Quilt or Innocence #2020

Quilt or Innocence Elizabeth Spann Craig Quilt or Innocence Retired folk art curator Beatrice Coleman knows everything there is to know about quilts except how to make them But with her recent move to Dapple Hills North Carolina she s learning all sorts of

  • Title: Quilt or Innocence
  • Author: Elizabeth Spann Craig
  • ISBN: 9780451237330
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quilt or Innocence Elizabeth Spann Craig Retired folk art curator Beatrice Coleman knows everything there is to know about quilts, except how to make them But with her recent move to Dapple Hills, North Carolina, she s learning all sorts of new things including how to solve a murder As the newest member of the Village Quilters Guild, Beatrice has a lot of gossip to catch up on especially with the Patchwork CotRetired folk art curator Beatrice Coleman knows everything there is to know about quilts, except how to make them But with her recent move to Dapple Hills, North Carolina, she s learning all sorts of new things including how to solve a murder As the newest member of the Village Quilters Guild, Beatrice has a lot of gossip to catch up on especially with the Patchwork Cottage quilt shop about to close It seems that Judith, the landlord everyone loves to hate, wants to raise the rent, despite being a quilter herself But when Judith is found dead, the harmless gossip becomes an intricate patchwork of mischievous motives And it s up to Beatrice s expert eye to decipher the pattern and catch the killer, before her life gets sewn up for good Includes quilting tips
    Quilt or Innocence Elizabeth Spann Craig

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      Elizabeth Spann Craig

    One thought on “Quilt or Innocence”

    1. Just an okay book for me Overall I liked the characters and story but there were some parts that weren t very believable the stick your head in the sand mentality of the police chief for example Nice small town setting.

    2. Retired museum curator Beatrice Coleman moves from her busy and noisy home in Atlanta to the quiet, serene town of Dappled Hills, North Carolina Not only will she get to spend time lying in her hammock, reading a book and sipping from a mint julep, but she ll be living closer to her daughter, Piper Everything seems perfect Or does it Beatrice is quick to learn that Dappled Hills is anything but quiet She s immediately dragged into the Village Quilters guild and put to work The problem is, she ha [...]

    3. This was an OK book For some reason I just didn t feel for the characters like in other books It was an interesting mystery, but I figured out the murderer before the MC Which isn t necessarily a bad thing, but the clues that gave it away seemed really obvious to me don t want to spoil it by giving too many details I probably would read others in the series if I needed them for a challenge or for Bingo, but it s not on my must read list.

    4. I enjoyed this first book in a new to me series I did notice that the protagonist s dog, who is normally a female was referred to a he a few times towards the end of the book Just a picky little thing, but as the mother of two little girl doxies I picked up on that I m looking forward to moving on with this series.

    5. I wasn t sure how much I was going to enjoy this book when I first met the main character, Beatrice She is an older woman, retired from her career as a folk art museum curator, moved to a small town to be closer to her daughter She liked her alone time and was a little standoffish when her neighbors came to call and interrupted her retirement solitude I then realized how much she was like me Not in all thingsI am not retired nor as older as Beatrice, but I could see myself in other aspectsI love [...]

    6. Elizabeth Craig does a wonderful job creating a world of Southern charm in QUILT OR INNOCENCE, a tale that is filled with quilting coziness and murderous intrigue Craig s characters are a little off beat and full of personalities, like any good Southerners should be, and it s a true delight in discovering their individual quirks The small town setting is perfect for the closeness of the friends, and the addition of quilting and cooking makes this a series that is sure to become an immediate fan [...]

    7. Beatrice Coleman has retired and moved to Dappled Hills, North Carolina to be close to her daughter She had worked as a folk art curator and knows everything there is to know about valuing and displaying quilts But she has never made a quilt herself and never really planned on ever making one.Quilting is a big thing in Dappled Hills, in fact Beatrice s new home is right next to the Village Quilters guild president Meadow Downey Meadow insists Beatrice join the guild She doesn t even have time to [...]

    8. Quilt or Innocence by Elizabeth Spann Craig is book one of the Southern Quilting Mystery series set in a contemporary small town in North Carolina Beatrice has just retired from her career as an art museum curator in Atlanta She chose Dappled Hills because her daughter Piper lives there Beatrice imagines she will spend her retirement quietly and peacefully relaxing in a hammock in her garden, reading fiction and sipping mint juleps.Beatrice finds out on her first day in residence that it will no [...]

    9. Wow, I always start a new series with a bit of extra excitement Will I love the characters Will I be able to figure out the killer before the end I hate when that happens Can it ever compare to my love of Julie Hyzy and her wonderful White House chef Olivia Paras Well, Elizabeth Spann Craig has begun a series that is battling for my cozy mystery loyalty A retired curator moves into a small town so she can be closer to her daughter and meets a quilting guild with characters that seem designed to [...]

    10. This is a delightful cozy mystery It is the first of a series that I look forward to reading I got the book from our quilt guild s library It is well written, easy to put down but wonderful to pick up again The story is about a woman who has just retired from being a curator in Atlanta She moves to a small town in North Carolina to be near her daughter As she becomes acquainted with the local people, she finds herself investigating a murder As with all cozy mysteries, the characters are quirky b [...]

    11. I enjoyed reading this book This town that Beatrice moves into is quite qwirky I like how all the ladies are very much into quilting and get along well that is except for Judith Judith managed to start a fight before she left the quilting be and the next morning she is found dead There are many people in the town that could have done it Beatrice is having a hard time adjusting to her new retired life and to pass her time decides to try and solve the murder You will be kept guessing as to who rea [...]

    12. I don t usually write negative reviews but for me the protagonist just was not likable I don t know if she is meant to be lovably cranky or just cranky in general but her internal thoughts border on nasty toward people who are trying to include her and be her friend and even with her own daughter I understand that she is meant to grow as a character and fit into this small town over the course of the book but I still didn t care for her in the end I also found her extraordinarily negative which [...]

    13. This was a very fun cozy mystery I love the characters, especially Miss Sissy she has to exist somwhere, who could think up this character The book is well written, well edited and is a good story about Beatrice moving from Atlanta to live in the same small town as her adult daughter She hardly has the coffeemaker unpacked and a murder happens something that never happens in this small, friendly town Beatrice does her best to solve the mystery I had no clue really until the end Enjoy This is the [...]

    14. I enjoyed this book tremendously, especially the characters that the author has included in the book Doesn t matter that I don t quilt or like to sew as it doesn t drown you in too much detail What is included was interesting I like Beatrice s down to earth style and how she handles all of her new acquaintances from her next door neighbor who kidnaps her before she can drink her tea she just brewed to Miss Sissy who thinks everyone is a road hog whether they are in a car or walking on the side w [...]

    15. This story is set in a Southern town about a small community that loves to quilt With lots of characters and a couple of cute dogs,.s hard to put the book down.I was suprised at who did it and I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

    16. The beginning of the book was clunky and I almost didn t finish it, but it did improve as it went along The quilting aspects were interesting, though I was disappointed to discover that it was sourced information rather than experience I liked the the characters in the town though I m still somewhat ambivalent about the protagonist I m interested enough to go on to the next book, so we ll see.

    17. This was a fun book to read The protagonist is a retired museum curator who moves to a small town to be near her daughter She gets caught up in the local quilt guild and her life takes unexpected turns when a member is murdered She is smart, savvy and has just enough gumption to make a good detective The host of other town characters in this book are just quirky enough to be fun without becoming annoying Looking for book 2 in this series now

    18. I am a huge fan of Craig s Myrtle Clover cozy murder mystery series I thought the book was well written, and her characters interesting, quirky and well described I ve not decided if I like these characters as well as the other series, however I may have to read a few , first, in order to make that decision.

    19. A friend once shared her grandmother s advice on moving to a new place Give yourself 20 minutes to cry Then go downstairs and meet new people Or in this story meet the rabid quilters of your new, small, mountain town, one of whom is murdered within a day of your arrival Well written, QUILT OR INNOCENCE is a pretty good first installment in this cozy series.

    20. A cozy so light as to be junk food and just as addictive The tense climax is forced, a lot of speculations gets repeated over and over, and I suspect the author does not actually know much about quilting Or head trauma But I enjoyed reading this so much I dug around to see if I happened to have another in the series on hand.

    21. I didn t like Quilt or Innocence by Elizabeth Spann Craig This mystery book was too cozy for me There wasn t enough depth of character or plot for me I usually read non fiction, but I thought I would branch out into a cozy mystery I didn t finish the book.

    22. When everyone is under suspicion but you keep ignoring one person, it s pretty obvious who the murderer is.

    23. Decent If I find another one by this author, I ll be happy to read it The back cover says it s a new series.

    24. Not bad but nothing special, and a bit repetitive Probably didn t help that I don t know much about quilting.

    25. As the first book in a new series it got off to a good start The introduction of the main character, Beatrice is nicely done I enjoyed how she is dumped in this quaint little town and is almost immediately sucked into the lives of her new neighbors Talk about feeling totally unsettled I loved the opening scene where Beatrice thought she was being kidnapped by a crazy woman and that she needed to call the police Only to find out the woman was the police chiefs hyperactive quilting wife The fact B [...]

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