Healer's Touch #2020

Healer's Touch Deb E. Howell Healer s Touch For Llew a young pickpocket who lives on the streets of a Wild West mining town the real problems begin when she survives the gallows Forced to run she persuades a group of fighters escorting a you

  • Title: Healer's Touch
  • Author: Deb E. Howell
  • ISBN: 9781909374089
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Healer's Touch Deb E. Howell For Llew, a young pickpocket who lives on the streets of a Wild West mining town, the real problems begin when she survives the gallows Forced to run, she persuades a group of fighters escorting a young girl to her wedding to let her travel with them across the badlands On the journey Llew faces hostile tribesmen, desperate bandits, and the enmity of her own companions sFor Llew, a young pickpocket who lives on the streets of a Wild West mining town, the real problems begin when she survives the gallows Forced to run, she persuades a group of fighters escorting a young girl to her wedding to let her travel with them across the badlands On the journey Llew faces hostile tribesmen, desperate bandits, and the enmity of her own companions should they find out who and what she is a girl, a fugitive, and a feared Healer One of the fighters, Jonas, possesses superhuman prowess as a warrior, and carries the knife able to kill the unkillable the knife that can kill Llew Despite being of races at war for centuries, they are drawn to one another.
    Healer's Touch Deb E. Howell

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      349 Deb E. Howell
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    1. I really, really liked the beginning of this book I think it s well written and the world setting is quite interesting The first 25% certainly kept my attention though I had trouble connecting to the characters other than Llewl.At 42% in, I felt it started to lose focus and Llewl s relationship with the characters felt and disingenuous I thought this was a shame since it started so strong My biggest struggle with the book was in trying to visualize things Howell is a little vague on creating a [...]

    2. This is billed as a steampunk fantasy, but don t be fooled The steampunk elements are negligible In reality, this is a romance with a fantasy background Since the heroine is seventeen and there s a bit of a love triangle, I suppose it s YA, too The book has perhaps the most clich riddled opening I ve ever encountered The main character is an orphan with mysterious powers She makes a living on the streets as a pick pocket , disguised as a boy Despite the disguise, twice during the first couple of [...]

    3. To start off, I requested this book because it seemed like wild west adventure Which is something I have never read, though the wild west does appeal to me Then I started the book and it was a wild westish fantasy world I was so excited, because I love new worlds and this one just seemed really cool with the Karans and the Aenuks I think it would be scary to belong to either of those races and I thought it was really brilliant of Howell to create these species.There are going to be tons of spoil [...]

    4. This is another book that I read a while ago, so bear with the lack of depth in the review.This book was given to me by Kristell Ink in exchange for this review My thanks to Sam who was the person I got in contact with.When first I was made aware of the existence of this new novel, the author described it as Fantasy with a twist of Steampunk and a little romance Not what I would normally consider my cup of tea However, there was something about it that intrigued me and drove me to plead Kristell [...]

    5. This is an epic fantasy adventure with a wild west flavor and is a tiny bit reminiscent of an Eddings book or something similar Llew is a healer, but knows nothing of her people, history or abilities She has to get out of town fast when she heals herself in public and the townsfolk come after the witch She hooks up with a girl and her guards who are going across the countryside to meet her new arranged husband.Llew has been hiding in plain sight as a boy since her father disappeared when she was [...]

    6. From the age of eleven Llew have been picking pockets and surviving on her own Her father and mother gone, she has no one to care for her Now a young woman Llew disguises as a boy to try and avoid trouble with men and stay alive But Llew has a secret she kept to herself, that is until her town hangs her for murder With the secret revealed Llew runs from the authorities She died and came back to life She runs into two men and their friends Having met them before Llew is cautious She did steal the [...]

    7. Healer s Touch is billed as a mix of steampunk, fantasy and wild west After spending the last few nights reading it I have to agree It reminded me of Joe Abercrombie in style, and I loved the darkness and grit to the characters No one seems to be whiter than white, and the MCs all have flaws that help make them believable.The story follows Llew, an orphan with the ability to heal, but to do so she must steal life force from living things A wonderful gift but a terrible curse She attracts the att [...]

    8. This was a great book, full of adventure, pain, love, fighting, great strong characters, and a whole new society and world to get to know Llewella has spent the last 5 years living as a boy in the run down, tough and mean town of Cheer Her father ran off, or was killed, she doesn t know, and her mother was kidnapped long before that even She knows she ll never survive as a young girl on her own, so she s cut her hair and donned boy s clothes, and goes by Llew Another difference for Llew is that [...]

    9. I purchased Healer s Touch on Kindle and read it in a couple of sittings I really enjoyed this it has a fast pace and well developed characters, especially the MC, Llew, whose healing talent is a blessing and curse depending on who and what you are Along with a sympathetic and gutsy MC, there are a host of other great characters I have a certain soft spot for the strong and brooding Jonas, and despised the baddie of the piece, Braph To have such reactions to characters is a mark of good writing [...]

    10. This book was a pleasant surprise.The story has good pacing and an interesting and deep setting It has maps.I m not saying it is a great piece of literature for the ages, but it isn t meant to be It is just a plain fun read It is easy to read and, apart from a couple of rough patches, has impressively readable and organic dialogue.Its subplots weren t really my thing, it is aimed slightly at a female reader, but they are well constructed and add to the story in a cohesive fashion.All up, I can [...]

    11. When I initally started the book I wasn t if I was going to like it I ll come out of the closet and say that I m kinda iffy on steampunk Some of it I like really well other stuff Anyway, in the beginning it was a bit of a slow start for me, but about a quarter of the way through it really started to pick up I m always a sucker for epic journeys with cast of colorful characters Llew, the main character, was definitely likeable She was naive in some ways, but yet wordly in other ways I felt for he [...]

    12. Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.4.5 Outstanding Stars A Fantastic Infusion of Fantasy, Realism and Romance I loved it The Rundown In the town of Cheer, Llew, a young female orphan who uses a boyish disguise as a survival tool, lives a lonely existence surfing the streets as a pickpocket She s different from most people and this all comes home to her after a harrowing attack one night that leaves her for dead On [...]

    13. I was really excited to read this book I got to read an early version of the first chapters and enjoyed it and really wanted to know where things went Like I said, I really enjoyed those chapters, but they ve been vigorously rewritten, and are just leagues better Quite a feat I got into things much quickly, and everything was vibrant.The world is intriguing and Howell never fails to give a sense of the surroundings in ways that lend to the whole feel rather than the beat you on the head method [...]

    14. Kind of weird, I ve been reading two books at the same time about blood with magical powers, this one and Tyler Hamilton s expose memoir about blood doping and all the other cheating that goes on in pro bicycle racing Maybe that s how I came to picture Jonas looking kind of like Lance Armstrong with long hair Hey, I bet a syakaran would do great in the Tour de France This excellent first novel uses some traditional fantasy dynamics, then takes chances in presenting them That s one of the things [...]

    15. Healer s Touch is the story of Llew, a young pickpocket living on the streets of Cheer Whilst Llew is already a pretty kickass young woman, she comes with an ability that is than it seems.Llew is a healer, but for her to heal, something else dies Plants and grass are her beginning tools for healing, but as her adventure progresses, so does the need for powerful sacrifices.I love the concept of this book, and Llew is the perfect MC to carry it out Howell has created a fantastic Western fantasy [...]

    16. Healer s Touch Delivers a Transfusion of Originality to Fomulaic Fantasy GenreHealer s Touch by Deb E Howell is an entertaining mix of fantasy, western, steampunk, romance, and even a bit of horror that provides a refreshing transfusion of new blood to a fantasy genre suffering from a super saturation of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings rip offs In the land of Aghacia, Llew, an orphan and pickpocket, discovers there s something very special about her after she survives a brutal, bloody attack [...]

    17. Healer s Touch was an enjoyable fantasy romance novel The characters were likeable Each has their own voice Llew s ability was quite intriguing, especially the fact that it had consequences I loved Jonas tattoo and his skills as well I enjoyed Howell s writing style For her first book, it s a pleasure to read The use of words one doesn t commonly come across, like detritus, was quite refreshing I appreciated the maps placed strategically in the book, so the reader could follow Llew and the rest [...]

    18. Take a bit of steampunk with a flavor of the old West, add lots of adventure and fantasyputting in a few bites of romance and I ll say iteven a dash of horror What do you have A page turner that kept me on the edge of my seat for a couple days.I really liked the set up that was woven in this booka little slow to action, but when it gets hot gets hot I never felt lost in this new world as the author has an amazing way of letting you know where you are with great descriptions that don t go too fa [...]

    19. This book is a page turner that I could not put down I love fantasy, but have found it difficult to lose myself in as I have grown older A lot of books become far too predictable, gladly not so with Healer s Touch This is one of those books you finish so quickly through sheer excitement, that you wonder if you should read it again immediately to check if you missed any juicy bits Really enjoyed the plot, characterisation, the rich scene, and the use of a western fantasy cross over which I foun [...]

    20. I spent many hours with LLew and her band of travelers I really loved this amazing story I would put it down only to pick it back up again to see what happens next I loved the way that the author painted a picture so that you could live in the story I felt like I was traveling right alongside LLew Llew herself is an amazing strong character who is beautifully written This is probably one of my favorite books I can t wait to see if there s a sequel because I want to see where the story goes next [...]

    21. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This was supposed to be Steampunk Really How Where s the Steampunk aspect I mean, there was that thingy Braph had on his arm and all the crazy inventions he did, but how does that one little piece translate into the whole book being Steampunk I just don t see it.What do I say about this book I enjoyed it, but it had flaws It went by pretty fast, but I kept getting stuck at points and needed to take a break I mean, mo [...]

    22. First off I d like to clarify the rating as a 3 1 2 star if anyone knows how to make a half star, I d appreciate the hint There were several things I liked about this novel and several things I believe could be strengthened.This is really a fantasy novel in a fantasy world, not a wild west or steampunk setting I understand the western themed moniker to give it a semblance of time and setting, but I think that reference in the book blurb is misleading There are characters with special powers I fo [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I have to admit, I was hot and cold for this book I liked the world it was set in Western meets Fantasy I liked hearing about the different races, their specialties, and their dark little secrets, but I was left feeling like I wanted We get a lot of information about their world scattered in bits and pieces across the book instead of one huge package of exposition, which is good However, I still had lots of question [...]

    24. Did I hear someone say awesome No Oh, yeah, duh, that s because it was me, thinking Awesome About this book Because it is Awesome The concept, the writing, the characters.So yeah, now that I ve gotten that out and now that you know that it is awesome I m going to actually write something to explain why I think that First of all, the writing Turhmos, Llew breathed In the middle of the country that wanted her children, with the man that wanted her blood.Does that not speak for itself Yes, no Doesn [...]

    25. Howell s Healer s Touch is an interesting twist on a stock fantasy character class Instead of Healers being gentle and mild mannered clerics, they are highly feared by the populace and coveted by military powers for their destructive abilities Healer s Touch title character, Llew is a street urchin who has suffered abandonment by both parents at a tender age and has to get by on her wit and her disguise of passing herself of as a boy Neither of these things seem to be serving her too well for at [...]

    26. I don t tend to read much adult fantasy, so it s a slightly new genre for me I ve read much in the way of children s fantasy This is a big story, and plainly has a long way to go, with books in the series to come Being someone who skims rather too much for his own good, I sometimes lost track of which group was which not the characters themselves but their tribal backgrounds and so on Still that was a minor point, and my fault, not the author s.There s a lot of energy in the book, plenty of su [...]

    27. Seventeen year old pickpocket Llewella known as Llew has been surviving on the streets for some time It hasn t been easy trying to pass herself off as a boy, but it s even worse living as a girl When a man attacks her, Llew fights back and loses She s certain she died for a few moments until energy from her attacker restores her to life and he dies As trouble befalls Llew, she must leave town fast, and begs for help from a group of people leaving for parts unknown It s a rough beginning as, day [...]

    28. This was a very frustrating read.I ll address the bad first.The plot felt like a paint by numbers of high fantasy All the typical stuff was in there, without much originality Now, I know that it is practically impossible to be original these days but if you ARE going to follow the standard formula, then something else needs to grip the reader the characters The problem here is that apart from Llew and Jonas, all the other characters were very two dimensional Which leads me to the next issueLlew [...]

    29. A touch that can heal is also a touch that can kill D Howell toys with the idea in this new book, an endearing coming of age and love story between one female of a race of healers, the Aenuk and a man of the warrior race, the Karan It seems in the beginning there was a superior race, the Immortals, who split between healers and warriors and have been fighting and hating each other ever since But these 2 young people defy the odds against them , their own instincts and outside enemies to fall in [...]

    30. Western flavor, but not quite a western A glimpse of steampunk tech, but not full steampunk either What Healer s Touch is mostly, is coming of age romance in a fantasy setting Romance is not my usual genre, but I still enjoyed the story It s hard not to feel for the main character, Llew She s barely surviving in a rough town, plying the pickpocket trade and hiding or trying to her gender She s an orphan with nothing but a mysterious power that she soon learns to fear For me this was the good stu [...]

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