Chew, Vol. 7: Bad Apples #2020

Chew, Vol. 7: Bad Apples John Layman Rob Guillory Chew Vol Bad Apples Presenting a new storyline of the New York Times Best Selling Harvey and multiple Eisner Award winner series about cops crooks cooks cannibals and clairvoyants Tony Chu the cibopathic federal age

  • Title: Chew, Vol. 7: Bad Apples
  • Author: John Layman Rob Guillory
  • ISBN: 9781607067672
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chew, Vol. 7: Bad Apples John Layman Rob Guillory Presenting a new storyline of the New York Times Best Selling, Harvey and multiple Eisner Award winner series about cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals, and clairvoyants Tony Chu the cibopathic federal agent with the ability to get psychic impressions from what he eats is back in action, just in time to face a cult of egg worshipping terrorists who ve declared holy war onPresenting a new storyline of the New York Times Best Selling, Harvey and multiple Eisner Award winner series about cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals, and clairvoyants Tony Chu the cibopathic federal agent with the ability to get psychic impressions from what he eats is back in action, just in time to face a cult of egg worshipping terrorists who ve declared holy war on the chicken eaters of the world.Collects CHEW 31 35.
    Chew, Vol. 7: Bad Apples John Layman Rob Guillory

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      John Layman Rob Guillory

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    1. only three to lazily review before i m DONE so, this again i burned through all ten published volumes of this series in a matter of months, and while i managed a fairly coherent review of the first volume, i am overwhelmed by the thought of going back and reviewing volumes 2 10, trying to recapture that innocent mindset that didn t know what happened in subsequent volumes and trying to stay within the lines of the volume i d be reviewing my hat is off to you serial comic book graphic novel revi [...]

    2. Aw, man, this is a tough review to write because I love Chew but this book is the first one I would say is average at best instead of out and out fantastic like the rest of the series has been I suppose it had to happen, no series is flawless except for Jason Aaron and RM Guera s Scalped.The story so far Tony s sister Toni has been killed by the cibopathic vampire who seems to be preparing for a full on war, and Tony is out for revenge Meanwhile the egg worshippers who re somehow connected to th [...]

    3. I was looking forward to reading another volume of this series Marsh Apples is a bit undertone than the others, it seems a volume of transaction, to prepare the ground for the following events.Chew is shaken by Amelia s loss and throws himself deep into the work, focusing on a number of cases hoping to find clues about the Vampire Here we see a tougher and bitter version of Chew, inclined to violence and blinded by the desire for revenge The numbers in this edition are also an opportunity to pr [...]

    4. Bad Apples is slightly an inferior Chew collection compared with others It may be a choc full of small details like Poyo s ridiculous spreads or Colby s unorthodox love trio with Penya and Applebee But it seems like Layman has rendered these good stuff in favor of Chew s meeting with the Vampire villain To be honest, Vamps never really appealed to me His panel time for character development is insufficient, save for volume 6.That Lying Cat cameo is so rad Despite a change of tone, a darker Chew [...]

    5. Vol 7 in this crazy series continues with the crazy but hugely entertaining plotline of trying to find the Vampire Along the way we follow Tony Chu as he works on various cases to help solve how to catch the Vamp This volume was super fun and a very quick read as all of Chew is I have to say I liked seeing the bad ass side of Tony as he comes back with a vengeance in this volume compared to how he was in previous volumes I definitely think Tony will be able to crack this case soon and with the s [...]

    6. Something of a tonal shift here Only to be expected, after the previous volume Tony has become a much grim and driven character Again, only to be expected It seems like there will be focus on the overarching story, instead of or less random stuff happening here and there with bits of story arc thrown in There s still random stuff, and I m glad for it The world would be the poorer without Pengthulu But much as it seems like there s greater focus on the overarching story, there isn t much forwa [...]

    7. There is so much going on in this series and I love it I m enjoying the art work and the plot I can t say much about what s going on because of spoilers but I will say that Tony has gone completely rogue and I m loving it

    8. I don t take a lot of time to talk about the art in comics What can I say, I m a words guy But I just wanted to take a second to talk about how much I like Rob Guillory s art in this book.Amount One A Lot Guillory has a great style I really don t think anyone could draw this book the way he does, and at the same time as you read, you never get lost in the page It s easy to see which dialogue balloon comes next People who are unfamiliar with comics will sometimes tell me their hesitance comes fro [...]

    9. My favorite thing about this volume The Director Penya Colby Applebee love triangle Had so much laughs on that one And still sad because of her.

    10. The last volume of ChewSpace Cakes was upsetting enough that I didn t read any further last night It wasn tV.C Andrews orCormac McCarthy level upsetting, but it left me with a hollowness that I genuinely didn t expect I d feel reading this comic series The books had been disturbing, yeah, but of a Preacher level madness than much else Nevertheless,Space Cakes managed to leave me feeling a bit lost and hollow Yet still, we travel on Bad Apples picked up whereSpace Cakes left off and kicked thing [...]

    11. While this book has plenty of funny moments, the tonal shift is noticeably serious After the climactic events of the last book it s entirely appropriate, and as these things go it s been damned well earned in my view.Tony s back to work with his partner John Colby, Cyborg who wouldn t want to have a supercomputer wired to your head all day Wait, wouldn t that just be bolting a current smartphone direct to the cortex , and they re all about getting shit done Immaculate Ova, the Vampire, and some [...]

    12. Tras un par de vol menes m s flojitos la historia vuelve a coger fuerza, las tramas empiezan a cruzarse.

    13. I really enjoyed this shock Colby and Caesar start working together, albeit reluctantly, and Colby is able to even the score on someone from way back Mostly this is about the new badass Tony Chu going after The Vampire who killed Toni I kind of like seeing Tony able to kick ass now, though I worried it would make him a bit dumberen I read a sequence where baseball and vomiting rendered an opponent useless Three Cheers for brainpower There s some fun on Colby s love life lives and how they get ca [...]

    14. Chew remains one of those over the top books that I enjoy, but I m beginning to wonder if having hit around the halfway point per Layman himself if there isn t going to be some floundering before matters accelerate towards the conclusion.Tony Chu returns, and because of the previous volume s events Tony is back with the FDA For some reason it appears his beating and vol 6 s events have sharpened Tony s abilities or he is channeling his inner anger towards catching The Vampire Mason Savoy plays a [...]

    15. Yesss The volume I ve been waiting for Bad Apples starts to culminate the crazy, fun mess of ongoing storylines into a hilarious cohesive romp I felt Layman s humor much ramped up here so than in the previous couple of volumes and at times it s just flat laugh out loud surreal Also, the panel flow in this volume gave Guillory room to stretch out and do some great full page artwork At times previous volumes have felt a bit exposition heavy, but this one seems to have hit a perfect balance of tex [...]

    16. This might have been the weakest of the chew volumes that I have read Still very good and entertaining But the majority of this volume was very info dumpy and plot building, which is okay, but it made this volume feel extremely slow.

    17. Another delicious volume of culinary insanity After the gut wrenching conclusion of volume 6, Tony is on the war path and taking no prisoners I love the detail lavished upon every panel, such as the epic POYO battle, random notes on posters and even Olive s Lying Cat t shirt So very awesome.

    18. This series is consistently awesome and getting better The world is unique and bizarre, but it s unique and bizarre in a way that makes sense, and it doesn t at all rely on a weird but cool concept to prop up an otherwise mediocre story, which I was worried might happen when I first started it.

    19. I took a long break between volumes 6 and 7 The series is still good at this point, but this one isn t quite as funny as the previous books It does have its moments, but it has a much serious quality to it It deals with the aftermath from volume six a lot.Highlights include the strange egg worshipping cult, Tony standing up for himself, and the couple of moments the creators took to poke fun at the series Even though I didn t enjoy this volume quite as much as some of the previous ones, I ll de [...]

    20. This still had everything that makes a Chew book good, it just didn t have anything that really made it stand apart Especially not after the masterpiece that was Space Cakes I m getting the sense that this started as a very focused story with a clear plot line and then it became a hit and got extra issues so it s becoming convoluted There s a handful of different plots, and I have every confidence that Layman will be able to tie them together in a very satisfying way That said, sometimes they j [...]

    21. At this point, the snappier pacing I d gotten used to, and the advancement of the main plot, take some serious brakes The ending of the previous volume sets things up for major action times, and instead of having all of that explode here, we get buildup For those of you who ve read the Wheel of Time series, Book 9 Not that I didn t continue to enjoy all the little side trips and all, not to mention where Colby s sleeping around habits lead haven t laughed that hard since the previous volume , b [...]

    22. So, I m starting to really enjoy the planning behind this comic I enjoy the random food powers that keep getting dreamed up And now that the Vampire story has really kicked into gear, there s a lot less time spent trying to gross out the reader and instead going for laughs or surprise twists.The most disappointing thing I can say is that I ve practically caught up with the comic in print and so I will have to wait for future volumes to be published.

    23. It s been over three weeks since I ve read a volume of Chew I was so happy when i got volumes 7 and 8 and immediately went into this 7th volume However It was, a bit dull, or I guess a change in tone It died down a lot And that is understandable because in volume 6 a huge thing happened in the end so its understandable to have this dulling down for a bit Hopefully it will pick back up in the 8th volume This is still going strong as my favorite comic series.

    24. I like the shift in tone feels badass One of my favourite things about this series, is how much you can get out of just the art There are always these little added tid bits and they re great and funny BUT there was a joke in here that really rubbed me the wrong way and it brought back to my attention the way the women are being depicted They re all caricatures I get that all the characters are exaggerated but so many of the women are so one dimensional.

    25. TONY CHU IS BACK AND HE S TAKING NAMES I love how this series is progressing We, after some INTENSE SADNESS, got back on track in the last volume, and we re still truckin in this one I love how badass and gritty Tony has become in this one He is slowly but surely taking over my heart I hope the progress keeps up cause it just keeps getting better and better

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