Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem #2020

Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem Kevin DeYoung Crazy Busy A Mercifully Short Book about a Really Big Problem Most people feel frazzled and overwhelmed much of the time We re distracted and preoccupied in the same sorts of ways struggling under a crushing weight of work family exercise bills church schoo

  • Title: Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem
  • Author: Kevin DeYoung
  • ISBN: 9781433533389
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem Kevin DeYoung Most people feel frazzled and overwhelmed much of the time We re distracted and preoccupied in the same sorts of ways struggling under a crushing weight of work, family, exercise, bills, church, school, friends, and a barrage of requests, demands, and desires.It s safe to say that on a typical day for most of us, our responsibilities, requirements, and ambitions add uptoMost people feel frazzled and overwhelmed much of the time We re distracted and preoccupied in the same sorts of ways struggling under a crushing weight of work, family, exercise, bills, church, school, friends, and a barrage of requests, demands, and desires.It s safe to say that on a typical day for most of us, our responsibilities, requirements, and ambitions add upto than we can handle, whether we admit this or notE REAL THREATThe biggest dangers arising from this hectic and frustrating modern life aren t what we might expect The most serious threats are spiritual When we re crazy busy, we put our souls at risk Few of us are as safe as we may think.An immediate and obvious spiritual threat is that busyness can ruin our joy When we re frantic and frenzied, we re prone to anxiety, resentment, impatience, and irritability.Busyness also robs spiritual vitality from our hearts, like seed growth choked out by thorns in Jesus s parable in Mark 4 Those thorns, he said, include the cares of the world Mark 4 19.Another danger is in how busyness covers up the rot in our souls As Christians, we ought to understand deep down that the problem with extreme busyness isn t just with our schedules or the world s complexity something isn t right with us The chaos is at least partly self created Things aren t as they ought to be because we aren t what we should beOTED IN PRIDEOur understanding of busyness must start with the one sin that begets so many others pride.We re busy because we try to do too many things we do too many things because we say yes to too many people We say yes because we want these people to like us and pat our back we fear their disapproval.Busyness also springs from such prideful factors as our tendency to overestimate our importance, our ambition to prove ourselves, or poor planning resulting from our refusal to seek help How can we tell when pride has made us frantic and overwhelmed Here s a self diagnostic question you may find helpful Am I trying to do good or to make myself look good WHAT DOES GOD EXPECT For some people, because of pride as well as other reasons, opportunities we encounter often feel like obligations We end up trying to do what God doesn t expect us to do Even Jesus in his life on earth didn t meet every need coming his way He didn t try doing it all He did, however, do everything God asked him to.Jesus stayed resolutely on mission He was busy, but never distracted by lesser things He knew his priorities and stuck with them.If Jesus is our example, we ll know God expects us to say no to many good things so we re freed up to say yes to what s most important Otherwise, we can t serve others effectively Setting priorities is an expression of love for others and for God.BUSY IN THE RIGHT WAYTurning away from pride and clinging to right priorities will mean, for example, that we won t get caught up in overparenting our kids in the all consuming way that s dominant in our culture It will mean we won t let digital devices strangle our soul in screen addiction It will mean our acceptance of the pattern of Sabbath rest as God s gift for our good and our opportunity to trust his work than our own.We ll also accept the truth that we re supposed to be busy but in the right way The antidote to over busyness isn t sloth and indifference, but rather rest, rhythm, death to pride, acceptance of our own finitude, and trust in God s providence It isn t work itself that s bad busyness, but working hard at the wrong things trying to please or control others, trying to do things we haven t been called to doS TO JESUSAt the end of Luke 10 we find the closest thing Jesus gave to a sermon on busyness though it s only two sentences , in a story about the sisters Mary and Martha While Mary sat listening to Jesus, Martha was distracted with much serving Jesus told her, One thing is necessary Mary has chosen the good portion Luke 10 38 42.For us, taking time to be with Jesus and learn from him must be the priority in life It isn t enough to let God stuff fill in the cracks during the day With the problem for so many of us being busyness, we must re orient our lives toward our Savior By placing our hope in salvation through Jesus, rather than the things of this world, we will find rest for our souls Matthew 11 28 30.If you re sick and tired of feeling so dreadfully busy, this could be the best advice you ll find anywhere devote yourself to the Word of God and prayer No single practice brings peace and discipline to life than sitting at the feet of Jesus This is the place to start, because being with Jesus is the only thing strong enough to pull us away from crazy busyness We won t say no to craziness until we say yes to Jesus.
    Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem Kevin DeYoung

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    1. What do you get when you put together a gifted, kind of techie young communicator from the culturally conservative end of the neo Reformed spectrum with a contemporary topic like our culture s crazy busyness This book had the feel of one that wrote itself to take nothing away from that young communicator, Kevin DeYoung He said all the things he was expected to say and yet managed to hold my interest the entire time He also managed to write a Young, Restless, Reformed self help book And it actual [...]

    2. In his timely book, DeYoung has a necessary talk with us Many different questions could lead a believer to this book Is technology dangerous Should I work for efficiency in my work, or should I start saying no Is there a Christian view of sleep Isn t there some busy ness that s necessary What does the Bible actually say about all of this DeYoung addresses each of these questions from different angles in a series of relevant talking points He speaks like a good pastor, which means he s candid wi [...]

    3. This tiny little book packs a good punch to our idea that we are too crazy busy Learn too take your to do list to God and make sure you are doing what matters most.

    4. This was a mercifully short and wonderfully helpful book for a busy guy like me.DeYoung wants rejects the busyness as usual mindset, arguing that a life of constant chaos is far from what God intends He offers a way forward between doing nothing and doing everything He writes as one who is trying to figure out things I don t know and work on change I have not yet seen One early reviewer states it like this Fantastically helpful, humorous and holy This book is the link between Drucker, Collins an [...]

    5. Kevin DeYoung is such a practical and helpful author I personally needed the message of this book Excellent.

    6. I gave this 3 stars, not because it is not a worthy read but because I want to keep my scale realistic This was not a book to compete with most of my 4 star books It was worth the time to read and it was helpful as a chat with a friend might be but it was not profound nor was it classic material It was a solid 3 star book I liked it.

    7. So much of our busyness comes down to meeting people s expectations This is actually a form of pride and narcissism this book is a helpful exhortation to understanding the the dangers and root causes of our busyness and a practical tool in how to fight against it.

    8. You can borrow time, but you can t steal itThe busyness that s bad is not the busyness of work, but the busyness that works hard at the wrong things This is the first Kevin DeYoung book I ve read and I hope it s not the last Witty, candid, and packed with Biblical insights to help diagnose the wrong kind of busyness And in the last chapter, Kevin points the reader to the one thing you must do i won t give it away Great stuff

    9. Crazy Busy That s the cry of many people I know Just this morning, I had breakfast with one of the men from my church He said, I m Crazy Busy So, Kevin DeYoung s book by that title, Crazy Busy is a short book that does not solve all our problems, but points us in the right direction.DeYoung s book focuses on three dangers to avoid and then seven points to consider to de busy fy your life Three dangers to a too busy life are these 1 Busyness can ruin your joy, 2 busyness can rob our hearts and 3 [...]

    10. Nothing earth shattering here Just honest I find the vulnerability of Kevin DeYoung one of the most helpful features of this short book Readers are invited into the struggle of a pastor who opens both his study and his home to us for a refreshing glance behind the scenes at the over busy life of a popular leader in the midst of his fragmented life The stance of fellow struggler invites us to put down our defenses and get honest with our own lives Far from self indulgent, De Young does his homewo [...]

    11. The antidote to busyness of soul is not sloth or indifference The antidote is rest, rhythm, death to pride, acceptance of our own finitude, and trust in the providence of God p 102 This book was helpful and contained some thought provoking ways to think about busyness See below for a quick overview of each chapter s main point I ve put a star next to the ones that I found the most insightful If you don t have enough time to finish the book, I would suggest reading just chapters 3, 9, and 10 Chap [...]

    12. I ve been wanting to give this book a try for about a year ever since several of my friends read Crazy Busy and Just Do Something and gave the books rave reviews When I found Crazy Busy for 99 cents on Kindle, it was a no brainer buy.I liked this book for it s simplicity and brevity Chapter Four and the topics related to it rubbed me a bit of the wrong way talking about different things Christians can get involved in and encouraging Christians not to feel pressured to be active in all of them Ob [...]

    13. The timing of this book is spot on with the onslaught of iPhones, social media, etc There are a lot of very accurate diagnoses to the main problems plaguing American society today I didn t feel a flow to this book and the outline was a little hard to see a progression from A to Z My biggest complaint is with chapter six DeYoung cites only one expert in this field maybe two don t quote me and surprisingly argues for the somewhat inconsequential role of parenting I take a major objection with DeYo [...]

    14. Such a great book and an easy read I love this guy s writing He s so Biblical and balanced, and takes everything into consideration when he writes, but doesn t make it too wordy He cuts to the chase, is honest as he does it, gives realistic solutions and then ends his book I ll read any of his books any day This one in particular was a great challenge for me as I apparently like cloaking myself in business and then taking pride in it not sure what there is to be proud about, but pride comes in a [...]

    15. Is it sad that I finished this book on busyness a month ago and am only now getting around to reviewing it Because.I ve been busy.DeYoung s book is pertinent, clear, thoughtful, and practical My biggest take away Sometimes God has called you to a season of busy Jesus was busy But he prioritized perfectly And I won t prioritize perfectly, but I can make priorities based on what I believe God is calling me to do It may be a busy and rich life, and that s fine Boundaries, saying no to the less impo [...]

    16. Yes, finally someone articulates the thoughts in my head and makes some sense of them Chapter 4 nailed it and I loved the conclusion not a cop out, but the truth Deyoung is easy to read, has a sense of humor and cuts to the chase There is a lot packed into this little book and its painless to get through Actually, it s enjoyable I never have called myself a Type A , but I ve struggled to figure out what life giving rest looks like as well as God focused work, especially after having kids This bo [...]

    17. In this book, Kevin DeYoung points out numerous reasons why we are busy everyday family, work, social media, video games , tv, etc There is no magic bullet to relieve our busyness.However, we must view our busyness the way that Mary viewed her time with Jesus in Luke 10 sitting at the feet of Jesus We can do this by starting EACH DAY, with DAILY devotions When we start the day at the feet of Jesus, this will help us put things into perspective and help us to better handle the rest of the busynes [...]

    18. This thin volume is packed with good analysis and thought provoking statements Near the end of the book DeYoung writes The busyness that s bad is not the busyness of work, but the busyness that works hard at the wrong things His overarching message is not that buzyness can be done away with, but rather that it should be focused and achieved within the work rest rhythm of life created by God in Eden I ll read this one again.

    19. I am very thankful to have received this book at The Gospel Coalition Women s Conference last month Crazy Busy is a perfect call to personal evaluation and humility DeYoung is transparent, funny and kindly piercing I truly didn t think I d find so much of myself in the pages I guess I thought I d have legit reasons for my busy ness than others I am grateful for conviction and Truth.

    20. Fantastic little book Highly recommend to anyone Gets to the root of the issue rather than just giving 10 Steps to Being More Productive.

    21. A concise, biblical, practical book that I really needed to read Highly recommended The audiobook was well read and helped me find the time to read the book

    22. What a timely read And enjoyable too I laughed out loud once And it really is short A few hours After a long second year at Regent and evaluating next steps, it was helpful to reflect on the problem of busyness and saying yes to too much To get to the root of the problem and diagnose myself instead of trying to streamline my already crazy schedule so that I can do fasterBusyness makes us into people who are neither here nor there Always stuck in between and never present DeYoung says that it ca [...]

    23. Extremely well balanced and much needed personally Not to mention, well written, I mentioned.This is a great little book to read for those who are surrounded by driven people or are themselves ambitious There was also a random golden nugget though I m not a parent and have not read many parenting books, I thought the chapter on parenting in this book was one of the best things I ve ever read heard on the topic So down to earth, simple, and true In general, that s the feel of the book It s short [...]

    24. Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung is a book I ve long had on my to read list but I ve never been able to get around to it Ironic, huh Kevin admits that being crazy busy is not something that he s immune to, and something that he deals with just as much, or , than the rest of us living specifically in America Busyness is something I ve often thought of, but never been able to have the clarity brought to the subject that Kevin brought I m glad I read this book.The book opens with an anecdotal story that [...]

    25. As a newborn babe in Christ, I remember being filled with a passion to serve in any and every capacity that I possibly could because I thought that the I did in the name of Christ the God would like love me please keep in mind that I was raised Catholic so I had a very works based disposition in how I approached God and earned His favor I vacuumed carpets, joined the choir although I am a horrible singer , taught a college aged Sunday School class, was involved in the bus ministry that visited [...]

    26. These days, it seems that Busy has replaced Fine as the stock answer to casual How are you inquiries Everyone we know is busy busy busy, and we ourselves are no exception But how should we as Christians think about our hectic and sometimes over scheduled lives Is our frantic pace a good thing an indicator of our dedication to Kingdom Matters Or is it a bad thing a failure to Be still and know that I am God What of the spiritual reality behind our perpetual busyness What s really going on when we [...]

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