Lynx in the Blood #2020

Lynx in the Blood S.A. Welsh Lynx in the Blood Jay and Kyle have been mated a week A happy love and lust filled week but now everything is starting to fall apart Jay s abusive step father hunters and kidnapped shifters complicate things Jay nee

  • Title: Lynx in the Blood
  • Author: S.A. Welsh
  • ISBN: 9781614958789
  • Page: 106
  • Format: ebook
  • Lynx in the Blood S.A. Welsh Jay and Kyle have been mated a week A happy, love and lust filled week but now everything is starting to fall apart Jay s abusive step father, hunters, and kidnapped shifters complicate things Jay needs to stop his dreams becoming reality.Jay and Kyle have been mated a week Jay has the man and family of his dreams, but now things are going wrong He has to face his aJay and Kyle have been mated a week A happy, love and lust filled week but now everything is starting to fall apart Jay s abusive step father, hunters, and kidnapped shifters complicate things Jay needs to stop his dreams becoming reality.Jay and Kyle have been mated a week Jay has the man and family of his dreams, but now things are going wrong He has to face his abusive step father, survive attacks by hunters and keep his sanity.Are his dreams just fiction or is he coming into his destiny, becoming what he was always meant to be With no time to figure it out Jay and Kyle have to find and rescue kidnapped shifters and navigate their way through Alpha politics all while doing damage control for Jay s long lost uncle.Can Jay keep control of his own mind or will he let the powers that be take over and cost him the one thing he loves than anything Kyle.
    Lynx in the Blood S.A. Welsh

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      S.A. Welsh

    One thought on “Lynx in the Blood”

    1. I read both this book and the shorter prequel together They are written in the light erotica shifter style Loads of extremely repetitive than usual statements of mine, Alpha, mate, bond Excessive bouts of jealousy, insecurity, possessiveness and crying The book would go for chapters with no advancement in the plot The females in the story were those motherly, kitchen dwelling, perfect mom stereotypes you often see in this genre The MC s would hump each other indiscriminately in front of friends [...]

    2. I actually liked this book better than the first one Even though the whole mate thing was a little overdone, this was had something outside of that which made the story a little interesting I also really enjoyed the interaction with the betas, they added a little humor to this whole story I would have liked a better wrap up to this story, but knew the author was setting up for in this series.

    3. This was just annoying The constant use of the term mate and Jay s constant whining about being a freak coupled with a confusing plot left me cold.

    4. This is the story of how normal, human Jay from book 1 becomes a SUPER being who can beat EVERYONE with his AWESOME super strength AND seer powers AND shifter abilities, intelligence and all around awesomeness, turning into an unstoppable deus ex machina, who, in case I haven t made it clear can do ANYTHING I m all for timid characters coming into their own, but the extent to which it was done in this book was just bizarre Disappointing to say the least.

    5. I am really hoping the next one doesn t take long to be released This was great, but I didnt like that I had to re read the first one to fully remember the MC s.

    6. 3 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress This story is part of a series and is best read in order Jay and Kyle are still settling into their mating when Jay starts having nightmares, but are they just nightmares Both Kyle and Jay face the future together, with Kyle supporting Jay when Jay goes to confront his step father, they then discover there are hunters, missing shifters and traitors, and they also discover Jay is far than he seems.This is an interesting s [...]

    7. Jay and Kyle have barely had any time to settle into their mating when Jay starts having horrible dreams Dreams that leave remainders on Jay body when he wakes up Luckily, Jay and Kyle get some answers from unlikely sources They start to fill in the blanks about Jay and where he comes from.Not that Jay is all that thrilled with what is learned To him, it just makes him a bigger freak Jay still struggles with the belief he is not good enough for Kyle Even with Kyle reassuring him and proving it.K [...]

    8. Reviewer KevinGenre M M Paranormal4.25 HeartsReview The second installment in this series of Pack Valley was fascinating We are further introduced to Kyle and Jay s budding relationship while finding out through additional subplots other facets of the shifter s story and history The author moves at a rather fast pace to keep the readers on their toes, but writes it effectively.While Jay and Kyle face a series of adventures along their way in this book, you find their love for one another grows w [...]

    9. Rating 2.5 StarsThis is the second instalment for the Pack Valley series Lynx in the blood started after the MCs were mated and the story mainly revolves around the many disappearances from the allied Packs, Jay s mysterious family background and his emerging abilities Add in a very annoying long lost uncle and you get chaos.I find Jay s character very irritating He is whiny and insecure Sometimes his reaction to certain serious situations is plain incongruent view spoiler When Kyle was in morta [...]

    10. Finished and I m pretty sure there s going to be another, but will it be about Kyle and Jay I wonder The ending leads me to believe it will It was worth the raise of one star though It started out a little rushed between the dream, the intruder and the hunters and mostly because I don t think this book and the first should have been separate It was also hard to tell how much time was passing, no one seemed to sleep or eat.It was funny for the most part but some of the humor did fall flat Near th [...]

    11. Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance Lynx in Blood is the second installment in the Pack Valley series from SA Welsh I have had mixed results with SA Welsh stories in the past, but I quickly found a soft spot for Jay and Ky No, their story in book 1, Jaguar Mate, was not fully developed, but it was enough that I needed to know their continuing story So far, there are four installments in the series I will be reading book three, Stalking Blood, as soon as I finish writing this review.For Complete rev [...]

    12. Liked it I m loving Jay Kyle together, and I hope we see dominance and awesome mojo from Jay in future books I would have liked to see him show up a few ppl in this book who thought he was weak There were parts earlier in the book that just didn t flow right and I found myself rereading sentences that didn t make sense which is always annoying but overall I liked the storyline and will definitely read the next book in the series.

    13. This one is very wordy Jay inner dialogue just rambled on and on i think it was attempt at some humor and maybe at first it was, but it was too much imo Many times you wanted to smack him in the back of head and say focus The basic story line seemed good and looks like it will continue but I hope Jay if the story is told thru him again inner crap is less One minute treat him as adult then acts like a kid and it goes back and forth thru out

    14. Really looking forward to this release Is it February yet Loved the story It was good to see Jay and Kyle again I loved their interaction and angst Looking forward to see what happens next Too bad the book suffered from some bad editing ie dpelling and grammar mistakes snd some plotholes Still loved it though

    15. It was good to read a continuation of these guys Overall it s not a bad book, but I have to say the use of the word mate as a name is definitely irritating me Yes, we know they are mated please stop shoving it down our throats I have to say that really did take away overall from my enjoyment of this book.

    16. Excellent The series continues after the mating of Jay and Kyle Lots of questions remain as Jay tries to deal with all the new things in his life His life as he knew it isn t the same and lives are in danger CliffhangerI couldn t wait for the next book

    17. 3.5 starsSA Welsh I see what ya did there You wrote this really cutesy first book nothing too angsty.Then you followed it up with this one lots of sex, angst and a bit of a cliff hanger Well played.well played.

    18. I really liked this book, while the first book feels like intro compared to this one.Both MCs develop character ad evolve There is enough twist to keep attention Looking forward to next one

    19. Really dissapointed with this, it was repetative and so sweet it actually grated on my nerves sigh and I was really looking forward to reading it, too.

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