美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 2 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories 2] #2020

美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 2 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories 2] Naoko Takeuchi 武内 直子 Bish jo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories KC

  • Title: 美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 2 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories 2]
  • Author: Naoko Takeuchi 武内 直子
  • ISBN: 9784063349153
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • 美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 2 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories 2] Naoko Takeuchi 武内 直子 KC
    美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 2 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories 2] Naoko Takeuchi 武内 直子

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      351 Naoko Takeuchi 武内 直子
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    One thought on “美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 2 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories 2]”

    1. Really, I don t think my review could do justice to the breathtakingly beautiful Sailor Moon story, Princess Kaguya s Lover But I ll try.Welcome to my fourteenth and last Sailor Moon manga review, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Short Stories Vol 2.The first short story is the above mentioned Princess Kaguya s Lover , the longest of the three Basically it s about Luna falling in love with a human man, centring on the classic Japanese folktale about the moon princess Kaguya already it had inspired t [...]

    2. Hm, so apparently my review from my tablet didn t get through.Anyway This volume is basically volume 11 of the old release, with an extra story called Parallel Sailor Moon Coincidentally, volume 11 was the very first manga volume I ever owned together with volume 9, so I knew it by heart at some point I do adore this cover, but it s slightly awkward to read in public I still love the stories very much The first one, Princess Kaguya, is probably my favourite, even though its space science makes l [...]

    3. The first story was good The other two were not needed they didn t add anything that I feel is important to the manga series.

    4. Ini adalah short stories yang paling kusuka dari sekian short stories yang ada Bisa dibilang mungkin ini bahkan jilid paling favorit dari keempat belas jilid serial Sailor Moon versi premium Karena di sini ada cerita khusus yang menggambarkan hubungan Luna dengan seorang fisikawan muda Dan sang Fisikawan sendiri memiliki hubungan cinta dengan seorang wanita astronot Aaaaa kerennya.Cerita ini yang membuatku jadi lebih menghormati Naoko Takeuchi bahkan ketika dulu aku masih meremehkan serial ini d [...]

    5. This is the second of two books of Sailor Moon short stories series is rated Teen so be aware of what you are offering if giving this book to a younger viewer especially since the cover is of Usagi and Mamoru in bed together with no shirts Talk about awkward when reading in public Like the last book in the series this book contains 3 parts though this book is simple containing just the chapters and not sub chapters The first of these three short stories we get to see is Princess Kaguya s Lover [...]

    6. Well, this was a big improvement over the previous short story volume Two of the three stories are actually quite good There s the famous Luna in love story one of the movies was based on it which I ve always loved and I still think is some of the best work Takeuchi did on the series I didn t have such fond memories of the second, Rei focused story, which let me be surprised by how good it was Maybe I m reading too much into it or giving Takeuchi too much credit, but I read it as a low key poke [...]

    7. First off, a big thanks to the South Hill Library in Spokane for ordering the PGSM Short Stories for the SPL when I asked, and making us the first on the hold list, so I could read them I really appreciate that This volume is the finale of the PGSM manga series, and it focuses on the story of the BSSM S movie first and foremost before moving on to Rei s story and then to Parallel SM It s no secret that Hearts in Ice is my favorite BSSM film, so it s obvious I loved this volume I can only hope th [...]

    8. there s basically two long stories this volume followed by a final fluff piece with alt universe sailor scout kids in the first and longest story luna falls in love with a astrophysicist he s already got a childhood friend pretty clearly signalled as a love interest it s sweet and i liked that the eventual romantic resolution had no bitterness to it whatsoever the second one is about rei where she again affirms that she is not presently interested in romance with the gentlemen, also reaffirming [...]

    9. Sooooo great I wanted to dwell in this world as much as I could and the final pages definitely did not disappoint me.I especially liked Princess Kaguya s love story Luna as a human being a maybe future with the children from the Sailor soldiersI am so happy to have grown up with such a great story that has continued to follow me through my childhood and adolescence up until now And it definitely isn t over now as I have the DVD s lying around that are wanting to be watched Also, there still is S [...]

    10. I liked this collection of short stories better than the previous set although, the first story was not very short, at 140 pages I have always loved Luna so I was happy to see her get the spotlight for once Also, Rei s story provided excellent character development and would have been a nice addition to the original series However, the final story was a little weird, and I m going to pretend that it never happened.

    11. Well, this is it The last of the updated Sailor Moon manga I liked the Volume 1 short stories a little better at points the first story in this collection seems to drag but we did finally get some of Takeuchi s notes in this one, so I really enjoyed that I also liked that they added a little retrospective at the end of the book It was a nice way to look back.

    12. Me encantaron especialmente las historias de Kaguya y Rei, ambas son muy dulces y tristes pero de un modo bello Ojal alg n dia Naoko Takeuchi vuelva a escribir sobre el universo de Sailor Moon, aunque s lo sea en historias cortas y autoconclusivas.

    13. What I enjoy about this collection of short stories so than the last set was how much character centric this version was I think that Rei and Luna get two emotionally resonate stories, a must for Sailor Moon fans

    14. All things Sailor Moon make me so happy and I always had a soft spot for Luna s story5 5Once again I love Luna s story, I had forgotten how long it was but it was adorable and Luna as a human is so beautiful Rei s story is also great but I forgotten how long it was hahaha The Parallel Sailor Moon story is okay, not my favourite but still cute.Off to Sailor V

    15. I knew I was missing something from the original story, before Nehelenia and Galaxia Princess Kaguya I love that story, it felt so weird they plucked it out to put into the short stories series Four stars for Luna s beautiful love story and Rei s melancholy I m really not a fan of the last story though Seriously, all their kids are girls, have the same names and faces as the Sailors Feels a bit lazy to me Really didn t see the point besides fan service.

    16. Mejor que el volumen anterior pues las historias son algo m s largas, especialmente emotiva es la primera.

    17. Como su nombre lo indica este es el ltimo tomo de historias cortas Y a mi consideraci n el mejor de los dos vol menes que lo conforman Pues se encuentra la base de la pel cula de sailor moon en su temporada S El amante de la princesa Kayuja, donde sailor moon, le cumple a luna su m s a orado deseo para Navidad.4 lunitas

    18. I wasn t expecting to like this as much as I did, but man, these short stories really made an impression on me I haven t really been wowed by the Sailor Moon manga up until this point, but with this final collection, I think I may have been close to reaching that point, especially with the first two tales Princess Kaguya s Lover and Casa Blanca Memory both dealt with love and how people can fall into it over the wrong person The former was adapted into the Sailor Moon S movie which was truthfull [...]

    19. E cos definitivamente finita collezione manga Ora si inizia con quella anime XDManga che per mancher , quindi lo riprender spesso in mano, magari non per rileggerlo tutto ma anche s ma soprattutto per leggere certe parti, riguardarlo, odorarlo ed emozionarmi Parlando di questo numero mi piaciuta tantissimo la storia di Luna con lo scienziato, avevo gi visto il film che consiglio , ma leggere direttamente il fumetto stupendo E poi Luna in versione umana una delle ragazze pi belle del manga, mi pe [...]

    20. 6.5 10 It s all done It s a sad day Although I get to wait for the reboot of the anime series so there s that I liked this set of short stories better then the last one, but still nothing compared to the main stories The main short story follow Luna around where she falls in love with a human and the sailor scouts fight the ancient Princess Snow Kaguya This was the best of the short stories, and the longest Also, it hardly even has the sailor scouts really only appearing to defeat the bad girl T [...]

    21. This volume seemed to have less stories that the previous one but because the stories were so good, in their own ways, that s not a problem The first story takes up about half the book and is quite dramatic and touching, though I had to shake my head and laugh at some bits that asked the reader to suspend far disbelief than usual The second story was short but great for fans of Rei It delivers a lot of fine details about her normally secretive and aloof character The final story was just wacky [...]

    22. The first story that was Luna centric was amazing I ve always loved the Snow Kaguya story, especially the movie, and the manga version was beautiful.The middle story that was about Rei and her relationship issues was interesting, but not my favorite It was a little confusing with what was flashback and what wasn t Maybe it was supposed to be, but for such a short story, it got a little overcomplicated.The last story of the parallel universe was totally unnecessary, and I hated it That s probably [...]

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