Entwined #2020

Entwined Kristen Callihan Entwined Eamon Evernight has always lived in his older brother s shadow While his brother is fair of hair and lithe in body Eamon sparks fear with his fiery locks and massive frame a nd rumors of a mysterious

  • Title: Entwined
  • Author: Kristen Callihan
  • ISBN: 9781455577774
  • Page: 421
  • Format: ebook
  • Entwined Kristen Callihan Eamon Evernight has always lived in his older brother s shadow While his brother is fair of hair and lithe in body, Eamon sparks fear with his fiery locks and massive frame a nd rumors of a mysterious power But when his brother has the good fortune to be betrothed to a beautiful stranger, it s Eamon s help and quick wit and romantic heart that he needs Eamon agrEamon Evernight has always lived in his older brother s shadow While his brother is fair of hair and lithe in body, Eamon sparks fear with his fiery locks and massive frame a nd rumors of a mysterious power But when his brother has the good fortune to be betrothed to a beautiful stranger, it s Eamon s help and quick wit and romantic heart that he needs Eamon agrees to write the noble lady a generous offer that will forever leave him a changed man Lady Luella Jane Moran has no interest in an arranged marriage and tries valiantly to dissuade her betrothed from afar Though her own letters plainly state her case, the words her husband to be writes her leave her aching for his touch Will Lu give in to the desire the missives have kindled within her Or will desire turn cold when she discovers their true author
    Entwined Kristen Callihan

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      421 Kristen Callihan
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    One thought on “Entwined”

    1. SpoilersNot usually a fan of novellas but I quite liked this one The main characters were likeable, and the romance was rather adorable Eamon and Lu were great together I thought it was sweet how they fell in love through letters, and really got to know each other before meeting, it kept the romance from suffering from insta love I was annoyed at how long it took Lu to figure out that Aiden her betrothed wasn t the one that had been writing to her It was obvious that Eamon had been writing on hi [...]

    2. Adorable and sexy historical romance novella with a twist in the plot Penpal romance between gruff giant redhead H who though nobility loves to work in his smithy and sweet, passionate h eventually develops into marriage and they get a wonderful HEA after some stuff is sorted out There were only a couple of love scenes but both of them were hot 4.5 stars Safety Safe romance view spoiler H and h are virgins and are each other s one and only hide spoiler Note Can absolutely be read as a standalone [...]

    3. Highly entertaining Silly Full of the usual shenanigans of historical romance novels, with a small dash of the paranormal Arranged marriage, Cyrano de Bergerac on crack, lots of lies, people keeping secrets all around and complete failiure to talk to each other Steamy sex Murder Some violence and severed body parts Great fun Going back to reading this series in it s proper order now You probably should read it in order anyway The last line of this novella might be spoilerish for another novel I [...]

    4. This novella is a wonderful addition the the Darkest London series.Although the story is short 14 Chapters it had everything There was suspense, mystery, a well developed romantic relationship between the H h, and of course a bit of the paranormal.The writing, story, and characters were amazing The author s description of Eamon made me SO happy, because those who know me, know I have a very healthy cougar crush on Prince Harry well guess who Eamon is described as looking like HARRY YAY So here y [...]

    5. sweet adorable read with a twist Hero is a sweet gentle red head giant herione is sweet and alittle sassy I liked both of them I loved their letters to each other Enjoyable read safety both H And h are virgins h does give H s brother a kiss on the lips of a peck only because she thought he was the H you have to read it to understand there were only two sex scenes first one not so hot.lol it was kind of awkward and they haven t even kissed yet second one was hot and finally we get their first ki [...]

    6. Anyone in the mood for a virgin blacksmith hero Do I really need to ask Kristen Callihan delivers again with this novella installment in her Darkest London series If you don t already read her books, don t worry This works 100% as a standalone But the series is so great, I tell you without reservation go read it now This story only ties with the other books by the slenderest of threads.More than anything this is a Cyrano story Aidan has been betrothed to a woman he has never seen and has no desi [...]

    7. For now, would you be so kind as to humour your fianc and refer to me as E.Your devoted, if not slightly eccentric, E.P.S Forget you You are my waking breath, and my sleeping sigh.Eamon Hollis Evernight to Lady Luella Moran, May 1826Just imagine me melting away P.S Forget you You are my waking breath, and my sleeping sigh That s romance that s deeply romantic.This little gem of a novella gives the reader of the Darkest London series the story of Holly Evernight s grandparents, the heroine of Eve [...]

    8. I m giving it a 4 for the letters the love declaration alone Also, Eamon s magic is badass for the record.Delightful little pick me up that suited my mood perfectly Quick plot development and relationship building in the end surebut oh well.

    9. The story of Eamon Evernight and his brother Aidan was surprisingly good It seems that Aidan is one half of a arranged marriage between two families and he has no desire to be involved but will do his duty for his family.Lu is the other half of this arrangement and is about has thrilled as Aidan is but there are several hidden surprises here that will be revealed to the reader as this novella progresses.The whole books revolves around the fact that Eamon writes all the letters to Lu signing them [...]

    10. 5 of 5 stars The novella follows the story of Eamon, his brother Aidan and Lu who is arranged to get married to Aidan Eamon writes letters to her under his brother name and the two of them grow close After a family tragedy Lu moves to their mansion for the wedding and then the great part begins.I liked the romance on the letters It was sweet, funny and very Victorian like You can see the discrimination on the society as also the way of living on arranged marriages But even for the short length t [...]

    11. ENTIWNED is a novella set in the Darkest London world It s the story of Eamon Evernight and Lady Luella Jane Moran Luella is set to marry Eamon s brother at a very young age, but he isn t ready to settle down yet Marriage isn t something that interests him so he makes his brother, Eamon write a letter to Lu and pretend to be him.Eamon isn t as callous as his brother so he tries to let her down slowly Except, much to his surprise, he finds that Lu has a backbone and isn t willing to take no just [...]

    12. Initial Thoughts 4.0 stars A novella set in the author s Darkest London series, Entwined was an enjoyable read I loved the beginning of the novella where Eamon Evernight, posing as his brother Aidan wrote letters to Aidan s intended, Lady Luella The letters are witty and the banter between these characters is entertaining The Review Kristen Callihan s Darkest London series is one of my favorite historical paranormal romance series The author captures the atmosphere of early 19th century England [...]

    13. This author is PHENOMENAL I LOVE her Her historical paranormal stories are the most original creative ever Since her first book, which I can only describe as a cross between Beauty the Beast Phantom of the Opera V for Vendetta crossed together I have been hooked This one was about a man betrothed to a woman through their fathers Luella writes to Aidan trying to convince him to go against their father s agreement Aidan cannot write, so he has his brother do it for him Eamon is the red headed devi [...]

    14. So I think I decided 4.5 stars Never in all my living years have I seen a sight equal to you He took a deep breath And you absolutely terrify me right now A shocked laughter left her, and the tension snapped Well, that s good, for you terrify me right now as well Oh, but she liked that he liked the look of her His shoulders eased on a deep breath Good, now that we ve established our mutual terror, we ve got nothing to worry about Pretty sure my face was like this almost the entire length of the [...]

    15. Originally reviewed on Romancing the Dark Side Entwined is a sweet and romantic novella with a touch of paranormal, another great addition to the Darkest London series This sweet and smexy novella set in the fabulous Darkest London world introduces us to two unlikely characters, Lady Luella Jane Moran and Eamon Evernight, a virgin bride and blacksmith brought together for an unexpected, but charming romance It all begins when Eamon s brother Aidan gets the news of his betrothal to Lady Luella Wi [...]

    16. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsThe first chapter of this novella was a little on the slow side it s hard to build any real momentum with correspondence exchanges Luella and Eamon s letters to each other were rather formal in the early stage which isn t surprising considering they re discussing their arranged marriage but the tone gradually becomes playful and flirty as the years progress The story gets kicked into high gear when they finally meet face to face and the last half of this quick read is an [...]

    17. Read this review on Got Fiction blogOh wow A ginger, blacksmith, shy, virgin hero I m so in This novella may be a part of Kristen Callihan s Darkest London series, but it works well on its own And I really loved it.Aidan Evernight is betrothed to Luella Ballyloch and he wants none of it But he decides that it s probably for the best for reasons only hinted at However Aidan can t read or write so he goes to his younger brother Eamon and asks for him to read him the letter his new fianc e has sent [...]

    18. Entwined is a Darkest London novella It might be a quick story, but Kristen Callihan still provides a highly entertaining and complete read Where many novellas fall short in plot and emotional character connections, Entwined gives us a bounty of both.Eamon Evernight is the second son and even though he is smart and good looking he is persecuted by his father and the villagers for his red evil hair When a marriage arrangement is made for his brother with Luella Moran, his brother employees Eamon [...]

    19. Dark, romantic, and full of secrets, Entwined was a brilliant historical romance It was an absolutely wonderful read Loved this novella Luella was a lovely heroine She was very likable and sweet She was hiding a few secrets and they took me by surprise I though she was a great character and I really liked her.Eamon was just as wonderful He was so sweet I adored him He s been seen as second best his entire life because, while his brother is the perfect classically handsome gentleman, Eamon is not [...]

    20. I am amazed at how well Kristen Callihan keeps the plots of her books so fresh Entwined is a little novella about the Evernight brothers, Aiden and Eamon Aiden is the eldest brother and unbeknownst to many, is illiterate He relies on his brother, Eamon to handle his correspondence Eamon is the least favorite of the sons because of his large size, reddish hair and the fact that his mother died in childbirth Father Evernight advises Aiden that he must marry the 16 year old daughter of a man who he [...]

    21. Long time readers of this site will know that the prospect of any new stories in Kristen Callihan s Darkest London series make me very happy Then to learn that the set up for the e novella Entwined was two people falling in love while writing to one another one of my favorite story set ups well I m lucky none of you could see my Dance of Joy Taking a step away from the familiar characters or the ongoing storyline, Entwined gives readers the chance to meet the patriarch of a family with strong ti [...]

    22. Charming short novella about unusual very young couple I loved it Just like everything else I have read by Kristen Callihan This was beautifully done it never felt short, the story felt rich and detailed and I so liked Eamus He was the sweet, beautiful, shy giant of a man If there is a theme in Mrs Calilhan s books it is that most characters seem to have had difficult relationships with their parents and mainly their father This is no exception.But I don t mind Because this was gorgeous And on t [...]

    23. I loved how Lu and Eamon got to know each other thru letters I felt for Eamon because what started as a lark became and it sucked as the whole time he was pretending to be his brother I hated how Eamon felt when Lu finally came and was to marry his brother I was glad with how things turned out Loved that each of them came clean with their secrets, yet was still with the person that they really wanted.

    24. This novella opens with a charming set of letters between the leads Then, the love story when they meet, though filled with issues is very sweet A ginger, blacksmith, vigin awesome.I would have been happy to spend time with this couple and his superpower but the novella felt complete and was very enjoyable.

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