Galagolia The Hidden Divination #2020

Galagolia The Hidden Divination Dubai Abulhoul Galagolia The Hidden Divination Meet Maitha BinHumaid a ten year old Emirati girl living in Deira Dubai Growing up she was told that her mother had died soon after her birth After the death of her father Maitha finds a portal to

  • Title: Galagolia The Hidden Divination
  • Author: Dubai Abulhoul
  • ISBN: 9789948447
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Galagolia The Hidden Divination Dubai Abulhoul Meet Maitha BinHumaid, a ten year old Emirati girl living in Deira, Dubai Growing up, she was told that her mother had died soon after her birth After the death of her father, Maitha finds a portal to Galagolia, a new world, and learns that, all along, she had known nothing about her life and that she has inherited the throne to Galagolia But can a ten year old really hMeet Maitha BinHumaid, a ten year old Emirati girl living in Deira, Dubai Growing up, she was told that her mother had died soon after her birth After the death of her father, Maitha finds a portal to Galagolia, a new world, and learns that, all along, she had known nothing about her life and that she has inherited the throne to Galagolia But can a ten year old really handle that responsibility Can Maitha handle reuniting with the mother she s never met Why was her mother held captive in Galagolia all this time Join Maitha on her journey of dangers, deception, and sacrifice Galagolia is a world you do not want to miss
    Galagolia The Hidden Divination Dubai Abulhoul

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      428 Dubai Abulhoul
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    One thought on “Galagolia The Hidden Divination”

    1. As much as I hate to say this, but, I did not like this book Maybe because it was somewhat childish for my taste The protagonist s behavior is selfish, unrealistic and irritating, considering her circumstances, it was hard to believe how she managed to adapt in such a short time with the sudden predicaments that fell upon her With that being said, I must admit that there were several things which caught my attention in this story, the fact that the author incorporated a few aspects of the Emirat [...]

    2. Honestly this was one of the most boring books I have ever read I couldn t finish it.It was badly written and I couldn t figure out what was the fuss about.

    3. Unable and inept child Dubai Abulhoul, gets Isobel Abulhoul to publish a book about as beautiful and artistic as Quasimodo s face.This book was like buying a 3D movie that promises adventure but when you watch it you realize you were totally CONNED because in reality it is a boot legged video of a VHS home made film with no script, drunk actors, and a desperate need of subtitles.The spelling and grammar is so bad it starts on the first page and continues in your nightmares The storyline Pfft Wha [...]

    4. I was grateful to know about Galagolia through Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature Galagolia is written by a fifteen year old author AMAZING RIGHT She was inspired by Harry Potter Pretty awesome right Potter fans RULE P I met the author and get this book signed I must say I really enjoyed reading this book as well.First of all, I have to start my review with the setting I loved how Dubai Abulhoul added and was influenced by the Emirati culture throughout the book You could see Emirates in t [...]

    5. As much as I admire the author s success and ability to write and publish a book at such a young age, I did not enjoy the story one bit In fact, I couldn t even finish the book and I won t even bother going back to it There was too much repetition of all kinds and the editing was cheap I mean, yeah she s young and all, but surely she must have editors to point those things out for her Or maybe they intended to leave it that way to make it seem like it s written by a 13 year old Anyhow, I can t [...]

    6. They gave us free copies of this book at school because the author graduated from our school My classmates and I were pretty darn proud that a girl from OUR school wrote a bloody book When I read the book, though, I realized the joke was on us Hell, I m fourteen and my writing isn t that bad She should ve at least edited the book before publishing it And the school principal should ve read it before giving every darn seventh grader a copy The plot had holes than a Dunkin Donut, and everyone was [...]

    7. Honestly, this book brought me so much disappointment, especially that I ve been waiting for ages to get my hands on it.I expected so much from Dubai,but I still consider myself as a fan of her writing.The characters in the books lacked personality, and would sometimes get on my last nerves Nothing seemed to be realistic, especially since it was based in Dubai, and it was quite hard for me to understand what the author was trying to symbolize.Maybe it s because I m not a big fan of fantasy book [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book, because I m an emarati and I know the heritage and culture That s what I love about the book the most I could relate to it However, I felt like was a kid s book and it was a lot like Narnia But still the writing was good, no actually wonderful Proud of you Dubai

    9. It s very interesting that a yound mind can write a Young Adult, which is a challenging task I clap my hands for her first attempt in writing, which I am sure so many kids will enjoy To me, it was like reading a movie instead of a book.

    10. Galagolia is a fiction fantasy story written by Dubai AbulHoul, a young Emirati author Maitha, a ten year old Emirati girl, is the main character Maitha found a portal that took her to Galagolia after the death of her father Galagolia is a fantasy world, somewhere far from the Earth where weird unique creatures live The creatures have funny names such as Gostavio, Galagalent, Flym, Flymettec In Galagolia, Maitha meets her mom who died many years ago and sees her dad again She learns that she is [...]

    11. Galagolia is written by a 17 year old Emarati author, her name is Dubai I think this book is for young adult, because she made up characters from her own imagination like ghosts and stuff that talk to humans It talks about a father named Hamad, he has 5 children, Maitha The main character in the story , Saeed, Salim, Rashid, and their mother Meera who is supposedly dead , and they are the BinHumaid family Maitha then becomes the queen of Galagolia , but shes very young, she s just 10 years old, [...]

    12. Galagolia book is a really awesome book, it is a tale of demons and fantasy Galagolia talks about a ten years old Emirati girl called Maitha who is living in Deira,Dubai Maitha has three brothers and she was told that her mother died soon after her birth After the death of her father, Maitha realised that her father was a king of a world named Galagolia and her mother was the queen, and her mother was still alive in Galagolia Maitha was the one who is going to rule Galagolia world and safe Galag [...]

    13. I think I would have enjoyed it if I was 12 years old There were a lot of creatures and my mind went coco on my trying to imagine them, the writing was good, though But what I really hated was that most of the characters were sarcastic, in almost all the situations, however, I really like how the writer mentioned a lot of the UAE heritage in the story and set part of the story in Dubai, it makes me proud And being the youngest Emiraty Author, hey, she truly inspired me and makes me even proud o [...]

    14. Galagolia is a book written by a young creative girl called Dubai Abulhaul It s about a mysterious divine world, where magic can happen It basically revolves about a family who is struggling to save it from the devil It had a great flavor of the emirates I totally recommend this book for young teenagers as I didn t enjoy it as much as I would do with an older environment.

    15. I was so excited to read this book but I didn t know that it had so much fantasy which is something that I don t always enjoy I think the book is good for someone who enjoys this type of genre I do however admire the courage that the author has She s an inspiration.

    16. Let me start off my review with saying that I admire that the author at the young age of 15 was able to get a book deale was able to accomplish what many strive to do which is to write a book and get a book deal and for that I find her completely inspiration to young inspiring authors who doubt themselves.I loved that the Main Characters are Emirati, which is something you see very rarely World building is good but it wasn t explored as much as i would liked, all we ve seen is the control room.C [...]

    17. This particular novel is the first English novel by Dubai Abulhoul, published when she was 16 15 , which makes her the youngest Emirati author published in English The story is original and enjoyable It is clear from the writing style that the author is young, but most of the issues in the novel are actually things the editors should have caught Dubai s passion for writing and interest in fantasy science fiction gives the reader a special glimpse into an interesting set of worlds Both Deira a ne [...]

    18. Three stars for the lovely Dubai I would have given , but unfortunately there are three things that are not letting me do that One I do not like the parts of the book where I imagine the scenes of rooms and stuff I am no architect, and I am in no way interested in such things There was less conversation and describing I hate reading descriptions.Two The editing, goddammit As if the editors wanted to tell everyone, Hey, this is the writing of a sixteen year old girl This thing in your hand It s [...]

    19. I just finished this As much as I am proud that a young Emirati wrote this, I have to be honest I felt lost throughout as the chapters jumped from one event to the other I couldn t keep up with the world the author has crafted there was too much going on and very little explanations Also, some of the descriptions didn t make sense The voices of the characters were indistinguishable, that is, they sounded the same despite the age difference There is much I can write but I think I ve been a tad b [...]

    20. Though i m not a big fan of fantasy stories but I liked this novel I liked the way the author described everything to create an image in my mind and live the moment I liked the language as it s quite simple and understandable especially for teenagers who I think are the main target the book is after I love the authors courage in writing and publishing this book And what I loved the most was trying to spread UAE s cultural elements in a fun indirect way Now, I know this book has been written by a [...]

    21. I highly recommend it This was my second emirati author english book to read Whats amazing is how to book was published and how Dubai acived her goals in suh young age i am highly proud that she is an emarati and wrote such novel at the age of 17 I wish her all luck in her life What i loved about the book was that it was the first fantasy novel aliens zombies other planet.c that caught my attention I really loved the story What i recommend Dubai is that in Galagoia the other world she d change t [...]

    22. I have no interest in Fiction books but a ficition story in UAE written by a very young author attracted me I enjoyed reading the book the idea is completly new and I seriously cant wait to read her new book.

    23. I read this book, but sadly I didn t like it because I think it s for the kids from age 6 14 even though I am a teenager but I think I shouldn t waste my time read it, I think I can t complete it I read only 5 chapters , hopefully you understand.

    24. Really Amazed by the young Emirati author Dubai Abulhoul for writing such an interesting book Can t wait for the second book

    25. Galagolia or its less known synonym worst book I have ever read in my life The first start is for complementary and the second one is for putting the effort in making this book.

    26. Likes the three elements Dislikes characters attitude No character development Couldn t relate to the main character the description that was sometimes too hard to imagine

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