The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography #2020

The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography Alan Jacobs The Book of Common Prayer A Biography While many of us are familiar with such famous words as Dearly beloved we are gathered together here or Ashes to ashes dust to dust we may not know that they originated with The Book of Common Pra

  • Title: The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography
  • Author: Alan Jacobs
  • ISBN: 9780691154817
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography Alan Jacobs While many of us are familiar with such famous words as, Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here or Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we may not know that they originated with The Book of Common Prayer, which first appeared in 1549 Like the words of the King James Bible and Shakespeare, the language of this prayer book has saturated English culture and letters.While many of us are familiar with such famous words as, Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here or Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we may not know that they originated with The Book of Common Prayer, which first appeared in 1549 Like the words of the King James Bible and Shakespeare, the language of this prayer book has saturated English culture and letters Here Alan Jacobs tells its story Jacobs shows how The Book of Common Prayer from its beginnings as a means of social and political control in the England of Henry VIII to its worldwide presence today became a venerable work whose cadences express the heart of religious life for many.The book s chief maker, Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, created it as the authoritative manual of Christian worship throughout England But as Jacobs recounts, the book has had a variable and dramatic career in the complicated history of English church politics, and has been the focus of celebrations, protests, and even jail terms As time passed, new forms of the book were made to suit the many English speaking nations first in Scotland, then in the new United States, and eventually wherever the British Empire extended its arm Over time, Cranmer s book was adapted for different preferences and purposes Jacobs vividly demonstrates how one book became many and how it has shaped the devotional lives of men and women across the globe.
    The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography Alan Jacobs

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      389 Alan Jacobs
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    1. Marvelous read and a lovely little book Jacobs weaves history, theology, and politics in this life story of the BCP Confirmed one of my deepest worries that I m an Anglican at heart.

    2. Once official religious words get firmly established, people get nervous about any changes to them Understandably What John Henry Newman called the temper of innovation, change for change s sake, is disruptive to social harmony And when Christianity is the official religion of a nation civil peace is therefore tied to it and people are even nervous about change Understandably This is precisely what has happened in England over the centuries A complex of factors especially the advent of a firmly [...]

    3. I was born, baptized, and confirmed in the Episcopal Church The Book of Common Prayer 1928 was our guide to worship for my family until I jumped ship in high school The current BCP appeared after I had left, but even prior to that the priest at our church was using a variety of experimental and modern Eucharistic services.Alan Jacobs a professor of the humanities at Wheaton College takes us on a gentle and at times not so gentle journey through the story of this masterpiece of religious literat [...]

    4. American academic Alan Jacobs is a Distinguished Professor in the honours program of Baylor University, a Baptist institution in Waco Texas He was previously the Clyde Kilby Professor of English at Wheaton College, where he almost became an institution in his own right, spending thirty years in the post He has been compared to CS Lewis a fair comparison, given his interests in classical literature and religion He has, in fact, written on Lewis, with particular reference to his children s books, [...]

    5. Anything I ve ever read by Alan Jacobs has been enjoyable and reading his biography of the Book of Common Prayer BCP was no exception Having been in the Anglican Church of Canada in the past, our family is familiar with both the Prayer Book services and those of the Alternative Book of Services It was therefore of personal interest to learn about how the high and low services came to be But even for those with no previous personal connection, this entry in Princeton University Press s Lives of [...]

    6. This was Marvelous Absolutely fascinating As a long time Episcopalian I didn t expect to learn nearly as much as I did Turns out that many things which I thought were always part of the service and liturgy are actually 19th and 20th century changes to a much pared down, Reformation service Jacobs is a wonderful writer, and the book never for me, at least bogs down into dry detail As well as the people you would expect to find here King Henry VIII, Thomas Cranmer, Oliver Cromwell, etc people suc [...]

    7. A few centuries of british history in 200 fascinating pages through the life of the Book of Common Prayer If the phrase Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today sounds familiar, you have the Book of Common Prayer to thank It s the Church of England s liturgical map of life from birth to death and beyond, and for every year in between Jacobs highlights the writers and printers, the rulers and priests, while exploring some of the most contested aspects of a book which has been at the center of d [...]

    8. Probably way too dry for anyone but liturgical, theological, or rubrical nerds If you belong to an English speaking liturgically minded church, however, this little book is of interest, since the Book of Common Prayer has informed the conduct of the Divine Service throughout the world, and far beyond the limits of the Anglican Communion My own non Anglican church s best beloved Communion service draws heavily on the BCP It was also sadly refreshing to discover that acrimony over small changes in [...]

    9. A quick, interesting read on one of the most influential books in the English language and one I love Jacobs is a great writer and his ability to summarize complex issues was very much on display I read this book for fun NERD ALERT and indeed had a lot of it.

    10. An excellent little history of this important, enduring liturgy Particularly recommended for new Episcopalians or Anglicans like myself Well written and interesting.

    11. I very much enjoyed this potted history of the Book of Common Prayer It offers a glimpse of the events, and key players surrounding the English Reformation The story moves at a fair pace, leaving the reader wanting to delve deeper into some of the comprehensive histories of the English church, the monarchy, the English Reformers and those who opposed them.There was some new information about the conduct of the liturgy in the English churches prior to the Act of Supremacy It was a fascinating pi [...]

    12. I didn t know that, because of the failed revision efforts in 1928, the only official Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England is a very slightly altered version of the one introduced in 1662 p 164.

    13. Fascinating backstory to one of the treasures of the English language, along with a lot of history of the Church of England.

    14. Wish there was on the actual collects and specifics of the service, but that wasn t the purpose of the book it seems.

    15. This book is a history of The Book of Common Prayer and deals primarily with the traditional versions of the prayer book, not the modern deviations that have been made in the last thirty years or so, the book is very well written and is historically very accurate, and a pleasant read, l like the older prayer books and Confession s of faith in their original form without the modern less reverential language, and l get a feeling from the author s words that he is of the same sentiment, a very good [...]

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed Alan Jacobs The Book of Common Prayer A Biography, which delivers on its title, serving up a concise history of this uniquely Anglican book, from its origins at the pen of Thomas Cranmer to the various efforts to modernize it Three minor criticisms first, the book is too short, and left me wanting this is of course a positive from a glass half full perspective Second, and gravely, the book lacks an overt bibliography, which would seem to be essential for a concise book of [...]

    17. Recently I heard Alan Jacobs, author of The Book of Common Prayer A Biography, interviewed on Mars Hill Audio Journal The whole discussion intrigued me and so I snatched up a copy of this 236 page hardback I found it easy to read, free of laborious longitudinal loquaciousness, and full of perceptive and instructive material.The first five chapters of The Book of Common Prayer take the reader through the environmental history of Thomas Cranmer and his original prayer book, as well as its literary [...]

    18. This is a most excellent book about another most excellent book, the Reformation era Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England and its successors Archbishop Thomas Cranmer s Book of Common Prayer, the Coverdale Psalter it contained, the Authorized King James Version of the Bible, and the plays of Shakespeare forged English into a profound instrument of expression, as noble and various as a piano or violin, capable of immense range I shall highlight only a few of Prof Jacobs book s many virt [...]

    19. This is a history of the Anglican prayer book, an amenable read by the formidable Alan Jacobs I ve really appreciated the Book of Common Prayer at certain moments in my life, so this was an interesting read It also is a good bridge to reflect upon the culture forming potential of liturgy and the impact that worship structure can have on the theology and life of a nation.

    20. A very excellent and worthwhile beginning with a disappointing and depressing conclusion.It is a bit surprising how long it takes him to get into any discussion of the thirty nine articles and when they were discussed they were for the most part a parenthetical and out of place in the discussion considering where the rest of the structural elements of the BCP are described his assertion that they are not really a part of the BCP notwithstanding I was also surprised that any discussion of the Ath [...]

    21. Alan Jacobs short and erudite introduction to the history of the Book of Common Prayer from Cramner onward helps Anglicans and English students understand the origins, wording and purpose of this guide to worship He points out that the book at first was a way to impose a Reformation sensibility on the English people and was an arm of the state at a time when church and state were separating The book was such a political football that it was banned twice first under Bloody Mary and then under Cro [...]

    22. I have an overwhelming love for the Book of Common Prayer BCP It is truly one of my favorite things about being an Episcopalian So when I saw this slim volume, I couldn t resist Jacobs does an excellent job weaving history, theology, and culture to explain why the BCP is what is is and what is not For example, the book does a good job explaining what it meant for non established churches i.e not the Church of England to develop their own prayer books and he also does an excellent job discussing [...]

    23. This is a great overview on what the Book of Common Prayer has meant to the Anglican Communion throughout the years This book walks the reader through many different periods of Christian history mostly in England, though there is some information about Scotland and the United States It s not a detailed history by any means, but for anyone who uses the BCP on a frequent basis, or who simply wants to know about Christian history, it s a great read For me personally, this book has made me appreci [...]

    24. The Broad Sweep of Anglican Liturgical HistoryThis biography of a book served to illuminate the complex changes in Anglican liturgy over the almost 500 years of formal change I enjoyed the pace and style of the writing of what could have been a plodding subject Even for a Methodist we use considerable of the Anglican liturgy, in our own way, today it provided real insight into how we have arrived where we are in our liturgy, the debates that have shaped it and it s relationship to the believers [...]

    25. Short Review Excellent history of the book of common prayer Jacobs walks the reader through its creation, it major controversies and revisions and then how others outside of England adapted their own Books of Common Prayer What was most interesting to me was how the book of common prayer was designed to be a unifying document for the whole of the Church of England but from the very beginning the minor differences were used to encourage factions And how because of those factions it is essentially [...]

    26. I have to confess I love most of what Jacobs writes He writes in a beautiful way, intelligently, and also easy to understand His biography on the Book of Common Prayer was absolutely wonderful I loved it You can tell Jacobs in a fan of the book, but he does a wonderful job of telling its story the highs and the lows of it It was beautifully written, well researched, and intriguing all at the same time It brought to light many things I didn t understand about the book of common prayer.

    27. This is a great series short, expertly written biographies of major religious texts This one follows the Anglican Book of Common Prayer from Cranmer s library to the British Empire and the post colonial world of the Church of South India, with all the stops in between, from the 1662 service to the aborted 1928 revision, Anglo Catholics, language choices and the cultural effect the services have had on what we think of as ritual and formality Dearly beloved

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