Belle Prater's Boy #2020

Belle Prater's Boy Ruth White Belle Prater s Boy When Woodrow s mother suddenly disappears he moves to his grandparents home in a small Virginia town where he befriends his cousin and together they find the strength to face the terrible losses and

  • Title: Belle Prater's Boy
  • Author: Ruth White
  • ISBN: 9780736690676
  • Page: 273
  • Format: None
  • Belle Prater's Boy Ruth White When Woodrow s mother suddenly disappears, he moves to his grandparents home in a small Virginia town where he befriends his cousin and together they find the strength to face the terrible losses and fears in their lives.
    Belle Prater's Boy Ruth White

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      273 Ruth White
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    1. I ripped right through this fantastic book Belle Prater is the aunt of the narrator, a pretty sixth grader named Gypsy Arbutus Leemaster Belle s son Woodrow is her seemingly ungainly and cross eyed cousin Apparently abandoned by his mother, who has mysteriously disappeared from way far in the head of a long, isolated holler, Woodrow comes to live with the cousins grandparents, residents of the tony part of Coal Station, Virginia They live right next to Gypsy and her mother and step father.Woodro [...]

    2. Belle Prater s Boy is set in 1953 Coal Station, Virginia Belle s son, Woodrow, is known for his infamous mother and then mostly for what she did Early one morning, after a trip to the outhouse, she mysteriously disappeared from the little shack where she lived with her son and husband without leaving a trace She never returned Some months later when nothing can be discovered about her whereabouts, Woodrow comes to town to stay with his maternal grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa Ball Next door is [...]

    3. Insightful, poignant, touching and sensitively written, this 1997 Newbery honor book is one I highly recommend With shades of Harper Lee s To Kill A Mockingbird, the reader observes small town life through the eyes of a young, precocious young girl.In 1953 Belle Prater left her house, her near do well husband and young son and vanished from Coal Station, VA, never to be found.In 1954 Gypsy Arbutus Leemaster s view of life is about to change when she befriends her cousin Woodrow after he moves ac [...]

    4. Ruth White has again created a novel with unique and interesting characters who grab your attention and compel you to read to the end This is a story of children s fantasy vs adult truth, of physical beauty vs inner beauty, of broken family, extended family, and stepfamily Gypsy Leemaster and her cousin Woodrow Prater both have an unforgettable year in which they not only get to know each other, but also discover truths about themselves and the adults around them The time period, 1954, was inter [...]

    5. This was a cute, quick read It has a good message for younger kids I wish the ending hadn t been so rushed, but it was still worth it.

    6. Belle Prater s Boy is just the kind of book I love beautifully written, moving, and full of thoughtful conclusions It s 1953 and Gypsy s Aunt Belle has disappeared without a trace Her cousin, Woodrow, comes to live in Granny and Grandpa Ball s house right next door He looks rough, with his hand me down mining clothes and his crossed eyes, but the town finds that outward appearances don t make the boy Gypsy, on the other hand, is as beautiful as her mother, but no one ever sees the individual ben [...]

    7. Belle Praters Boy by Ruth White is a very intriguing, modern realistic fiction book written about 12 year old Gypsy and her cousin, Woodrow Prater Belle Praters boy When Gypsy s aunt, Belle goes missing one morning, her son, Woodrow moves in with his grandparents that live right next to Gypsy, her mother and her stepfather, Porter Gypsy and Woodrow create a everlasting bond that couldn t be broken, but Gypsy still could figure out why Woodrow took his mothers disappearance so steadily when she n [...]

    8. After reading it, and, speaking as an author I felt it was the sort of book I would write myself I enjoyed the easy, flowing prose, the deep, round characters, and the gentle, but hardly calm, story line It s a typical story, with not so typical characters or outcome The reader s left guessing details until the last minute and it s those details we so desperately want the answers to It s a smooth book, not knuckle whitening or thrilling, but written with depth and understanding You ll finish thi [...]

    9. buku ini bikin mata gw bengkak dan sesenggukan edan di beberapa bab terakhir tiap air matanya mulai mengering dikit, udah ada lagi cerita yang mengharukan jadi, buat yang lagi pms, atau yang sedang sedih tapi susah ngeluarin air mata, atau buat yang lagi pengen bikin efek mata bendol, bacalah buku ini oya, biar reviewnya lebih berbobot, yang bisa dipelajari dari buku ini adalah jadi cantik itu beban, jadi jelek juga beban, apalagi kalo tiap detik mikirnya adalah betapa jeleknya gw hmm.tu kira2 P [...]

    10. This book fits all my favorite genres mystery, fiction, Newberries, inspirationals, everything Very artfully written book I would recommend it to every girl 10 and up

    11. Kehilangan berarti kesedihan tiada tara, derai air mata adalah buktinya Namun, bagaimana jika kehilangan menjadi sebuah pembelajaran kehidupan Akankah kesengsaraan itu sirna Rahasia Embusan Angin Belle Prater s BoyEmbusan angin di waktu fajar akan menceritakan rahasia kepadamuJanganlah tidur kembali.Mintalah apa yang sungguh sungguh kau inginkan.Janganlah tidurlah kembali.Orang orang pergi dan kembali melalui ambang pintuTempat dua dunia bersinggunganPintu itu terbuka lebar,Janganlah tidur kemba [...]

    12. Around 5 00 a.m on a warm Sunday morning in October 1953, my Aunt Belle left her bed and vanished from the face of the earth This was wonderful Two cousins brought together by tough circumstances Woodrow s mother, Belle Prater, has disappeared from their home in a Virginia holler, and he comes to Coal Station to live with his grandparents, next door to his cousin Gypsy, whose father died years ago and whose mother has remarried, to Gypsy s dismay Gypsy, like her mother, is a beauty, with long, g [...]

    13. Rahasia Embusan Angin adalah novel transisi anak anak menuju dewasa yang menggambarkan kisah bagaimana seorang anak bisa menghadapi suatu kenyataan yang sulit.Dalam menulis novelnya,Ruth White menyuguhkan kepada pembaca bahasa yang mudah di cerna sehingga pembaca akan selalu ingin membca kelanjutan kisahnya yang sudah disetting bagus oleh Ruth White runtutan ceritanya.Seolah olah kita menjadi detektif kecil yang memecahkan sebuah kasus dengan bukti bukti yang berurutan.Kisah ini di awali pada su [...]

    14. I read this book for the first time with a co teacher to a sixth grade class 11 12 year old kids Even while it was being read in that strange not monotone, patronizing way some teachers have, and in spite of the NUMEROUS interruptions that teachers love to intersperse in oral reading, I and the students enjoyed it greatly I decided to read it with my own classes In order to avoid the temptation to do the interrupting thing explaining vocabulary, plot structure, character development, etc and the [...]

    15. The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you Don t go back to sleep.You must ask for what you really want Don t go back to sleep.People are going back and forth across the doorsill, where the two worlds touch.The door is round and open Don t go back to sleep Jalal al Din Rumi, 13th centuryI really like this story because it has so much to tell you in just one book I learned lots of things which in some way, I have all thought and felt about before but I just couldn t put them into words The story [...]

    16. Date read is today, but this is actually one I owned and read repeatedly as a kid I was thinking about it the other day and decided to re read to see if it was still as good as I remembered Short answer oh yes The prose is lovely, the descriptions are gorgeous, the setting is vivid, and the main characters are smart and sympathetic but still believable as twelve year old kids The story mostly alternates between sweet but not saccharine childhood scenes and Important Conversations about the theme [...]

    17. Belle Prater s Boy by Ruth White is children s literature at its best It tells the story of two 12 year old cousins, Gypsy and Woodrow, who in addition to friendship share a painful common bond the absence of a parent White deftly handles her two young protagonists, slowly developing their characters and revealing their pasts By the end of the book, Gypsy and Woodrow have faced and accepted the truth, that their parents loved them, but that their pain was bigger than their love Despite coming fr [...]

    18. In class we just finished this The theme is clearly appearances They talk about it in the whole book With Gypsy s hair and Woodrow s cross eyes, also how blind Benny see s everyone by whats inside This book was very interesting It was set in early 1900 s I believe This was a very good and interesting choice that the author made 4 stars

    19. I listened to this on CD, and loved it Uproariously funny and touching too Woodrow s mother, Belle, has disappeared Story is told from the point of view of Woodrow s cousin Gypsy, and her voice stays with you Full of delightful expressions, many of which I ve adopted as my own Which is to say, yes, I m broke than the ten commandments.

    20. I enjoyed this book very much It started off a bit slow but picked up tremendously I liked the concept of it too.

    21. A deep and moving novel that is at once addresses maturity but through such heartbreaking and poignant examples of being lost and never found, Belle Prater s novel impresses me in that it is a child s novel The themes are so heavy to handle, that I ve begun to realize why I love deep and sad novels where there is much internal struggle but the character emerges with a universal truth, despite the story not being a happy one This is definitely the kind of novel that delivers that kind of catharsi [...]

    22. This was such a sweet book It reminded me a bit of Anne of Green Gables, which I absolutely love and a bit of To Kill a Mockingbird I seem to just really enjoy books about middle school aged characters and their adventures For a middle grade book, this story definitely touched on some heavy topics Both Woodrow and Gypsy have suffered from the loss of a parent There s an understanding between them and they both spend time healing from their losses Gypsy s anger was so understandable, as was Woodr [...]

    23. Aku jadi ingat tokoh Jeffrey di Keluarga penderwick , kenapa karena tokoh Woodrow di buku ini sama menyenangkannya dengan Jeffrey Bedanya, dibalik keceriaannya, Woodrow menyimpan sebuah kesedihan yang besar Ia terpaksa pindah ke Coal Station, Virginia, karena sang Ibu, Belle Prater mendadak hilang disuatu subuh Hilang begitu saja Lenyap.Ayahnya Everett kurang memperhatikannya disuatu bagian digambarkan suka mabuk dan selingkuh dengan wanita lain , karena itulah ia pindah dan tinggal bersama nene [...]

    24. 760L Newberry HonorThis book balances simplicity with depth It is only 196 pages and has a story line that is engaging and easy to follow, but there are many ideas worth exploring and discussing The book has relatable characters who keep things interesting with jokes and stories that the students would enjoy reading, but it also deals with deeper emotions and issues that will make the students think The students will be able to relate to many of the issues and themes as they include appearance v [...]

    25. I got this book at a used book sale because it was Newbery Honor book I really liked it, but I suspect that most people would just describe it as ok It is the story of a mom Belle Prater who just disappears Her son the boy goes to live with his grandparents father was an alcoholic They live next door to their other daughter the boy s aunt who also has a daughter about the same age as the boy They spend time together navigating school and life.

    26. I thought the book was good The ending was excellent because it had a lot of emotion but then it resolved and you were satisfied This book was about a girl named Gypsy and her cousin named Woodrow Woodrow comes to live with his grandparents they are Gypsy s too because his mom disapeared one night They try to figure out what happened to Woodrow s mom and the truth about how Gypsy s dad really died At times this book can get a little boring but, overall it is a good book.

    27. The puzzle about the 30 hotel room split three ways is still tickling my brain The silly jokes are delightful, as are the imaginative yarns the characters spin along the way They do well to paint a full picture of the people in Coal Station, Virginia as Gypsy and Woodrow slowly come to terms with their unspeakable griefs Mix in the few poems songs from Blind Benny and you get a compelling, if sometimes sobering, story with enough ornamentation to make it rather interesting.

    28. This is one of those quiet kinds of books where, if you re waiting for lots of action and a spectacular climax, you re going to be disappointed It s set in a time and place where life happens at a slower pace for most of the characters and involves a mystery that takes a couple of books to solve It s a nice story and worth the read.

    29. Overall I believe it was a good and educational book about friendship White made it so you know how the character feels by making sure Woodrow and Gypsy knew that their parents loved them but their hurt was greater I would recommend this book to someone who is okay with this book being sad and having some sensitive topics.

    30. I loved this book as soon as I finished the first page.I got so interested in it that I could not put it down I would definitely recommend reading this book.i read this in school and I read the front cover to my friends and some of them wanted to read it and some didn t.JUST TELLING YOU I LOVE THIS BOOK

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