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Sisters of the Raven Barbara Hambly Sisters of the Raven The Yellow City is in crisis The wells are running dry and the Sun Mages have been unable to call the rains Frustrated Mages across the land can no longer work the magic that once ran their empire No

  • Title: Sisters of the Raven
  • Author: Barbara Hambly
  • ISBN: 9780446677042
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sisters of the Raven Barbara Hambly The Yellow City is in crisis The wells are running dry, and the Sun Mages have been unable to call the rains Frustrated Mages across the land can no longer work the magic that once ran their empire Now the magic lies solely in the hands of a few women the first ever to have developed magical powers.
    Sisters of the Raven Barbara Hambly

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      279 Barbara Hambly
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    1. Barbara Hambly creates interesting worlds and ideas In this book she has a society where magic has always existed but only men have the power.Now, she presents a tale of what effect it would have on any society when such a basic, familiar ability magic suddenly changes As men lose magical power, women a few women are starting to show a somewhat different type of magic.The conflicts in the story are well done The rage of the men in losing their powers the uncertainty of the women the panic of the [...]

    2. I enjoyed this book and admire the effort taking to realize a complete milieu, I had a hard time caring for its characters until the last 100 pages This is why it took me so long to finish the book The two female leads Raeshaldis and Summer Concubine, seemed to warm very slowly As a fantasy mystery I understand that there is a lot that must be force fed the reader so as to make the crime and its method sympathetic This may have been why the warming of the characters took so long the front loadin [...]

    3. I ve only previously read one series by Hambly, which I liked moderately well I picked this one up because I recognized the name and pickings are slim in my library Sisters of the Raven is quite good The events unfold in a world where men have always wielded exclusive control of society and of magic Now, inexplicably, magic is deserting men and a new magic has sprung up in women The concept is so unheard of that they aren t even sure what to call these women with magic Men especially wizards are [...]

    4. I wasn t able to put it down But I don t want to read the sequel.This is the sort of mixed response that I kept having throughout my progress with the book, teetering on the edge of loving it, but always finding something distracting, or insufficiently polished I liked the premise of a structured society where magic is fading, and where the habitual users men have lost their powers, while powers are awakening in women, but it seemed somewhat gratuitous, as if Hambly wanted to make a feminist poi [...]

    5. I loved Barbara Hambly s vampire books they remain possibly the best I ve read so I picked this up at the used bookstore because the premise sounded interesting Middle Easternish society that doesn t think much of women, in which male controlled magic is dying out while magical powers appear among the women.I m not sure why it was so boring, but I found myself unable to care about any of the characters except Oryn, the king Sad commentary for a book that s supposed to be all about the women I co [...]

    6. In a fantastical kingdom in the desert, wizards who have always been male are losing their magic and women are gaining it Before, women having power was so unthinkable that there wasn t even a word for women who can do magic Now they can, and many are being brutally murdered The king s concubine and the one woman accepted into the Sun Mage academy join forces to stop the murders All this set against a tale of religions, classes, and personalities struggling for control as society itself changes [...]

    7. So far I m enjoying this story in a world where men have always had the magic and women are all second class citizens and property Suddenly men are loosing it and women are using it Good to find strong female characters that aren t played off some macho swordsman.Not the best but not bad Better than TV

    8. Great writing style and a fascinating plot, although I got a little lost in the middle and the ending falls a bit flat Loved the strong women in their oppressive society and the fallout of women becoming mages.

    9. This is a good one, you get a story that discusses the women s revolution in a settng with magic and wizards How much better can it get

    10. I liked this better than I thought I would, which has happened to me before with this author Nice twist that men had the gift of magic.

    11. When I was a young teen, I enjoyed some of Ms Hambly s well known fantasy and sci fi works, including her Sun Wolf and Starhawk series, Children of the Jedi and one of my guilty pleasures, Dragonsbane I usually enjoy losing myself in the details she sprinkles throughout her novels however, in Sisters of the Raven I began to skim that text to try to follow the dialogue and action Description bogged down any forward momentum and stifled my interest in the characters as surely as the drought affect [...]

    12. The book has an interesting setup Male mages are losing their magic while women, for the first time, are showing signs of having powers At the same time there is a drought and the wizards have no power to make it rain The Summer Concubine is trying to gather up her fellow female magic users with the help of Raeshaldis, the only female to be allowed to study with the Sun Mages But someone or something is killing off these Sisters of the Raven as fast as they can find them The book is fairly slow [...]

    13. Male magicians are losing their magic and some females are showing signs of being able to do magic when no females were previously able to The lakes are going dry and the cities are threatened A decent plot, good characters and a fairly good pace to the story I would have liked to have an explanation as to why the magic lest the men and the females became able to do it.

    14. Loved the writing Hambly is a great writer I just found it difficult to get into all the characters and the slow pace of the book My guess is that the sequel will be much better now that all the characters have been introduced and the conditions of the world established.

    15. I have always enjoyed Barbara Hambly s writing She creates interesting characters and settings, and the stories are well done Sisters of the Raven is no exception.The story revolves around a society loosely based on desert societies The men here have always possessed magic and the mages are held in high regard, particularly since they are the ones who call the life giving rains every year But for some reason, the men are losing their magic The mages have a harder and harder time every year calli [...]

    16. Inhalt Die Gelbe Stadt steckt in der Krise Seit je hatten die M nner magische F higkeiten, mit denen sie die Zivilisation aufrecht erhielten Doch nun vollzieht sich eine geheimnisvolle Wandlung Seit Wochen bleibt der Regen aus, die Quellen versiegen, und die Sonnenmagier erweisen sich als unf hig, jene Magie zu wirken, die ihr Reich bislang erhielt Stattdessen gehen die magischen Kr fte auf die Frauen ber Raeshaldis, das einzige M dchen, das je auf der Schule der Sonnenmagier aufgenommen wurde, [...]

    17. It s been a while since my last re read of this duology and I ve changed a lot and gotten older in the intervening years Of the good the story still pulls me in as deeply and intensely as ever, even knowing where it s all going I love the characters and their relationships Of their own accord and that women and female relationships are front and center Though it obviously never escaped me that the focus of the story is on women, I felt it on this reread in a way I never had before, in particular [...]

    18. In Sisters of the Raven , Hambly combines a murder mystery, a story of court intrigue, and an anthropological examination of a changing society reminiscent in some ways of Ursula K Leguin , all set in a well realized fantasy world This particular world is extremely male dominated Hambly combines elements of various ultra patriarchal historical societies veils, purdah, geishas, etc , though the one that left the strongest impression on me is as far as I know something of her own invention, the fa [...]

    19. It was very well written, but it was very slow I had to read this book to get points for school, and I did not even finish it It did not catch my attention I had a whole month and a half to read it and I only got to chapter 12 After chapter 7 I had to get my iPad to read it to me, to force myself to listen I have read the Eragon dragon series, all 4 of those books were 700 pages and I read them quickly The Eragon series was slow and also fast paced and kept my attention This book did not and thi [...]

    20. I was disappointed, since I ve enjoyed Hambly well enough in the past The plotting was fine, the characters were interesting, and the setting workable though behave a bit cliched All of that would have made for a fine read, but I found the prose Whatever the opposite of vivid is I often found it hard to imagine the action from Hambly s descriptions, and important things would take place in short sentences that were easy to miss, making the whole thing difficult to follow, at least for me.

    21. When I told my sister the basic plot of this novel male wizards have always used magic to bring the rain and keep the community working properly but now the magic is failing and as the world as we know it threatens to devolve into chaos and violence, for the first time ever, women discover that they too can use magic she joked, Could this be a metaphor That s pretty much the feeling I got from this entire book It has good themes but they are handled in clumsy, overbearing ways And for an overtly [...]

    22. In a society where women are veiled and a strict heirachy keeps women and slaves in their place, change has begun The men of the society lose the ability to do magic and it begins to manifest itself in women This leads to social changes that are painful but necessary if they are to survive the harsh desert Ms Hambly creates a very rich culture and I enjoyed learning of it and seeing how the different peoples reacted to change.

    23. Not the Kindle edition but a tatty paperback picked up for travel but this seems to be the only linkable edition I like her writing she s one of the few authors in the genre who works with really strong female characters Here, she examines the social unrest that occurs when magic, previously only something that could be performed by men, is suddenly gone and only women can, in an undisciplined and untutored way, use magic of their own.

    24. Why do I have to give a book at least one star for it to be considered rated 0 is a rating I put this book on the read shelf just so I won t forget that I tried it and didn t like it Hambly s writing is excellent, as usual, but I wasn t in the mood for dystopia and I just didn t care much about the characters after the first 100 pages or so I figure my time is much better spent elsewhere.

    25. There was a good idea somewhere in this novel, about a secret sisterhood of women suddenly able to do magic in a patriarchal world, but the book was so bloated with unnecessary characters and repetitious descriptions, as well as some interesting ideas that kind of petered out, that my attention tended to wander Fans of the author might well love this one, but if it s your first pick by Hambly, I d choose one of her other books to start with.

    26. Enjoyable world building, strong but imperfect characters, pigs named Pontifer Very good But again with the exclamation points outside of the dialogue In the book s defense, I was reading this on the Kindle and there were a lot of mistakes in the scans, so I think at least some of the exclamation points were supposed to be question marks.

    27. Hmmm, kind of anticlimactic I didn t feel too excited about it while I was reading it and even after I finished I didn t connect much with the characters and quite frankly, I don t remember much about the book granted, I m writing this several months after reading it I wouldn t say it was a bad read, but it s definitely not one of my favorites by far.

    28. I really enjoyed the world building in this one I thought at first the naming scheme would be off putting, but it added to my understanding of the society and the enormity of what the Raven sisters were up against Definitely an interesting read if you are looking for some solid fantasy.

    29. I found this novel confusing because each character usually had two or three names A list of characters should be provided The plot was also very confusing and difficult to sort out In spite of this, I enjoyed the novel strong women are always a good thing.

    30. This book had the makings of a good book but I didn t like it as much as other books by Hambly I think Stranger at the Wedding is still my favorite by this author I won t bother with the sequel to this oneCircle of the Moon.

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