All I Want for Christmas #2020

All I Want for Christmas Jana Oliver All I Want for Christmas Christmas short story in The Demon Trappers series Previously published on MyKindaBook now on Mind Reader darkfrannysthoughts b

  • Title: All I Want for Christmas
  • Author: Jana Oliver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 407
  • Format: ebook
  • All I Want for Christmas Jana Oliver Christmas short story in The Demon Trappers series Previously published on MyKindaBook, now on Mind Reader darkfrannysthoughts.b
    All I Want for Christmas Jana Oliver

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      Jana Oliver

    One thought on “All I Want for Christmas”

    1. I have what I want most for Christmas.1.5 stars.It s probably just of me than the actual story itself But it s really brief and short and felt a bit flat to me Of course, granted this is stems from a series, so those that have read the series might be attached and intuned with these characters, whereas, I m not unfortunately.But what if Santa Claus really had been listening

    2. Such a cute little short story and a nice prequel to the Demon Trappers series It was a shame not to see any of Beck but to be fair I d prefer a story with him and Riley from after the last book This would make a nice little Christmas read.

    3. It s rare that I give a full star for short story because welley are short And hence translated to not so much things can be portrayed or said, you know But this This is perfect There are just a few things that are never cheesy no matter how cheesy everyone swear it is Christmas is one of them in my opinion As well as love And this series has had the love part in abundance, as in the books show us what is important about love, not just some silly I can t live without you nonsense, but also love [...]

    4. OMGG THat was so sweet Riley her father she goes to this coffee shop on Christmas Eve, missing her mother hating that her dad was away so much, trying to make ends meet paying the bills stuff she writes a letter to Santa, saying all the things she wants how she wants her dad to catch demons so they ll have a bit money in hand.And unexpectedly, her dad shows up at the coffee shop joins her he sees her letter gives her her x mas present 2 tubes of lip gloss she loves them and he gets called in t [...]

    5. I liked this one, mostly because it showed Riley to a T She is still straddling that kid adult line The letter to Santa was a bit sad, showed that she was very aware of her life and her wants reflected that I did like that she got her one big request.

    6. Nice to see that Riley had a few good times before her father died, and this seemed to be a really heart warming short story to show that ache that was there for him between Paul and Riley Good stuff.

    7. This was a good short read, about how we all should charish the time we haev with family, because it might not last so long Also to charish the little thing, such as spending time with her father.

    8. 4 4.5 Stars Loved it It was really nice for a short story Got me in the feels like most Christmas stories do haha If you re a fan of the series, I recommend reading it You won t learn anything new, but it s good if you want a nice quick read

    9. This was cute sad, if you read it after you ve read the series Happy and sweet if you read it before everything hits the fan A short, nice little Christmas tale about what really matters.

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