Little Girls Lost #2020

Little Girls Lost J.A. Kerley Little Girls Lost Children are disappearing in Mobile Alabama the latest snatched from her own bedroom There are no clues and as yet no bodies Homicide Detective Carson Ryder is called in to investigate the abducti

  • Title: Little Girls Lost
  • Author: J.A. Kerley
  • ISBN: 9780007214372
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • Little Girls Lost J.A. Kerley Children are disappearing in Mobile, Alabama, the latest snatched from her own bedroom There are no clues and, as yet, no bodies Homicide Detective Carson Ryder is called in to investigate the abduction of little LaShelle Shearing only to find the case getting tangled up in murky departmental and civic politics And with his partner Harry Nautilus fighting for his lifeChildren are disappearing in Mobile, Alabama, the latest snatched from her own bedroom There are no clues and, as yet, no bodies Homicide Detective Carson Ryder is called in to investigate the abduction of little LaShelle Shearing only to find the case getting tangled up in murky departmental and civic politics And with his partner Harry Nautilus fighting for his life after being viciously attacked, Carson is feeling increasingly isolated Public rage is now reaching dangerous levels, and Ryder s bosses turn for help to ex Detective Conner Sandhill whose uncanny ability to spot connections and details missed by others is legendary but who left the department under a cloud Ryder and Sandhill form an uneasy alliance in the hunt for the missing children, a hunt which becomes all the urgent for tragic personal reasons But at the root of these disappearances is something truly evil and its source is closer to home than either could have imagined.
    Little Girls Lost J.A. Kerley

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      177 J.A. Kerley
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    One thought on “Little Girls Lost”

    1. Picked this up from a charity shop without any knowledge of author and was not aware that it was part of series Not that that mattered The book stands alone, and the characters are relevant to the story.There is no specific main character no one person outdoing the others Each one works with the others and interlink with the events The story focuses on the abduction of pre puberty black girls, but has a thread of another story relation to police corruption running through it I enjoyed the plot, [...]

    2. Mobile, Alabama Young pre teen girls are being snatched off the streets Carson Ryder s partner Harry Nautilus is out of action following a mugging so he s out on his own following a trail that seems to go stone cold with every fresh kidnapping.When the body of one of the missing girls is found in a burnt out house, the apparent victim of an arson attack, Conner Sandhill, an ex cop who left the force in mysterious circumstances is brought in to help with the floundering investigation.What unfurls [...]

    3. This is part of a series usually featuring detectives Carson Ryder and Harry Nautilus However, with Harry holed up in hospital after a vicious attack, Ryder needs a new partner in crime EnterThe Gumbo King, a brilliant character who I hope we ll see of Decent read for any fans of the genre.Please see my full review at bibliobeth.wordpress

    4. This is my first Kerley mystery, but it won t be my last Reading a book set in my home town was so much fun and I think I have a new hero the Gumbo King

    5. A decent thriller with a good pace The main character, Carson Rider, is helped out by an ex cop when a series of young girls go missing The plot develops nicely, although a couple of insights seem a little too convenient The Mobile police department is in turmoil with some interesting internal politics the backdrop to the case Rider has to find his way around his colleagues as he peruses the kidnappers And while the characters are all a little one dimensional, it s a good read.

    6. First time reader of JA Kelley and loving the main dude, Ryder It s a completely dreadful subject The author acknowledges this and understands us, the reader.

    7. I confess that I have never read any work by J A Kerley but the jacket info was enough to convince me it was worth a try It comes under the Thriller Suspense category and is justified to be there I can assure you I picked the book up with absolutely no expectations and was really pleased that I made the choice to read this.This is apparently the 4th book in the Carson Ryder Series however I can only judge based on this book which can quite easily be read as a stand alone novel Carson Ryder is a [...]

    8. Review Little Girls Lost by J.A Kerley.I don 19t know why this book went through so much controversy There are many books that are sensitive then this one The material is unpleasant but it has no graphic sex scenes or dialogue, no racism, and the context fiction has been addressed by many authors The story was well written, the characters were well developed, and the story flowed with reality I thought it was a great story and I 19m an open minded person and could find no fault with it The stor [...]

    9. This is my second foray into the world of Carson Ryder and Harry Nautilus and a murky macabre world it is In Little Girls Lost they are on the trail of an abductor of little black girls It s set in Carson and Harry s familiar world of Mobile, Alabama as theunsolved abductions begin to stir up political and public unrest and the police are baffled One victim is taken from her own bedroom and it s almost as if they d being taken to order Commodities to be sold to the highest bidder selected from a [...]

    10. There is no doubt given the title that Kerley will lead readers in to dark territory in the sixth Carson Ryder novel Kerley virgins can start with this book, since it can easily be read standalone, however there are be a few nods that make reading the series in sequence worthwhile That noted, this is the strongest of the series so far There is a remarkably different feel to Little Girls Lost compared to the previous ones, Kerley maturing in his style, building on what works, leaving behind some [...]

    11. There are a bunch of books sitting around at work for anyone to help themselves too and I picked this up last week I ve never heard of the writer or series in fact, I didn t even realise it was a series until part way through It doesn t really matter I m a fan of police thriller procedural type books but this really just screams generic and clich the whole way through I couldn t actually figure out who the main character was supposed to be as Ryder is frequently knocked to the sidelines by other [...]

    12. WHAT I THOUGHT As always JA Kerley has kept me on the edge of my seat right until the last page Carson Ryder is one of my favourite Crime Thriller heros and I always enjoy reading of his stories I missed Harry though, the other half of our dynamic duo Sandhill did a good job of filling the gap, but there just wasn t the usual chemistry between the two mean characters.The story line was dark and gripping, but I felt lacked a lot of impact as we were told the whole solution to the book before we [...]

    13. The sixth Carson Ryder book and Kerley decides to mess with the established formula to freshen things up Carson s partner, Harry Nautilus, sits on the sidelines for most of this book after a mugging When the police are getting nowhere in the cases of abducted young, black girls, the mayor insists that a disgraced ex cop is brought onto the case as a fresh pair of eyes With internal police politics and old enmities dogging their every step, Ryder and Sandhill battle to save the girls before they [...]

    14. I didnt realise this was a series but it actually didnt matter, it only made slight references to previous books etc so I wasnt confused The main detective in the other books is Detective Carson Ryder, altho not having read them I am guessing about the fact his role in this book was smaller It was mainly about Conner Sandhill and the little girl abductions Of course a subject like this is hard to read but luckily the part of what was going on with the little girls was not in graphic detail, but [...]

    15. I think this is possibly my favourite Jack Kerley novel so far, as I read it in one night Could not stop until I finished Carson Ryder is investigating the case of 3 missing little girls, one snatched from her bedroom He teams up with an ex cop, Connor Sandhill, who left the department under a cloud of suspicion and Harry is out of action, because he has been viciously attacked while investigating a cold case There is plenty of twists and turns here to keep you on your toes and Ryders old boss, [...]

    16. I don t remember the other Kerley novels but I know I enjoyed them And for some reason the main character, Ryder, doesn t ring any bells either Regardless, I still enjoyed this thriller I sometimes has a hard time keeping the characters straight but I m convinced that s my problem and had nothing to do with the novel itself Pedophiles and child slavery are always a tough topic to cover, but I think Kerley did a good job of his coverage Not too seedy, not too graphic but incredibly sad Excellent [...]

    17. This was a great book Apparently the fourth in a series featuring a cop called Carson Ryder in Alabama I d not realised that when I bought it but as it turned out it wasn t an issue.It s about little black girls being kidnapped and of course then the race issue is brought into it as the local community don t think enough is being done to locate them Carson enlists the help of an ex cop who left under a cloud It s dead fast paced and I greatly enjoyed it and will certainly read by him.It had ver [...]

    18. It s alright read but sometimes it just got bogged down with too much detail 4 pages to describe a man having trouble with his tie and then taking it off was too much Too much information at the beginning but not enough at the end Unanswered questions waved away by ammenisa, cop out I liked the characters, but a few of them merge together and made it a bit difficult to read Ending felt rushed while beginning was too slow paced I enjoyed reading half of this book but not the other half.

    19. I was excited to read this book because I am such a fan of Jack Kerley, but I feel like it fell a little flat I think the reason for that is because what really makes Kerley s books come alive is the play and relationship between Carson and Jeremy, and Jeremy wasn t in this book at all I also felt like there were a few soap opera elements in this book that were predictable Kerley is a better writer than this

    20. Little girls are being kidnapped and sold on to the highest paying paedophile and the black community are up in arms because somebody is stirring them up into a race row Carson is stuck in the middle of it all, alone because Harry is injured and having to fight office politics as well as try to investigate Another cracking novel and I really hope we see of the Gumbo King in future novels.

    21. The weakest in this series by far There s not much mystery at all here We know the identities of all the main bad guys, the only question up in the air is whether there is corruption in the local government Not very thrilling The writing style also changes to third person One of the main characters is off scene for most of it What was the author thinking

    22. Not his best Carson Ryder work, but still good Originally supposed to be the 4th book, but was delayed by the publishers and reworked I forgot about this and read it out of order Going to read Blood Brother bk 4 next All the Ryder books are psychological thrillersr some reason they appeal to me Check out Jack aka J.A Kerley if you like that type of thing.

    23. Slight new departure for Author with the inclusion of Connor Sandhill as lead character along with Carson Ryder I enjoyed the change look forward to future novels with Sandhill involvedGrim Storyline plot but a fast moving enjoyable read none the less One of the better police procedurals series out there.

    24. Great story, another difficult to put down book featuring Carson Ryder, though not so much of Nautillus in this one The characters are great and the plot seems to run on rails, kept saying just one chapter til the end of the book.

    25. I liked the plot very much so I gave it four stars However, Carson Ryder and Harry Nautilus aren t really front and center in this book so I would give it three stars from that standpoint It is still a good addition to the series.

    26. I can always tell that I ve enjoyed a book by the speed at which I read it I read this in a couple of days Really enjoyed it And I didn t get lost this time, like I have before in at least one of JA Kerley s books.Very good read.

    27. 3 1 2 stars for me Good book, well written, with an interesting plot and fast paced There were some parts that I found a bit confusing but they were due to the writing style than anything else

    28. A friend gave me this book for my b day and at my first opinion was that it would be a great book and it was However, the characters annoyed me and it really changed my opinion of the book but the plot was good and it was an alright book.

    29. Another excellent book by Jack Kerley He added a new character to work with Carson, the Gumbo King Well written and I loved it Can t wait for the next one Another good book where you don t know the ending until you get there.

    30. Carson Ryder is one of my favorite fictional detectives Under stress and antagonistic edicts by the police brass, he simply keeps on the case, even while under suspension Some pretty frightening examples of real life evils are under the rocks he uncovers.

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