Cat Haus 1 #2020

Cat Haus 1 Cat Johnson Carrie Lane Cat Haus He s a billionaire She s a hooker Working in a cathouse always was interesting but especially after he walked in Then everything changed I m Cate Two years ago I was a student at UNLV Today I m a l

  • Title: Cat Haus 1
  • Author: Cat Johnson Carrie Lane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cat Haus 1 Cat Johnson Carrie Lane He s a billionaire She s a hooker Working in a cathouse always was interesting, but especially after he walked in Then, everything changed I m Cate Two years ago I was a student at UNLV Today, I m a legal prostitute in the state of Nevada He s a billionaire I m a hooker Cat Haus is our love storyTE This is part 1 of 3 in the Cat Haus romance trilogy, which iHe s a billionaire She s a hooker Working in a cathouse always was interesting, but especially after he walked in Then, everything changed I m Cate Two years ago I was a student at UNLV Today, I m a legal prostitute in the state of Nevada He s a billionaire I m a hooker Cat Haus is our love storyTE This is part 1 of 3 in the Cat Haus romance trilogy, which is available in 3 installments or as a single novel titled Cat Haus the Complete Story.
    Cat Haus 1 Cat Johnson Carrie Lane

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      Cat Johnson Carrie Lane

    One thought on “Cat Haus 1”

    1. This is a good erotic book, if that is your genre I loved Cate s story and can t wait for next one I love how the story is told It flows smoothly and is a quick read

    2. I had no idea what I was getting into with these two little gems but all it took was the first page to put me in place A novella series set in one of Nevada s Cathouses, Cate gives us a taste of just what her job entitles Filled with just the right combination of sexy and story, you won t be able to put these down I mean where else can you find a book about a woman who finds love while working in a whorehouse But it s not all trash and smut, there really is a great story in there and I m patient [...]

    3. The author shared a copy of the book with me in exchange for a review In the foreword of the book, the main character makes the statement that she lives our fantasies How true is it not that we as readers of erotica and romance use these books as an escape So here I would first like to thank Carrie Lane for writing the Cat Haus series, so that us readers can get our fantasy fixes Sometimes authors of erotica tend to forget that we still want a story behind all the mind blowing, hot fantasy sex, [...]

    4. Got a free copy in exchange of an honest review This book was surprisingly good I read it without actually knowing what this is a bout Silly me But after a few pages, I found myself entertained and didn t put it down until I finished it Lost a few hours of sleep Lol Anyway, Cate is akickass call girl I genuinely liked her I really thought that her character would annoy the hell outta me but nope I think she s just being practical in life So I think the series title Working Girl is quite suitable [...]

    5. so the author has provided me a copy of this for an exchange of honest review.So how do I start well this read is too angsty and steam filled for an erotica,this is a whole new level for me Cate, as I get to know her character I never look at her with anything less than respect This girl is a dignified and a knock out one I never fail to to admire a woman who exactly knows what she wants, Cate knows what her work is and what she had gotten herself into I could tell that she s happy and proud of [...]

    6. Received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book I loved John and Cate together they seemed to have such a strong connection I also loved the part with the other guy football player maybe That was fun and I felt a certain type of way for him I wish it would have been longer, but considering there s a second in the series it makes sense.Ugh, I hate Gus with a passion, the asshole Blah I wish there would have been a little build up before the drama start [...]

    7. I d first like to thank Carrie Lane for sending me this book for an honest review.Cate works at Cat Haus, a whorehouse The concept only intrigued me but it was the story itself that completely enthralled me Having the story written from Cate s perspective added weight and felt like reading a diary which was a nice change Pacing was also steady, nothing felt rushed and the scenes were HOT At the end of the introduction Cate states Well, i live out your deepest, darkest fantasies each and every d [...]

    8. First thank you to the author for a copy of the book to review I found this book on the Sexy Romance book club, and didn t find know very much about it I found that I really enjoyed it It reminds me a lot of another short book series, but its nice without all the baggage the characters bring with the other series Plus the price is a lot better at only 0.99 compared to the other series which is 4 a book The author did a really good job with this book with a balanced mix of storyline and hot scene [...]

    9. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Well, this was a different book Cate is a hooker at a cathouse Her boss, Gus is a big, fat a hole Gus forces Cate to take care of John There is instant lust She thought it would be the last time she sees him, but she is wrong This is where the story gets interesting Story is short and there is a lot of sex My opinion, too much sex I would have liked to read dialogue However, I think the author is setting up the plot [...]

    10. 3.5 Stars For her first short book Carrie did a really good job This one has a lot and I mean a lot of of some dirty sex goodness, but it fit the book good Could have used a little drama, but I think she is leaving that for the next book All in all it was a good start to what could be a different not your girl next door looking for Mr.right not some teenie bopper with a high school crush series

    11. Let me start with the name A great play on words and I loved it A story, about a legal Cat house in Nevada, its owner operator, a pig named Gus a working girl named Cate and a john named John again with the play on words love it Very great writing with lots of great sex scenes.You ll learn to hate Gus and you ll fall in love with Cate and John.You also have a surprise ending to look foreword to that will have you wondering what happens in book two.

    12. I have to say that it was much better than I expected I enjoyed this book ut was very different than oher romance erotic books I have read I thought at one point it was gonna turn into a pretty woman sappy love story but it didn t Gus is a very disgusting man and the ending was a nice surprise I m plan on reading the next one as soon as its available.

    13. Cat Haus surprised me Not knowing a lot of background on the book I found myself unable to put it down Even knowing it was a short book and a quick read,it was the perfect length and did not overdo the sex scenes like I have seen in some books I found myself wondering how John would fit into Cate s story I am interested to see what happens with Cate in the next book

    14. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I really liked this book I liked the way it was written, and I loved the story It was both naughty and funny I wasn t even half way through when I made my friend buy it and start reading this It s not very long either so it s a quick read I love Cate and look forward to reading the second book

    15. So, I was asked to read and review this book Where do I begin I loved Cate, the call girl, hated Gus, the owner pimp, and loved John John and Cate have great chemistry together Loved the book Looking forward to the second book Was a really short book, but a good time killer.

    16. I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review, so here it is This is a great story and is hard to put down once you start reading The story flowed well and the ending leaves you guessing Great job Carrie Lane Waiting for Cat Haus 2

    17. Good book Definitely not for those under 18 or for people who are shy about sex My only complaint was that I wish it was longer I can t wait to see what happens between John and Cate

    18. This had potential and started well.Cate worked in the Cat Haus She was an English major but was now a legal prostitute we dont get to know the real reason why she traded a degree to becoming a high paid whore apart from the fact she liked the money.The whorehouse is a legal establishment Clean, ritzy and had fine furnishings, top shelf licquor and quality girls who were beautiful to look at oh and of course they were tested regularly and they were guaranteed to be clean Some benefits eh Cate be [...]

    19. I loved it I mean, I thought a book about a whore would be incredibly filthy, slutty and totally not my style despite how the author turned the story but I was definitely wrong I really liked Cate as a main character She s not ashamed of what she does and she s the first to admit despite doing it for the money, she still enjoys most of the sex She s also very strong and witty I also thought this was going to be sex scene after sex scene but Cate only tells the encounters she deems important to h [...]

    20. What is it with hooker stories that I really seem to like This one is no different as we are introduced to super tute Cate which I thought for the longest time had something to do with the title, that was weird who is a hooker who is quite fine with this life, thank you very much And then there is John While I kinda hated how Cate got set up with John, I liked where you could tell where it was heading.I didn t realize that this was a 3 in 1, so I was a little sad at how short it was, but yay new [...]

    21. This is a very short story, roughly the first 1 4 of a full novel But the characters are solid, and the first person POV works The sex is hot, even when it s out of bounds, and there is a real spark between H and h.This is the type of series of shorts that I d like to see as an anthology.Too short for my challenges.

    22. If you like to read about sex, this is your book because there is a lot of it There is also s story Cate is a whore but she has standards Her boss, Gus s, is in over his head in gambling and she has to pay off his debt but will that be enough Will Gus learn from his mistakes or will Cate pay the price

    23. I really was getting into this book, when all of a sudden it ended, i did not realize it was a short story So will go find Cat Haus 2 Very erotic, and really like the girls, even though they hook for a living.Not judging, it is just not something I think I could do, but power to the ones who can, and stay safe.

    24. What happens when there is a collision of gambling debt and a cat haus This book made me think of Pretty Woman but on steroids You get a good background story and characters are developed well It has steamy scenes I will continue to read the series to find out what else happens with John and Cate Part of the Fifty by Fifty Vol 2 Receved as an ARC.

    25. He s a billionaire She s a hooker Cat Haus is their storyT HAUS Part 1 is FREE on US CA, Smashwords, AllRomance, and Wattpad

    26. Meowtastic I really enjoyed this book and how you felt like part of the story Cate is working at Cat Haus, a brothel and Gus is the owner and her boss He needs Cate s help and she meets with John and boy does she meet with John Hot, sexy and worth repeating.

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