The Story ofX #2020

The Story ofX A.J. Molloy The Story ofX A darkly seductive and passionate tale of secret societies elaborate rites and sexual experimentation in the tradition of the captivating classic Story of O and Kubrick s film Eyes Wide Shut Shy Ame

  • Title: The Story ofX
  • Author: A.J. Molloy
  • ISBN: 9781624903618
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Story ofX A.J. Molloy A darkly seductive and passionate tale of secret societies, elaborate rites and sexual experimentation, in the tradition of the captivating classic Story of O and Kubrick s film Eyes Wide Shut.Shy American student Alexandra Beckmann X to her friends arrives in Naples desperate for adventures beyond the sheltered life she has led She is there to study the Camorra, an infA darkly seductive and passionate tale of secret societies, elaborate rites and sexual experimentation, in the tradition of the captivating classic Story of O and Kubrick s film Eyes Wide Shut.Shy American student Alexandra Beckmann X to her friends arrives in Naples desperate for adventures beyond the sheltered life she has led She is there to study the Camorra, an infamous Italian crime organization But in the sun soaked, ancient city streets, her research leads her to a man like no one else she has ever met.Irresistibly handsome, Lord Marcus Roscarrick is an Italian aristocrat with a mysterious past Yet, underneath his refined exterior, X senses a man who is well acquainted with danger.Soon they begin a passionate affair, and X is drawn into Roscarrick s world a world she never dreamed existed But as she falls ever deeply under Roscarrick s spell, X must decide whether she dares to submit entirely to this shadowy realm of dark desire.
    The Story ofX A.J. Molloy

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      449 A.J. Molloy
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    One thought on “The Story ofX”

    1. Could someone please explain to me what this book was about Here is my take on it The heroine, X, is the stupidest thing I have ever had pleasure of reading about I m not going to waste my time describing her Here are some of her lines Um I am flustered, stammering like a fool Glansing at both my mom and Marcus Um Ah Uh Mom, this is Marc He s a He s a Spit it out He s a friend, um a friend I made here I mean Marc, I God I I want I just, I m sorry I I wonder What are you doing But Marc, but Marc [...]

    2. Well what can I sayI Loved it so intense and such an emotional rollercoaster between the 2 characters.Marc was a very complex character but loveable and gentle at the same time.X was feisty but she definitely had a softer side to her which showed in her submission to Marc with all the initiations she had to complete to be with him.As the front cover of the book says this was a love do sweet and a desire so stronger.Every emotion was felt throughout this book,it was very well written and all the [...]

    3. Marc and XThe end was just too much for me So not cool Full review on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews A darkly seductive and passionate tale of secret societies, elaborate rites and sexual experimentation, in the tradition of the captivating classic Story of O and Kubrick s film Eyes Wide Shut.This first part of the blurb really caught my attention It sounds a little dark, a little disturbing and like something I could really get behind Then comes the second part Shy American student Alexandra Beckma [...]

    4. 2.5 Estoy confusa.Tengo la sensaci n de haber mandado a la mierda unas horas de mi vida que jam s recuperar Pero ha sido en parte.M s de medio libro se resume en Joven humilde y dulce, con pocas experiencias sexuales satisfactorias en su vida, conoce por casualidad a un lord ricach n al que le gustan los juegos er ticos l la avisa de que se mantenga alejada, ella ilusa se lanza a sus brazos, se enamoran Iba por la p gina 60 y quer a quemar el libro No hay otro argumento para una novela er tica O [...]

    5. Propagace knihy, kter je vhodn pro fanou ky Pades ti odst n je hodn p esn Seznamte se s Alexandrou, dvaadvacetiletou americkou vysoko kolskou studentkou, kter p ij d do It lie, aby napsala svoji absolventskou pr ci a tajn douf , e zde najde i l sku a v e , kter v jej m ivot chyb Setk n s bohat m, atraktivn m a tajemn m lordem Marcusem Roscarrickem v ak m e p in st mnohem v c, ne v co doufala a eho se b la.Ixka, jak je na e hrdinka p ezd v na no ano, v n , je nezku en a m za sebou dlouholet nudn [...]

    6. When X goes on a work study program to Italy, she goes looking for love but never dreams it will lead her head long into ancient mysteries best left alone.Alexandra Beckmann, otherwise known as X, is in Italy with her friend Jessica working on her thesis Choosing to write about the mob is probably not the safest subject matter, but being steeped in all of Italy s essences, it stirs her blood X and Jessica meet an enigmatic wealthy man at one of the corner cafes and he pays for their drinks and f [...]

    7. Jmenuji se IQ tykve Tak bych tu knihu p ejmenovala V echno v n bylo absurdn Ixka p ern jm no hlavn hrdinky m neskute n vyt ela sv m nesmysln m chov n m, kter se ned omluvit ani naivitou Jednu hv zdi ku d v m knize m lokdy, proto e knihu s takov m hodnocen m v t inou ani nejsem schopn do st Tady m poh n la jedin v c, jedin co podn covalo mou zv davost, byla z hada t ch mist ri Ale ani to spisovatelka nedok zala vyu t ku prosp chu a cel to vy lo vnive a fra ku Cel p b h byl nesmysln , hlavn hrdina [...]

    8. FULL REVIEW ON SMUTBOOKCLUBI didn t expect this to be funny and light hearted, but it was without taking away from the intensity of the rituals and storyline If you re infatuated with anything Italian, you ll love the history embedded into the storyline Highly recommend for readers who like stories of discovery, intensity, and intimately detailed sex scenes.

    9. OMG this is an amazing story seriously beautiful but also disturbing, exposing things about the past which really should have stayed in the past but the main thing is that Love does conquer all I would recommend and read this book in about 8 hours as it had me gripped, loved it.

    10. I really enjoyed this book It makes me want to travel to Italy The details that are described about the wining, dining and you know whating are funny extremely real.

    11. So good I read it twice good plot beleivable characters and good story The kind of book that takes you into a different world and you feel just like you are there.

    12. A mo da 2.5Ideja nije lo a, ali neiskusna i naivna dvadesetdvogodi njakinja koja bude bolja od Ethana Hunta Nemogu a misija Tipson opet trideset i pun ko brod Mah

    13. Well, if you finished reading 50 Shades of Gray, this book has than a few similarities that will tide you over While not lacking completely in bizarro male female gender power issues and pseudo stalking, the relationship between X and her rich love ah was um normal Also, the writing is FAR less deplorable.The last chapter, however, is pretty extreme, and not in a fun sexy way Be warned.I am reviewing porn now, apparently You are welcome.

    14. When I was almost 18, I read Fifty Shades of Grey books and I kind of liked it I mean, sex scenes didn t bother me, but love story was quite sweet, I guess I mean, it was Twilight fanfiction for me and I liked that So, when I finished that trilogy I was curious to read different kind of or erotic book I accidentally found this book, so I gave it a chance I couldn t say that I enjoyed this books than FSoG , but it wasn t bad either It was okay, I guess The thing is, that this kind of book isn t [...]

    15. I got this as an ARC Alexandra AKA X is doing research for her senior thesis in Naples There she sees Marc in a cafe After flirting with each other, she learns that to date him, she must be inducted into the Mysteries While I enjoyed the setting the author does a good job of bringing Naples and Italy to life, the characters were rather flat and the secondary characters mere cardboard cutouts.

    16. What an interesting and fresh take on an Italian study program Loved the book and can t wait to read by this author Original and fun

    17. Ever read a book and just go huh That s how I felt about the story of x Longer review posted soon at romance books forum Com

    18. Already annoyed with this book The heroine is 22 and sounds like a 13 ear old trumped up on steroids SERIOUSLY Her inner monolog comes across as bipolar, or schizophrenic All the constant talking to herself internally grates on your nerves Well, mine On the plus side I.T.A.L.Y Such a beautiful sounding place Well, aside from the fictional trash and mob LOL I don t know about other folks, but I m catching a whiff of Twilight in the air true In her best George voice Oh My I suspect the author is a [...]

    19. Najhor ia kniha ak som tala V bec sa to ned porovn va s 50 Shades of Grey Myst ri v bec neboli vzru uj ce dokonca ani erotick Ke som to tala, c tila som sa tr pne, hanbila som sa, mala som chu otrieska si hlavu o stenu Nech pem ako mohol t to knihu niekto vyda Autorka bola asi zaujat vo i Taliansku, preto e ho vykreslovala len v tom najhor om svetle Vadilo mi ak bola X hl pa, ako sa vyjadrovala a spr vala Koniec bol o ni om, pri lo mi ako by ani sama autorka nevedela ako ho ma ukon i akala som n [...]

    20. V era, ke som sedela s kamar tkou v kaviarni, sa ma op tala na Pr beh d my X O ervenela som do takej farby ervenej ako m m asi vlasy Mo no hor ie Nem em poveda e som bola z tejto knihy hotov , alebo ma plne dostala Nebolo to ani 50SOG ani Crossfire a ur ite to nebude ani Inferno M a iba zauj ma, skadia nabrala autorka odvahu nap sa t to knihu Skadia nabrala odvahu nap sa to o tam nap sala Tie myst ria v bec neboli erotick a vzru uj ce Ja som sa pri knihe iba ot ala a kri ala nie nie nie, lebo do [...]

    21. Esta historia tiene historia, mafia, un personaje masculino interesante y misterio.Marc pertenece a una secta llamados los misterios y solo puede emparejarse con una mujer iniciada, as que Alexandra, Alex, o X, acepta unirse Mientras esto sucede ella estudia para su tesis de grado que est enfocada en la antigua camorra italiana.Tiene de romance, de er tico, de mafia.Aunque la protagonista femenina no es la ideal, y la autora decae en la narraci n en algunas partes, es una lectura diferente y agr [...]

    22. god its taken me soooo long to finish this book, simply because there was nothing really that made me want to come back to it once I stopped reading I did like Marc, and was relieved that he finally stood up for the woman he supposedly loved by stopping her going through with the 5th mystery, but reading what she endured in the 6th he may as well have left her to it as the 6th was horrendous X s ramblings did my head in the only saving grace of this book for me was the wonderful descriptive writ [...]

    23. Me tarde creo que mas de 2 semanas, en leerlo y la historia en si no me gusto para nada, pero lo que si encontr bastante interesante es la historia detr s de los protagonistas NAPOLES y sus mafias y misterios y otras cosas que no sabia de la ciudad de eterna, eso me esta haciendo que busque un libro de historia porque me dejo bastante intrigada.

    24. This is definitely the most ridiculous story I ve read in a long time, like WTF is this really happening ridiculous Two stars because I was curious enough to skim through the last half to see what happened By the way,I would not consider this a dark book.

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