The Finite Canvas #2020

The Finite Canvas Brit Mandelo The Finite Canvas We are marked by what we have been And erasing either of those can have unpredictable consequences

  • Title: The Finite Canvas
  • Author: Brit Mandelo
  • ISBN: 9781466835627
  • Page: 348
  • Format: ebook
  • The Finite Canvas Brit Mandelo We are marked by what we have been And erasing either of those can have unpredictable consequences
    The Finite Canvas Brit Mandelo

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      348 Brit Mandelo
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    One thought on “The Finite Canvas”

    1. I think what is most impressive about The Finite Canvas is the robust world building which Brit Mandelo was able to accomplish within the constraints of short form fiction This is a story of a three day encounter between two women who are confronted by their own mortality The mercenary threatened by violence and the doctor by illness These aren t shadowy specters They each vividly understand their reality The title refers to a ritual scarification that is done to record a tribute to the victim o [...]

    2. A female assassin atones for her murders by letting a medicine carve her arm cf the great illustration by Rick Berry while telling her story This is the frame story for The Decameron like redemption love family story Two strong female characters, an intense mystery set in a dystopian world with a bit of action, and a perfect ending make up this novelette I don t understand why this one didn t win the Nebula instead of Close Encounters It isn t for the faint of heart and I m pretty sure it will s [...]

    3. Such an easy read it could pass for a book for children Prose style is nothing fresh or unique Dialogue was atrocious Clearly the author thinks they are witty, with their pinky in the air, but what this bland, banal and boring story comes off as is a failed attempt at being high and mighty I m glad I spent no money on this, but I feel bad for my colleague who did, which was how I got to read it.

    4. Every time I read a Tor Original, I feel like I ve experienced a little bit of magic Like I ve left somewhere, yet time didn t move, and returned different This one is the same, and I adore it like I do many of the others.This one is going to stick with me awhile, I think It s beautifully macabre, and I feel that the tone and flow of the story certainly fits the subject material I don t think it will be a tale for everyone, but for me, it fit It s also one of those wonderful short stories where [...]

    5. tor originalDefinitely bleak, but there is also a hope for the hopeless going on here Jada, wants to get her story out and honor the dead she also desires something for herself that is dependent on Molly Molly needs something that Jada can give but in the end is given even Though both women get what they hope for this is not a happily ever after.

    6. Dark and shining evidence that narrative tension and imaginative grandeur remain possible in the short form.A story to be savored slowly so to let the details build, written in the shadow of Bradbury s Illustrated Man.Available free to read on tor Highly recommended for those who enjoy literary fiction.

    7. Another hard hitting and incredibly well written short from Tor s free fiction series, this time about justice and stories and the tough choices that people make Mandelo packs an enormous amount of world building into a a few pages, as well as a lot of emotional.

    8. That one made me almost cry at the end Ouch Ouch How strong Picking by Mandelo ASAP Read as part of he Year s Best Science Fiction Thirtieth Annual Collection , but this one totally deserves to be listed and recommended extra.

    9. I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and or to read within the series.My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

    10. Mandelo s short work sent chills through me a brutal yet loving homage to the intricacies of broken humans and their broken relationships in a world ravaged by those very same humans Perfect.

    11. This story was absolutely brilliant Oh man, such beautiful writing, and such a simple yet evocative journey between this two characters I would recommend this to absolutely anyone.

    12. It was an interesting story The protagonist s motivation wasn t quite to my liking, but I can see how some people react that way.

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