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No Worse Enemy Christopher G. Nuttall No Worse Enemy The sequel to The Empire s Corps also available from Kindle Six months ago Colonel Edward Stalker and his Marines were abandoned on Avalon left to fend for themselves as the Empire withdrew from th

  • Title: No Worse Enemy
  • Author: Christopher G. Nuttall
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • No Worse Enemy Christopher G. Nuttall The sequel to The Empire s Corps, also available from Kindle.Six months ago, Colonel Edward Stalker and his Marines were abandoned on Avalon, left to fend for themselves as the Empire withdrew from the Rim Since then, Avalon has been isolated from the settled universeuntil now.As a mysterious pirate organisation attempts to take over Avalon, the Marines find theThe sequel to The Empire s Corps, also available from Kindle.Six months ago, Colonel Edward Stalker and his Marines were abandoned on Avalon, left to fend for themselves as the Empire withdrew from the Rim Since then, Avalon has been isolated from the settled universeuntil now.As a mysterious pirate organisation attempts to take over Avalon, the Marines find themselves struggling against a shadowy figure with dreams of power, while a young civilian is kidnapped and press ganged into a pirate crew They re fighting to preserve something of the Empire s order in the wake of its departure, but the pirates appear to have far greater resources and a plan that seems unstoppable The Empire is gone What will take its place
    No Worse Enemy Christopher G. Nuttall

    • [E-Book] ¼ No Worse Enemy | By ñ Christopher G. Nuttall
      240 Christopher G. Nuttall
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    One thought on “No Worse Enemy”

    1. Ah, the second installment in our space faring slightly brain candy yet also political adventure Don t worry, not nearly so much discussion of what s happened to civilization Earth the Empire here No we ve gote you ready SPACE PIRATES Doesn t everyone love space pirates And it s not just space pirates No, no, nois is space pirates vs the Marines What needs to be said If you like action its here If you like space opera it s here If you like military science fiction it s hereally.Recommended, enj [...]

    2. Six month after the events on Avalon a new threat appears on the horizon Pirates Pirates led by a man with delusions of a new empire on the ruins of the one currently collapsing It s up to Ed Stalker s Marines to save the day once again.D j vu, eh Yep, but that doesn t mean it s bad and it s actually pretty good if you re into Space Marines lit Nuttall has a good and clear style some little redundancies here and there though entertaining and easy to read The stakes are clearly exposed and the pa [...]

    3. Your standard military science fiction Pretty good battles Based around Marines Second in the series.So this book is much focused around pirates and space, rather than rebels ground fight rebels like the first book.The plot was okay, however I nearly gave up a few times due to the authors obsession with rape over all other forms of torture and violence He just goes on and on about it, and barely mentions any other bad things.He also seems to have a bit of an obsession with female slaves They re [...]

    4. I though the novel was a little preachy, it was kind of hard to read through the evils of bureaucrats or the failings of the empire or how well trained the marines are It actually detracted from the story a bit to the point where I had to stop reading part ways through a paragraph Dialogue also felt cumbersome as after every spoken line there was a paragraph explaining why the character felt this way before saying another line.Probably won t keep reading the series because of this.

    5. I have enjoyed a lot of this author s work Good characters that I actually am invested in and want to see prosper Good combat action, with realistic outcomes Some typos and punctuation mistakes, but otherwise a great book Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    6. Having read the first Empires Corps I had to read the 2nd, and I wasn t disappointed It basically picks up where the last one finished, but with a minor time difference.Again, Christopher Nuttall has stuck to the same formula as the last with the Easter Eggs Still one of my favourite things , brilliant Characters, simply some of the best action sequences I have read in this genre, with clear concise descriptions, allowing the reader to feel involved in the battle, but not dragging it on for page [...]

    7. This book has pirates than marines Well, at least in terms of number of pirates versus marines When reading the book it sure felt like most of the book were about the pirates rather than the marines but thinking about it afterwards there were indeed quite a bit marine action as well so maybe this was just my impression.After managing to get some order on Avalon and have some hopes for the future a grouping of pirates rudely crash the party, abduct several people and tries to take control of Ava [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book A single company of Terran Marines stranded on the planet Avalon, a backwater planet in a backwater sector on the edge of the Terran Empire, find themselves cut off from that Empire when it starts to collapse under the weight of own internal corruption The characters are believable, the action sequences well written, and the socio economic political implications are fascinating the characters are left with the task of building a new society out of the shattered remains [...]

    9. I liked it better than the first book, but there were still some major problems.Several characters are either newly introduced or get bigger parts in the narration, which makes the story varied and smooths out many bumps the first book had Unfortunately most of the character development is constrained on the none Marine characters, making the titular protagonists still dull but dashing.The opposition is still Evil and mean, but their leader actually has some interesting traits that could make h [...]

    10. Christopher Nuttall has a grand vision of space colonization by the future human race He s created a timeline in which humankind has populated the stars successfully However, he s done this with historical perspective What man creates often falls into ruin Unlike Isaac Asimov, whose Foundation came after the decline, Nuttall starts and the beginning The government is all consuming and all powerful Yet, it s corrupt Corporations in sweatheart deals seed planets with people and product, hoping to [...]

    11. This is book two in the Empire Corp Series Colonel Edward Stalker and his marines are left to fend for themselves as the Empire withdraws from the rim After managing to obtain order on Avalon in the first episode, the people of Avalon and the Marines hope for the future is in peril when a mysterious pirate organization attempts to take over Avalon.The book is divided into two plots, one between the Marines and the pirates and the other plot about the kidnapped people by the pirates The story doe [...]

    12. A great continuation of the story of what happens to Avalon and its Space Marines after the collapse of the Empire Here, we expand past the planet and start looking at the potential threats in the sector This time, it s a pirate gang that are victimizing the planetary systems in the area After they attack Avalon, a couple of our people have been kidnapped and have to spend the story working on ways to escape, as well as to protect the home world as the pirates plans for it are made known Very in [...]

    13. Direct continuation of empire corps and following the main leads from thereAction moves in space,villains become nastier and powerful, some of the heroes have to make ugly compromises to prevent total disasterSame compelling mix baen like mil sf and another book I could not put down The blurb is fairly explanatory and I would recomend reading volume 1 first, but all in all the perfect i need some entertaining mil sf now novel

    14. Uphill battle for the StarsHaving secured the planet Avalon from its political and economic issues just in time for the Earth to abandon them, the Marines discover that pirates controlling the high orbital have decided to make the planet part of their kingdom Without a ship of their own, they are forced to improvise the way only they can This is a great series and I can t wait for the next one.

    15. Listened as audiobook again, it was good bedtime listening Was pretty fun although not as good as the first book it went in a different direction than expected and i really enjoyed the perspective outside of the marines and within the ship the fall of the decedent, fascist empire that so closely resembles our current society still intrudes me going to continue with the series to see where this goes As with all audiobooks, contact me if you would like a copy.

    16. This book continues where the last one left off, with the Terran Marines feeling their way into their new existence on Avalon The cast of characters is interesting, the pacing is good, and the military action is the sort of improbable fun that you expect from good sci fi What sets this book apart from others is the wide ranging scope of the story lines that various characters follow, and how the author makes you care about each one It s a well put together read very entertaining.

    17. No Worse Enemy is a great Sci fi story.Only difficulty Mr Nuttall suffer s from is the need for an editor to whittle down on some of the repeating foregone facts the same way what seems to be a dozen time s over Otherwise, I believe a new favorite author has hit my list Do not miss this treat.

    18. Good BookWell written, with a good story continued from the first book More focus on a civilian thrust into a situation not trained for I hadn t thought of this angle before, makes one think Making it a good book.

    19. Christopher Nuttall continues to develop the characters and plot for the series in interesting directions If you liked the first novel, Siemper Fi, then you ll like this one even I m looking forward to seeing what happens next

    20. Nice continuation of the story, already have the next one Sometimes nice to be behind the times can binge read Perfect Xmas use of time.

    21. Awesome continuance of the previous story Flows nice, good character development, and attentive storyline

    22. Another great addition to this series If your looking for space marines look no further An engaging story with well define characters.

    23. Second book in The series, from an author who hasen t read Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition English Sea Rovers in the Seventeenth Century Caribbean B.R Burg

    24. Not bad I didn t enjoy it as much as I did the first one, but that s usually the case Still, it s nice to see an author who consistantly writes readable novels

    25. Great second instalment of empire building in a decaying society Good mix of military and political manouvering.

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