A Walk Among the Tombstones #2020

A Walk Among the Tombstones Lawrence Block A Walk Among the Tombstones Block s last Scudder mystery A Dance at the Slaughterhouse was called smoothly paced deftly plotted outstanding by the Chicago Tribune Now Block is poised to break through with his hottest freshe

  • Title: A Walk Among the Tombstones
  • Author: Lawrence Block
  • ISBN: 9780688103507
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Walk Among the Tombstones Lawrence Block Block s last Scudder mystery, A Dance at the Slaughterhouse, was called smoothly paced, deftly plotted, outstanding by the Chicago Tribune Now Block is poised to break through with his hottest, freshest look at the Big Apple s dark side A heroin wholesaler haggles with kidnappers over his wife s ransom, and she comes back in pieces But Scudder is on the killers trail iBlock s last Scudder mystery, A Dance at the Slaughterhouse, was called smoothly paced, deftly plotted, outstanding by the Chicago Tribune Now Block is poised to break through with his hottest, freshest look at the Big Apple s dark side A heroin wholesaler haggles with kidnappers over his wife s ransom, and she comes back in pieces But Scudder is on the killers trail in no time.
    A Walk Among the Tombstones Lawrence Block

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      150 Lawrence Block
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    1. Right after finishing this book, I was at the grocery store with the wife I was daydreaming while she got some meat from the butcher s counter She dropped a couple of wrapped steaks and hamburger in the cart I ran screaming out of the store So thanks for that, Lawrence Block.Kenan Khoury is a heroin distributor whose wife Francine was kidnapped Kenan followed instructions and paid a large ransom without contacting the cops, but Francine still got choppity chopped and sent home like pork cutlets [...]

    2. As detective Scudder gets older, the books he stars in get longer, each entry filled with Scudder reflections, peripheral characters, comic relief, and page for page less mystery Yet this is the strange part Scudder is still stoic, New York City and its denizens are still vivid and grim, and the later crimes though they take fewer pages to develop are even compelling than before This is something only a master of genre like Block can do can do he fulfills the requirements of genre so efficie [...]

    3. finished all 16 matt scudder books 1 short story collection that s like 5,000 pages and now i m kinda depressed well, a few thoughts before i drown myself in ice cream sandwich and crap TV ignore all the 3 and 4 star ratings with the knowledge that the series is a solid fiver like simenon s novels, the first 16 of stark s parker books, PKD s mindfuckedpulperies, etc, it s a mosaic which equals than the sum of its parts forget elaborate mysteries and plot stuck crime books that s all macguffin, [...]

    4. A gang of psychopaths kidnap, rape, torture, and murder a drug dealer s wife after getting a ransom from him The drug dealer hires Matthew Scudder to find the men for him But was this the only time the psychopaths have struck And will they strike again As the series goes by, Matthew Scudder goes up against sicker and sicker foes and gets put into worse and worse situations Like usual, it makes the book a page turner because you can t wait to see him settle the bad guys s hash The high points of [...]

    5. For the last thirty years or so, I ve been reading Lawrence Block s Matthew Scudder series which, for me at least, is hands down the best P.I series that anyone s ever done I mean no disrespect to authors like Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, both of whom I admire greatly But their body of work is relatively small by comparison Block, on the other hand, created a fantastic character right out of the box, put him in a great, gritty setting, surrounded him with an excellent supporting cast, [...]

    6. Block opens the book with an English lullaby that is pretty much guaranteed to cause sleeplessness in any child listening It might scare them quiet, however baby, baby if he hears you As he gallops past the house Limb from limb at once he ll tear you Just as a pussy tears a mouse A gruesome and fitting way to start off one of Scudder s horrific cases.A Walk is little to the 3.5 area on the scudder scale of awesomeness Scudder is back in usual form, but with some of the character subtlety missi [...]

    7. A young lady is snatched by a pair of lowlifes and held for ransom Her husband, drug dealer Kenan Khoury, is forced to cough up four hundred thousand for her safe return Upon payment, her husband is told to collect her from the trunk of a car not far from his home Hoping to reunite with his missing wife, Kenan finds her in less than desirable shape.Distraught over his wife s murder and unable to reach out to the police, Kenan turns to his brother Peter who suggests bringing in Matt Scudder, a ma [...]

    8. Block was really taking Matt Scudder to some dark places in the early 90s, as if a psychotic killer hell bent on revenge and a couple of evil snuff film makers weren t enough hell for one man to face whilst trying with all his might to stay away from the hard stuff he s now faced with some joy killers who abduct and dissect women in broad daylight Luckily he has a great group of friends and a growing sense of home in a light place to counteract the dark But surely there s only so much of the ban [...]

    9. A Walk Among the Tombstones is a prime choice cut of detective fiction heck, it s maybe worth two or three or a whole car trunk full of packaged slices on ice of high quality writing All the necessary tasty bits that make the Matthew Scudder novels so savory are on full display in this tenth entry into the series Dialogue that sizzles, suspense that slow boils over the cooking pot, and characters as complex and heady as a carefully prepared dish of steak tartare This time around, Scudder takes a [...]

    10. After having read the Keller series and having seen the movie with Liam Neeson I was kind of interested in reading the basis of the movie.The book and the movie are actually pretty similar which makes me hope fora few Scudder movies starring Neeson.The story is basicly about a kidnapping gone horribly wrong from the viewpoint of the husband who receives after paying the ransom his wife back albeit in pieces.It is the brother of the victims husband who finds Scudder due to their connection throu [...]

    11. Good start and finish, but with a plodding, lifeless middle Sadly, the middle half of this 10th Matt Scudder book is dull, repetitive crap, honestly Very tedious to slog through Even the famous Lawrence Block genius dialogue is not in evidence here The whole of the middle of the book is just padding to tie the ending to the start More pages Higher price Block has famously never talked of his possible AA membership, but I would strongly suggest that every book he wrote after Matt Block goes sober [...]

    12. Showing at cinemas now, the movie version I must go This book was my introduction to Lawrence Block s writing and I am not left feeling let down one bit What a fantastic novel that gripped me from the start and did not let go Exceptional crime fiction with everything you would want.What s the book about The dark thriller from crime fiction master Lawrence Block, soon to be a film starring Liam Neeson in September.Big time dope dealer Kenan Khoury is a wealthy man One fine spring morning his wife [...]

    13. So I keep seeing those commercials for the film adaptation of A Walk Among the Tombstones, the critics say it s scary, so I say to myself, I say Hester you gotta read that and of course I agree with myself I wish I would have ignored me My first clue this book was not going to be that great is the fact that it s number 10 in a series, well I wasn t going to waste my time with books 1 9 but thought that I d give it a try anyway As a rule I m not that fond of series, something about them gets on m [...]

    14. The essence of the private eye in fiction is that the individual detective works outside the system and can make the decision to dispense judgment as he sees fit, or not To bring true justice when the authorities would not, or could not Or, he can choose not to do so The job could be simply following the instructions of the client, and securing their desired result completing the task Or, it could place the detective in such a position that his own personal code would be violated if he failed to [...]

    15. A Matt Scudder novel It s always fun to run across anachronisms in books written years ago The morphing into non existence of pay phones, once a feature of hotel cubbyholes and conference centers, 800 phone cards, calls for a dime, the elimination of pay phone numbers all of that is so foreign to the current generation that can t understand not being able to make an instant 911 call with their cell phones.Classic Block.

    16. One of the cops in A Walk Among the Tombstones notes that there is a new recreational class of crime thrill killing that seems to be on the rise That kind of crime is at the heart of this book Matt Scudder is approached by someone he knows through AA whose brother s wife was snatched off the street, held for ransom, and then returned in pieces The husband, who makes his money as a high end drug dealer, doesn t want to go to the cops, so he approaches Scudder The husband makes it clear from the s [...]

    17. After I started reading this Matthew Scudder mystery I realized that I know this story line in that I could tell what was going to happen next so I put the book aside and started something else but a Scudder books nags at your mind and you are trying to remember what happened and how it ended so I broke away from Monkeewrench that I was reading and finished a walk among the tombstones you know what now I want to see the movie again to see how Liam Neeson does as Scudder Enjoyed the book and reco [...]

    18. A stunningly resourceful brand of criminal has recently set up shop in the big city an ingenious breed of human predators who victimize the loved ones of those who live outside the law These sadistic extortionists have certainly chosen their victims wisely knowing that criminals will never run to the police, no matter how brutal the threat As a result, these vicious monsters have consistently been able to get away with their nefarious business.On a Thursday morning in late March, Francine Khoury [...]

    19. This is the 10th book in the Scudder series, a series that continues to get better and better This time out Matthew Scudder finds himself called to the home of a drug trafficker, Kenan Khoury, who has just had his wife kidnapped She was kidnapped, raped, killed, cut up into small pieces and returned to her husband, even though he paid them 400,000 for her safe return Mr Khoury s brother Peter knows Scudder from AA meetings, and he brings Scudder in to help find the kidnappers Scudder attacks the [...]

    20. The book opens with an English lullaby that can be summed up as quit crying and carrying on, baby, or the monster will grab you, rip you limb from limb, and eat you It s easy to forget how grim lullabies and nursery tales really were Next, comes Block s book And it is every bit as gruesome as the lullaby Fortunately, Block does not linger over the gory details, so they re part of the story but without gratuitous violence Great characters, some of whom bring than is apparent at first glance Good [...]

    21. A great addition to the Scudder series, very engrossing and full of interesting characters It s a slow boil, very well researched, gritty and tight Overall it s a great read and you can see how well Block has settled into Scudder s universe here.The movie doesn t really do it much justice Not a bad movie, well shot, but extremely gentrified The book is approachable for many people but the movie is aimed toward white men only.

    22. The overall premise drew me in but unfortunately I didn t enjoy the book as much as I thought I would The start was great but towards the middle the story slowed, then it picked up, had a slightly lacklustre ending then fizzled out I may be old fashioned but I do love a book with eventual realisation of villain, thrilling chases, confrontation and ass kicking of said villain and so on, shame really because the baddies in this where nasty guys, well at least on got an amusing send off

    23. Thriller killer graphic gruesome, need I say fast paced perhaps a little too gruesome for my liking but did give it a go well written subject that was rather intense but it did keep my attention did I mention gruesome

    24. Another hard boiled standout, though not the best, in the Matt Scudder series His street savvy African American sidekick TJ plays a key role in solving the murder Lots of NYC geography.

    25. After his wife is brutally murdered, a drug runner hires unlicensed private detective Matt Scudder to track down the sick bastards who committed the act The suspects blend well into New York City as they use a work truck van to abduct their victims and then change the color and markings after the crime has been committed They also have a tendency to leave the mutilated remains in cemeteries around town which makes for a ghastly calling card Scudder has to pound the pavement and do what he does b [...]

    26. Fans of Lawrence Block may be shocked that a person who enjoys reading mysteries would wait so long to read his work I apparently had the author confused with Robert Bloch, another well known author who work is in my opinion rather uneven As a result, I had read a couple of short stories by the latter that I didn t care for and had ignored the work of the former by mistake When my brother gave me a box of mysteries that he enjoyed, it included several of the Matthew Scudder series about an ex co [...]

    27. A very gritty and black entry into the series of the former alkie but still unlicensed private eye In this book, Scudder is hired by a drug dealer to find the sadistic spree killers who kidnapped and butchered his wife With the help of his street connections, Scudder decides to mete out some of the rough justice that is becoming his trademark But lest he become a remorseless killing machine, Block allows Scudder to begin to craft some domestic bliss at the end of this saga.It s a fine read, bec [...]

    28. A drug dealer s wife is kidnapped and brutally murdered The killer or killers have done this before, and they ll do it again.This was my first delve into Lawrence Block s Matt Scudder mysteries I picked it up after having seen the film, which I thought was excellent , and I have to say I ll be coming back for Atmospheric, creepy, and perfectly paced, Block s writing is utilitarian almost to a fault, but the narrative propels forward at just the right pace, the bad guys are suitably nasty and th [...]

    29. A Walk Among the Tombstones by Lawrence Block.Let me start off by saying I had listened to this years ago while working in a library and enjoyed it immensely It was my introduction to Matt Scudder which continues to this day I also saw the movie and enjoyed it This book on CD was narrated by Mark Hammer who in my opinion did the story a total disservice with his ramblings which did nothing except help to lose my interest The 3 stars are because of the narrator and not the story 4 stars are for t [...]

    30. While A Walk Among The Tombstones is the tenth book in the Matt Scudder series, this reads perfectly well as a standalone which is great as I ve only dabbled with this series intermittently The darker side of crime fiction is on display here as Scudder becomes involved in kidnapping case which has left a drug trafficker a widower and another underworld type minus a beloved daughter Not for the faint of heart, Block writes with a poisoned pen positioning Scudder in the thick of a grisly case whic [...]

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