This is kind of Beauty and the Beast ish, but also reminded me of East of the Sun and West of the Moon because the Hero of the story hides his face from the woman he loves I was honestly disappointed in this book I had previously read A Crimson Frost by Ms McClure and really enjoyed it, even if it was a bit cheesy at times Divine Deception was however, a bit too cheesy for me The wording constantly played off the masculine and feminine differences in the characters and it got old How m [...]

    9. Love notes collection Book 7 Another stellar book by Marcia Lynn McClure the wording on the cover aptly describes my feeling for this book Never a greater tale toldMore magnificent than goldIs Beauty s Beloved Beast of old Product Description Fallon Ashby had been intrigued by Trader Donavon, the wealthy land owner, since the very first day she saw him and heard rumors about him He was horribly misshapen, or so everyone whispered.Fallon inwardly admitted that she had dreamed of this mysterious m [...]

    10. This book is an enjoyable quick read I couldn t read fast enough to find out what Trader was hiding under that hood Divine Deception proves that it isn t looks that make you beautiful to someone, it is and always will be the greatness of a spirit and quality of character that make you beautiful.

    11. i didn t like this book AS much as i did her other ones but it was a good book it s kind of like a beauty and the beast kind of thing but not totally and exactly that tale, but it was a good book through and through.

    12. No surprise that I m a huge McClure fan, and most of her books easily make it on my favorites shelf This book, however, may just be my favorite McClure book yet I absolutely loved, loved, loved this story.Read again 10 24 15

    13. Great short little read She jumped right into the meat of the story, and I liked that most of the book was spent on a marriage relationship, which was kindof different.

    14. I really like this book Trader is like Fallon s knight in shining armor But instead of armor, he wears a black hood I didn t know this was a version of beauty and the beast until I read the Author s notes I d never read a beauty and the beast type book before I loved it The hood is like the beast part of Trader He s actually really gorgeous beneath the hood Not deformed like everyone thinks he is.Trader is Fallon s uncle s landlord When her mother becomes very ill and sends Fallon to live with h [...]

    15. I love Marci Lynn Mcclure books Sure they are short but she gets right to the point of the romance which I think is pretty smart to write a book Divine Deception Is one of my favorite Beauty and the Beast version The plot is amazing And pretty much any book written by marcia lynn mcclure is awesome to read.

    16. Old west beauty and beastI thoroughly enjoyed this fairy tale and the original setting of the West in the late 1800 s I especially enjoyed the references to the music if the time period A really good book

    17. 3 StarsAfter Fallon s father passes away and her mother falls ill, she is sent to live with her Uncle Charles He is not the person everyone thought he was He is an abusive drunk who gambles too much Trader Donovan is their landlord and is getting sick and tired of everything Charles does When Trader is caught in a storm, the only place he can find to stay the night is with Fallon and Charles Charles wakes up to find Fallon and Trader in a compromising position and demands that he marries Fallon [...]

    18. These are some of the books that pull me through the winter blues Another classic clean romance from Marcia This is one of my favorites of hers and I think I ve read it at least 4 times In this story Fallon is suffering at the hands of her merciless abusive uncle and Trader Donovan is the mysteriously cloaked enormous figure who holds the mortgage on the property Fallon manages to be saved from her uncles clutches but only through an odd turn of events that propriety demands she marries Trader F [...]

    19. Divine Deception is a bit of a twist on the Beauty and the Beast theme Set post Civil War and out West, we encounter a young girl woman and a mysterious man who goes about in a hood There are things about the heroine that were not endearing She was very immature at times and childishly acted out pushing, etc , but otherwise fit the sweet and naive heroine, typical of most of McClure s books that I have read so far The hero, was a strong, stubborn, alpha male There is of course a bit of danger, a [...]

    20. I always enjoy Marcia McClure s little romances, but this was not one of my favorites There were just too many implausibilities which detracted a lot from my enjoyment of the book, plus the whole hoodie thingee just didn t work for me There seems to be gaps in the story that needed filling in and several times I backtracked to see if I might have accidentally skipped some pages Then there was the question of why the uncle was so different than the person Fallon s father remembered the question w [...]

    21. Once again, I stayed up way too late because I couldn t put Marcia s book down It was just too much fun I don t think there were any swear words in this novel, but the 2 3 kisses that were described were awesome though definitely for 17 up And as usual, there are a few violent scenes broken bones, bullet wounds, cuts bruises.Fallon lives with her drunk, no good uncle who is a land tenant of Trader s The book s setting is a few years after the civil war has ended Fallon has always thought Trader [...]

    22. This book is kind of like Beauty and the Beast I enjoyed reading it, yet I don t know that I would recommend it to anyone This author definitely has better books This one was a little strange for me, He had a hood on the whole time covering his face This was driving me crazy, mostly because I am claustrophobic and the idea of having his head covered was a little too much for me It made it hard for me to concentrate on the story line Yuck, I just can t imagine being hooded all the time, how could [...]

    23. I liked this book it had all the right elements for a very romantic story hooded and mysterious benefactor who is a total hot body and a gentleman thank you, Ms McClure , and sweet heroine who is trying to make sense and survive a trying situation, ROTTEN villains, and perfect supporting characters However SPOILER There was Nothing in the way the H behaved in the beginning of the story, no build up, noticing behavior, furtive glance, NOTHING, that would have made me even remotely suspect that h [...]

    24. I love the cover The cover is awesome.Story Well, not that much.I mean the book is not that bad, but it had so much potential The lead characters were good and could get even better, but that just didn t happened plus the secret of the hood is just funny.Give or take, this book was well three stars, maybe even two stars, but only because I saw big potential in characters I ll give it 3.Oh, not to forget writing style was just bleh, I just don t like everything happening fast and ruining everythi [...]

    25. Okay I have to say that I ve become a little obsessed with this woman s books It s not that they are great literature or even very original, but reading them makes me smile They are clean and there is a lot of kissing which I like I ve read many of her books now and they are very similar in characters and plot, but just fun reads for me The romance is cheesy, and there are editorial errors that bug me, but for some reason I want to read them all So if you are in the mood for a clean, fun, quick [...]

    26. I absolutely love everything that Marcia Lynn McClure writes She is so talented in creating dynamic characters and passionate love stories That being said, Divine Dececption was great but not one of my favorites I LOVED Trader What an amazing man He was so myserious with the way he kept his face hidden behind a hid worried about his disfigurement I was just as curious as Fallon to discover the sweet, sexy man hidden behind the hood If you are a Marcia Lynn MClure fan then you must read Divine De [...]

    27. I liked the characters and plot Not one of my favorites, but still good I wish the heroine had a little backbone in spots The lust in this one was a little stronger than I m used to in her novels, probably because the couple was married It seemed like a mainstream romance because of that It has one of my favorite covers of her books This is one of McClure s slightly shorter novels.

    28. I grabbed this pocket sized book to take to the gym with me to get through the eliptical Dicken s doesn t pass the time very quickly That was the fastest workout I have ever had and then I came home and finished it in two hours Such great fluff, which everyone needs once in a while I love angst leading up to a relationship and this was the perfect ammount If you ever want a quick feel good book this is a good one.

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