True Fellowship: The Biblical Practice of Koinonia #2020

True Fellowship: The Biblical Practice of Koinonia Jerry Bridges True Fellowship The Biblical Practice of Koinonia A thouhtful and provocative book that offers a life changing experience through caring Some of the topics you will find in this book is Renew your bonds of love with other believers Participate in the

  • Title: True Fellowship: The Biblical Practice of Koinonia
  • Author: Jerry Bridges
  • ISBN: 9780891095217
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • True Fellowship: The Biblical Practice of Koinonia Jerry Bridges A thouhtful and provocative book that offers a life changing experience through caring Some of the topics you will find in this book is Renew your bonds of love with other believers Participate in the partnership of the gospel Contribute your spiritual gifts to help others Share your possessions according to God s plan.
    True Fellowship: The Biblical Practice of Koinonia Jerry Bridges

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      492 Jerry Bridges
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    One thought on “True Fellowship: The Biblical Practice of Koinonia”

    1. Great Favorite portion was the teaching on spiritual gifts This chapter alone makes the book worth reading, but really I ve never met a Jerry Bridges book I didn t like Community within the body of Christ is a spiritual reality that God has given to Believers It comes with joys and responsibilities It has very little to do with social activities.

    2. If I had one author whose books I was allowed to bring to a desert island, Jerry Bridges would be that author And of all his books, if I was only allowed one, I would choose this book True Fellowship The Biblical Practice of Koinonia.We hear the word fellowship a lot today, but it is mainly used in a social, entertainment, sporting context Whereas, the biblical concept is something deeper, higher and better Jerry Bridges explores the full biblical import of the word koinonia fellowship and chall [...]

    3. If you want to understand the point, the price and the power of biblical fellowship, then read this book Jerry Bridges, in his candid writing style, does an excellent job in outlining biblical fellowship Fellowship is not just the deliberate act of caring and sharing for one another, it is also an objective fact for everyone who claims to be born again If you are in Christ, you are in community.Being part of the Body of Christ is an objective reality However, being an active part of this Body is [...]

    4. This is an excellent book on Biblical fellowship Bridges main point is that our fellowship is based on the fact that share a relationship with Jesus Christ Consequently, we belong to each other Bridges examines how this should effect our use of time, participation in the church, use of possessions, suffering and sharing.I particularly liked his reminder that we should be less focused on our spiritual gifts and focused on our function within the body of Christ Start serving and your gifts will b [...]

    5. This is an accessible book that covers significant aspects of the rich and incredibly important word koinonia Those seeking to better understand the Scriptural truths of living in fellowship in communion, community with Christ and other Believers will be blessed by this book.

    6. Great points if you re not familiar with the biblical concept of koinonia, which is different from our typical understanding of community and fellowship Bridges goes over why we have community objectively with God and then with others and the different ways it s expressed or should be expressed among believers It s than social fellowship, though that can be part of it.

    7. This book is the fruit of a word study on koinonia fellowship community found 19 times in the New Testament Unlike the restrictive way fellowship is typically used among today s Christians, the apostles had a much richer understanding One that forms the structure of the book.Bridges starts by setting the discussion regarding horizontal fellowship in the important context of the vertical fellowship established by the gospel Before understanding what true fellowship with God s church looks like, w [...]

    8. Las simples pero profundas palabras del Ps John Piper demuestran su estilo de c mo llegar a las personas, y en especial con un tema como el del Nuevo nacimiento , es de esta forma en c mo abarca un tema de suma importancia, que si no se llega a entender correctamente se estar haciendo un hijo dos veces hijo del infierno nadie llega al Padre por las obras.

    9. In True Community geht es um den griechischen Begriff koinonia , der im Neuen Testament die christliche Gemeinschaft beschreibt.Die Grundlage ist das gemeinsame Leben, das wir als Kinder Gottes in Jesus haben Jerry Bridges geht es dabei vor allem darum, dass diese g ttliche, vorgegebene Realit t unser Bewusstsein ganz tief pr gt Es geht um konkretes Handeln, aber nicht im Sinne eines Verhaltenskodexes, sondern aus dem Herzen heraus.Nicht soziale Aktivit ten sind das Ziel, sondern Beziehung, ein [...]

    10. Great biblical perspective on what Scripture really means by the word so often translated fellowship He certainly takes it beyond coffee and doughnuts in the church basement to union and communion first with God through the work of the cross, the objective fact of union Communion with God is then consummated and strengthened through the devotional disciplines of reading God s word, different kinds of prayer, and practicing His presence Union in the Body is an objective fact Communion with the Bo [...]

    11. A good practical book that I think would be a great resource for anyone who leads a small group or is interested in having fellowship with other people The author goes into what fellowship is biblically and how that differs from what most of us think of when we think of fellowship now.My one criticism is a misinterpretation of Song of Songs The reference isn t necessary to get out of the book what is intended, though, so read on and maybe just smile and nod when the author avoids the idea that s [...]

    12. This book does a good job covering the importance of having fellowship with others believers The author stresses the importance of relationships that involve fun gatherings while at the same facilitate deep conversations.After reading Alone Together which addressed the modern isolation despite wireless connection, this book provides practical advice for Christians ensure that they are connecting with other believers in meaningful ways.Topic Addressed Accountability Discipleship Small Groups A to [...]

    13. A great book on the meaning of fellowship in the Greek and what true fellowship should look like today The book did a great job of explaining what fellowship is and how to implement fellowship The biggest issue I had with the book was the author s understanding of the body of Christ The author s understanding is a universal body and it makes some of the author s applications ridiculous The applications would have been much meaningful and impactful if the author understood the meaning of the bod [...]

    14. Systematically goes through the New Testament looking at the various applications and nuances of the Greek word koinonia Restores the majesty and mystery of the Christian sense of fellowship, yet highly practical in it s application Convicting in how far most local churches are from practicing true, biblical community.The only weakness is that the author doesn t provide ideas on how to get from the current forms of koinonia worship services and or hanging out at the coffee shop to the biblical [...]

    15. Jerry Bridges is without a doubt a superb writer and this is a pretty good book on fellowship within the body of Christ, especially today where the word fellowship is thrown around a lot but never truly in a biblical sense While this book is not exhaustive on the subject of fellowship it is certainly very practical on the topic It covers things such as community, accountability, spiritual gifts, fellowship with God and with other believers, and serving It is a good book to challenge you and also [...]

    16. This is a solid book on the subject of discipleship and community It did not inspire me like some others in this realm have done, but it is has good foundational teaching Parts are challenging and reveal to me where I fall short, particularly in the fellowship of suffering It s been about a month since I read it, and I am having trouble remembering much Therefore, I guess there wasn t a lot in the book that was a startling or new revelation or a new paradigm However, not every book needs to do t [...]

    17. Bridges is not the most stimulating writer, but the content here is solidly Biblical and practical He calls Christians away from thinking of fellowship exclusively in terms of social activities, showing that koinonia involves service, using our spiritual gifts, giving to the needy, and joining with the sufferings of others To be objectively in fellowship with other believers while we experientially deny that very fellowship is to contradict the clear teaching of the Bible There is mutual owners [...]

    18. Another Home Run by Bridges His approach to the concept of community in Scripture was superb He begins with an analysis of our fellowship with God in the Gospel and the draws a number of connections to our fellowship with each other in the Church Much has been said about this work by other reviewers, so I ll leave this with my suggestion that every believer should read this book I would recommend it for church groups or book studies The content is simple enough for most high school age teens to [...]

    19. A wonderful depth of insight into the type of community we can have as Christians The author mixes a study of the Greek word koinonia with the ways Christ intends His church to live it out with Himself and each other I love when a book inspires me to go back to Scripture and dive into relationship with God without feeling preachy It certainly helped that the heart of True Community coincides completely with what God has been speaking in my life through a variety of sources recently I thoroughly [...]

    20. Like most books on the Church, there are a couple areas where you wish the book went into detail But the main point of this one is to define what Biblical fellowship is in the Church how it s much deeper than Christian social functions Fellowship means sharing in the risen, supernatural life of Jesus that unites us and binds us together in the Body of Christ Really good stuff, and a good book to give or recommend to other folks.

    21. Solid and basic treatment of biblical fellowship Bridges is keen to point out that there is much to Christian community than social interaction He grounds community in union with Christ, and then explores various ways that fellowship comes to expression in the church He makes a couple of exegetical leaps in the wrong direction in the chapter on service, but overall, the book presents the foundations of life together at a very helpful adult Sunday school level.

    22. My church is using this as a book study for small groups and our pastor is also speaking on it for Sunday sermons The book is perfect for a book study because each chapter is about the same in length and there is a lot of information and discussion which can develop from the pages Great book, highly recommended.

    23. A really helpful, concise, biblically faithful treatment of what fellowship is Fellowship or community is an overused and misunderstood term in Christian parlance Jerry Bridges does much needed corrective work in this area, while providing rich inspiration to nurture true community in our own lives.

    24. This was an excellent read on the purpose of Christian community and the different ways it should manifest itself His zeal and love for the Church comes out clearly in the book in a very persuasive way that makes the reader want to join him in this sacrificial love for Christ s bride An excellent reminder of our need for each other and our calling to serve one another.4 stars Very Good

    25. What a wonderful and convicting book Bridges challenges the whole notion of shallow social interaction among believers who call such interactions fellowship Fellowship, writes Bridges, is something so much deeper and so much meaningful, but also much challenging This would be a great book for a Sunday School or small group to study and apply.

    26. Good practical book on helping Christians to understand a much neglected topic The question being what is true Christian fellowship, what does it look like and how do we participate in it All three aspects of this question are answered If churches had people engaging in this kind of fellowship our churches would be much dynamic.

    27. Jerry Bridges does an excellent job of showing all aspects of fellowship starting with our fellowship with God and relating that to our fellowship with other believers He really takes it to a deeper level as he looks at what the Bible has to say about real fellowship.

    28. A delightful exposition of scriptural koinonia true spiritual fellowship This title is not exhaustive, nor intended to be so, but highly applicable and useful for each and every believer who embraces God s design for their function as a member of His body

    29. Very challenging, particularly the suggestion we should be talking about than trivial things after church on a Sunday Not sure if I agree every social activity should be linked to spiritual matters though Definitely recommend He s an excellent author.

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