Married for Christmas #2020

Married for Christmas NoelleAdams Married for Christmas After years of dreaming Jessica is finally getting married but the marriage isn t exactly what she thought Daniel is her best friend and she s known him all her life but he s never gotten over los

  • Title: Married for Christmas
  • Author: NoelleAdams
  • ISBN: 9781492765141
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • Married for Christmas NoelleAdams After years of dreaming, Jessica is finally getting married, but the marriage isn t exactly what she thought.Daniel is her best friend, and she s known him all her life, but he s never gotten over losing his wife two years ago His dream is to become the pastor of the church in their hometown, but the small town congregation keeps balking over calling an unmarried ministerAfter years of dreaming, Jessica is finally getting married, but the marriage isn t exactly what she thought.Daniel is her best friend, and she s known him all her life, but he s never gotten over losing his wife two years ago His dream is to become the pastor of the church in their hometown, but the small town congregation keeps balking over calling an unmarried minister Since Daniel needs a wife and Jessica wants a husband and family, she proposes an arrangement that benefits both of them.They can get married They can build a life together They can celebrate Christmas as a couple It s fine that he doesn t love her And it s fine that she s not exactly suited to be a small town pastor s wife And it s fine that she s attracted to her sexy, brooding husband every day.Jessica can be practical about this marriage She knows what she s getting into, after allThis book includes fully developed sex scenes between a husband and wife.
    Married for Christmas NoelleAdams

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    One thought on “Married for Christmas”

    1. 3.5 NoMoreCrying stars Do you think you could maybe stop crying This little quote says a lot about my rating I was really enjoying this book and I wanted to give it a 4 at least, but no The fact that the MC was crying in almost every page, it was a huge turn off for me I m okay with drama and I understand when they cry I also cry But this was getting ridiculous She was crying while she was also having sex Should I be flattered that my extraordinary talent at sex has reduced you to tears again Ot [...]

    2. Married For Christmas tugged at my heartstrings and had me a little teary in parts Twenty eight year old Jessica Cameron wants a husband and a family and is tired of waiting She s been in love with her best friend Daniel for quite some time and she has a plan that will hopefully gives both of them what they want and need She doesn t think Daniel views her in a romantic light, in fact he doesn t seem to be interested in anyone since the tragic death of his wife two years earlier, but being marrie [...]

    3. FREE on Well I didn t expect this.Married for Christmas is a quick simplistic romance, but in a good way It pulls heavily on the heart strings, and even i shed a little tear at the almost end Out of joy that is.Widowed grump Daniel is unable to get a job as a Pastor in Willow Park, though he desperately wants to, he needs to be married His close friend, Jessica, is a long time loner and web developer She proposes they marry, he gets his dream job, she gets a family Unfortunately, as the days pas [...]

    4. 3.75 StarsThis was really cute And I would say , but I m on a reading binge and don t feel like stopping.Soonward

    5. She wants a husband and a familyHe needs a wife to become the pastor of the churchA proposition that will benefit both of them It s fine that he doesn t love her And it s fine that she s not exactly suited to be a small town pastor s wife And it s fine that she s attracted to her sexy, brooding husband every day.Jessica can be practical about this marriage She knows what she s getting into, after allWhat they don t know is that things changes, feelings grow and they could have than a loveless [...]

    6. I LOVED this book Noelle Adams is an author to watch out for She took a huge risk writing a story like this but I loved everything about it What a great pleasure it was to slip into this story I absolutely could not put it down This is a story about a marriage of convenience for both characters It s passionate, heartwarming, and made my heart smile The emotional conflicts are so clearly defined, the humor mixed in with the sorrow, and the romance between Daniel and Jessica is passionate and beli [...]

    7. This month my hidden gem was far from being a gem I was very disappointed Reading the definition of the book, I was really excited to read it It sounded like a great christian fiction book What a surprise I found no value at all in the book It had very detailed love scenes As I got into this part of the book, I started skipping several of those pages However the love scenes kept comming up chapter after chapter Now I love a romantic plot, but in this book the details went way over the line I cou [...]

    8. I could have used a little character development with both the hero and the heroine, but I LOVED how faith was an integral part of their lives and how that was presented This is the sort of treatment of faith and religion I want from books Real people dealing with real problems I can t read Inspirational Fiction from Christian publishers because of their ridiculous sentimental formulas But this worked for me on every level I know it won t for a lot of Christians because there is on page sex and [...]

    9. I was seduced by the FREE but I ll be avoiding Adams in the future Very much not my style I need connection, I need warmth, I need build up, I need to not be beaten over the head with the obvious The writing leaves much to be desired, there is no there there PS The constant Her name is BEAR was just.en, my husband and I occasionally say Did you feed the cat instead of calling her by her FULL CHRISTIAN NAME SO SUE US OMG.PPS The sex scenes are really awful Just awful.

    10. Review in English e em portugu s 4,5 lovely stars I have never read anything from Noelle Adams and Married for Christmas was definetely a treat I heard about this book on twitter, I don t remember who said it was available on netgalley, so I went there and requested it I read it in one day It tells us the history of Daniel, a widower pastor who is having some trouble in get a job in the church he always wanted to be because he was not married And we have Jessica, a girl who has almost no family [...]

    11. My experience of reading Married for Christmas was going well until the wedding occurred Jessica transformed from a decent character into a selfish nag who wasted no time on reneging on her promise She d agreed with Daniel to embark on a marriage of convenience, but did not give him ANY time to adjust to anything meaningful.I realize Jessica had been in denial about her true desires, but resenting Daniel for not fully and immediately participating in their new marriage was unfair She constantly [...]

    12. Making Adjustments Five Winning StarsI was so absolutely thrilled to read receive this first series of this amazing book, Willow Park Written by my complete favourite author, Noelle Adams Another marvellous romantic to just simply the best Jessica Cameron was very afraid now Whilst being so rushed as work this day She still had on ambition in her lonely life She wanted a family to belong and be apart of them too Now as went to visit her closest friend Daniel Ready to pop the proposal to him Afte [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this one It s contemporary, not inspirational, even though the hero is a pastor He is also a widower Marriage of convenience y all I love that trope It s awkward at times And sad and hurtful And very romantic Recommend99 for the next few days I think.

    14. I really enjoyed Married for Christmas it does have a religious under tone to the story Hero is a pastor but it didn t become a huge sermon like other Christian stories I actually liked the smooth transition between the MC s spiritual and emotional journey together I was in the mood for something Christmasy and this was a freebie by Noelle Adams The story basically is about Jessica all told through her POV she s always dreamed of marriage, a home and a family to share her life with After years o [...]

    15. At the beginning of Married for Christmas is an author s note It explains that while the book is about a pastor, it isn t meant to be Christian fiction It is a simply a book that explores life from the perspective of someone who has faith It is not intended to present any sort of religious message Noelle rightly acknowledges that the challenge of this sort of book will mean that for some there will be too much religion and for others, not enough I admit, I was convinced I would be in the first g [...]

    16. Jessica has a proposition for her old friend Daniel He s a widower, having lost his wife, Lila, in a car accident Daniel is a pastor, and has the chance to become the pastor in he and Jess s home town but they d prefer somebody either settled down, or a bit older than Daniel Jessica feels very alone she has friends, but not much in the way of family aside from her mother who is in a nursing home Jess works from home so doesn t even have work colleagues Jess has given up in the idea of love and r [...]

    17. Jessica wants to belong to a family and Daniel wants to be a pastor at his hometown church They have been friends for a long time, but have never dated The book opens with Jessica plotting her proposal She appeals to Daniel s desire to be the pastor but the elders preference for a married pastor Daniel was married once, but his wife passed away two years ago Jessica knows she was his one great love and that they will never have a love marriage, but she knows they will both respect their vows and [...]

    18. Going into Married for Christmas I really didn t have any expedition about the book By the time I was done with the book, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the story The story slowly sneaks up on you and by the end you aren t ready for it to be over.Jessica has been living a simple life, taking care of her mother, working from home and spending time with her dog Bear and her best friend Daniel For the most part she is happy with her life except for the fact she really wants a family and kids [...]

    19. 3.5 rounded up to 4 stars This is a short novel about friends getting married for reasons other than love He is a young pastor who lost his beloved wife in a car accident A church in his home town that he s always wanted to preach at has an opening but the elders are concerned that he is too young and not married She has been the pastor s good friend for several years and longs for a family and to move back to her hometown She has never found any guy she ever really liked, except she has secretl [...]

    20. There are lots of things I liked very much about this romance I love marriage of connivence plots I really like that this plot in a contemporary romance that makes sense Clergy should be married in the eyes of manny congregations The heroine s reasoning makes sense as well I enjoyed having two leads that have deep spiritual commitments in a non Inspirational Romance Good stuff I would have actually liked of this aspect of the characters They have some pretty hot sexy times which was great and r [...]

    21. I feel like a hard marker, but I was asking myself how I felt about the book and I said, it was okay which is word for word the definition of a two star rating, so two stars.I just never really got into it I didn t really like the hero I don t always want both POVs in a romance, but for this story I think it really would have helped, because this guy just seemed like a cold fish to me, right up until he was Mr Passionate Lover Man, and I didn t really get a sense of the transition at all And the [...]

    22. I did not like this book as much as the others from the same author It s a good thing that the religion isn t a huge part of the book because I would have flipped Daniel wasn t very open about his feelings and I couldn t judge him well Jessica should not go near the oven It always turns out to be a disaster.

    23. Note to self Do not read According to reviews Widower still in love with his deceased wife Heroine who cries too much, including during sex No thanks.

    24. 3 starsI m really lazy to review, so all I want to say is the story was so so.Read on your own peril.

    25. It seems like I m on a course of novellas these days The last three books I ve read were either novellas or short stories which was nice, they made me realize it doesn t matter whether a story is three hundred pages long or just fifty or so, what matters is the plot and how the author chooses to tell it And here I am, having read yet another novella, about two people who are lonely and trying to secure a place in each other.Jessica is a woman alone She works from home, though what she does I can [...]

    26. This is the first book in a series I got it as a freebie from In the forward, the author states even though the couple is Christian live a Christian life, this is a contemporary romance There is married sex The trope is marriage of convenience The hero needs a wife he s a widower to get the Pastor job he wants The Heroine is his friend who wants a husband family she s unable to find the right guy This is a nice story NA has managed to walk the line between Lifetime movie Hallmark Christmas movie [...]

    27. I loved the idea of this book Marriage of convenience turning into a marriage of love.Unfortunately, I didn t enjoy this one.There was just no connection to the characters for me Even in the most emotional places, and I m an emotional reader, it wasn t moving The motives behind the characters didn t seem that compelling to me, and it was frustrating that Jessica mentioned them having to be honest and open but wouldn t DO it.I felt like I was reading the most boring parts of their lives and the s [...]

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