The Dog Who Danced #2020

The Dog Who Danced SusanWilson The Dog Who Danced My name is Justine Meade and in my forty three years there have only been a handful of people that I have loved No that s an exaggeration Two Two that I lost because of stupidity and selfishness One

  • Title: The Dog Who Danced
  • Author: SusanWilson
  • ISBN: 9781250011800
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dog Who Danced SusanWilson My name is Justine Meade and in my forty three years there have only been a handful of people that I have loved No, that s an exaggeration Two Two that I lost because of stupidity and selfishness One was my son The other was my dog.If there s been a theme in Justine Meade s life, it s loss Her mother, her home, even her son The one bright spot in her loss filled lifMy name is Justine Meade and in my forty three years there have only been a handful of people that I have loved No, that s an exaggeration Two Two that I lost because of stupidity and selfishness One was my son The other was my dog.If there s been a theme in Justine Meade s life, it s loss Her mother, her home, even her son The one bright spot in her loss filled life, the partner she could always count on, was Mack, her gray and black Sheltie that is, until she is summoned back to her childhood home after than twenty years away.Ed and Alice Parmalee are mourning a loss of their own Seven years after their daughter was taken from them, they re living separate lives together Dancing around each other, and their unspeakable heartbreak, unable to bridge the chasm left between them Fiercely loyal, acutely perceptive and guided by a herd dog s instinct, Mack has a way of bringing out the best in his humans Whether it s a canine freestyle competition or just the ebb and flow of a family s rhythms, it s as though the little Shetland Sheepdog was born to bring people together.he Dog Who Danced is his story, one that will surely dance its way into your heart.
    The Dog Who Danced SusanWilson

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    1. As Justine Meade and trucker Artie made their way down the highway with Justine s gray and black Sheltie, Mack between them, her thoughts were turned inward The reason for this long and uncomfortable trip was to go home to her father he was dying and though it was twenty years since she d seen her childhood home, she had forced herself to make the journey Hitching a ride across the country to Boston was the only way she could afford to get there But when Artie drove off from a rest stop and left [...]

    2. Justine Meade is used to loss As a result, she does not making lasting connections with too many people There is her estranged son whom she loves and her four legged companion Mack When, because of some mistakes of judgement on her part, Mack, her grey and black Sheltie, disappears, Justine is distraught Meanwhile her stepmother Adele is expecting Justine to rush to her dying father s side, even though they have not seen each other since Justine left home at seventeen Justine is torn between wha [...]

    3. I wanted to like this one, but the narrator was such a self interested, self pitying woman who seemed to make all her own problems as well as huge problems for her son, I found her very annoying The reason she loses her dog is that, although she is riding with a trucker who is intent on making a deadline at his destination so he won t lose his job, she not only lingers for an extra five minutes over a meal, she actually goes to take a shower for 10 15 minutes although he has said he will wait fi [...]

    4. They say some people handle grief in bad waysI think this couple does First, let me say this is a good story, not so much about a dog, but about handling grief and loss and a how a dog can help people heal.Justine s dog is dog napped, basically and then abandoned While she struggles with bitter feelings with her step family and her father dying AND searches for her dog, an older couple picks her dog up and replaces their lost daughter with the dog The dog brings them together again No longer are [...]

    5. This was a feel good kind of book It was the perfect book for me today, since I ve been sick for too long Even though the title suggests that this is a book about a dog who dances, that wasn t actually the main focus of the story This book was about loss and the process of learning to move on I appreciated that message.The dog sounded pretty darn cute I liked that the author told his side of the story from his own perspective That was fun.

    6. I enjoyed this book, but don t agree it was an emotional wringer and didn t think it was as good as most GoodReads readers did, nor as good as One Good Dog It is the story of Justine her emotional past and family history and the man she meets along the way as she searches for her dog Mack Mack is inadvertently dognapped, then abandoned by the dognapper and found by a couple who adopt him The plot was a bit contrived, but the characters are appealing and its worth a read A good beach book.

    7. I usually cry when reading a book about a dog This time, tears were cascading down my face Those were tears of happiness instead of sorrow I don t know how Susan Wilson did it, but she created the perfect ending In The Dog Who Danced , the dog, Mack has his share of telling the story but it is as the author could get inside the dog and know he perceives the world Most importantly through the sense of smell and without the benefit of some abilities like place orientation, Susan Wilson excels at p [...]

    8. An unexpected call has Justine Meade grateful for a shotgun seat on a semi heading towards a home she hasn t seen since she left at seventeen because it means that her dog Mack is with her Mack has been her salvation and made her look at life in a better way than the defeatist, betrayed way she used to when all she could think of was the loss of her childhood then later the loss of her son The dog who learned to dance with her has been much than a mere pet which is why she s overwrought as she [...]

    9. This is another rating that I have rounded up The book was okay but it did make me cry at little at the end even though I wasn t heavily invested in or very sympathetic towards any of the characters The characters were made up of a middle aged woman trying to get to the east coast before her estranged father dies but she can t afford to fly and if she could she wouldn t be able to take her dog with her The trucker who frequents the bar where she works who offers to take her and the dog He then l [...]

    10. I ve had Shelties since 1979, so I ll admit up front that I m the target audience for The Dog Who Danced by Susan Wilson It s about a Sheltie named Mack who becomes separated from his owner, Justine Meade While she frantically searches for him across several states, he s found and taken in by a retired couple, Ed and Alice Parmalee.Wilson captures the delightful personalities of Shetland sheepdogs perfectly To call them intelligent is an understatement She describes Mack as having not just geniu [...]

    11. Wonderful story about a terrific dog named mack A sheltie that likes to dance with his owner Justine when Justine hitches a ride to get to the east coast from Washington the scummy semi driver drives off with her dog when they stop at a rest area and tosses him out of the semi onto the interstate Mack is found by a kindly couple going through a heart break of losing their daughter a few years ago Mack brings happiness to their life and they call him Buddy meanwhile Justine is trying to find her [...]

    12. The reason I gave this book 3 stars was because it was about a sheltie Susan Wilson did an excellent job describing Mack Every bit of personality she gave him was spot on As far as the rest of the story was just alright Take away the ridiculous amount of grammatical errors and you re still left with a rather unlikeable main character and a string of awkward events i.e the run in with Artie at the service shop I didn t cry, or laugh at this book, I just trudged through it waiting for the moment w [...]

    13. My first time with this author and it won t be my last Loved this book from the first page and then found myself slowing down toward the end so I didn t have to leave these characters.Told from several different points of view, this novel captured my imagination and emotions from beginning to end.When I worry about the characters, when away from the book, I know I have a winner on my hands.Thanks I appreciate the opportunity to get the sneak peek on this one

    14. I enjoyed this very much I have been waiting for her next book ever since I read One Good Dog, and I was not disappointed My only problem is that I was very tempted to take a peek at the end to see what happens.I had to use all my willpower not to do that I love her writing style, particularly the way she alternates voices of the humans and the dog Excellent read

    15. I was attracted to this book because I have a Sheltie However it was the accounts of people who face difficulties in their lives and how they work through them that made this a special book The unconditional love of the dog for his owner s and the bond of the owner s for the dog was the icing on the cake for me.

    16. A heartwarming story about a lost dog that helps the people around him feel again I genuinely enjoyed this book, but preferred Ed and Alice s story over Justine s As well Maksim Buddy left me wondering what dog s really do think and feel for their human companions.

    17. I loved this book I you love a sheltie, you must read this book The sheltie who is the main character is spot on with sheltie character and personality This is a touching story Highly recommended to anyone, but sheltie lovers in particular.

    18. A wonderful story about being lost and being found About being unloved and loved Devotion from Mack, the dancing Sheltie, is his priceless gift to the people he instinctively knows he s responsible for This complex story of human struggles and challenges, disappointment and finally forgiveness is easy to recommend to anyone who likes a good read It s a real page turner.

    19. I do love dog books, especially when the author is able to give the reader the dog s perspective This book is about love and loss and grief and recovery All things best shared with a loving dog.

    20. For anyone who loves dogs, the novel The Dog Who Danced by Susan Wilson is a sure winner The story revolves around a Sheltie collie named Mack and 3 people all badly hurting emotionally who are involved with this dog who dances Justine Meade has grown up believing her father didn t love her and betrayed her and has carried around a baggage of bitterness and hurt ever since he remarried when she was a teenager after her mother s death The only being she has ever genuinely loved since then is her [...]

    21. I won this book through a first reads giveaway.I was so excited to win this book as anything dog related is a huge plus for me I just loved this story It was about a 40 something drifter, Justine Meade whose only real companion, Mack, her Blue merle Shetland Sheepdog, was taken unknowingly from her during a cross country trip from Seattle to Massachusetts When she received a call from her stepmother, letting her know that her father was dying, Justine took a ride with a tractor trailer driver th [...]

    22. Anyone who loves dogs or even a dog must read this one This is written from both the dog s POV and the owner s POV and was done well It is a story of Justine who has had a really tough life and she shares much of that life with the reader in bits and peaces And Mack a dog who has only known Justine Justine s Dad is dying, and although he was the real reason she left home at 17 plus the typical ugly stepmother she attempts to cross the country with an 18 wheeler rig to be there for him at the end [...]

    23. Book 56 Read in 2012The Dog Who Danced by Susan WilsonJustine is heading cross country to visit her dying father She has hooked up a ride with a trucker Her baggage is just a few bags and her Sheltie, Mack The truck driver ends up leaving Justine at a truck stop and he does not know at first that Mack is still in the back of his truck He eventually figures that out and drops Mack off on the side of a major interstate Mack is found by Alice and Ed, an older couple who have suffered a great loss a [...]

    24. This story is about a woman desperately searching for her lost dog And, even so, it is about the various decisions she has made and how they have affected her life The story also follows the couple that has found the dog and how he helps them cope with past tragedies that have left them wandering through life in a daze The author effectively tells the story through the perspective of the dog s owner, the couple, and the dog himself.I received this book for free through Good Reads First Reads An [...]

    25. Susan Wilson is brilliant We have all grieved through losses in our life Justine seems to bring on some of this grief herself The Parmalees are broken, going through their day to day existence Mack is the common denominator.Wilson is honest in revealing the faults of the characters in The Dog Who Danced Like all of us, Justine is not perfect, she struggles with life decisions She does what she thinks is best and yet it never is Mack is anchor in her life No story spoilers here though, I ll let y [...]

    26. I just happened to be in the mood for a dog story and I found this in the new books at my library For the third time in a year, I have discovered a wonderful author Her story caught me on the first page and I was hooked It s the story of a lost dog, but also of a lost person, a person on a quest but not sure what for I confess I was a little disappointed at the ending, although you can imagine in your own thoughts what happened, and it can turn out just as you wish I loved the intertwining of 2 [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this book as it took me on a multitude of journeys as any good book does It definitely reinforces the saying of how the smallest thing in life can turn out to be one of the most significant meaning in our lives This book took me back to when my best friend lost her dog Although I was terrified of her big barking dog, that initial loss, even I felt it and I felt sympathetic for both Justine and the couple, Alice and Ed Mack had significant roles in all of their lives yet the inev [...]

    28. Thank You Good Reads Giveaways I REALLY enjoyed this book The gamut of emotions I felt thruout the book was unbelievable Everything from hatred especially for Artie I would have loved to jump into the pages in order to give him a swift kick in the groin to love , disappointment to excitement and everything in between I absolutely loved the ending This is a must read for all dog lovers

    29. Loved this book Justine and her dog Mack are making a cross country trip in a friends semi, going back to Massachusetts to see her dying father The driver gets mad at her, taking off and leaving her at a truck stop, not knowing the dog is in the sleeper When he discovers Mack, he throws him out on the highway What things happen to Mack and Justine as they try to find their way to each other once

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