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The First Jason Mott The First In Jason Mott s haunting and unforgettable debut novel The Returned an impossible miracle is occurring all across the globe Read how it all begins in this short story The First It s been just over

  • Title: The First
  • Author: Jason Mott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The First Jason Mott In Jason Mott s haunting and unforgettable debut novel, The Returned, an impossible miracle is occurring all across the globe Read how it all begins in this short story, The First.It s been just over a year since Edmund Blithe died, and just over a month since his fianc e, Emily, stopped wearing her engagement ring Emily has finally begun to move on Until Edmund mysteriIn Jason Mott s haunting and unforgettable debut novel, The Returned, an impossible miracle is occurring all across the globe Read how it all begins in this short story, The First.It s been just over a year since Edmund Blithe died, and just over a month since his fianc e, Emily, stopped wearing her engagement ring Emily has finally begun to move on Until Edmund mysteriously and inexplicably returns, sending the world and Emily into a tailspin.Edmund is only just the beginning Around the world, people s loved ones are returning from beyond, seeking only to reenter the lives they left behind As the world dives deep into uncertainty, Emily and Edmund are determined to find their way back to one another even if it means risking everything.The reappearances continue in The Sparrow, and look for The Returned from Harlequin MIRA, a moving tale of a family given a second chance at life and a world where nothing not even death is certain.
    The First Jason Mott

    • [E-Book] ☆ The First | by ☆ Jason Mott
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    1. Not bad for a free story and sets things up for the full novel I see no reason not to check it out now if you re at all curious about this author s debut Keep in mind though that this doesn t paint the complete picture of the entire first novel, it s similar to the vignettes that are scattered throughout the main book So, if you didn t like this novella or think it s lacking something, that s because it is the rest of the surrounding story This is a free short prequel on that tells how the firs [...]

    2. 1.5A man comes back from the dead a year after his funeral His fianc e decides to find where the government keeps him People are scared and confused at least in the USA Elsewhere in the world, the uneducated savages kill their own returned It s possible I wasn t in the mood so take this with a grain of salt The idea is good enough.

    3. I have not read The Returned, so I have no idea what that book is like I picked this and two other audiobooks up for free from Audible because I like having something quick and short to listen to while I clean or run errands etc So, coming into this story, I didn t know what to expect horror, most likely but I was surprised at how mundane it was I don t necessarily mean that in a bad way, though I actually like when an author can show the mundane aspects of life and make me believe it, and feel [...]

    4. Initial reaction Quick review to come Probably the reason why I enjoyed this as much as I did was because I read the audio version It is a short story and snippet of Mott s debut novel The Returned , but I thought it was a very good lead in story, and I was drawn to it by the cast of characters Not quite as intimate as I would ve liked, but decent for this brief read.Full review Quick review for a quick read The First is a short story introduction to Jason Mott s The Returned I thought that this [...]

    5. Would you listen to The First again Why I wouldn t listen to this short story on its own again but if I was going to listen to The Returned again, I would listen to the three prequel short stories of which this is the first again, too.Who was your favorite character and why My favourite character was probably Edmund Blythe because he seemed like a really nice guy coping as well as could be expected in completely unprecedented circumstances.What about Victor Bevine s performance did you like I th [...]

    6. Having already finished reading the book The Returned , I found out about this short story trilogy So I went back and read this which is intended to be read as an introduction to the book It also contains a preview of the novel In the first chapter of The Returned Edmund Blithe is mentioned in one sentence as being the very first reported Returned This is his story It is a story of young love, the sadness of fresh grief and the feelings of starting to accept a loved one s death after a year long [...]

    7. anaslair.wordpress 2015 0Premise The First is the first pardon the redundancy of several prequels to Mott s novel The Returned.It tells us about the first returned, Edmund, who had died 1 year prior, before he and his fianc e Emily got a chance to get married It is a short account of how the two of them, as well as the rest of the world, react to such an impossibility.Review For the most part, I enjoyed listening to The First The narrator was pretty good he set a very fast pace throughout the en [...]

    8. This was a super short story a couple dozen pages, at most that served as one of two prequels to Mott s THE RETURNED, a book I haven t read yet but have added it to my Want this because these little teaser stories certainly did their jobs in hooking me inE FIRST is just a glimpse into the world that Mott created, one where the dead are coming back to life, and this particular story is centered around Edmund, the first guy to rise from the dead Except he doesn t know that he s been dead for a yea [...]

    9. Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes Some time ago I read The Returned which features an interesting story on how people respond when their deceased family and friends return from the dead Not as zombies, but they just are there again Especially that idea I found intriguing.The First is the first of three prequel short stories that belong with that novel, featuring the story of one of the returned each In The First the story of the very first of the Returned is told, which I thought was [...]

    10. This didn t suck me in like I expected it to None of the characters actually get to feel or process the emotions a return of a lost loved one will imaginably bring up I m not blaming the third person limited voice that bit I actually liked rather than the writing itself It s the telling rather than showing and a terrible distance to the characters who are going through this upheaval.It s a lukewarm first glimpse into the world of The Returned, but luckily the preview of the actual novel is bette [...]

    11. This was a very different kind of story I have to say that I really liked the premise a LOT Basically people begin returning from the dead They don t realize that they ve been dead, so they freak a lot of living people out They don t remember their deaths, only everything leading up to them Like I said, interesting It has a melancholy mood to it, so if you re feeling down this might not be the best book to pick up.

    12. Short storyIt s hard to categorize this story It s a romance, with a kind of ghost so does that make it a paranormal romance However, the ghost isn t really a ghost Whatever it is, it was wonderful I m planning on reading the other 2 prequels I have and start the rest beginning of the series.

    13. Quick short story intriguing, and I felt for the characters I might pick up The Returned in the future to see how this premise plays out.

    14. If you enjoyed The Returned, check out these three prequels Quick reads They offer a little background to the story.

    15. The Returned was a lyrical novel of past and present, life and death, and pain and remembrance It wasn t a particularly great novel, but it told a pleasant story about death while maintaining a very positive outlook It s a book about people suddenly returning from the dead no zombies or rot here the people just show up alive like no time has passed, without much of an understanding of what s happened to them and just before its release, the author and publisher released a series of e short stori [...]

    16. The First is one of three short story prequels to Jason Mott s debut novel The Returned, these stories are currently all available for free on and other ebook stores I don t know if this will change in the future and are a nice introduction to the world that the author has created The novel already has a lot of hype surrounding it and has even been picked up by Brad Pitt s production company to be turned into a TV series so I was very curious to try these prequels.In this story Emily has been gr [...]

    17. This short story is one of three prequels to the upcoming novel The Returned I got this as a free download from the Kindle bookstore.The basic premise of the book, this story, and the upcoming television series is that people are mysteriously returning from the dead as if nothing has happened However, life has gone on for their family and friends, and no one knows what to make of the returned.In this story, the first known of The Returned, Edmund, shows up at work a year after his death from bei [...]

    18. Attention contains minor spoilers I don t feel I can give a justified rating here, as these are not really short stories in a classic sense, they are merely longer vignettes, focusing on stories of love and loss, set around the events in Jason Mott s The Returned, a novel in which the deceased suddenly, inexplicably return The First is the tale of Edmund Blithe, the first person to return one year after having died from a tragic accident, shortly after having proposed to his girlfriend.This one [...]

    19. Having really enjoyed The Returned last year I was excited to see these short story prequels come out In The First, we get to see how it all began with the return of Edmund Blithe and how this mysterious occurrence not only effects him but his fianc and the rest of the world as they try to navigate through this unusual, frightening and exciting miracle.It has been about a year since Emily s fianc , Edmund Blithe, was hit by a bus and died Edmund had proposed the day before he died and it has tak [...]

    20. Review Taken from The Pewter WolfThe First is the first prequel to the novel The Returned by Jason Mott which should be out in September And The Returned has already got a bit of hype around it Brad Pitt s production company won a bidding war to turn it into a TV show and ABC has asked for a pilot the show will be called Resurrection So don t get confused over it with The Returned, Channel 4 s french zombie thriller.The First follows Emily It s been a year since her fiancee Edmund died in a sudd [...]

    21. The First is a novella of The Returned, and as the title would suggest, the story is about the first of the Returned.This short story, as well as the other two stories written in this mini trilogy, take a look at the various ways people cope with death That isn t me reading anything into the meaning of the stories, or making an interpretation There s a preface that explains the purpose and meaning behind the series of prequels.The story is supposed to be a in depth account of the first person t [...]

    22. The forward to this book is so compelling that I knew I would read the other books in this series even before I started the first chapter simply because of the author s comments I want to share excerpts from Jason Mott s comments about his motivation This story is born out of my novel, The Returned, about a global event in which long deceased loved ones have begun returning from the deadWe all have many methods and mechanisms help us conquer the silence left behind by the passing of a loved one [...]

    23. The First is a prequel to the soon to be released The Returned, in which people s deceased loved ones are returning from beyond.A well written prequel is a marvellous marketing tool for the book to come In The First, Edmund Blithe is the first to return, a year since he was killed in a bus accident and with no knowledge of his passing He turns up to work early and is surprised that someone seems to have taken over his cubicle As his co workers start to arrive they are surprised, horrified and af [...]

    24. This novella is so sweet It follows Edmund Blithe, who blithely turns up to work, alive and well, exactly a year after his death Chaos ensues, and soon he s being questioned by government officials and hounded by the media But he has no answers he can t even remember being dead According to his memory, he proposed to his girlfriend, Emily, a few days ago, and all he wants to do is see her again.Emily has spent the last year trying to forget the man who died the day after he proposed to her She s [...]

    25. I m not quite sure what I expected going into The First, a prequel short to Jason Mott s intriguing new series, The Returned I do know that I wasn t expecting to feel so much emotion reading something this short.Emily lost her fiance, Edmund, to a freak accident a year ago She has struggled to move on and only recently took her engagement ring off her finger Life for her has been beyond difficult and every day has been a struggle Suddenly Emily s life is again turned upside down when her mother [...]

    26. Imagine a world in which the dead start coming back to life They have no memories from when they were gone they simply start appearing all over the globe This is the premise of Jason Mott s novel, The Returned In this prequel to the novel, the first of the returned is introduced Edmund Blithe died a little over a year ago, but this morning, he showed up for work As if this were not alarming enough, Edmund s fiancee, Emily, only just stopped wearing her engagement ring Now, she learns that he is [...]

    27. As I said, I first saw the TV series then found these three books for free on audible and I was delighted These are short stories, each depicting the return of one person and the impact it has The narrator is very cool and calm in his story telling method which adds to the over all chilling effect of the stories.That said, I found these stories to be very dark and for now, although I think this is a brilliant way to promote the full length novel, I will wait a bit before I buy the novel The TV s [...]

    28. I was quite curious about this book It sounded a bit like zombies and yet not so.I truly loved this book, we get the viewpoints of both the Returnee and the woman who lost him a year ago.It was a very touching story, one where I almost shed a few tears How the woman was confused, but also happy that he was back That she felt sorry that she tried to forget him, that she wanted to know why he is back I loved that she just went to him, even though she knew it might be a bit before she could see the [...]

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