Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Restless Genius #2020

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Restless Genius Leo Damrosch Jean Jacques Rousseau Restless Genius The philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau burst unexpectedly onto the eighteenth century literary scene as a provocateur whose works electrified readers An autodidact who had not written anything of signi

  • Title: Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Restless Genius
  • Author: Leo Damrosch
  • ISBN: 9780618872022
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Restless Genius Leo Damrosch The philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau burst unexpectedly onto the eighteenth century literary scene as a provocateur whose works electrified readers An autodidact who had not written anything of significance by age thirty, Rousseau seemed an unlikely candidate to become one of the most influential thinkers in history Yet the power of his ideas is felt to this day in ourThe philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau burst unexpectedly onto the eighteenth century literary scene as a provocateur whose works electrified readers An autodidact who had not written anything of significance by age thirty, Rousseau seemed an unlikely candidate to become one of the most influential thinkers in history Yet the power of his ideas is felt to this day in our political and social lives.In a masterly and definitive biography, Leo Damrosch traces the extraordinary life of Rousseau with novelistic verve He presents Rousseau s books The Social Contract, one of the greatest works on political theory Emile, a groundbreaking treatise on education and the Confessions, which created the genre of introspective autobiography as works uncannily alive and provocative even today Jean Jacques Rousseau offers a vivid portrait of the visionary s tumultuous life.
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Restless Genius Leo Damrosch

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    One thought on “Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Restless Genius”

    1. This book and I have completed a no fault divorce I was not the reader the book thought I was, and it was not the book I thought it was, and that s fine We re both okay with it I thought I was getting about the genius, and this book really wanted to give me about the restless Damrosch writes perfect non fiction prose, clear and engaging He paints as they say Rousseau s times and his personality, the houses he lived in and women he loved if that s the right word , he pokes a bit of fun, but is [...]

    2. Leo Damrosch is a talented biographer and Jean Jaques Rousseau is a subject worthy of Damrosch s attention So it is no surprise that RESTLESS GENIUS was a finalist for the National Book Award It is a very worthwhile book But it also disappoints This is no fault of Damrosch The disappointment is due entirely to Rousseau, whose life seems to have careened between episodes of humiliation, the drudgery of continual hypochondria and wild bouts of paranoia all of which were self inflicted.I expected t [...]

    3. This wasn t the most riveting biography I ve read, but well worth the time A knowledge of Rousseau is key to understanding the origin of so many things about the modern world, including Romantic notions of imagination, personality, and nature psychological theories that emphasize the importance of childhood experience anthropological studies of man au naturel and rational criticism of the philosophy of the Enlightenment Prior to this year, the only thing I could remember about him was that he wa [...]

    4. This biography actually deserves 4.5 stars It is a wonderfully engaging and thorough account that makes a very good case that Rousseau, among his contemporaries, is the thinker most present in our current self consciousness Our meaning those of us who have inherited the enlightenment and the discourse and institutions of political thought generated during this period Damrosch is an excellent guide and writer The story of Rousseau s life is quite amazing, and the author weaves in relevant psychol [...]

    5. This is a beautifully written, sensitive and thoughtful biography of Rousseau Damrosch admires Rousseau s Confessions and uses them to structure much of the book He gives such a convincing portrait of Rousseau s personality that I felt as though I knew the philosopher At the same time Damrosch avoids simple psychological reductions and assesses what is known and not known about Rousseau He presents clear summaries of Rousseau s works, shows how they were received and argues convincingly for thei [...]

    6. Damrosch has written a insightful and brilliant book about Rousseau He doesn t sugarcoat Rousseau s difficult life, but treats Rousseau with honesty and respect, acknowledging his weaknesses as well as his strengths I knew nothing much about Rousseau, and I was very surprised by some of his actions And the jealousies and vendettas among the famous people around Rousseau is mind boggling An eye opening book, to say the least I highly recommend it.

    7. I usually stick to biographies on Supreme Court justices or presidents so this was a nice change I love reading Rousseau s work and it was nice to get to know the man a bit Even if he happened to not be very likable or inspiring.

    8. Amazingly well written and intriguing It reads like a novel you do not want to put down Captivating to the end, and incredibly objective, relying on the facts to portray the life of Rousseau.

    9. 500 well written biograhpical pages of an original thinker I wish it were my book because there were so many passages I wanted to underline Highly recommend.

    10. A very well written account of Rousseau s life which acts a window into a truly remarkable era in European thought.

    11. To be extremely self conscious is a liability Combine it with hyper sensitivity and misery is usually the result Rousseau had an extra helping of both traits It made him frequently miserable, almost always uncomfortable and, in a torment paired with great intellect, a genius who provided many insights into the new world of individualism he did much to open.I recently read Emile The contrast between the controlled, calm and masterful way in which Rousseau wrote and his dire and frantic emotional [...]

    12. Leo Damrosch is indeed sympathetic toward Rousseau Of course, unless he or she has an ax to grind, that goes without saying for a biographer after all, the dead have no money to pay for their portraits to be painted in words.Damrosch portrays Monsieur Rousseau sympathetically, but, nonetheless, warts and all.Many of those warts stem from his childhood A mother who died shortly after his birth, with a father on the outs with his in laws and sliding downward socially and financially, were the star [...]

    13. Other reviewers are correct that this fun biography is light on philosophy, but there are so many places to explore that This is a life of Jean Jacques, who I haven t studied in forty years Good fun.

    14. I was hoping for of an examination of Rousseau s thought in this book, but while there was a bit of that it really is of a straightforward retelling of his life There is still some merit in that, both as historical record and exploration of the way his own experience as a perennial outsider informed his later philosophy Rousseau aptly noted how modern society has the perverse effect of making people seek the approval of people they hate, while forcing them to sublimate their true feelings and [...]

    15. I selected this because of its National Book Award recognition The winners and nominees I ve read have all been good and this one did not disappoint I mention this to say that you don t need a background in Rousseau or French history to understand and enjoy this book Leo Damrosch provides a solid background and so that his analysis is easily accessible.The book explains how Rousseau s life informs his writing Rousseau s years alone, his highly charged emotions, his co dependence and later co dep [...]

    16. An engaging biography The author rightly emphasizes the stunning originality of Rousseau s thought, which constitutes no philosophical system or the product of systematic inquiry It consists, rather, of reflections on the issues and topics that happened to interest him or that he felt compelled to examine He formulated new, and enduring, perspectives on nearly every subject he considered Emile , for example, remains the point of departure for any progressive theory of education Even Freud acknow [...]

    17. It is difficult to review this book without wanting to critique Rousseau rather than the biographer I was so annoyed by Rousseau s life, as opposed to my reaction to his obvious genius in Reveries of a Solitary Walker, that I must admit to thinking that the book was rather bad However, time seemed to speed up towards the end of Rousseau s story, and the biographer redeemed himself despite not having done anything poorly in the first place In the latter parts of the book, the comparison with Benj [...]

    18. This book was a bit of up and down for me I was so fascinated by Rousseau and felt a kinship with his wanderings and musings and writings that the book was something I wanted to keep reading Sometimes, however, the writing was a little dry and heavy on facts without as much narrative, so that made the book a slog at times All that being said, this was a super interesting book that introduced me to a man whose writings I hope to become familiar with in the future.

    19. This is an excellent biography, very informative and readable and I definitely walked away with a much richer understanding of Rousseau s philosophy than I had going into the book and it also made me want to reread The Social Contract The only drawback was that I found Rousseau and annoying as a person the I learned about him.

    20. Well researched and readable biography of Rousseau, whom I really didn t know too much about It made me want to read some of his work He was a major influence on Western culture in the past 200 years, so it s interesting to see what forces shaped him and how his contemporaries viewed him.

    21. wonderful book connecting the different parts of Rousseau s work and his strange life gives a powerful sense of his utterly extraordinary creativity.

    22. Really interesting for anyone who wants to know and appreciate better Rousseau Made me want to read of his literature and he has never been one of my favorites.

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