The King James Version Defended #2020

The King James Version Defended Edward F. Hills The King James Version Defended None

  • Title: The King James Version Defended
  • Author: Edward F. Hills
  • ISBN: 9780915923007
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • The King James Version Defended Edward F. Hills None
    The King James Version Defended Edward F. Hills

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      Edward F. Hills

    One thought on “The King James Version Defended”

    1. This is the best book I ve seen yet on the subject Using rock solid Scriptural and historical arguments, Hills expounds the underlying premise of both views the Divine providential preservation view, and the modern naturalistic view He shows how the ideology of one view is rooted in the Christian faith and can be defended historically, whereas the other view is rooted in modern naturalistic unbelief, championed by heretical modernists, and is a relatively new phenomena It is of note that Hills w [...]

    2. I ve mentioned a few times that I regard the King James Version as the best translation into English, and those of you who are interested in pursuing this subject I ve promised to give you some information on this This book by Doctor Edward F Hills, HILLS, Edward F Hills, The King James Version Defended is a good, popular treatment of the subject goes into the manuscripts and why it is that the King James is the most accurate RJ Rushdoony, Ministry of Vengeance

    3. Dr Hills loves God and His word that much is clear If sincerity were accuracy and passion were logic, Dr Hills would John Calvin crossed with Thomas Aquinas.Dr Robinson summarizes well my disagreements I would not consider anyone whose primary agenda was the defense of KJV exclusivity or primacy to be in any manner a forerunner of the Byzantine priority or majority text position, but rather to reflect a recent and less than scholarly development This is the situation with Hills, who regardless [...]

    4. The book was interesting It dealt a lot with modern science and modern thought to demonstrate the unbelieving foundation of modern textual criticism and modern translations Several of the arguments for the Majority text were persuasive Not convinced that this then means we need to retain the KJV though I did like the idea it was written intentionally as Biblical English and not spoken English A few of his responses to critics weren t really an answer especially his interaction with the fact the [...]

    5. This is a bit of a mix It raises the important questions but has a rather idealized view of the TR , it s compilation and transmission Hence, the 3 rather than 4 stars It nonetheless raises questions around the naturalistic assumptions behind much text criticism, and calls us to look for divine preservation of the text in the church.

    6. A thorough, scholarly, and convincing treatment regarding the superiority of the KJV over other English translations of the Bible The reader can save time and safely skip the first, second, and last chapters as they have little to do with the actual theme of the book.

    7. Dr Hills integrated textual criticism with his logic of faith and still came to defense of the King James Version of the Bible.

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