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Goodbye Junie Moon June Collins Goodbye Junie Moon Goodbye Junie Moon is a memoir written by June Collins co author of The Khaki Mafia A curvaceous Australian dancer entertains the troops in Vietnam She uncovers a get rich quick scheme involving the

  • Title: Goodbye Junie Moon
  • Author: June Collins
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  • Page: 182
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Goodbye Junie Moon June Collins Goodbye Junie Moon is a memoir written by June Collins, co author of The Khaki Mafia.A curvaceous Australian dancer entertains the troops in Vietnam She uncovers a get rich quick scheme involving the sergeants running the American Army clubs Discovering that she has reported them to the CID, they place a high price on her head She learns they are watching the only airpoGoodbye Junie Moon is a memoir written by June Collins, co author of The Khaki Mafia.A curvaceous Australian dancer entertains the troops in Vietnam She uncovers a get rich quick scheme involving the sergeants running the American Army clubs Discovering that she has reported them to the CID, they place a high price on her head She learns they are watching the only airport out, preventing her escape Then fate steps in, triggering an unexpected turn of events Goodbye Junie Moon is a memoir which reads like fiction and is guaranteed to keep you turning the page This true story is verified by numerous newspaper and magazine articles.Racy, action filled, heart stopping, poignant it is all of these
    Goodbye Junie Moon June Collins

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    1. I love this book I wrote it How s that for humility But what sort of writers would we be if we did not love what we created

    2. This is the memoir of a whistle blower I always admire people who can do this take risks because they believe in what they are doing, exposing something they feel is just not right This book is the story of one such whistle blower, who exposed corruption during the Vietnam war The war wasn t bad enough for this country we lost 50,000 young men, yet some didn t want the war to ever end because it was, in effect, a cash cow A certain group made lots of money by organizing and demanding kickbacks f [...]

    3. An incredible story by an incredible woman The author, June Collins, draws the reader into her fascinating world, seamlessly transferring between alternative chapters of growing up in Australia in the 50s and leading up to working as an entertainer for the troops in the Vietnam War Her childhood, though fascinating in itself, is relevant to satisfy the curiosity of how June ended up where she did I was awed at her bravery and empathy as she preferred to support the men in the thick of battle rat [...]

    4. This is a wonderful book that I would normally have never read, but I am so glad that I did It is a facinating story of a brave and courageous woman who overcame the nadir of her life in Australia to become a show girl dancer in Asia and ultimately Vietnam There she discovered to her revulsion the corruption of kick backs that were rampant amongst Seargent Majors during the war in which hundreds of thousands of dollars were taken from troops as tribute in return for entertainment.The book is ext [...]

    5. Goodbye Junie Moon by June Collins is a moving story of a young girl trying to fend for herself in a hostile world She eventually decides to hit back against the odds at the possible cost of her life It was fate that took me to Vietnam, she says I can well believe it Fate certainly seemed to deal her the kind of cards she would need to summon up the courage for what she did Whistle blowing over the illicit activities of a top general and a gang of sergeants in a war zone was not something to be [...]

    6. Several books I ve read this year took me to Vietnam, but this one takes me there as a woman Her initial introduction to a war torn country in the 1960 s was horribly frightening, but she tells of it as if it were a stormy day in a park She was a woman alone in Vietnam during a devastating war, to entertain troops At first, I couldn t make up my mind if June was courageous, audacious, or just plain crazy I sensed no fright, but rather extraordinary curiosity and fascination on her part It was as [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book It was as easy to read as an exciting fiction novel and yet it is all true There is a lot to learn about the Vietnam War that I didn t know and it is interesting to learn about how it was for the soldiers, their living arrangements and so on Mind you, this novel is about June Collins experience during her time in Vietnam during the war, but she spent enough time with the soldiers that you learn about them I also enjoyed the photos I had never heard of June Collins befo [...]

    8. When I started this book I had no idea where it would be taking me This woman led quite a life I can t imagine any woman having so much courage and strength that she possessed it sickened me what greed can do to human beings and the prices of human lives that were paid for such greed I can only remind myself God will be their judge when their time on this earth is over Some have already left us and have been judged by The Almighty.

    9. Goodbye Junie Moon is a thoroughly engrossing read I was a little surprised at how the book opened, talk about grabbing someone s attention The different aspects of June Collins life up to the investigation where she went on record about the corruption within the US military during the Vietnam war, was well documented and added to the emotional and personal feel of this book I felt as I was reading, that I came to know June a little I witnessed her past through her eyes, something we seldom get [...]

    10. Goodbye Junie Moon offers readers an inside look at the entertainment business in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War and also exposes a growing corruption ring within the military service industry in Vietnam Have you ever witnessed people or fellow employees continuing to break the rules or conducting ongoing illegal business As a hard working, honest employee yourself, you try to do the right thing and report this to your supervisor only nothing happens What if you continued up the chain of [...]

    11. I m a Vietnam era Navy wife June s philosophy regarding married men had me chewing nails, but you can t fault this Aussie for loving our American enlisted and non coms and fighting at the peril of her own life for that of those boys Born, raised, and married in Australia, little in the way of education, and nothing in the way of sophistication, this young outback woman fled the third catastrophic miscarriage and failing life of a rancher s wife to seek some kind of existence far away from her sh [...]

    12. I ve read a lot of Vietnam memoirs but none from the point of view in Goodbye Junie Moon June Collins takes us on an incredible journey from rural Australia to the Senate floor via the clubs of southeast Asia It s a very entertaining ride This story includes adventure and danger but is also heartbreaking at times Ms Collins is a very good writer, and I found the book quite easy to follow It flashes back and forth between Vietnam and earlier stops prior to the war I liked the style I also enjoyed [...]

    13. This is an amazing book written by an independent minded Aussie who ended up a dancer entertainer and exposed corruption involving military clubs during the Vietnam War These days I take bigger than life memoirs with a large grain of salt however, this one seems authentic Ms Collins addresses the mundanely ugly in her past as well as truly exciting experiences in Asia and war zones She explains how she came to be who and where she was When she cannot remember something, she also states that inst [...]

    14. Goodbye Junie Moon is our book club book for this month When I first saw this book selection I was kind of like eh, that books is going to suck But then I started reading it and OH MAN is it a good book June Collins started off life in Australia with her family She was pretty much mid class from how it seemed but then her father took a hike She ended up living with her rich grandparents while her mother and siblings went to a dairy farm She got a bit spoiled with Grandma and Grandpa Then her Mom [...]

    15. This was fascinating memoir about an entertainer turned whistleblower June Collins has written an interesting and honest account of her life We read how a conservatively brought up girl becomes a wife, after a series of tragic losses, abandons her marriage to become a dance instructor She eventually becomes an exotic dancer which leads her to performing in the Philippines and then makes her way to the Vietnam War where she organises entertainment for the troops It is here that she comes up again [...]

    16. June Collins has written an account of her life as a show girl in Australia, Asia, and Vietnam, and her part in exposing the graft and corruption in the system that was supposed to provide much needed diversion to soldiers She does not sugar coat anything, including her own sexual escapades and foolhardy adventures Brutally honest and absolutely believable, she expertly leads the reader through her experiences and paints an accurate portrait of her life and times The tale bounces back and forth [...]

    17. Born and raised in Australia, June Collins flees a bad marriage and the heartbreak of several miscarriages to a life of dance entertainment in war zones Chapters weave together her young life riddled with disappointments and the years of corruptness in Vietnam A woman who did what was needed to survive, Collins eventually testified against non coms and officers who extorted money from performers, agents, and legitimate businesses, hiding billions of dollars in Swiss accounts Well worth the read, [...]

    18. A story of Vietnam, taking place while I was there I though the corruption during this war was limited to the locals Little did I know it was taking place with soldiers of high rank right under our noses June Collins, while not a model citizen herself, got the goods on them and testified before Congress I was so very naive.

    19. An interesting read about a woman in Vietnam, who enjoyed live and taking risks Because of this, she became a whistle blower and appeared before a U.S Senate committee The book is full of danger, comical moments, and every day life of an Aussie who served as an entertainer for American troops in Vietnam.

    20. I think I liked this book than most people would It kept me up late turning the pages Random things, luck, courage, determination lead to the most interesting lives I would recommend it to people interested in biographies of not so ordinary lives, and those who are interested in a different view of the Vietnam war.

    21. Kindle AWESOME Very good book loved the historical context along with the honesty June Collins has another book in which I will eagerly read

    22. Great memoir Loved this book so well written and loved the history about the Vietnam War Those were such difficult and turbulent times for our military servicemen Highly recommended

    23. A good read, rather enjoyed the back and forth between life before and during her entertainment years I believe that is what made it such a joy to read.

    24. I couldn t put it down Great book I have a copy I can loan once if anyone is interested.

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