Catch Me a Colobus #2020

Catch Me a Colobus Gerald Durrell Edward Mortelmans Catch Me a Colobus A bloom of monkeysA big and rather beautiful tree grew a couple of hundred yards from the verandah just below us There was a crash and a scuffle amongst the leaves And then suddenly it seemed as tho

  • Title: Catch Me a Colobus
  • Author: Gerald Durrell Edward Mortelmans
  • ISBN: 9780006344629
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • Catch Me a Colobus Gerald Durrell Edward Mortelmans A bloom of monkeysA big and rather beautiful tree grew a couple of hundred yards from the verandah just below us There was a crash and a scuffle amongst the leaves And then, suddenly, it seemed as thought the whole tree had burst into bloom, a bloom of monkeys They were Red and Black Colobus, and they were the most breathtaking sight
    Catch Me a Colobus Gerald Durrell Edward Mortelmans

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      368 Gerald Durrell Edward Mortelmans
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    One thought on “Catch Me a Colobus”

    1. If you ve never read anything by the late English naturalist Gerald Durrell, you re in for an absolute treat I d recommend starting with The Corfu Trilogy, his hilarious account of growing up on a Greek island in an eccentric family that also included novelist Lawrence Durrell Yet he is perhaps best known for his wonderfully readable travelogues describing international animal collecting journeys This is, I think, the third one I ve read so far, and though they do all follow a similar pattern th [...]

    2. Written for my blog, Tabula Rasa.In this memoir like book, Durrell has returned from a trip to Australia, only to find his zoo in shambles In Catch Me A Colobus, he recounts how they set up the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, found sponsors and eventually built the zoo back into shape The first half of the book is a compilation of vignettes expansing about seven years at Durrell s Jersey Zoo From escaped chimps, pregnant tapirs and bullying parrots to stories of the strange characters that [...]

    3. I think this excerpt sums up everything I love about this book in particular, and Gerald Durrell in general He s like PG Wodehouse A Wodehouse who loves animals of all shapes and sizes, from Colobus monkeys to police dogs Now, said Ambrose, to show how obedient they are their trainers will tell them to sit where they are, and then the trainers would go to the other side of the studio and you will see how the dogs would obey them The trainers told the dogs to sit, which they did in a panting line [...]

    4. Gerald Durrell I have certainly missed his writing I forgot how well he writes Funny, flowing, interesting and with a fantastic vocabulary.I had a bit of a rough time reading about the accidents which happened in the zoo, but it was a terrific book and I finished it so fast.Great great great 5.3.07

    5. This, the first of the Gerald Durrell books I read encouraged finding his animal collecting stories That interest wasn t long sustained, but I m glad to have gotten to know a bit of Durrell s world.

    6. Como siempre, siendo Gerald Durrell me ha encantado Probablemente ste haya sido el libro m s triste de este autor que he le do porque en l mueren m s animales que en cualquiera de los otros que he le do A n as , siempre me hab a preguntado c mo ser a ese aspecto de cazar animales y tener un zoo la posibilidad de la muerte de esos animales En este libro se entiende muy bien la frustraci n y el proceso que va detr s la autopsia, el evitar que vuelva a ocurrir a otras especies A n as , tambi n tien [...]

    7. An amazing journey of Durrell in far away places to collect exotic animals for his zoo The details about places he visits, people and life their adds to the excitement His writing style hooks you and makes you sympathetic to the cause of animals around us A must read for children and adults alike.

    8. I m pretty sure I wrote him a letter when I read it as a child And I did once again when I re read this book Not him personally but his trust His writing and the work he and his team have been doing over the years is commendable That his books make you want to reach out and get involved is a testament to his writing His books are the trust s best advocates.

    9. This is a pleasant and enjoyable book by Gerald Durrell who, after returning from a long expedition abroad, attempts to rejuvenate his somewhat rundown and almost penniless Jersey zoo, and of his efforts in creating the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust A must read for animal conservationists.

    10. Good, but not the best Typical Gerald Durrell a combination of humor, wit and animals Fantastic story telling Worth reading again.

    11. I m having a Gerald Durrell summer Catch Me a Colobus starts in his Jersey Zoo, with another Chumley story both he and his mate, Sheena, are now so large and strong that when they get out, getting them back to their cages is no longer an easy matter They manage to trap the two chimps in a staff bedroom, where they play joyfully, washing their hands in the sink, bursting feather pillows and the mattress and clogging the sink, faucets aflow, in the process , and generally having a high time Hours [...]

    12. Durrell s love for animals is contagious, as is his commitment to conserving them I love that his books are not full of facts and figures but interesting and hilarious anecdotes from his childhood and from his time as a conservationist capturing and breeding rare animals in captivity When asked, as frequently as I am, why I should concern myself so deeply, I reply that I think the reason is that I have been a very lucky man and throughout my life, the world has given me the most enormous pleasur [...]

    13. This is another one of those books that I found shelved randomly among a bunch of unrelated books at my grandmother s house Interestingly enough, it is a copy from the Oshkosh Public Library in Wisconsin Since, to my knowledge, my grandmother never ventured to Wisconsin, I can only guess that she bought it from a used book store somewhere else As for the story, I thought the tales of taking care of the many animals at Durrell s Zoo were hilarious, but by the time he left for his second collectin [...]

    14. Hugge is all the rage right now but if you want a really heart warming book to cosy up with, this classic has it all Gerald Durrell must have been a really lovely man and in his books he has such a fresh and generous take on life His stories about running a zoo and catching endangered species in the wild for conservation purposes, in the first half of the twentieth century back when conservation meant quite different things from what it does today is told with such warmth and energy that you wan [...]

    15. Observing or working with animals or nature in general brings a sense of wonder, amazement, joy, laughter and also a fair bit of heartbreak This collection of Durrell s anecdotes about his Jersey zoo and his expeditions to Africa and South America brings out all these and Durrell ends by stressing on the need for conservation bringing up also the rather foolish attitude that people seem to have towards it, though their own lives are also impacted.

    16. Nem gstu nei knyg , nei film apie gyv nus, nors pa ius gyv nus m gstu labiau nei mones Knygel skai iau ir vien vaig dut prid jau vien i pagarbos nostalgijai, kuri suk l vir elis ir knygoje esantys paveiksliukai, nes kada jei ne vaikyst je mes d miausiai ir nuo ird iausiai juos ap i rin jam, i nagrin jam ir savaip sis moninam

    17. Great adventures with animals About a great cause to preserve the life of the living beings on our planet Besides, there s a lot of humour, as in any books of the famous naturalist Gerald Durrell

    18. Another one of Durrell s short story collections with the breeding of the Colobus monkey the epicantre of the collection At first I was always a little apprehensive of this book but after a couple of spins it has become a firm favourite.

    19. I don t think Durrell has ever written a poor book This was one I enjoyed a great deal It has been a while since I read it so don t expect much in the way of details He did end up catching some Colobus monkeys but it was quite a challenge as I recall

    20. Gerald Durrell had a gift to paint a vivid picture with words Love his books and no surprise I loved this one too.

    21. I read this as a teen loved it It was a book I inherited from my great aunt I ve read theo other books by Mr Durrell enjoyed them as well D

    22. No le pongo menos nota porque no puedo Lo odi , no pude con l, no llegu ni al cap tulo 2 Mira que es dif cil que yo abandone un libro as porque s

    23. Funny and sad and gives a good view about how hard is to save animals, and create a zoo, but this is a good one too

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