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Outside Deirdre Gill Outside In this gentle picture book fantasy a child s world transforms through his hard work imagination and persistence when he opens the door and steps outside into to the brave new world of his imagina

  • Title: Outside
  • Author: Deirdre Gill
  • ISBN: 9780547910659
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Outside Deirdre Gill In this gentle picture book fantasy, a child s world transforms through his hard work, imagination, and persistence when he opens the door and steps outside, into to the brave new world of his imagination.
    Outside Deirdre Gill

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      276 Deirdre Gill
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    One thought on “Outside”

    1. I love this book, and not just because I m married to its author and why I am able to review it 2 months before its publication date The story is simple, heartwarming and poignant, and the illustrations are luminous It starts with a boy who has nothing to do inside, so he goes outside to play He makes a snow angel Then rolls a snowball The snowball becomes a snow creature, and from there the adventure really takes off I m afraid that I ll give away too much if I describe what happens next, so I [...]

    2. A little boy is playing at the window and seeing all the fresh snow outside decides to suit up and play outdoors He ends up making a huge snowman who in turn helps the boy build a castle At this point a dragon enters the story, so I stopped before that happens because my story time was about WINDOWS and SNOW but not about dragons I had the children stand up and put actions to a snowman building song.Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman stand taller with each repetition of the word snowman [...]

    3. Beautiful illustrations set off a wonderfully simple yet poignant story about a young boy s ventures into the wonders of imagination I really enjoyed the fact the little boy went outside to seek his adventure rather than being fed someone else s ideas via the television or computer.

    4. I read this with my two kindergarten classes and it ignited some wonderful conversations about, real, make believe, and imagination Lots of connections and they delighted in the clever illustrations A great read that I look forward to sharing with students.

    5. Snow is falling and a little boy is stuck inside with nothing to do His big brother will not play with him, preferring the television and computer instead When the sun comes out, the little boy wraps up and goes outside He makes snow angels and a bigger than life snow man who comes to life and helps the boy to make a huge snow castle Then a dragon comes and takes the boy over the trees When they return home, the dragon looks like he is made of snow Finally, the big brother comes out to play.The [...]

    6. A young boy spends time out in the snow himself when his older brother refuses to play with him He invents an imaginary world outside until finally his brother joins him This beautiful fantasy story will enthrall the young audience with its simple story and soft illustrations Sparse text relates a beautiful story while the illustrations lend a mystical feeling to the narrative This would be a great wintertime story for the elementary audience Recommended for pre school through grade 2.

    7. Do you wanna build a snowman rings in my ears as I read this book If I had read it before I saw the movie, I would love the book I am really curious how children will react and if they will make the connection, and if they will get the two confused It might be a great compare and contrast activity.Snowy, soft illustrations hold just the right hues of winter days that slide into blues and purples as the sun slides down to the horizon The boys colorful clothes and the dragon provide contrast.

    8. The illustrations are great It would be easy to talk to children about playing in the snow and imagination with this book A little boy goes outside and starts building a snowman which becomes a giant snow creature in a big castle and a dragon along and they fly off together Then he realizes its time to come home and he finds his brother is finally ready to play outside too His reality turns out to be pretty good too.

    9. As Massachusetts suffers the aftermath of the Great Blizzard of 2015 followed by subsequent storms I thought a snow book would be appropriate to read to my preschoolers Outside worked pretty well although I was disappointed with the children s response A little boy plays outside in the snow making all kinds of fantastical creatures including an amazing castle His older brother, who is inside playing on the computer, finally comes outside and plays Cute but a bit flat.

    10. Finally, a book about unplugging and experiencing nature that isn t heavy handed and easily dated Sorry, Dot this one s better than you ever were Deirdre Gill captures the joy and sense of discovery of playing in the snow with simple text and soft edged art The icy blues of the snow and shadows made me want to go find some snowy woods.

    11. A young boy, with nothing to do, discovers that it s snowed outside He goes to play, begs at the window for his older brother to come out too, but the brother won t, is watching TV The boy ventures further, into a marvelous imaginary and snowy land, with trees as creatures leaning over him while he trudges through the forest It s a land of make believe, where many children travel The pictures are gorgeously painted, makes me want to try to see those tree creatures on our next snow.

    12. When I was visiting my favorite indie book shop, McLean Eakin Booksellers on Saturday, I found it waiting for me As I opened the cover of Outside Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, October 21, 2014 written and illustrated by Deirdre Gill, the quiet talk of the other customers and shopkeepers faded away, replaced by the quiet of a snow covered landscape I was caught inside the Outside My full recommendation bit 1y1UqQV

    13. Whenever I think of snow I envision shoveling and wet, cold toes Outside, however, is a stunning book that reminds adults and celebrates with children the magic of snow A young boy heads out into a winter wonderland and is soon creating imaginary creatures, building castles, and having adventures At its climax, Outside is a dramatic visual exclamation of the joy in imaginative play.

    14. An ode to imaginative play in the great outdoors Sends the message that playing outside trumps sitting in front of a screen, but without being preachy Gill nails the look and feel of a snowy winter landscape it made me want to get outside and play well, maybe once it gets above 7 freaking degrees , and I imagine it will have the same effect on a lot of kids.

    15. A little boy wants to go play in the snow so he asks his brother to join him His brother doesn t, but the little boy goes outside anyway He rolls a ball of snow that grows into an enormous snowman human like and a friend Then there are many other snow figures to play with until a dragon comes along and the boy takes to the skies Beautifully illustrated.

    16. Beautiful illustrations, but not much of a story You could argue that it was supposed to be a story of imagination and you could tell your own story from the pictures, but for me, it was missing something.

    17. A young boy ventures outside into the magical winter and creates an imaginary playmate when his brother doesn t want to play with him This book combines simple but beautiful language with fabulous illustrations to tell the story of sibling relationship, imagination, wonder and winter play.

    18. When his big brother will not play with him, the little boy goes outside to play in the snow and discovers a magical world.

    19. I liked the whimsical illustrations, though my husband found them freaky , but the story didn t make very much sense to me A little disappointing.

    20. A lovely book featuring the imagination of a little boy out playing in the snow The watercolor illustrations were beautiful.

    21. A soft, beautiful ode to the magic of playing outside in the snow A celebration of winter and imagination Wonderfully illustrated A perfect January read.

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