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Owned and Owner Anneke Jacob Owned and Owner FROM THE AWARD WINNING AUTHOR OF AS SHE S TOLD A story of unconditional slavery told from inside a woman s bound and naked skin Far in the future exists a world of men a planet where the only women

  • Title: Owned and Owner
  • Author: Anneke Jacob
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  • Page: 401
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Owned and Owner Anneke Jacob FROM THE AWARD WINNING AUTHOR OF AS SHE S TOLD A story of unconditional slavery, told from inside a woman s bound and naked skin Far in the future exists a world of men, a planet where the only women are rare and exotic pets These few women, convicted of crimes, have chosen their punishment slavery on Henth The few men who buy them know what they are getting eager sFROM THE AWARD WINNING AUTHOR OF AS SHE S TOLD A story of unconditional slavery, told from inside a woman s bound and naked skin Far in the future exists a world of men, a planet where the only women are rare and exotic pets These few women, convicted of crimes, have chosen their punishment slavery on Henth The few men who buy them know what they are getting eager submissives, willing to accept the status of animals in order to be owned by men Etrin is a young woman who makes this choice Garid is the man who buys her Their story is one of dominance and submission taken as far as the imagination can go Long prior to the time of the book, Henth s colonizers split along gender lines, and the women removed themselves to a separate planet The two societies have almost lost sight and memory of each other, except for the rare occasions when a woman chooses slavery on Henth over the alternative punishment on her home planet Driven by a deep need for submission, Etrin pushes her misbehaviour year after year, knowing that she ll eventually be sent to Henth When finally convicted and sentenced for her crimes, the bound Etrin is overwhelmed by her first contact with the men on the planet Henth Soon transferred to the care of animal handlers, she s caged for transport along with the other exotic pets, and prepared for the auction that will determine her new owner Once Garid purchases his new pet, Etrin goes through stages of acceptance and the relinquishment of self as she faces the strict demands required of her Meanwhile, Garid, driven and possessive, establishes a sense of ownership strong enough that he is finally able to share her Readers learn of Etrin s struggles in the form of first person introspection, and Garid s as he talks with his friend Therin, another dominant This beautifully crafted novel delves deeply into the psychology and emotions associated with dominance and submission.
    Owned and Owner Anneke Jacob

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    One thought on “Owned and Owner”

    1. Holy shit I don t know how to rate this book stars Review completed on December 10th.Okay, I finaly made up my mind on the rating 4 stars.I haven t thought about this book until Christine asked me to find her a very special book D This one is special alright.I think the reason why I was struggling to rate this book, was because I was having a hard time wrapping my head around the universe that the author created Also because the feminist in me kept punching me in the face It s had to think and t [...]

    2. Well I feel bad again I tried really hard to like this book and I didn t I m sorry Ms Jacob, it just didn t do it for me The BDSM portion of this was really good The slavery was out of this world The training and conditioning was impressive The concept of a slave culture due to a penal code was ingenious For all of these, I give Ms Jacobs a 4 star.The chastity belt was once again a particular kink I found delightful It was well done The deviance from Ms Jacob is rather creative and admirable I g [...]

    3. There was a lot about this book I liked but even that I didn t The premise was too far fetched and the main character, Garid, I thought was too cruel for too long There were supporting characters, specifically Therin, that I liked and wished the book was told from his point of view.The idea that an entire planet of people deciding that they wanted to be gay and all the women leaving to live on their own planet is pretty ridiculous Add to that the idea that their language and cultures have tota [...]

    4. 5 toe curling twisted screwed up gave me shudders Stars.I LOVED IT I lost my BDSM romance erotica V card to this bookTo the prudish person who flagged my review to be inappropriate, I hope you are feeling better now and you have regained some control of your senses and emotions Anneke Jacob is so talented This book pushd me way out of my comfort zone and I was squirming I have meaning to write a review for the past 2 months Reviw coming up in a while.

    5. How kinky Extremely This is a book heavy in many different kinds of kink You ve got your BDSM, your pet animal play, dubious consent, edge play, sexual torture, slavery, orgies, furniture play, and a heavy emphasis on mind control through animal training and voice control And when I use the word play that s only because that s what we call it In this book s fiction universe , it s definitely not play It s real, it s serious, and it s intense How sexy Very As I ve said before, the sexiness of a s [...]

    6. Eh Not impressed Whole lot of bondage, not a lot of erotica Sure there s the master slave thing and the TPE that you find in a lot of dark erotica but I wouldn t call this dark and, honestly, outside of a few scenes, it s not erotica either He humiliated her and controlled her but not much sexiness going on I d skip it

    7. This is not a BDSM romance This story is about total power exchange, so if that makes you uncomfortable move on Owned and Owner tells the story of Etrin Etrin has a deep need for sexual submission to a man Her homeworld of Raniz is populated only by woman, so this would be considered a perversion The society is based on the idea that you should be an asset to the community or face punishment They give you 3 options exile, rehabilitation, or slavery on Henth Henth is the neighboring planet popula [...]

    8. Owned and Owner is a book about a young lady, from a world which is essentially some sort of Dystopian Feminist Ideal Men and Women have seperated to live on their own seperate planets, and rarely come into contact, unless a woman ends up in court, is sentenced, and chooses to be exiled into slavery on the planet of Men.Our hero, Etrin, has been having dreams and fantasies of slavery since she was little, and begins acting out, determined to get her chance to be exiled.She succeeds, and is purch [...]

    9. Ok 1st off this is NOT a book to be read by the light hearted If you are looking for romance, this is not it This is not a lunch time, get you wet read either This book may quite possibly offend you.For me, honestly this is one of the few books that has ever given me a spiritual experience I DID walk around in a complete state of awe while reading it Stunned awe I WAS wet the whole time I read it Stunned, awed and wet.Reeling Gob smacked, stunned awed and wet This book turned me inside out The r [...]

    10. Well was alright I guess I couldn t bond with the characters I wasn t exactly horrified, just not my cuppa What ever floats your boat, but hmmm I also like the saying if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duckyou know it s a fracking duck but I gave the book the suspension of belief that it called for as a Sci Fi book, but still caught myself rolling my eyes at certain scenes like the males not knowing that the females were the same species as themquack, quack stupid I also felt that the [...]

    11. Very interesting enjoyed it than As She s Told The SciFi theme along with noncon dubcon make this one standout I was surprised that there was as much romance as there was it was evident that there was caring Don t get me wrong this is not a romance I enjoyed the exploration Ms Jacob is a true expert at getting into the characters heads without making you feel like she is telling you what they think She is also excellent with dialogue that builds scenes, characters, and plot Recommended

    12. didn t really enjoy was about control than any pleasure and just ended up making me feel not great but i see the appeal if you re into hat kinda thing oh well, win some you loose some

    13. Owned and Owner is a fun, competent tale delving well into the fantasy of total power exchange This is an excellent read for those who know what they are getting on to.Etrin has been an irredeemable nuisance on her home planet populated solely by women and is faced with three options rehabilitation, banishment, or to be sent as a slave to a nearby planet populated only by men Of course, Etrin longs for submission, so she soon finds herself being sold as an animal on an alien world Indeed, she le [...]

    14. I really liked this book s premise, but I m sad to say it didn t deliver I was warned that it wasn t a romance, so I read it as erotica Unfortunately, I found the author s sex scenes lacking and just a notch higher than saying that the characters had sex Though both the main characters were relatable, I couldn t muster up the energy to actually finish the book and ended my misery when I was up 68% on my Kindle It was interesting to see the other pets relationships with their masters and there is [...]

    15. While I liked the idea of this book a lot, I couldn t get into it the way it was written.I ll write a longer review later, but for right now I d just to say don t read this if you re not into puppy and pony play at least a little bit There s a strong sex with animals theme to this book s flavor of D s and if you re not into that kind of dehumanization you ll probably find parts of the book as boring and unnecessary as I did The scenes aren t tied into the hero and heroine s character arc very we [...]

    16. 3.5 StarsI loved the premise, but I just did not connect to the characters It was interesting and disturbing I much preferred Anneke s other book As She s Told.

    17. Very interesting beginning This seemed to be something different than what i am used to It was slavery without technically being slavery The women who were sent to Henth made the choice to reside there No woman was ever forced to live there However, in choosing to to go to Henth they are choosing to forfeit every human right the have They become nothing than animals.While the story was different and interesting, after a while i got very bored with it Garid was a walking contradiction to me He w [...]

    18. This book was seriously intense For reasons explained, Etrin chooses to become a legally documented slave with no way to undo her decision Garid, her new owner, immediately goes to work training her for his desires and he isexacting He s domineeringly sadistic and extremely regimented in what he will allow from and for his new pet And the term pet is meant in the most literal way she s no longer a human Her needs, wants, and desires no longer matter or hold sway There is no letting up or loosing [...]

    19. 3 4 stars I ll go with 4, since I m nice.Te sci fi setting didn t really do it for me, even though I recognise it helps make the premise of the story possible It would be difficult to imagine slavery as it is in the book in today s world, so alas, make an alternative world and it becomes possible Still, it never really felt like the universe in the book existed as anything than a neccesity, rather than a place that was interesting and exciting to learn about.There s a lot of BDSM going on A big [...]

    20. Holy hell this is sexy and made me have all the sensual sexy feels It does require a willing suspension of disbelief but the sex scenes are such a turn on Also I felt like the prose was just good Sometimes with this sort of book there are typos and just cheesy cheesy writing, but this was actually excellently written I have zero desire for master slave or owner pet type of play but as a fantasy it is a real turn on I also love a good fairy tale sexy romance novel, but sometimes you just need som [...]

    21. I wanted to like this a lot than I did, and I did really like it, but for all of the talk by Garid, we never got to truly see his motivations regarding Etrin, only at the very end If any of those feelings or self awareness had been evident sooner in the story, then this book would have been truly amazingWe get great insight into Etrin s thoughts but, for all of his viewpoint, very little into Garid, which then makes his actions seem unbelievably cruel and unwarranted If we knew why, they would [...]

    22. I enjoy a good D s romance, the sort of story Cherise Sinclair does so well This however I knew would be a different beast altogether and out of my comfort zone Etrin a young woman from an all female planet Raniz, chooses slavery on an all male planet Henth as punishment for her crimes of irresponsibility Purchased by Garid she quickly realizes that her fantasies of slavery, are not at all what Garid has in mind With less rights than an animal she does her utmost to come to terms with meeting he [...]

    23. I m about as open minded as anybody when it comes to erotica, maybe not hardcore smut but you get my drift On paper, this book seemed as if it had potential but then I actually read it I felt the summary was misleading.It completely steered away from what I initially expected I don t mind reading something completely unexpected, but this was something else I really wish there was a warning somewhere about the pet play aspect in this book I did NOT think it was gonna focus on that aspect as much [...]

    24. This was As She s Told in space I felt like I was reading much of the same story, but in a different locale I didn t feel as invested in the submissive character this time I don t really think she understood what she was getting herself into I wasn t horrified, but I just wasn t really that into it The Dom said that he wouldn t want to coerce a woman into a TPE total power exchange , but that s what he did by not being able to allow her to communicate her unwillingness to be with him at any poin [...]

    25. This book had an interesting and exciting premise, in that the main characters are from planets where homosexuality is the norm and heterosexuality is an embarrassing kink, so as a lesbian, I was interested in the shifting of that dynamic The premise turned out to be the only thing I liked about the book I m okay with hardcore BDSM and a consensual master slave relationship, but this just went too far Pony pet furniture play bores me Ditto orgasm denial at least long term The sex was ubiquitous [...]

    26. Very enjoyable if you want to read 24 7 total power exchange I don t recommend reading the author s 2 books back to back, they re too similar, though this one provides a speculative fiction setting that legitimizes the master slave relationship.However, a twist that I really enjoyed made being heterosexual in this culture very unusual and even shameful More shameful than owning a pet human Homosexuality being the norm, though the characters focused on here and all the sex is het.

    27. Anneke Jacob is a great writer and in a genre where well written books are fairly rare that s something I appreciate and respect but I cannot relate to the TPE relationships she writes about I understand that she s pushing that need for a strong owner, someone who won t change his expectations based on the whims or fantasies of the girl, to its logical conclusion but the stories ultimately leave me sad and off put.

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