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The Quo Lola St. Vil The Quo WARNING This book contains a scene in chapter that is for mature audiences only Readers can skip this chapter without missing any info vital to the plot A team divided A leader in turmoil A love te

  • Title: The Quo
  • Author: Lola St. Vil
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 418
  • Format: ebook
  • The Quo Lola St. Vil WARNING This book contains a scene in chapter 20 that is for mature audiences only Readers can skip this chapter without missing any info vital to the plot.A team divided.A leader in turmoil.A love tested.Now, it s the heroes who need saving
    The Quo Lola St. Vil

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      418 Lola St. Vil
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    One thought on “The Quo”

    1. Spoilers for part oneLoved this series, but if in part 2 Markus actually married Bianca I give up It s so wrong Emmy worked so hard and finally has him then this one random chick gets in the way If he marries her there is no justice.

    2. This is one of my favourite books of all time and I would seriously read this over and over Lola StVil is the best author out there and she is my inspiration for writing, I love this series its soooo awesome SPOILER I hope Bianca gets run over, by a bus, with poisened wheels, in front of emmy, I would really enjoy that Or maybe Rio could kill her If only When Reese came back I was like YOSSSHHHH but then it was an illusion and I nearly started crying TT TT

    3. To be honest I didn t like this book as much as the others It was kinda slow and dare I say boring The ending was shocking but not As good as the others I thought it was kinda weird that Marcus proposed to Emmy even thought they are only like 17 and 18 I mean don t get me wrong I love the thought of them getting married but it s kinda weird But I do have to say that I love how Rage s character is written He had me laughing sometimes so hard

    4. Loved this installment of the series but wish it had been a bit longer I finished it in basically one sitting There were A LOT less typos and grammatical errors than in the other books yay I can t wait for the next book

    5. Lola dose not disappoint in the continuing saga that is The Guardians It was nice to find out about other characters and see some of the story from a different point of view I will be waiting for part 2

    6. Another hit out of the park by Lola St Vil She leaves you intrigued and wanting to know the whole story from the moment you read the first page.

    7. Wow What a great installment I couldn t wait to read this, and with that cliffhanger, I ll be even anxious in waiting for Part 2 Such a great story, and a brilliant series.

    8. Again amazing Can t believe the ending and can t wait to read part 2 when it comes out This story just gets better and better as the books go on Exciting times All round amazing

    9. wonderfullola is one of my favorite authors cant wait to see what she comes up with definitely a good read

    10. I really want to love this seriesNow that I have made it part way through the series I have to admit it is a love hate relationship with it The baseline story is great But some points of the series are drilled into your head, ad nauseam Ok I get the point of human and angel in love and are trying to save the world from a million and one different things Can we move on now Ok good But what you find in book one you find in them all I wonder if I want to go on, I am sure I will, JUST for the fact o [...]

    11. Okay, this review is not just for this particular book I m putting the same version on each book but for every single hair pulling book in the series I have rated the books mostly 4 s and I ll stand by that because the story, had it been about something like super heroes, rather than angels demons it would have been great Butey re not They re aboutumLola St Vil s warped idea of angels Here are my MAIN issues.1 She is obviously either an Atheist or not of a Christian religion because she actually [...]

    12. When I finished Book 4 of the Guardian series I was beginning to lose hope in the series, the main reason being that there were just way too many typos and grammatical errors through out the book I was finding one near enough on every other chapter and it really started to bug me I decided to read The Quo because I love the characters in this series, the World that Lola has made up, and I was intrigued to know what happened next I was not disappointed As well as there not being many spelling or [...]

    13. I really like these books, and think they re addicting and amazing, but I can t be the only one who cannot stand Marcus and Emmy as a couple And to be honest, Emmy on her own Theirs is the only storyline I m really not interested in, the just irritate me And I m sorry, but that sex scene I laughed my way through it and the graphic descriptions and angel specific references were all too much Despite all this I d really recommend these books, despite the irritatingly inevitable happy ending for Ma [...]

    14. OmgTalk about suspense poor Emmy has been through so much throughout this series and it s about to get complicated I love this series however and am on to the next chapter of it to find out what becomes of it start at book one which is free currently on I give this book and all the ones before it 5 stars love the writing there is a lot of punctuation errors but worth overlooking for sure

    15. What an absolute disappointment, this is the first review I have ever written because I need to share my absolute frustration with these books The author knows how to write a captivating story, but the editing is sorely lacking Each book in the series has and spelling errors What a great story, such a pity about the spelling errors It is a disgrace to charge than 0.99 for a book with so many errors.

    16. Flying into the Angel World in the light, Boom no world Even though there is no angel worlde Team is complete again, however war is coming Many Quos are released and angry enough to kill They took down the angel world, but they still need to kill angels How is the Team going to protect their kind and stop the war to continue.Emmy was done with the mission that she had to be involved with, however she was needed again.

    17. I noticed there were far fewer typos in this book In previous books the typos were a major distraction I like that Rage is in the story I m already not a fan of Bianca I don t think that this part of the story warrants a book 5 part 1 and part 2 just the one book Having read the Noru series, I know what to expect but not when, so curiosity will keep me reading the series Actual rating is closer to a 3.5, maybe even a 4, but the story was cut short.

    18. Holy cliff Hanger Oh and FINALLY we get them where we want them to be and bam something else happens Loving Rage.r thought I d say that, but it s a twist I never thought about Liking the story line I pray I don t have to wait long for the last book Puhleeezzz don t keep me waiting.

    19. Love this seriesI loved this book I can t stop reading them, no matter what my boyfriend or my bank account says I just have three books left and it s not like I have a choice I have to find out what happens next I think I can relate to Emmy And like guys, when it comes to books I like the ones that can make me laugh.

    20. I have read all the books in this series and if you want, love, heartbreak the ups and downs good vs evil human vs guardian vs deamon vs love these books will not let you down now anyone that has read thus far are all wondering if the love with win out or the sucky gods rule in favour of the grater good

    21. Seriously another twist This series keeps you on your toes that s for sure I can t believe how many twists come within one book alone I can t imagine what the next story will have in it but I m hoping for a happy ending for Marcus and Emmy

    22. Lola does it again I can never decide who s side I m on Marcus, or Emmy but it seems once again the lines are drawn At what point do they stop fighting At what point are they just killing themselves to try

    23. I love the book i just started it and finished it in less than 5 hours but I hate the whole Emmy and Marcus love Why whenever is going well for them something happens I will take a time out from the Guardians because I cant handle it lol

    24. Guardians The Quo The Guardians Series, Book 5, Part 1 by Lola St VilThis book was fantastic I can t wait to read the next book in the series So much fighting, magic, and love, what could you want.

    25. I was drawn into these books from the start but this book, even though brilliant didn t get me excited to continue with the series I really like the angel but the human She s so annoying I can t continue to care what happens.

    26. Great Love the story,but did I miss something 5 part1 just jumps in their seems like a big piece is missing what happens.I know they argue about taking the tripix out of Emmy Then nothing about how this war started.

    27. OK it got better but are you f ing kidding me the only reason I m not ranting is because hurricane Mathew just hit and I have no lights and I m trying to save battery but just you wait

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