Ette te minua tunne #2020

Ette te minua tunne David Klass Suvi Mikkola Ette te minua tunne Et tunne minua joten et voi mitenk n tiet kuinka pahassa ansassa olen En ole vankina kuorma autossa enk lukittuna huoneeseeni Olen pahimmassa ansassa miss nelj toistavuotias poika voi olla olen ansas

  • Title: Ette te minua tunne
  • Author: David Klass Suvi Mikkola
  • ISBN: 9511177516
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ette te minua tunne David Klass Suvi Mikkola Et tunne minua, joten et voi mitenk n tiet kuinka pahassa ansassa olen En ole vankina kuorma autossa enk lukittuna huoneeseeni Olen pahimmassa ansassa miss nelj toistavuotias poika voi olla olen ansassa omassa el m ss ni joka ei ole mik n el m.
    Ette te minua tunne David Klass Suvi Mikkola

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      227 David Klass Suvi Mikkola
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    1. A strange thing happened not too long ago that involved this book I was browsing around Barnes Nobles looking for new books to read when a I m assuming teen couple skirted around me, keeping their held hands intact I didn t give them much of a thought until the girl picked up this book and asked her boyfriend excitedly, Have you read this book After he told her he hadn t the girl said, You have to read it It shows how much douches parents can be I got no such inclination from this book I usuall [...]

    2. I m taking a YA Lit class this summer and the professor included this book in his suggested reading for old school YA I went into it not knowing anything about the author or even what genre the book is about I wanted to be surprised And I was.I don t really know how to accurately articulate how wonderful this book is As I say about so many other novels, it is not perfect by any means but the writing is so incredible it makes up and then some for the little flaws.Usually, when I am faced with boo [...]

    3. You Don t Know Me is a sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, sometimes perplexing novel about a teenage boy struggling to deal with his mother s abusive boyfriend, a crush on a girl unworthy of his love and a number of other issues many teenagers could probably relate to or at least understand The story was littered with some of the most the glass is completely empty pessimism I ve seen in any book in recent memory, but I tried to take it with a grain of salt, seeing how the author probably uses [...]

    4. Another book that makes you take step back and think, make you realize that you don t really know people You see them, you see what they project out to the world but whats going on their inner most thoughts, what goes on when no one is looking, what their lives are really like you don t really knowTake for example John, he lives with his mom and her boyfriend, he feels that no one really knows him, his friends who are not really friends, his own mother even No one knows that this man, who is not [...]

    5. John you should have told Mr Steenwilly in the first place and make up a plan to get rid of the man who is not your father How can you just sit there and absorb the fact that that abusive monster was going to marry your mother Running away wasn t in fact the best option Think of your tired mother who s first priority was you all along But I understand how you felt about not telling her I understand what would have happened if she did not believe you I also think you should have told the world ab [...]

    6. Awful Rotten Horrible Don t bother.Klass took a good story idea and turned it into something weird The teacher saves the day, but I didn t really care because I didn t really like John I felt sorry for him and I wish he wasn t abused, but Klass didn t make me care enough I spent all my time sifting through the negatives, the double negatives and the weirdness of it all.Don t bother Read a cereal box instead you ll enjoy it .

    7. This had been recommended to me many times, but something about the cover and the first chapter always put me off I had no idea it was so funny and quirky and genuinely wonderful I loved John, the protagonist, so much that I thought I might not be able to read it all the way through I was too nervous about what was going to happen to him But I did and I loved everything about it.

    8. This book you don t know me is about a troubled middle schooler named John who has many issues with his friends and some family members at home His father is abusive towards him if he does not do what he is told to do immediately His oblivious mother is not aware of the problems they have been dealing with because John will not tell her This leads to John s father continuing to push him into multiple situations This story is directed towards the mom, and it focuses on how she does not notice tha [...]

    9. This is a very good book told from the perspective of a high school boy It is told in stream of consciousness which really allows the reader to get into the character s head Of course, this means that everything he tells you is biased by his own beliefs which is what makes this story so very interesting we have no idea what anyone else is thinking, and we don t know for sure if what he reveals about other characters is true This adds an extra element to the story that may not be realized until y [...]

    10. When I first sat down to read this book, I was expecting a novel that was about this kid just like any other searching to be heard overly dramatic and full of angst I mean, just look at the front cover and the title After reading past the first chapter, I realized that I was fairly wrong The main character, a teenage boy who is constantly and rather harshly abused by his evil, wicked, nasty, soon to be step dad is quite the guy He has a unique imagination and a dark yet entertaining humor, which [...]

    11. This book was very funny and interesting for me You will learn alot form these book it will teach you alot about life lessons Although, this book was sometimes very funny it was also very sad at parts During the book, John s step dad beats him every day for no reason He just doesn t care what he feels The book informs you with the teenage life and you can also connect with it Further, John who is the main character in the book is scared to give his crush a love note.One of my favorite parts of t [...]

    12. This was an okay book, probably aimed towards younger readers It wasn t life changing but I can definitely see this book being read in high schools.I did have some problems with this book though, mainly girls hating on girls and casual sexism overprotective fathers but hey, this is an American book so I guess I should have seen this coming.

    13. I did not enjoy this book The writing style was annoying, and the characters irritated me Overall, I would not recommend this book.

    14. You Don t Know Me by David Class is an incredibly funny and somewhat sad book about a boy named John living in an abusive household His father left when he was a child, his mother works long hours and is shell of a person than she is a mother Her boyfriend constantly abuses John when she is not around The boyfriend who John calls The Man Who Is Not My Father threatens to hurt John s mother if he tells her what is happening Meanwhile John struggles through problems at school in love, friendship, [...]

    15. When I started this book, I wasn t sure how I would like it once i started reading it but it is definitely one of those books that you just cant stop once you start because you absolutely need to find out whats going to happen I did get frustrated with how the main character thinks and the way he words everything, but it also showed me that there are people who are like that or have lives like that and are really drained out, physically, mentally, and emotionally because of it I was very sad to [...]

    16. Not one for me.I liked the writing and the style was ok, but I couldn t really connect a lot with John I think it was down to my issue with first person narrative a story works the best when the author shows what is happening, rather than tells what is happening, which is hard to do in first person So we have John telling us his step Dad hits him, but because it s not shown it felt almost like another one of his weird fantasies.Anyway, I found myself not bothered whether I picked this up again a [...]

    17. The book was about a boy who did not trust many people because of the problems he had, like his mother not being with him a lot, his father leaving him and his moms abusive boyfriend He feels alone and in his mind he looks at everything as fake, not real The main message is that you are not alone, and the main character find out that he was the one that was wrong and that his mom would never leave him, he is not alone.

    18. In the beginning when I started reading, I couldn t stand this book Not at all But then I kept reading and the pages kept flipping The truth is, I couldn t STOP reading All of the sudden I connected with the book so much I felt like I knew the character and what he was going through in his point of view, like I felt the pain and desire he was feeling at the time And when I think about it closely, I kind of did feel the way he was feeling Literally It brought back memories of problems that I hadn [...]

    19. What do you think your life and who you are as a person would be like if your father that left you named you after a toilet If your mother barely had any time for you If you had an abusive step father John has faced all these questions in You Don t Know Me With all of these things happening, john s self esteme is next to nothing While all this is going on he likes the most beautiful girl in the school The thing is, so does basicslly every body else But one thing surprises him when he asks Glory [...]

    20. The very first page caught my eye The author, David Klass wrote in first person narration where John, the protagonist talked to the audience The way the author wrote made me see what type of person John was and made me attached to the story John has an abusive father, who he calls not my father and he is friends with this bully and a nerd He has a crush on this girl name Glory Halleluja He takes her out on a date, but he is very insecure throughout the book about himself This book is about JOhn [...]

    21. The book was interesting I liked John as a character, though I was able to connect with his funny side than his troubled teenager one.John lives with his mom and a step father he calls the man who is not my father and suffers physical abuse by the hand of that man who seems to have taken over his home that is not a home I loved this play of words, though at times it became overwhelming and I simply skipped over it.He likes a girl in school that seems to have problems of her own though they re n [...]

    22. John, 14, describes his life, filled with the usual teen miseries he has a crush on a manipulative, selfish girl, he doesn t get algebra, he has no good friends, and he s ignored at home and school But he has a bigger problem is that his mom s boyfriend regularly abuses him and John won t speak up for himself His mother has to leave town to deal with a dying relative, and John is left alone with her abusive boyfriend I greatly appreciate this book for its outstanding teen voice You can feel all [...]

    23. I don t know what I loved about this book, I just loved it It took me a little while to get used to John s way of thinking for example his house that was not a house or his tuba that was not a tuba but was in fact a frog pretending to be a tuba That definately threw me off at first, but I got used to it John s life may have sucked, but it wasn t like a lot of stories that I ve read where the person s life is truly unbearable example their parents were murdered by some mass murderer who kidnapped [...]

    24. John is a regular high school freshman He doesn t get algebra, he is terrible in band, he has a crush on the cute girl, and he can never seem to get his locker to open on the first try But at home, things are different His mother works double shifts at the factory and her boyfriend is an abusive alcoholic who beats John when she s not around Carrying this terrible secret, John can look at anyone in his life and realize that no one knows him So he sets out to try to know himself by creating an el [...]

    25. Initially I was very skeptical about this book I had picked it up last year off of my English teacher s shelf, and absentmindedly tossed it in the back of my locker When I finally re discovered the book, I sat down to read it and was captivated immediately The writing style and narrator was unique and a bit cynical, which added to the atmosphere I could go on a long while about the plot, the only complaint I have about the plot is that when Mr Steinwilly saved the day, I was shocked I didn t not [...]

    26. This book is pretty good In the beginning it was kind of hard to follow but as you read of the book it becomes easier to follow and its truely a good book In this book, a highschool student named John struggles to go through highschool because he has no friends, his life at home is bad, and he is just misserable.The title says it all He does not have anyone he can turn to because no one could understand exactly how he feels Until he meets a girl named Violet who talks to him, sticks up for him, [...]

    27. At first, I really didn t like this book It was really repetitive as John was constantly saying you think you know me, but you don t really or something to that effect And I was honestly thinking of giving up on You Don t Know Me because it didn t seem to be going anywhere and I wasn t really into it Now though, I m glad I kept reading it The ending was phenomenal It was really touching and actually brought tears to my eyes I just loved it I would ve liked to give this book 2 stars just because [...]

    28. If I could give this book less than one star, i would It was pretentious, shallow, boring and somehow clich all at the same time Not to mention the characters were all sterotypical and one dimensional and the way you portrayed women nice going, dude To be honest I didn t care what happened to the plot or the main character If you re wondering whether you should read this book or not just read a cereal box, you ll have way fun.

    29. Not my usual book For the most part it was clever but some repettitions got on my nerves I liked that even though the boy was being abused by the stepdad, that wasn t the main point of the story It had some dark undertones without becoming engulfed by it The main character had an interesting thought process Medioccer book with some good charistics.

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