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Weird Michigan Linda S. Godfrey Weird Michigan Is it weird that the Wolverine State may never have had any wolverines in it We think so and that suits us fine The weirder the better we say and Michigan falls perfectly into that category Oh sur

  • Title: Weird Michigan
  • Author: Linda S. Godfrey
  • ISBN: 9781402739071
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Weird Michigan Linda S. Godfrey Is it weird that the Wolverine State may never have had any wolverines in it We think so, and that suits us fine The weirder the better, we say, and Michigan falls perfectly into that category Oh, sure, big time heroes like Charles Lindbergh and Madonna hail from here, and so does President Gerald Ford, but do they compare to superhero Captain Jackson, who strolls arounIs it weird that the Wolverine State may never have had any wolverines in it We think so, and that suits us fine The weirder the better, we say, and Michigan falls perfectly into that category Oh, sure, big time heroes like Charles Lindbergh and Madonna hail from here, and so does President Gerald Ford, but do they compare to superhero Captain Jackson, who strolls around town in a purple cape doing good deeds Well, yes, maybe they do, but the captain, in our opinion, is representative of our fine state Because, let s face it, Michigan has a great big quantity of weirdness That s how we were able to entice best selling author Linda Godfrey to swim over from Wisconsin, grab a notebook, and track down all kinds of serious weirdness for you, Motown flowing through her headphones the whole time Just turn the pages and see what she found Read about the guru of toilet paper, the Devil s Soup Bowl, a bottle house and a bottle tower, our own Bigfoot, a pickle barrel house, the world s fastest cow, a fire breather and an eyeball smoker, the Outhouse Classic, UFOs of every size and shape, crop circles, and brown goo Just don t, no matter how tired you are, even think about sitting in the Witch s Chair It s a great state Especially since we have lots of lake monsters and all our residents live no than six miles from an inland lake at least that s what our state s official Web site says But Linda will take you way beyond what the governor s office will tell you to say nothing of what your history teacher left out of the lesson plans We think you ll agree that Weird Michigan, a brand new entry in the best selling Weird U.S series, is a trip no self respecting Michigander or Michiganian, if you prefer and that s pretty odd, don t you think would ever want to miss.
    Weird Michigan Linda S. Godfrey

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    One thought on “Weird Michigan”

    1. I am not going to lie I really, really enjoyed this book I actually read it with a Google window open in front of me so I could look things up, even if it was just a town on a map The whole book really made me feel like I needed to let my freak flag fly There were just so many cool and or weird things in there I caught myself telling Hubby about a bigfoot sighting that happened just a town away in 1992 and things like this lead to whole discussions.There s everything in this book You ve got your [...]

    2. As a Wisconsinite, I may be a little biased towards this book However, I m still of the opinion that it s GREAT It s not often that you find books that focus on weirdness for weirdness sake especially ones that focus on the Midwest Traditionally, we re thought of as mild mannered, plain people living in an average area Of course, this book tosses that notion out the window Such oddities as the Beast of Bray Road a werewolf like monster , Ed Gein the inspiration for numerous slasher films , and n [...]

    3. There was entirely too much material from the UP I believe that the author was from Wisconsin and didn t feel like traveling to the Detroit area for a lot of her research There are much better stories to tell than the ones she did However, she did get some right and I have been there to prove it.

    4. I absolutely adore odd ball books, especially those which discuss local oddities such as this one Whether believable or absurd, the accounts and facts listed in this book captured my imagination After reading this book, I couldn t help but be impressed by the sheer weirdness of my state.

    5. I m ready for my road trip to Wisconsin Good pictures, but this book should be organized rationally let s say by city than it currently is by topic.

    6. Ever wonder where you can walk into a Muscallunge s mouth Ever wonder where the best folk and outsider art are off the beaten path Ever seen the beast of Bray Road This book compiles snippets of intriguing art, museums, cryptids, ghosts and their residences in Wisconsin Some of these places I definitely know about House on the Rock and many new ones have been found My only qualm is they only hinted at the Goat Man story around Holy Hill in one sentence, but really never talked further about the [...]

    7. Over all I enjoyed this book, although I could not get through the roadside oddities I was bored But for the the whole book I loved it

    8. Believe it or not, this book was a lot of fun to read It also made me wonder, for the first time since the mid 70s about my fearlessness in wandering Michigan alone The pages of Weird Michigan are filled with pictures and stories of the bizarre, odd, eerie and unexplained things that inhabit or have inhabited Michigan The book is organized into twelve sections, such as Bizarre Beasts, Unexplained Phenomena, Roadside Oddities and Cemetery Safari Some of the most interesting or unusual stories wer [...]

    9. This was a really cool one Many of the myths, legends, and places featured here I ve never heard of Others, I ve visited One Blood Road is just 10 minute drive from my home Although I should add that the local Lapeer County stories I heard about that road were very different than the ones featured in the book Actually, when M 24 was under severe construction that resulted in a 9 5 parking lot a few years back, Blood Road was a major part of my scenic route home It s a very pretty drive with the [...]

    10. i love reading these books despite the fact that for the most part, they re all the same just in different states every state has its gravity roads, its abandoned mental hospitals, its ghost lights, its bigfoots, and its ufos , i still get a huge kick out of them, and tend to fly through them when i do read them there s just something about them that appeals to the kid in me that once wanted to be a cryptozoologistat said, while i really liked this one, i didn t LOVE it the way i have others may [...]

    11. I really think this book deserves about a 2.5 I enjoyed it, but not enough for three stars I am interested in seeing much of MI, but this book is not one I will turn to to find out where to go or what to see What it really needs is a cross reference guide, a few maps, and a logical, i.e geographical, organization of material It also could use some good editing As a new Michigander, I need all of the help I can get to find put about my new homeland, but I do not think this is the book to do tha [...]

    12. Ah, Wisconsin, you do have your oddities, don t you This isn t a book to read so much as to skim or sample, but I did read it cover to cover sometimes the stories are just too interesting to stop However, this book just about lost me at the beginning when, on page 28, Cthulhu was presented as the entity for which the walled city of Aztalan existed, around 1320 a.d Really The fictional character and legend made up by H P Lovecraft We all have to suspend disbelief a bit to read about local legends [...]

    13. I guess I had higher hopes for this book than what I got This book has lots of ghost stories, some roadside attractions, but mostly stories that have been passed around about various.s You eventually get tired of the ghost stories, geological findings, and there are a few too many wolfmen for my tastes The only reason I haven t abandoned it totally is because the stories are fairly short So I ve been skipping around, opening the book and flipping through to things I haven t read yet.

    14. Definitely local interest here This is essentially a scrapbook of the odd, strange, nasty, interesting and haunted places and people in Wisconsin Trouble for me is that Ed Gein is mixed in there with folk artists who create concrete parks It s a read hodge podge, and many of the anecdotes were from email addresses Still, it made for an interesting afternoon finding the familiar and unfamiliar in the Badger state, I just wouldn t buy it.

    15. For anyone who likes reading about the paranormal, supernatural, eccentric, or simply bizarre, this is a fun read I really enjoyed it, probably due largely to the fact that I am a native Michigander Michiganian , but I think it would also be interesting to anyone who s planning a trip to Michigan or has been to Michigan in the past If one has no interest in the odd or unique, or Michigan, then this probably isn t the book for that person.

    16. Born and raised in Wisconsin this book was a fascinating read I loved reading all the creepy stories and unusual aspects about this state I call home My only complaint about this book is that I wished there was focus on the supernatural creepy ghost stories about this state and less on the oddities such as museums and road side attractions.

    17. I was hoping to find some cool destinations to take the kiddos to when I checked out this book Rather, it is a collection of odd stories legends circulating in certain communities Only a handful provided enough clues to actually find the sites I would imagine these same stores could be duplicated for any state Well, maybe not the chapters on Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer.

    18. One doesn t so much read this book as one skims through it There are Weird books for almost anyplace in the USA, and a few overseas, and it s a guilty pleasure to find familiar places that have mysterious or just plain goofiness attached.I didn t know the Kalamazoo Civic Theater had a resident ghost until I found its entry in Ms Godfrey s opus Fun and very lightweight.

    19. my husband thought that it was funny to give this to me for Christmas I m from Michigan actually, it s a beautiful book, although I believe some of these stories ostensibly with newspaper sources are cut out of whole cloth, just flat out made up But many of the sites are legit, as I can attest Just fun

    20. This contains lots of interesting myths, legends, and stories about my state I ve always been entertained by ghost tales or events of unexplainable origin, so naturally, this book was something I would like to read Occasionally, I ll open it back up and read up on some things There are probably countless stories that could have been featured in this, but there is only room for so much

    21. This book was really interesting I loved it I have been to a few of the places I think Michiganders would get the most out of this book because they are closer to the places One of the stories was close to me thought because I had family members injured in the Bath School Disaster.

    22. An interesting read that peaked my interest in checking out a few new places in Wisconsin However, many stories from Baraboo and Wisconsin Dells were missing, which was disappointing It was also a little creepy, so I probably shouldn t have read it before bed

    23. Great combo of fact and ridiculous to make this a fun book Also lots of pictures so that people of all ages can enjoy it The only downside to the book is you have to google the places if you want to see them There are no addresses 0

    24. This one was just not as interesting to me as some of the other Weird books This had a lot strange and a lot less scary Seriously, The Rolling Muff Come on now UhokayThought Michigan would be much interesting I was not impressed

    25. I bought this for my boyfriend because he told me that the only things he enjoys reading these days are maps and menus this must change said I We love to drive around Michigan, up north and whatnot, and explore cemeteries, old buildings, historic sites, etc this is a really good gift book

    26. This is a really good book It has many different storys of the legends of the state of Michigan and the experiments some people have had with the legends I recommend this book for people that like horror books.

    27. I m too much of a skeptic to have enjoyed most of this book, though having said that, being a Michigander myself I ve had first hand experience with a couple of the subjects in the stories included within its pages.I found the final chapter on abandoned buildings most interesting.

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