Parade of Shadows #2020

Parade of Shadows Gloria Whelan Parade of Shadows Parade of Shadows pp In sixteen year old Julia Hamilton happy to accompany her diplomat father on a tour of the Ottoman controlled cities of Istambul Damascus Palmyra and Aleppo soon fin

  • Title: Parade of Shadows
  • Author: Gloria Whelan
  • ISBN: 9780060890285
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Parade of Shadows Gloria Whelan Parade of Shadows295 pp In 1907, sixteen year old Julia Hamilton, happy to accompany her diplomat father on a tour of the Ottoman controlled cities of Istambul, Damascus, Palmyra, and Aleppo, soon finds the journey increasingly hazardous as she begins to uncover her father s true mission and the secret motivations of the other travelers in their group Keywords TEEN YOUParade of Shadows295 pp In 1907, sixteen year old Julia Hamilton, happy to accompany her diplomat father on a tour of the Ottoman controlled cities of Istambul, Damascus, Palmyra, and Aleppo, soon finds the journey increasingly hazardous as she begins to uncover her father s true mission and the secret motivations of the other travelers in their group Keywords TEEN YOUNG ADULT FICTION GLORIA WHELAN PARADE OF SHADOWS TRAVEL
    Parade of Shadows Gloria Whelan

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    One thought on “Parade of Shadows”

    1. The story has all the parts in it to create a compelling drama and mystery Somehow, however, the author fails Every clue is pointed out in an obvious manner by the main character, who then illogically tries to explain away the clue essentially I thought that ____ was very, very, very suspicious and was probably tied to ____, but then I randomly decided that ignore all other previous hints that support this conclusion and to think it has nothing to do with ___, although it obviously does and I pr [...]

    2. In 1907 Sixteen year old Julia Hamilton convinces her father to let her accompany him on a trip into Turkey, Syria and the surrounding areas Julia and her diplomat father travel in a group with three other Europeans and four native helpers Whereas Julia expected a pleasant sight seeing adventure, she finds herself caught in international espionage and dangerous plots Her father is poisoned, her romantic interest, Graham, is arrested and one other of the group is arrested for trying to take artif [...]

    3. The most disappointing book I ve read in a long time Nothing happened The characters were either annoying or unpleasant I kept Reading hoping that the story would get better but it didn t There was so much potential that wasn t met I feel like I was lied to when I picked this book up the first time I saw it I m really sad that this book wasn t exciting It would have helped if the narrator was less realistic I do have to hand it to this author for accurately representing a spoiled 16 year old gi [...]

    4. I m a bit disappointed because the story was compelling enough to keep me interested, but the ending was rushed Everything wrapped up in the final chapter in a pretty deus ex machina way, which was like going slowly up to the top of a roller coaster and having the drop be just a few feet tall Nevertheless I think it would be a great book for teens, especially teen girls The main character is a teen girl who trying not to spoil anything comes to realise that things are not always what they seem, [...]

    5. The story is a mix of a travel book, romance story and who done it It is well written and entertaining without going into clich s.

    6. Very much enjoyed this The time period and lands traveled to were interesting to read about Enjoyed the mystery plot twist.

    7. The story of a sheltered Edwardian teen, who travels to Syria with her father, and finds that the complex politics of the Ottoman empire are a whole lot nastier than the popular stereotypes of the Romantic Middle East.When I started this book, I immediately knew it wasn t my usual cup of tea It s concerned with place and time than with characters, and for a while I debated whether I would even finish it, but I m glad that I did Ultimately, I found it to be personally enriching, and it also chal [...]

    8. Parade of Shadows by Gloria Whelan, published 2007 by Harper Collins, takes us on a journey through early 20th century Middle Eastern regions, like Istanbul and Damascus, an area known as the Levant It s a slow journey with mystery and adventure in mild doses The slow journey allows the reader to take in the view of these foreign lands, their peoples and their cultures Julia is a sheltered English young woman who constantly compares her quiet, secluded English life with the cultures she is exper [...]

    9. It s 1907, and sixteen year old Julia Hamilton lives an uneventful life in London, though she dreams of seeing distant places and having exciting adventures Her mother died of an illness when Julia was very young and her father is often traveling in his work for the British Foreign Office When she learns her father is to take a trip to the Middle East, she begs to come along, and to her delight, her father agrees On the journey, Julia befriends Graham Geddes, a handsome young student from Oxford [...]

    10. Julia longs to escape the cold, empty house she lives in where her mother died, and where her father comes only when necessary She can hardly believe it when he allows her to come on his next trip with him, an adventure to the Middle East Imagine they will be travelling by train, and riding camels, and camping in the desert Exactly what her father is going to be doing is a bit unclear, as he is not going in his official capacity with the British Foreign Office, but frankly, Julia doesn t really [...]

    11. BEWARE I DON T FLAG SPOILERS BUT I DON T PUT MY REVIEWS OUT ON ANY FEED, EITHER.Intended for readers ager 10 and up, I am an adult who found it interesting on multiple levels characters, era, dialogue, plot.Historical context turn of century 1907 provides a history lesson on unrest in Ottoman Empire, as perceived by different parties.One guy represents capitalism the French antiquities dealer , another the Brit Empire diplomat Carlton Hamilton , another the insurgency of youth the young Brit Gra [...]

    12. Julia is bored with her life Her mother is dead, her father is always busy with his work for the British Foreign Office and the only place she ever goes is school boring Julia wants to have an adventure When she finds out her father is travelling to Syria for work, she begs to go to Surprisingly, her father agrees Deserts Camels Ruins How exciting But as they make their way to the Middle East, Julia begins to realize that her father has a secret And so do each of the other members of their trave [...]

    13. Set in the early 1900s, narrated by the 16 year old daughter Julia who has led a sheltered, safe life in London while her father serves in the British Foreign office She gets to go on his journey to the Turkish Empire ruled by the Sultan Everyone seems to have an undercover political agenda She falls for a young firebrand and picks up hints that she is being used for a cover, to get info by many of the travelers I liked the setting year and place There is much to learn about the history of the M [...]

    14. This is the first book by Whelan that I ve been disappointed in The plot was complicated and sometimes boring, the characters were flat, and the subject matter can be difficult to understand I have a rudimentary understanding of the history and geography of the Middle East, and I found the book hard to relate to at times Since it s written for middle school students, I believe that they would have a much difficult time understanding much of the story line since it is dependent on having some ba [...]

    15. This was a bit if a disappointment I had expected of an adventure quest story given the description Instead, I had a coming of age story which I have no objections to, per se I ve read another book by Whalen before and liked it But I had a hard time getting into Parade of Shadows I didn t like the narrator much, and found her to be childish, impractical, and whiny which, I guess, is what a teenager is, so I can t fault Whalen too much for that characterization The narrative also dragged in spot [...]

    16. After Whelan s excellent novel Homeless Bird I expected great things from this one but was disappointed I found the plot hard to follow, the setting described almost too politically to keep my interest every country described with regards to who is on what side between the Young Turks and Arabs , and the story almost had no satisfying conclusion, except for the main character finding out her gentleman friend was not really that interested in her which the reader knew almost from the start I woul [...]

    17. The strong, descriptive writing and concise, eloquent dialogue have all the feel of watching a classic black and white movie A literary getaway.Julia is a sheltered but determined 16 year old who convinces her father to allow her to accompany him on his next business trip through the Ottoman Empire, representing England s Foreign Office Far than the leisure trip she expected, Julia finds herself witness to political intrigue and stirrings of revolution against the sultan Their colorful travelin [...]

    18. I picked this up thinking to have a change from my usual diet of fantasy and science fiction, and while it was a diversion I found that I was not very satisfied with the ending The bulk of it read enjoyably with intrigues and the promise of adventure, but I found the development of several characters and the direction the narrative took in the last several chapters unfulfilling I could guess who the guilty party was in all of the mysterious events shortly after passing the half way mark The prot [...]

    19. I was really disappointed that for a story in a setting rife with adventurous opportunities, namely, Syria nothing really happened A lot of nothing happened while the girl narrating the story bemoaned the fact that nothing happened except for trivial things The dynamics of the main character confined themselves to when the author actually told us that she was changing Halfway through the book I realized that I didn t like any of the characters I can t give it a one star because there were a few [...]

    20. I had the weirdest feeling of deja vu when I was reading the last ten pages, and realized that several other aspects of the story were strangely familiar It is a definite possibility that I ve read this before, maybe 6 years ago Not, though, the kind of book that leaves much of a memory it is dully written, tediously plotted, and the characters are as distinctive and colorful as pita bread.Any comparison to E M Forster s A Passage to India is like comparing a plastic ring from a vending machine [...]

    21. I found the main character in this book to be so irritating I thought it was obvious what was going on and she was so oblivious The so called romance was not a romance, like unrequited love Many of the characters irritated me and none seemed remorseful or to care of how they affected others The only redeeming factor was the father who at the end just wanted the best for his daughter As far as a historical book goes, this book was very informative, but as a young adult novel, it left me wanting [...]

    22. Julia Hamilton is tired of being left behind when her father goes off on his expeditions After begging him once again, he agrees Julia has no idea what she will encounter, but she s eager and ready to go On the journey she meets an antiques collector, a horticulturalist, and a handsome young student All are mysterious traveling companions Julia learns big lessons about trust and what she s willing to stand for Again, Whelan has created a dramatic plot with well developed characters.

    23. Parade of Shadows started out on a high note, but unfortunately, could not sustain that high note I was put off by the seemingly endless description of the Turks control of the Middle East I grew tired of the narrator s disregard of her father and her infatuation with one of her fellow traveling companions None of the characters were very likeable Everyone was hiding something The indigenous men hired to help lead the tour group were shady All in all, I was highly intrigued for the first several [...]

    24. The main character, Julia is an overprotected sixteen years old Her father is a part of the Ottoman government On March 14, 1907 Julia and her father are sent an invitation to a tour of the Ottoman Empire On the trip Julia makes some acquaintances which included Graham Geddes a young Turk revolutionary who was on the tour, to start up rebellion in the Ottoman Kingdom Also Edith a plant collector, and Paul Louvors a buyer and seller of art The plot of this story is survival make a friend so you w [...]

    25. Liked this book a lot A 16 year old girl named Julia embarks on a journey with her father, who works for the British Foreign Office, through the middle east during the age of British colonialism The books brings the politics and religion of the time to life, while weaving mystery and a little bit of teenage romance or wishful romance on Julia s part into the story Well written and a very enjoyable read.

    26. I love Gloria Whelan, but I was quite disappointed with this book The politics were complicated than her other books and yet the plot was obvious, buy the heroine was what really disappointed me She was both clueless and unrealistically independent for her age The worst was her affection for Mr Smarmy Pants who was obviously trouble from the beginning I loved learning about the Middle East in the early 1900s, but the rest of the book was just a drag.

    27. Surprisingly sophisticated YA novel, following the journey of a sheltered 16 year old English teenager and her father a quasi spy into the world of 1907 Syria under the Ottoman Empire My daughter followed the politics, the mystery, the love story all with equal enthusiasm And considering how Syria is on the world stage today, it makes for a great introduction to that part of the world and it s history, certainly for any worldly adolescents.

    28. I ll give this a 2 as a courtesy Maybe it gets better My patience ran out a little after the one quarter mark while the author was still presenting new stock characters, filling us in on her historical setting, and emphasizing and reemphasizing the point that the main character s father was a mysterious fellow all too distant from his eager to please daughter Okay, we get it Now something needs to happen.

    29. This book was fascinating Beginning 1900 s a girl and her father take a business trip through the middle east It s based on true life political upheaval of the time and I gained so much insight into the way things are now This is a novel from the view of the girl so it s a smooth read and includes the classic crushes and conflicts that make novels so very readable but contained a lot of interesting information also.

    30. 3.5 I didn t like this book as much as I have liked other books by Whelan, but it was still good I definitely did not expect the ending Julia is tired of sitting around at home and never seeing her father So she begs to go on a trip with him to the Middle East There she meets a handsome young man, an effervescent French man, a larger than life English woman, and a worrying tour guide Along the way, she finds mystery, intrigue, romance, adventure, and a whole lot of trouble.

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