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Love Bomb Lisa Zeidner Love Bomb An inventive mordantly funny novel about love marriage stalkers and the indignities of parenthoodIn quaint Haddonfield New Jersey Tess is about to marry Gabe in her childhood home Her mother He

  • Title: Love Bomb
  • Author: Lisa Zeidner
  • ISBN: 9780374192716
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Love Bomb Lisa Zeidner An inventive, mordantly funny novel about love, marriage, stalkers, and the indignities of parenthoodIn quaint Haddonfield, New Jersey, Tess is about to marry Gabe in her childhood home Her mother, Helen, is in a panic about the guests, who include warring exes, crying babies, jealous girlfriends, and too many psychiatrists But the most difficult guest was never on the lAn inventive, mordantly funny novel about love, marriage, stalkers, and the indignities of parenthoodIn quaint Haddonfield, New Jersey, Tess is about to marry Gabe in her childhood home Her mother, Helen, is in a panic about the guests, who include warring exes, crying babies, jealous girlfriends, and too many psychiatrists But the most difficult guest was never on the list at all a woman in a wedding dress and a gas mask, armed with a rifle, a bomb trigger strapped to her arm.Lisa Zeidner s audacious novel Love Bomb begins as a hostage drama and blossoms into a far reaching tale about the infinite varieties of passion and heartbreak.Who has offended this nutcase, and how Does she seek revenge against the twice divorced philanderer Or is her agenda political against the army general Or the polygamous Muslim from Mali While the warm, wise Helen attempts to bond with the masked woman and control the hysteria, the hostages begin to untangle what connects them to one another, and to their captor But not until the SWAT team arrives does the terrorist of love unveil her real motives .Critics have praised Lisa Zeidner s prose for its unforced edginess and power her fiction shines with humor, wisdom, and poignancy In her most masterful novel yet, Zeidner gives us a tough yet tender social comedy, a romance with guts, a serious frolic written out of deep affection for all that it skewers.
    Love Bomb Lisa Zeidner

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      Lisa Zeidner

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    1. When an intimate suburban wedding is interrupted by an armed woman wearing a gas mask, wedding gown and steel toed boots, the guests assume it is a joke Only as the woman confiscates their mobile phones and explains the back door is wired with explosives does the reality of the surreal situation set in The terrorist has a single demand, she wants a simple, heartfelt apology from one particular piece of shit , but no one in the crowd knows who that may be In an effort to placate her a handful of [...]

    2. Amusing comic novel about a terrorist at a wedding She storms up the aisle in a wedding dress with a bomb and takes all the wedding guests hostage The guests are largely comprised of psychologists and psychiatrists, which makes up a lot of the book s humor as they all try to deconstruct the terrorist s reasons for doing this Did she have a troubled relationship with her father etc They fight over who gets the right to try to talk her down.It was amusing but not laugh out loud funny The book cent [...]

    3. A masked terrorist takes a wedding hostage in Lisa Zeidner s LOVE BOMB Zeidner wisely doesn t keep us trapped in the home in which the wedding s taking place, expanding on the themes of such a celebration as well as the terrorist s soon to be revealed motives to flashback to many of her characters romantic histories It is in these vignettes that her sharp tongued wit and finely tuned relationship sense really shines these devices keep the story moving and in my opinion, set LOVE BOMB a cut above [...]

    4. Overall I would say this was a very entertaining and well written book.For those of you that haven t read the book, I want to make you aware that if you go to the very back of the book, you will find a guest list that I feel would have been extremely helpful to have at the beginning of the book whose idea was it to put this at the end Several times while reading the book I wished that I had some kind of who s who to keep track of the stories of the cast of characters.With that said, I enjoyed th [...]

    5. This book was just OK I m not sure what I was expecting, and it wasn t bad for what it was, but ultimately it s not the kind of book I would choose to read I can t even remember how it ended up on my to read pile in the first place There wasn t the kind of tension and lack of predictability that makes a book like Gone Girl so compelling, and because there were so many characters, you don t feel like you had that much insight into any of their heads In fact, the ones you learn the most about, suc [...]

    6. Quick,zany read about a woman who takes a house full of wedding guests hostage The setup of a large group of diverse wedding attendees is a great device for creating a slew of interesting, overlapping and dysfunctional characters, mixed with just enough action to keep the story moving The background stories on the characters cover the gamut of themes marriage, divorce, race, aging, parenting and Sounds depressing, but it is actually a cheerful, upbeat book, presenting these things as the natura [...]

    7. This was one of those can t turn out the light books It often felt like a guilty pleasure because especially in wake of recent events regarding shootings it can make one squirm a bit But for the most part it s so clever, especially in its send up of psychiatrists that it s impossible not to smile I enjoyed the Inside Outside format of the plot and the way that it went into so many heads The annoying folks were meant to be annoying and the truly good, meant to be so This is a case where the back [...]

    8. Starting with a terrific, offbeat premise worthy of Christopher Moore the amusing interruption of a home wedding by a bridal gown dressed, fully armed woman the novel devolves into a series of lengthy backgrounders on several of the guests and the hostage taker herself The quick pace of the setup is so much fun and full of social satire promise, it s really disappointing to watch the book slow to a crawl that never gets back up to speed Though sprinkled with some genuinely witty and insightful p [...]

    9. I loved this humorous and thoughtful story of a wedding in Haddonfield that is hijacked by a woman in a wedding dress wielding a shotgun and a bomb trigger Original and surprising

    10. The bride did not wear white But the terrorist did Tess und Gabe heiraten Die Brautmutter sorgt sich um die G steliste streitende Exes, eifers chtige Freunde und jede Menge Psychiater Der schwierigste Gast stand aber gar nicht auf der G steliste eine Frau in wei em Hochzeitkleid und Gasmaske, mit einem Gewehr in der Hand und einem Bombenausl ser am Arm.Lustig, Chaotisch, Realistisch, Satirisch was will man mehr UNBEDINGT LESEN

    11. Such a cute book I loved the characters and the protagonist it definitely kept me intrigued and was hilarious

    12. As a Jersey girl, but from the central Jersey shore, not South Jersey which is a different world altogether I enjoyed this satire of life in Haddonfield The story is totally improbable It s like Agatha Christie setting up a murder in an isolated country house, only nobody gets murdered Oops, belated spoiler alert Helen is a PhD and a successful, though sometimes unorthodox, therapist She is the reluctant hostess for the simple, small, homel wedding of her daughter, Tess and her colleague at Doct [...]

    13. First time reading this author Serendipity She has an amazing vocabulary and uses it in marvelous ways loaded with meaning The setup is this suburban New Jersey wedding party at home with a cast of iconoclastic characters which is taken hostage by a woman dressed as a bride in a terrorist outfit The central character is Helen, the woman of the house and a professional psychologist, who has a profound insight into all of the people at the gathering It makes marvelous reading Helen sifts through t [...]

    14. Nothing made you understand mortality better than a photograph of a dead woman with a little lipstick on Lisa Zeidner s writing is dead on A lesser story jumps through the hoops of polite company, while Love Bomb blows polite company to smithereens Set in Haddonfield, NJ, an incubator for the inbred, white bread kind of thinking you ll find in than one snobby, suburban town an indoor, interracial wedding is about to be witnessed by a room full of cranky, Jewish physicians and fully adorned, Afr [...]

    15. I m actually still not totally sure what to think about this book It s a good read and well written despite it s impossible premise The constant reference to race was an odd addition from the narrators perspective and I m not sure why the guest list was at the end of the book rather than the beginning, but it s definitely a unique idea I was also a little put off on the discussion around the word feminist and how that was supposed to play into the larger story The book was well written in descri [...]

    16. A very amusing and well written book The first two sections are priceless A very complicated family and diverse group of friends gather for wedding in a NJ house The wedding is taken over by a woman HT hostage taker dressed as a bride with a gas mask and sunglasses, guns and a bomb The HT wants the guests apologize, not clear for what And so we start to get to know the guests back stories as they start apologizing This does not go on too long, it turns out that the HT has a completely different [...]

    17. The main reason I chose to read this book was that the author s name starts with Z I have an annual goal of reading at least one book by authors whose names start with every letter of the alphabet I didn t manage a Z last year, so I decided to read one early this year This book already happened to be on my very lengthy to read list, and was available in the library, so I dove in It turned out to be a very good book The opening line is The bride did not wear white But the terrorist did From that, [...]

    18. In the opening chapters of this book, a terrorist dressed as a bride storms into a wedding being held in the living room of the mother of the real bride The many psychiatrists in attendance including the father of the real bride try to analyze just what this woman wants and who she might want to apologize in order to let the hostages go This was a fun read, but I feel that the ending didn t live up to the beginning I guess the resolution to the hostage situation and the hostage taker s motivatio [...]

    19. This was a well researched book that included a great range of cultures, microcosms, relationships and professions There were some highlights the back stories were all well done and shed light into some of the most important characters lives However, some of them seemed to be unnecessary, and the voices jumped around so much that it felt a bit incongruous and left me feeling a bit detached I also wanted to know about the bride and groom, but they seemed to be bit players in this story, despite [...]

    20. Zeidner s novels never disappoint, and Love Bomb is no exception For the cover price you get something worthy of attention and accolade, not to mention a fun story that delves in considerable depth into the human condition This is a book about love, revenge, loss, and comeuppance It s also a book about disparity along both gender and economic lines, about the strange pull of the moral compass when subjected to nastiness and heartbreak Our main character, the terrorist bride, is a rarity in ficti [...]

    21. The most original ensemble piece I ve perhaps ever read The cast of characters isn t united by a quilt or a cooking school, but by a terrorist in a wedding dress, a gas mask, and clown socks The book does take a bit of work up front to keep the characters straight the guest list at the back of the book proved helpful and would have been better placed at the front of the book, because it took me a while to figure out the list was back there , but settling in with the large cast was well worth it, [...]

    22. This was one of the books I was really excited to read and had really mixed reactions too When I first started with it, I kind of absolutelyyy hated it It seemed like a hot mess Way too many people, too much going on, and just boring I couldn t find myself really getting into it and just wanted it to be over with Then, as if things couldn t get any worse, unnecessary animal violence Ugh.Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I started getting into it It picked up Just poof Out of nowhere.Yes, so many [...]

    23. My Review Well lets see where to begin with this review I start with saying it made me laugh Author Lisa Zeidner s creative writing in this book makes you look at subdivisions in just a little different light As one who has and does live in one, it has made me kinda wonder about who is really living around me I am not going to go into much about this book I liked it, finished it, but not much else Maybe it was or could be just a little to life like But the wedding quest list to kidnapper, I am n [...]

    24. Tess and Gabe are about to be married in a quiet little ceremony at Tess s childhood home When a bride shows up not Tess wearing a knee length gown, white combat boots with lace, a gas mask, carrying a sawed off shotgun on her hip and a rifle in her hand, all the guests believe it is a performance for their entertainment Soon, however, they find out this is not the case They are being held hostage by a derranged woman and spend the next several hours trying to figure out why she has taken them h [...]

    25. I have tremendous respect for the work Zeidner has done at Rutgers Camden, so I was excited to read her work Love Bomb was entertaining but fell a little flat I enjoyed the Haddonfield setting and the premise of the novel I am confused by the time spent giving lots of background on the many wedding guests characters It was clever, fascinating material, but most of it wasn t relevant to the plot The mother of the real bride was a fantastic character and the most developed The ending was also a li [...]

    26. Well, what can I say Not my style at all The first half of this book was brutal, it took me several days to trudge through it I just couldn t get into it, and the flip flopping back and forth from different people s viewpoints at different points in time was a bit confusing and unnecessary Last night I committed to finishing the entire second half in a sitting, which I did, and I have to say the latter half was much better than the first part I might have actually enjoyed it if the author had ju [...]

    27. This book was light, amusing, well paced throughout It s not exactly a groundbreaking piece of literature, but it was a nice entertaining read The characters were endearing and the premise was the right mixture of absurd plausible There were a lot of characters and it did get tough to keep them all straight, and it was effort than it should have been for a book of this size for me to keep on top of the characters, which is really my only criticism Otherwise, it was solid summer reading.

    28. It took me longer than usual to finish this novel I believe it was because the storyline was uneven and there were so MANY characters Readers were provided with a list of characters at the end I probably should have looked at that a little closer, before delving in Miss Zeider had me laughing aloud many times She s an incredibly gifted satirist I haven t read her before, but I will look up of her work in the future Just the opening scene of the terrorist in a wedding gown and all the bickering [...]

    29. A very frivolous story focusses on a group attending a small wedding party interrupted by someone wearing a wedding dress army boots and a gas mask By the end we know much about everyone in the room and yes why this strange person has decided to capture all these people.her only hint that she is waiting for an apology from one piece of shit It was ok enough that i listened to the whole drama, it is a kind of comedic attempt to slam society Do I recommend it hmmmm I don t know.

    30. Sylvia steered me a little wrong on this one I wasn t crazy about the format, the constant breaks in the albeit slow action to summarize everyone s beef with love They were all a little too long and not all of them were people I actually wanted to hear from The ending summaries were pretty satisfying, and I ll concede we have to get to know these people beforehand to have them make sense I don t know, I feel like page one had a ton of potential and it never really got used.

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