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Last Days Adam Nevill Last Days Indie filmmaker Kyle Freeman is a man at the end of his tether He faces bankruptcy and obscurity until he lands a commission to make an unusual documentary The Temple of the Last Days was a notorious

  • Title: Last Days
  • Author: Adam Nevill
  • ISBN: 9780230757769
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • Last Days Adam Nevill Indie filmmaker Kyle Freeman is a man at the end of his tether He faces bankruptcy and obscurity, until he lands a commission to make an unusual documentary The Temple of the Last Days was a notorious cult, which reached its bloody endgame in the Arizona desert in 1975 Ever since, the group s rumoured mystical secrets and paranormal experiences have lain concealed behinIndie filmmaker Kyle Freeman is a man at the end of his tether He faces bankruptcy and obscurity, until he lands a commission to make an unusual documentary The Temple of the Last Days was a notorious cult, which reached its bloody endgame in the Arizona desert in 1975 Ever since, the group s rumoured mystical secrets and paranormal experiences have lain concealed behind a history of murder, sexual deviancy and imprisonment Kyle and his one man crew film the cult s original bases in London and France finally visiting the desert crime scene where the cult self destructed in a night of ritualistic violence But when Kyle interviews survivors, uncanny events plague his shoots Frightening out of body experiences and nocturnal visitations follow, along with the discovery of ghastly artifacts Until Kyle realises, too late, that they ve become entangled in the cult s hideous legacy.
    Last Days Adam Nevill

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      Adam Nevill

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    1. I ve been seeing Adam Nevill books pop up in my feed lately because my friend Sha has been reading the heck out of them Shayou owe me some new drawers Because I think I shat in mine while reading this book.Kyle is a independent documentary filmmaker with a few titles to his as his ground breaking work Covens Yes, I will use any excuse at all to use an Covens gif get over it He is approached with an offer he can t refuse A rich weirdo named Max wants him to look into a cult that was massa [...]

    2. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum What happened was inevitable Cops in LA saw it before with old Charlie Manson Cops someplace else will see it again You don t need no FBI or profiler to tell you different They left the road, son, and they got chewed up Well, shit Do you like a real slow burner of a book on cold days kind of like the equivalent of a savory crockpot meal Yeah, apparently everyone else but me does too What can I say I have a short attention span and demand instant gratificat [...]

    3. Last days by Adam Nevill is easily one of the best modern day horror novels I ve read this year This story will suck you in, devour your feelings of safety and comfort as you sit reading and nonchalantly spit you out with a wry evil grin, leaving you begging for I haven t been gripped this tightly since the one occasion I was thrown out of a pub as a young man Last Days will scare you shitless as Nevill pumps up the tension and terror in a clinical fashion that starts off shredding your nerves [...]

    4. I am a recent convert to the writing of Adam Nevill Hailed as the UK s answer to Stephen King, Nevill writes complex and deep horror I was keen to get stuck into this one after buying it to see if it was as exciting and as scary as some of his other books It s nice to have some British horror authors popping up with their talent to be part of the horror genre scenes When indie filmmaker, Kyle Freeman is offered a deal to make a documentary about a notorious cult, an opportunity to avoid both ban [...]

    5. Blair Witch this, brothers and sisters It ain t a hoax The ultimate false messiah tale, macabre to the bone to the very blackened bones Bits of a nightmare shuddering awake, a dirty yellow mist in wavy air, dogs in the sky, porcine squeals and scrabbling trotters, a reek that permeates everything For those of us who dote on horror, Adam Nevill is the real deal Period view spoiler If your home happens to have any of those unsightly ceiling stains, you have my deepest condolences The way they loo [...]

    6. I m pretty sure this is the best horror novel that I ve read so far this year out of about 99 and counting The ending slipped a little It went from ALIEN to ALIENS in that last chapter, a little too action heavy That dampened the ambience a bit It didn t match the cadence of the rest of the book I think less would have been when it comes to the details of the conclusion but that was really the only thing I didn t like and I don t want to be a dick about it so it still gets five stars.Bottom lin [...]

    7. I rated this two stars before, but I feel that s kind of harsh Upping it by one I loved the beginning 2 3 of the book The first third, especially, creeped the living fuck out of me The bit in FranceBut the ending was like a big blender with everything thrown in Too over the top Too many things It took the horror right out.

    8. There is only one way to put this This book sucked It sucked to high heaven It bored me nearly to death with every page I honestly wondered if all of the good reviews were paid to say nice things about this crappy tome Even as I write this, I think that might still be the case With all that said, here are my issues with this crappy thing.The author has zero sense of pacing This book moved at a snail s pace for chapter upon chapter and then suddenly all kinds of things started to happen in the la [...]

    9. Extreme guerrilla film making Six locations, three countries in eleven days Easy peasy Except when the Old Friends come to crash the party Blood Friends The bodies are starting to pile up and soon it will be raining black bones If you think that s bad, just wait till you hear about Sister fat fuck Katherine and the Unholy Swine The time of Ascent is here.A solid read that almost felt like two novellas in one The Search and The Siege Both very good Both very dark, but paced differently with the a [...]

    10. Po e u ovaj prikaz sa jednim prise anjem iz redova koji pripadaju tzv aketskoj, svetoota koj literaturi.Nekog starca pustinjaka upitali su mla i monasi, znaju i da je ovaj imao pregr t iskustva sa ne istim silama Kako izgledaju dmoni On je neko vreme o utao, pa im samo odgovorio Oni su jezivi.Eto, sve vreme dok sam itao Kult Ili Poslednje dane nisam mogao da se otmem ovom se anju i utisku na davno pro itano iz neke sasvim druge oblasti.Nevilov horor mi se dopao i sa njegovom, za mene, prvom knji [...]

    11. 5 Stars Adam Nevill is one of my favorite horror authors today Last Days is a gem of an atmospheric piece of horror that is the literary tale in the vein of the Blair Witch Project or relevant to today, Paranormal Activity This is a story of a bankrupt indie film maker being offered up the perfect movie to shoot, incredible pay, all the leg work already completed, and all the areas and people already vetted If it sounds too good to be true, than know that Dan and Kyle also knew that it felt too [...]

    12. Last Days could best be described as Turistas, Chernobyl Diaries and Helter Skelter thrown together into a blender but strangely enough I still found it a really captivating and haunting book all the same.

    13. Probably one of the wackiest word to your mother I said wackiest endings I ve come across in a long long time This book took quite a while to get me hooked The protagonist is a pretty whiny dude, the first few chapters are Nevill showing off his documentary making research, and the scary stuff felt in league with some R L Stein Then things picked up All of a sudden we re referencing Manson murders, researching insane mid evil cults, and the spooky things get scary Nevill s got a knack for suspen [...]

    14. What Nevill does with such skill, is make the supernatural appear real and utterlay plausible The way in which our world and the dimensions beyond interact, how beings pass this way and that he handles all this with astonishing panache Pick up anything by Adam Nevill and you can be certain you re in safe, but terrifying, hands Another top notch chiller from a true master of the genre.

    15. Book review originally published here iheartreading reviews Last Days is, hands down, one of the scariest books I ve ever read Considering I read about 50 horror novels a year, that s definitely saying something This book has it all, from scary ghosts to shadowy forms burnt into walls to ancient evil ressurrected by a frightening cult.Kyle is a documentary film maker who has some cash issues When he s asked to make a documentary about a cult called The Temple of the Last Days that became famous [...]

    16. Review of Last Days by Adam NevillI thought I knew what to expect from this fine author after reading Apartment 16, but Mr Nevill in Last Days takes his horror writing to an entirely new level Last Days is the hallmark of a mature author, entirely building a world which seems so much like our own, yet endures inevitably in its own microcosm within our apparent consensus reality.We all in the 21st century have had so much exposure to cults, including the infamous Jim Jones Temple in Guyana, and t [...]

    17. Creeptastic.Last Days is about a documentary filmmaker Kyle and his partner cameraman Dan who take on an assignment to look into Temple of the Last Days, a cult led by a woman Katherine that ex members just seemed to be dying of various causes From the very first location they realize that something might be going on and the only other account, a book, that they dismissed as fantasy may be closer to the mark than they d thought.It had been a while since I read a horror novel, and after finding [...]

    18. Entertaining, if over long, horror from Nevill about a down on his luck documentary filmmaker, Kyle, hired by Max, an eccentric film producer, to make a movie about a Manson like cult, led by Katherine, that ended in a bloody massacre in an Arizona desert many years ago Kyle and his cameraman buddy Dan encounter strange things during the shoot and begin to wonder if Max was totally up front about the purpose of the film The story starts off rather well, drags at times during the too lengthy midd [...]

    19. LAST DAYS by Adam NevillA review by Gary FryI came to this book excited Folk whose opinions I respect said it was the real deal I d not long since finished the author s Ritual and loved that So what could Adam do here, I wondered I got stuck in to find out.I won t bore you with a recap of the plot I ll just get talking about things that struck me most about the book First, the atmosphere it s pretty full no right from the off Dusky old buildings in the middle of nowhere, weird things appearing i [...]

    20. I have a special section in my bookshelf for Adam Nevill and it s not just because of the quality of his writing The publication of Banquet For The Damned in 2008 marked a transitional point in the evolution of the current crop of British horror writers, the start of the current golden age in my opinion Adam Nevill was, of course, the editor of the short lived, but much admired, Virgin Books horror line which saw the horror section in bookshelves expand overnight My copies of those books are tre [...]

    21. 3.5 starsThink found footage film meets Manson esque cult, and you ve got yourself a creepy icky story.I didn t enjoy this one quite as much as some of Nevill s other work, the journey was kind of fun than the destination I would have liked a fuller conclusion on what happened to protagonist Kyle, but the whole cult thing and the monsters were great dread inducing, spooky fun.

    22. An indie filmmaker is paid to make a documentary about the last days of a cult that met a violent end But is the cult leader really dead Compelling supernatural thriller with horror elements but not gore fest.

    23. When I read horror, I tend to be happiest with short stories or novellas, but after reading Adam Nevill s Banquet For the Damned, I know he is a writer I can trust to keep that fear factor going, no matter how many pages he needs to tell his story Here, he s integrated seriously creepy, sustained hair raising horror with a story about a particularly bizarre apocalyptic cult, and the result is one very intense tale that kept me on the edge throughout.Kyle Freeman is an independent guerrilla film [...]

    24. Tras escuchar pestes de sus anteriores novelas, me envalentone y comenc a leer esta novela, por dos razones el t tulo me recordaba a Apocalipsis de King y dec an que era la mejor de l.El obseso cin filo es encargado de realizar un r pido documental sobre una secta de los 70 en la que todos sus miembros murieron Para ellos un productor le ofrece mucho dinero y ya programado todo entrevistas, lugares Nos inmiscuimos con el y dos amigos m s c mara y montador al estilos pel cula c mara en mano entre [...]

    25. I ve read a few of Nevill s books now and this is my favourite so far This is a genuinely creepy, well plotted and written, horror novel The narrator is a young film maker in a financial crisis who, against his better judgement, accepts a commission to make a film about a monstrous religious cult and its doomed survivors Researching the story, videoing old members of the cult, Kyle and his best friend Dan quickly discover there s to the deaths than they ve been told being bait for something evi [...]

    26. 3.8 STARS very strong first half but I felt myself lose interest towards the end however, this was still a great read that actually managed to scare me and keep me hooked which hasn t happened in a while for me

    27. Not content with scaring me witless with his last novel, Ritual, a novel that still has me look over my shoulder, and jumping at every sudden noise, when I go for a walk in the woods.Adam Nevill, has now decided to pile on the scares, chills and horror with his latest stunning masterpiece And I don t say that lightly, Nevill, really is a master of the genre, he effortlessly combines bone chill scares, and atmospheric settings, with realistic dialogue, and above all characters, that aren t your t [...]

    28. Again this was another fantastic read by Adam Nevill Following the making of a Blair Witch style documentary and the paranormal activities of a cult that extinguished itself via mass suicide in 1975, I was at first unsure of how well this book would play out Indeed at first I found myself struggling to understand about the different cameras used and their pros and cons I m not a technical person, and instead of hooking my attention I found myself bored Instead I found myself craving the action t [...]

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