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Shift Hugh Howey Shift In a future less than fifty years away the world is still as we know it Time continues to tick by The truth is that it is ticking away A powerful few know what lies ahead They are preparing for it Th

  • Title: Shift
  • Author: Hugh Howey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Shift Hugh Howey In a future less than fifty years away, the world is still as we know it Time continues to tick by The truth is that it is ticking away A powerful few know what lies ahead They are preparing for it They are trying to protect us They are setting us on a path from which we can never return A path that will lead to destruction a path that will take us below ground ThIn a future less than fifty years away, the world is still as we know it Time continues to tick by The truth is that it is ticking away A powerful few know what lies ahead They are preparing for it They are trying to protect us They are setting us on a path from which we can never return A path that will lead to destruction a path that will take us below ground The history of the silo is about to be written Our future is about to begin.
    Shift Hugh Howey

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      148 Hugh Howey
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    1. Buddy Read with Rachel BAVR Have you ever been happily reading a good book You re about to find out what happens to the protagonist Your heart is pounding with anticipation When all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the book dumps you into a ridiculously long ass flashback Everything comes to a complete and utter stop It s like being trapped in a meandering shaggy dog story And of course you ve got to read the damn flashback, because if you don t you may not completely grasp the full ramifications of [...]

    2. Hugh Howey is a great idea man and the post apocalyptic world of the Silos is a wonderful little playground with the potential for great stories Unfortunately Howey s skills at character building leave much to be desired and ultimately drags down the entire series.Here s some of the ways Howey fails at writing characters he never tells us what anybody looks like Every character sounds the same and has no identifying tics or habits The relationship of just about every character to every other cha [...]

    3. Shift, as the impressive science fiction follow up to Wool, proves that Hugh Howey can write and write well This is a prequel, but is, in my opinion, better read after Wool in order to not destroy the unique aspects of reading Hugh Howey s first work I would say that together Shift and Wool appear as better versions of The Maze Runner series Not only are they far mature in their approach to their particular topics but they possess and infinite amount plausibility and depth The way in which Shi [...]

    4. I really wanted to like this book, I really did But unfortunately, the writer falls into the same traps he did in Wool Like Wool, this book tells a fantastic story for the first 2 3 in this case, I really did love the way the conspiracy built piece by piece before your eyes, and I enjoyed slowly putting it together with a lot of OMG moments If the book had ended after just that, it would have been a 5 star review However, in this novel Howey seems not to be able to restrain himself from going ov [...]

    5. It is truly a sorry affair that most sequels just do not turn out right.Well, alright, not most Some.Can we settle on a lot I can start naming now, The sequel to Blood Red Road, Metro 2034 and I am sure you can carry on with this list to eternity In fact, please carry on in the comments I would really love to find out what sequel drove you mad.So basically, I think we can draw the conclusion that you pretty much have to be J.K Rowling not to mess up the sequels.So am I surprised that Shift wasn [...]

    6. REVIEW SUMMARY The sequel trilogy to the best seller, Wool Omnibus, which takes a leap back in time to show how the chaos startedIEF SYNOPSIS A silo architect finds out too late what he s been building, loses track of his wife and memories, and must uncover the secret behind the silo in order to make everything right RATING 3.5 starsMY REVIEWPROS Strong beginning empathy for major characters challenging philosophical themes about war and sacrifice to survive as a human raceNS Third Shift Book Th [...]

    7. My rating is 4.5By the second part of the book Silos is a little less good, but the first part of the trilogy But the story is still great, very well written and keeps us tense all the time The story leads us to the time of construction the silos and is accompanied by the main figure congressman Donald, who gets the task of the president to make drafts for silos Though he accepts a job, it does not attract him much, because he takes that job away from the family But this job will bring him somet [...]

    8. Continuing the saga of the Silo I loved Wool, I loved this book So many questions after reading Wool Why, for instance, were there no elevators This book addresses that sort of I wonder if the author received enough emails about that topic that he felt he ought to mention it in his next book Shift answers a few Woolly questions, but asks quite a few questions I think that every few pages I was going OMG This book is of a prequel to Wool but should definitely be read after Wool to prevent spoil [...]

    9. Last night I was tempted to give this book two stars out of sheer frustration, but that wouldn t be fair Yes, it s nowhere near as good as its predecessor, the excellent _Wool_ And yes, it s not what you d call really good But I did read it straight through, and with no regrets.What Shift does well is provide context and explanations for much of the culture and history or lack thereof that we saw in Wool, and that s cool As a sort of Simarillion, this prequel book works The last few pages also n [...]

    10. O lume ap s toare, sumbr i clocotind de disperare, o atmosfer claustrofobic i personaje aflate permanent pe muchia nebuniei iat ce te a teapt la fiecare pagin i frica Frica visceral , teroarea mbibat de paranoia care va schimba omenirea pentru totdeauna.De i pe cartea apare ca fiind a doua parte a seriei, ac iunea acestui volum urm re te evenimentele care au condus la refugierea ultimilor oameni n ad ncurile P m ntului i continu povestea Silozului din perspectiva celor care l au creat mp r it n [...]

    11. Very savvy of the author to pen Shift after releasing Wool The latter scooped me in immediately, whereas Shift took somewhat longer to lure me into its clutches That s okay, I was already invested and there is a lot of information to be gleaned here To those of you who want your Wool ish questions answered, you can find them in Shift.You will learn how the silos came into being and why Shrinks are in charge of the insanity I love that Working stiffs are working a never ending mind numbing misery [...]

    12. SpoilersReally good I enjoyed the first two stories in Shift but the best story by far was the last one Third Shift , as it focused on one of the interesting arcs from Wool I was initially disappointed that Shift was a prequel, I wanted to read about the characters that were in Wool, especially Juliette, Solo and the kids Thankfully, it didn t take too long to get invested in the prequel story or the new characters although the characters weren t quite as endearing as those in Wool It was grea [...]

    13. Warning Spoilers for Wool , the previous book in the series.While the title Shift actually refers to the time that one works, it s definitely a shift in the storytelling of the series This volume goes back in time and tells the story of how and somewhat why the universe of Wool exists It is a tale of politics, paranoia and nanotechnology Yes the world ends in a somewhat SF cliche way, but it is still told with a great amount of talent, which makes those cliches forgivable Although we get nearly [...]

    14. Neblogai, bet nieko labai blatno I tikro, tai ita knyga, kaip pasakojimas, labai nukent jo nuo to, kad tai yra prie istor Ir jei tai b t tik prie istor , tai ma j un s, bet kad ji dar nema ai persidengia ir su pirm ja knyga, ir tada gaunasi, kad skaitytojas fakti kai antr kart skaito apie t pat Na ir kas, kad i kitos perspektyvos, kad pasakotojas kitas, vis tiek gal gale viskas susiveda t pat argument antras kartas iaip istorija yra pus tina, ypa kol buvo pasakojama, kaip atsirado acht id ja, ka [...]

    15. Immediately after finishing the Wool series, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Hugh Howey had finished Third Shift, which meant that Shift Omnibus was complete, and I could dive right into it.Shift provides some much needed backstory for the Wool books, namely who designed the Silos, why, and most importantly, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON Sort of on that later.Hugh manages to do it all with his usual engrossing style Dare I say I m pleased to be able to see his evolution as a writer through t [...]

    16. I will admit, I struggled to get through Shift While the writing is quite good, I never felt it was as compelling or interesting as Wool Shift felt like an addendum to Wool than a novel that could stand by itself I enjoyed getting some answers about what happened in Wool, yet it wasn t enough to keep me interested.My biggest problem was that I didn t care about the characters, especially the main character, Donald Before the silos came into play, Donald was a senator As far as what was happenin [...]

    17. UPDATED PARANOID RANT NEAR THE END WITH SLIGHT SPOILER The second volume of Howey s Solo trilogy takes us back to the origin of the silos and introduces a few good guys Donald in particular a few bad guys Thurman although we are not sure until Dust exactly how evil he is and some ambiguous characters Anna well, you ll need to read Dust to see how this turns out It is an interesting idea with the nanobots and the Noah s Arc concept The suspense is done quite well with time shifting back and forth [...]

    18. The Shift is comprised of three parts Legacy, Order and Pact, which if you have read Wool, promises answers to some of your questions I have read some complaints that the characters in The Shift were too flat, not fleshed out enough to become invested in It is true that some of these characters did come across as mere shadows but I cannot help but get the sense that maybe that was the point.In brief, Legacy tells us about what is happening in the world prior to the destruction we have seen and k [...]

    19. tas nuostabus pasaulisNe kiekvien dien rasi trilogij , kurios viduryje prie istor , ir tai mane kiek baugino imti ir dabar skaityti tai, kas buvo prie Ypa prisiskai ius neigiam komentar , da nai rekomendavusi i vis it knyg praleisti Bet a niekaip neleis iau sau paimti tre ios dalies neperskai iusi antros ir d iaugiuosi savo sprendimu.Man itos prie istor s reik jo Suerzino pirmosios knygos pabaigoje lyg ir paai k jusios prie astys, kurios buvo tokios labai jau miglotos Negaliu sakyti, kad man pat [...]

    20. While I enjoyed Wool, this prequel left me cold for a number of reasons First, there was the protagonist, Donald, whom everyone seems to value so highly but who never seems to do very much One of Wool s strength s was that its mechanic thought like a mechanic, fixed things, and took action Donald, as both architect and congressman, seems rarely to think like either, with his main action being going with the flow while wondering what is really going on.I suppose if you re big conspiracy buff, tha [...]

    21. I got this in audio because the third book in Silo was BOGO on Audible, and now I m not sure I care to read Dust Wool, 9 I loved Wool Omnibus Silo, 1 and thought I would be interested in reading the prequel, the how it all happened in the first place story, but in the end, not so much I actually think finding out the hows and whys do a disservice to the strange and isolated world we read about in Wool and I m sorry I read this book I m even sorrier I spent so many hours listening to it, although [...]

    22. Arggh I like the concept.I wanted to find out what happens.I hated the execution I found myself screaming at this book I really liked the idea and I really wanted to keep reading to find out how it all ends, but I found aspects of the book really frustrating You ll find yourself saying for god s sake, just get on with it will you and Well, that doesn t fit all the way through this book If you can put up with that, then it s worth the read.Spoiler alert don t read any if you haven t read this bo [...]

    23. I assumed it wouldn t be possible for Hugh Howey to match the suspense and freshness of the first of this series, Wool, but he surprised me Shift is both a prequel and a companion novel, showing the ingenuous origins of the strange claustrophobic Wool universe, then moving forward to follow parallel characters and locations that we glimpsed only briefly in Wool As before the action weaves between several different story lines and times, each told from the point of view of a different full fleshe [...]

    24. I simply couldn t finish this, it seemed to go on and on and on with over descriptive paragraphs and pages of nothingness.I didn t realise Shift was the prequel to the Wool Omnibus, I had loved Wool and wanted to know what was next instead I was plummeted into the before But it was tedious reading, I lasted 250 pages and just had to stop I skipped to the last few chapters and have the feeling I didn t miss much in between.What a shame that the books didn t move forward in time, I found the chara [...]

    25. Shift makes me wish you could go higher than five stars in rating books It s the prequel to Wool, which I liked so much I gave it five stars And I liked Shift better than Wool.

    26. Thanks to Hugh Howey, now I can add Apocalypse where everybody is living underground to my I am afraid of list Here it goes I am afraid of List in order of whatever 1 That there will be Twilight and Fifty Shades of Gray books 2 That I will never meet my Mr Rochester 3 Apocalypse where everybody is living underground 4 Heights 5 That G.R.R.Martin will never finish The Game Of Thrones 6 That Hogwarts doesn t exist 7 To Be Filled 9 The person who took number 8 10 To Be Filled Comparing my list to [...]

    27. prequel to Wool, showing how the world descended to the Silos as part of view spoiler deliberate plan to be shoot first in the use of a nano tech weapon and preserve humanity s legacy until the fallout clears hide spoiler main protagonist, Donald, appears as an every man character who stumbles into the centre of every piece of action and this is my main issue with the story He doesn t have any strong characteristics or motivation yet so much of the plot is constructed around himfinds himself a s [...]

    28. Loved it The first book in this series Wool is still one of my all time favorites This second book takes the reader back to the beginning of the Silos and the end of the world as we know it.The end is another one of his famous jaw droppers, so I will certainly be getting to Dust soon.I was disappointed with the inherent sexism, though When I think of scifi and futuristic societies , whether or not they re dystopian, I hope for sexual and racial equality such as that of Philip Dick novels The mas [...]

    29. This was much better than the first installment of this series, Wool Discovering the backstory of how and why he World is he way it is The people in charge and the decisions they have made over the centuries This is a look deep into the heart of humanity What is our true nature Are we deserving of being saved Must we sacrifice most of our species to begin again after centuries of suffering so that perhaps humanity can try again as a compassionate group These questions are never answered and it [...]

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