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Medicine Walk Richard Wagamese Medicine Walk Franklin Starlight is called to visit his father Eldon He s sixteen years old and has had the most fleeting of relationships with the man The rare moments they ve shared haunt and trouble Frank but

  • Title: Medicine Walk
  • Author: Richard Wagamese
  • ISBN: 9780771089183
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Medicine Walk Richard Wagamese Franklin Starlight is called to visit his father, Eldon He s sixteen years old and has had the most fleeting of relationships with the man The rare moments they ve shared haunt and trouble Frank, but he answers the call, a son s duty to a father He finds Eldon decimated after years of drinking, dying of liver failure in a small town flophouse Eldon asks his son to takeFranklin Starlight is called to visit his father, Eldon He s sixteen years old and has had the most fleeting of relationships with the man The rare moments they ve shared haunt and trouble Frank, but he answers the call, a son s duty to a father He finds Eldon decimated after years of drinking, dying of liver failure in a small town flophouse Eldon asks his son to take him into the mountains, so he may be buried in the traditional Ojibway manner What ensues is a journey through the rugged and beautiful backcountry, and a journey into the past, as the two men push forward to Eldon s end From a poverty stricken childhood, to the Korean War, and later the derelict houses of mill towns, Eldon relates both the desolate moments of his life and a time of redemption and love and in doing so offers Frank a history he has never known, the father he has never had, and a connection to himself he never expected A novel about love, friendship, courage, and the idea that the land has within it powers of healing, Medicine Walk reveals the ultimate goodness of its characters and offers a deeply moving and redemptive conclusion Wagamese s writing soars and his insight and compassion are matched by his gift of communicating these to the reader.
    Medicine Walk Richard Wagamese

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      152 Richard Wagamese
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    1. The kid, the old man and the father The kid lives with the old man, with whom he has a close relationship The old man taught him the word guardian It meant protector It meant that as long as the old man was around there was nothing for him to be afraid of It meant he was safe and cared for It is the old man who lovingly teaches him every thing he needs or wants to know In fact, what the old man teaches him is so much better than going to school where he is simply an unliked Indian What I figure, [...]

    2. In this heartbreaking story about redemption, forgiveness and past regrets, Wagamese writes a magnificent story His descriptions of the lives of Franklin, his father and the old man are poignant, at times heartbreaking but show a deep and abiding love that though not always shown, was always there There are very few characters in this story but the characters that are there are than enough to fill these pages He uses words in a way that few can, his portrayal of the woods, and the trip Franklin [...]

    3. A sixteen year old young man, wise before his time, accompanies his estranged father on his last journey to the grave They travel physically, mentally and emotionally through the landscape of the Canadian mountains in the 1950s His father, Eldon Starlight, request to be buried as an Indian warrior, while Frank, his young son, is not convinced of his father s warrior status As their journey continues, a tale of heartbreak, bitterness, endurance and love enfolds, while a picturesque world opens up [...]

    4. I have just added Richard Wagamese to my list of favorite authors His descriptiveness and the way he tells a story is like he is creating a painting He is brutally honest and tender and had me choking back the tears than once Franklin s journey was heartbreaking yet inspiring The selflessness of love was deeply moving Thank you goes out to my dear friend Sandy who introduced me to this author.A Beautiful Read

    5. In Medicine Walk, Richard Wagamese uses spare language, but uses it beautifully and effectively, to give clear images of the natural setting in 1950s rural Canada, the nature of the people, the nature of their often harsh lives Eldon and Franklin Starlight, father and son, each half Indian, long estranged and largely unknown to one another, come together for one last purpose Eldon wants his son to accompany him on his way to death This is such a moving journey in which the father reveals much of [...]

    6. In a recent interview, Canadian writer Richard Wagamese born to Ojibway parents had this to say I don t want to be compared, I don t want to ghettoized, I don t want to be marginalized I just want people to read my work and go, Wow Okay, Mr Wagamese WOW If life were fair, Richard Wagamese would be a household name by now His latest novel at its core is an absent father s redemption through the art of storytelling and a son s growing knowledge of his own sense of identity Franklin Starlight, 16 y [...]

    7. The story of a young boy s meeting with his dying abandoning father is haunting Beautifully written, Wagamese vividly portrays a wild and gorgeous landscape that is the setting for the boy s only journey with his father, with all the boy s questions and resentments of a lifetime spent with another man who fathered him without being his father The writing left me breathless and the revelations brought me closer than I ever could have imagined to a man whose life is nothing like my own.

    8. It s all we are in the end Our stories.Medicine Walk is Richard Wagamese s latest novel, and my first by this author I ve been meaning to read his work for a long time, and after finishing it I can see why he is an established Canadian writer, but also can t help but be disappointed.Medicine Walk is a novel of a broken relationship at a moment when there s no time left to mend it Franklin Starlight, the protagonist, is a young Native man who was adopted by The Old Man when he was a little boy Th [...]

    9. This book has some really pretty lines What happens could happen and the characters could realistically do what they do While it is pretty darn easy to guess the final resolution, the author throws in other questions that need to be resolved and you cannot put the book down until you have gotten all your answers Finally, wisdom and human frailties are attributed to both Native Americans as well as those characters not of Native American heritage This gives a balanced portrayal rather than an ide [...]

    10. I was so lucky to win a copy of Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese, an established Canadian Native author and storyteller, through the Giveaway Contest This is his latest novel taking place in the wilderness of British Columbia, and my first by this author WOW what a novel I loved it, it made my heart happy and sad, and will definitely not be the last book I read by this author This is a profoundly moving novel and one that will rest in your heart for a long time Franklin Starlight, the kid the p [...]

    11. Richard Wagamese is emerging as perhaps Canada s most profound author in capturing and conveying the realities of Indian life His last novel Indian Horse was a powerful portrait of the tragedy of residential schools abuse Now this book presents a deeply moving story of father son tensions in the poverty stricken margins of a western mill town where Indian inhabitants are confined The life of Frank, the 16 year old son, could be seen as grim, deprived of his parents, even his father who rarely se [...]

    12. In the early chapters of this book, I wasn t sure how I felt about it It seemed slow and rather depressing Before long, though, I was hooked on this quiet novel that gently unfolds itself, showing us the power of stories that need telling and how burdensome it can be to hold them in.

    13. It s difficult to listen to someone who s hurt you badly who s broken a heart, crushed a dream, cut you down, shamed you It takes a lot of effort to open up an ear after that to hear a single word such a voice has to say And if it happens that this person has hurt you repeatedly, over the course of many years, that resistance to listening slips over the transom of unwillingness and into distinct revulsion Caution shoots through the entire enterprise A heightened level of justifiable concern The [...]

    14. A marvelous story of love, regrets, learning to understand a person and finding Self The characters of the old man, Franklin and his father are very well portrayed This is a melancholy story, poignantly told, with feeling and respect I loved the kid Franklin and was glad that he had the old man in his life God bless that old man.

    15. When Franklin Starlight is sixteen he receives a summons by his father to visit him urgently He is surprised but also pleased Still, he is my dad is his response to the old man on whose farm he has been living as long as he can remember Don t expect it to be pretty The old man warns him, but then, he knows that it never was easy He gets the horse ready for the one day ride to the town where his father livesRichard Wagemese s new novel, MEDICINE WALK, tells the story of Franklin, usually referred [...]

    16. Canadian author Richard Wagamese manages to slow our heart rate down with this story of an Ojibwe Indian who lost his bearings, and about an old man and a boy living on a farm carved out of the wilderness Stories told and listened to form the heart of this novel one feels sure that if only there were enough stories, things might have turned out differently But in the end, the larger story the story of this novel lets us know that life encompasses both the tragic and the magnificent and to know o [...]

    17. I loved Wagamese s memoir One Native Life with all my heart, and so I feel a peculiarly sad disappointment at not loving this one I bailed at the 57% mark I loved the nature writing here but the emotional palette of the story was just way way way too sentimental for my tastes, the wisdom enunciated by the characters the stuff of recovery speak clich It just didn t work for me at all.

    18. Another winner by Wagamese A young boy is summoned by his birth father, someone who has only been in his life periodically and never with positive results The man is dying and he wants his son to accompany him to his chosen burial place and to give him a warrior s burial The boy, is beyond skeptical, beyond hurt, but he has questions only this man can answer The man who lovingly raised him urges him to undertake the journey With many misgivings he loads up his horse and heads into the mountains. [...]

    19. this is the second novel i have read from richard wagamese, and i continue to be impressed with his stories, style, and heart while reading him, i just feel there is much thoughtfulness and care given to his characters and their arcs but i also feel there is a strong sense of care given to the reader so wagamese s books, so far, definitely go into my quiet novels folder this novel, and Indian Horse, and which are very possibly my favourite kind of books quiet novels , i mean i read this book ver [...]

    20. I was one of the lucky people who won this ARC of Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese I was blown away by the sheer talent with words that this writer displays I was impressed with how so much was conveyed in his descriptions of body language gestures and the detail given to the expressions on the faces of his characters than through actual dialogue of which there was little in this novel You really can t talk too much about the plot without giving everything away so I won t summarize what the no [...]

    21. Stunning Quietly the story unfolds as you are enveloped in the quiet dignity of Franklin Starlight as he helps his estranged father on his final journey.This is the first book by this author that I ve read, but I m seeking out of his books now It was an exquisitly appropriate way to see out the end of the year to contemplate beginnings, endings, and the string of human struggles in between.

    22. A boy, Frank Starlight leaves the farm and the old man who raised him, Bunky, to go on a short journey with his dying father, Eldon Starlight, who abandoned him and whom he hardly knows During this journey, the father tells his story and the story of Frank s birth.This author is full of compassion for his characters It s easy to like Frank and Bunky Frank is a hard worker, self reliant The old man is wise and kind It s harder to relate to Eldon who is a very flawed character He has done cowardly [...]

    23. At first he brung me out all the time when I was small Showed me plants and how to gather them Everything a guy would need is here if you want it and know how to look for it, he said You gotta spend time gatherin what you need What you need to keep you strong He called it a medicine walk.Medicine Walk is the story of a 16 year old Native boy, Franklin Starlight, who was raised by an old white man with occasional and disastrous visits from his alcoholic father, Eldon As the story begins, Eldon ha [...]

    24. This book was selected for our One Book One community event and there will be a large group discussion of it in April All part of the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission and an effort to educate Canadians about indigenous culture and history A much longer conversation than I can address here I think this book was a good choice for such an event This is the story of Eldon and Franklin, father and son, and Eldon s final attempt to connect with his teenage son, before, he, Eldon, dies At h [...]

    25. I found this book extremely moving Wagamese writes in a very simple, straightforward and plain language style, which appeals to me However, I actually found it a bit distracting because I was trying to figure out how he did it Even though this book wasn t a western, it reminded me of a western because of the writing style and because there was so much description of the landscape, horses etc This is the story of a boy and his father His father, who has been a drunk and out of the boy s life, ret [...]

    26. Wow Mr Wagamese is able to transport you to the backcountry of this story in vivid detail It is a brutal depiction of a young man having to come to terms with a father that abandoned him and yet expects so much from him Excellently done I am now a fan and will have no problem in recommending this book to anyone.

    27. I don t know how to write a review on a book of this magnitude I do not want to take the chance of cheapening it or making it less than it is Everyone should read this book It holds life truths that you may never get otherwise Just read it It won t take that long Just do it.

    28. I m feeling slightly light headed having finished the book about an hour ago The prose is so beautiful So lean So intimate in every sense of the word So perfected I ve been trying to think if I ve known a book so beautiful Maybe I have, but I can t think of it just now To me, Medicine Walk is very nearly truly perfect in its structure, writing style, character development, honesty, even plot A Medicine Walk, literally view spoiler The delivery of an estranged father to his grave site Have you kn [...]

    29. 5 Wow What an amazing book Medicine Walk is the first book by Richard Wagamese that I have read, but it will not be the last The writing is beautiful and very descriptive It was late fall The dark green of fir leaned to a sullen greyness, and the sudden bursts of colour from the last clinging leaves struck him like the flare of lightning bugs in a darkened field The author skillfully drew me into the story with his words Sad s not a bad thing unless it gets a hold of you and won t let go At firs [...]

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