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The Other Countess Eve Edwards The Other Countess Part romance part suspense part friendship The Other Countess will not disappoint it really is pure gold Historical Novels ReviewEngland Ellie Lady Eleanor Rodriguez Countess of San Jaime poss

  • Title: The Other Countess
  • Author: Eve Edwards
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  • Page: 291
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Other Countess Eve Edwards Part romance, part suspense, part friendship The Other Countess will not disappoint it really is pure gold Historical Novels ReviewEngland, 1582Ellie Lady Eleanor Rodriguez, Countess of San Jaime possesses a worthless title, but her feisty spirit captivates the elite of the Queen s court especially the dashing new Earl of Dorset.William Lacey, Earl of Dorset, h Part romance, part suspense, part friendship The Other Countess will not disappoint it really is pure gold Historical Novels ReviewEngland, 1582Ellie Lady Eleanor Rodriguez, Countess of San Jaime possesses a worthless title, but her feisty spirit captivates the elite of the Queen s court especially the dashing new Earl of Dorset.William Lacey, Earl of Dorset, has inherited his father s title and his financial ruin Now Will must seek a wealthy bride and restore his family s fortune If only he hadn t fallen for the beautiful but penniless Ellie .Sparks fly whenever Ellie and Will are together, but circumstances and the conniving interference of others threaten to keep them apart.From the Hardcover edition.
    The Other Countess Eve Edwards

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    1. The Other Countess is Edwards debut novel and I am really impressed It s such as sweet book with really likeable characters and superb dialogue It s never condescending to its target audience and passages of descriptive detail are done beautifully I really got a sense of the time period and enjoyed it so much I wanted to learn about Queen Elizabeth 1st and her reign.I really liked Ellie, her full title being Lady Eleanor Rodrigues of San Jaime She s soft and gentle, and yet a feisty young lady [...]

    2. I cared for the subplots and minor characters than the supposed main thread of this narrative it felt too cliche the scenario s been done in so many variants already, transferring it back to the Elizabethan era doesn t really compensate The Other Countess definitely has its appeals, that stunning cover for starters The ambience is charming, the dialogue is superb and the brother dynamic is so endearing In short, Eve Edwards has a lovely writing style.But The structure and some of the context is [...]

    3. The Other Countess is Eve Edward s debut novel and the first book in her YA Tudor Historical Romance series.This book will be added to my Favourites of 2010 list it s that good Edwards takes a little swath of history and makes it her own in this dazzling historical romance, set in 1582 England under the reign of Virgin Queen Elizabeth I.Eleanor Ellie Hutton is an alchemist s daughter She traipses the country with her addle brained father, as he hunts for the scientific formula to turn metals int [...]

    4. This book fits into an odd little sub genre that I m quite willing to like, in theory It combines elements of YA, romance, and historical in a way that I ve not encountered before, which predisposes me to like it But the reason I m not raving is that it does them all fairly well, but none of them so well that I m bouncing in my seat.The historical is significantly present in this novel than in most YA fiction or YA romance In this book and its successors, the author takes on not only the commo [...]

    5. The Other Countess isn t something that I d normally read, but because it s one of the first titles to be published under Puffin UK s new Razorbill imprint, I thought I d give it a go It s a solid debut title, and has led me to believe that perhaps historical fiction is my thing after all It s the second historical YA book I ve enjoyed recently, so I think I need to pay attention to this particular genre, and not just turn my nose up at it because there s a frilly dress on the cover.Eve Edwards [...]

    6. Well, this wasn t anything new or unpredictable It definitely wasn t a bad story The quick Will is the Earl of Lacey now that his father has passed away He sends the alchemist and his daughter, Ellie away and forbids them to return He feels they have drained his family of their wealth in their search to re create gold Ellie is young at the time, but as the years progress she and her father go to the Queen s Court William is struck by her beauty, he is charmed with her he just doesn t know who he [...]

    7. This book is exstactly what I am looking for and only some authors can produce a book like this When I go to a book shop or libaray in search for a book that my heart preaches for, I can never find it This is the type of book that I like and enjoy and I can not wait until I can get my hands on the next one, which will come out in Spring 2011 If you are the author and reading this review, all I want to tell you is that you have created the perfect book that is hardly found and is completely uniqu [...]

    8. Quite a few years ago, I remember a magazine series that became a bit of a fad at my school I m fairly certain, if my hazy memory serves me correctly, that it was called Discovery and each issue would cover a particular period in history I remember relatively little about the series now other than my mother being quite annoyed at my loss of interest shortly after signing up for a subscription However I do remember the very first issue, devoted to Queen Elizabeth I Reading The Other Countess by E [...]

    9. The cover was mainly the reason I picked this book up I had no idea it was set in the 1500s when Queen Elizabeth was ruling I love both Elizabeth and time period But yeah I totally judged a book by its cover and it actually didn t turn out so bad when I did that PThe Lady Eleanor with nothing but a title, simple Ellie was turned out of the Earl of Dorset s home when the previous Earl dies and his son immediately kicks her and her father out Why Because her father is an alchemist, convinced that [...]

    10. POTENTIAL SPOILERS What This was easily one of the worst books I ve read this year Granted, my bar has been set phenomenally high this year and it s only February, but still It was just so boring and has no real focus nor plot If I told you what the plot was.I wouldn t be able to, because there pretty much is no real plot It s written in such a childish style that if it wasn t for all the sexual references, I would ve assumed this to be another childrens book mislabeled as YA Plus the language u [...]

    11. After reviewing two rather mediocre books, I was so delighted to read The Other Countess and find that it was so completely unputdownable I am rather in love with a story which is about just that Love against all the odds When you add in the historical setting complete with knights jousting , how can you not fail to swoon Okay perhaps if you re a feminist you re thinking this is a princess story but actually it isn t The characters are very cleverly casted Ellie our heroine is a headstrong girl [...]

    12. thereadingsofabusymomThe Other Countess is Eve Edwards debut novel and for a first I am very impressed Eve s novel is so well written it leaves you in awe, the mode of expression gives you a great feeling of time and experience and has you falling over the pages with hope and happiness This a well explored novel and is only a taster of what Eve is capable of.The Story was told from 3 points of view Ellie, Jane and Will but chapters where given to Ellie and Will Ellie s character was my favourit [...]

    13. I think from my introduction and my I LOVE THIS BOOK SO FAR that used to live undearneath the Currently Reading bit that I enjoyed this book a lot I read it within about a week which is pretty good for me I m a bit of a romantic at heart I love being given flowers and chocolates, though it never happens much and I just love a classic love tale or love match It DOES make me feel a little tearful.The difference about this book is that the love ness starts early on They meet each other and fall in [...]

    14. When I read the blurb of this book at the library, the debut novel of Eve Edwards, I knew that it was the kind of book that I would love To be immersed in the Tudor world filled with intrigue in the courts of Queen Elizabeth I mixed together with love at all odds What could be better It turned out that I was right in the end and I couldn t tear myself away from it Everything about it was so lovely and well thought out with characters that I warmed to and believable and witty dialogue It was the [...]

    15. Als Ellie, eine verarmte Comtess, den Duke of Dorset, Will, am Hof der englischen K nigin Elizabeth I wiedertrifft, ist sie zuerst nicht erfreut, denn selbiger Lord hatte sie und ihren Vater vor ein paar Jahren mit Schimpf und Schande aus seinem Haus gejagt, nachdem sein Vater gestorben war Doch Will erkennt sie nicht sofort, und entwickelt eine Schw rmerei f r sie, und auch Ellie ist vom Charme des Adligen fasziniert Sie verlieben sich ineinander Doch Will darf seinem Herzen nicht folgen, denn [...]

    16. Pierwszy tom Kronik rodu Lacey opowiada histori c rki pewnego alchemika, kt ry w imi nauki po wi ca wszystko M odziutka Ellie musi znosi kolejne upokorzenia, kt re ci ga na rodzin jej ojciec swoim bezgranicznym oddaniem alchemii Kiedy w ko cu oboje trafiaj na kr lewski dw r, nastolatka poznaje osiemnastoletniego hrabiego Dorset Willa Laceya Nie jest to ich pierwsze spotkanie i z tego powodu oboje s nastawieni niech tnie do dalszej znajomo ci, jednak serce Willa wbrew rozumowi zaczyna bi szybciej [...]

    17. I have really been enjoying historical fiction recently but most of the stories I ve read have been set in the Victorian era so it made a nice change to come across something set in Tudor times at the court of Queen Elizabeth I Eve Edwards has done a fantastic job of capturing the era, life at court was fascinating and I loved the jousting contest what I enjoyed most though was the characters.Ellie or Lady Eleanor Rodriguez of San Jamie if you go by the title she inherited from her mother is the [...]

    18. William Lacey is the new Earl of Dorset Left with a title but not the fortune, Will must make amends for his father s mistakes if his family is to regain their status His only means to do so is to attend court and find wife with a hefty dowry.Ellie Hutton is the daughter of an alchemist who spends every penny on his studies Despite being Lady Eleanor Rodriguez of San Jaime, a title inherited from her late mother, Ellie is akin to living in barns than fancy dresses.Circumstances leads them both [...]

    19. I absolutely loved this book I have a hard time finding a good Elizabethan era book to read any since a lot of them are just respinning the lives of the main players of that period But in this one it s almost a completely new cast with just some glimpses here and there of famous figures So it was a new story, set in a time I love, but without me going into it knowing the people and the way things play out.There were two points I thought tripped me up Near the beginning, Will makes a statement ab [...]

    20. The Other Countess is exactly the kind of book I enjoy it s frothy and fun, with characters that are easy to like and prose that s easy to keep reading.Ellie is the daughter of an alchemist and her father has ruined himself and gone half mad in his fruitless pursuit of gold He s also taken others down with him, namely the father of Will Lacey, who dies leaving his family near bankrupt Will blames Ellie s father entirely for the mess and The Other Countess begins with a furious Will chasing both [...]

    21. Based in England in 1582 this is story of Lady Eleanor Ellie Rodriguez of San Jaime Thanks to her Alchemist father s endless pursuit of turning base metal into gold, all Ellie has is a worthless title and herself to offer in marriage As the daughter of a failed Alchemist and a Spaniard mother, her chances of making a match, let alone a good match, are slim to none.As her feisty spirit captivates the elite in Queen Elizabeth s Court, she finds unlikely friends in unexpected places but among the c [...]

    22. Sixteen year old Ellie Hutton also known as the Lady Eleanor Rodriguez, Countess of San Jaime, a worthless Spanish title she inherited from her mother is the daughter of an alchemist obsessed with his craft He has wasted all the family s money over the years and Ellie often resents the life she lives as a result of his decisions Eighteen year old Will Lacey, the Earl of Dorset, must solve his family s financial problems after his late father wasted the family fortune He hopes that if he can marr [...]

    23. I completely adored this book Of course, I m a sucker for period pieces, but, hey, this was definitely a good one, even coming on the heels of Grave Mercy Ellie is a fantabulous, feisty girl She is well educated and doesn t conform to society s expectations of her If someone tries to take advantage of her or lie to her, she calls them out on it and defends herself Love her.Her dad is seriously frustrating If I were her, I would have left him behind ages ago if possible She feels a loyalty to him [...]

    24. Historical fiction is a little hit and miss with me, but The Other Countess was definitely a hit I loved it One of the reasons that I agreed to review this book was to try and fill the hole that the ending of Anna Godbersen s The Luxe series left And, boy did it The mix of a historical setting, a lovable heroine and fabulous romance swept me up and carried me back to 1582 This is without a doubt a novel for the romantics i.e Me with Ellie and Will s doomed love and Will himself with his family l [...]

    25. Will Lacey s father drove the family to the brink of poverty before his death, so now it lies upon Will s shoulders to bring his family back to wealth by marrying a rich lady So Will goes to the Queen s court, where he sets about trying to find a wife, but there he bumps into Ellie, a gorgeous witty girl that he s instantly attracted to But Ellie has nothing but her title, being that her father has spent every penny of their fortune, so it s impossible for them to be together, isn t it Historica [...]

    26. I m a bit of a history buff so one of the genres I love reading is historical fiction, I like being able to forget my surroundings and be transported back in time to a different era One of the things I loved about The Other Countess was the rich descriptions and historical detail that Eve Edwards has skilfully intertwined around the story The setting is 1578 and we re treated to appearances by notable historical figures such as Queen Elizabeth, Walter Ralegh and Robert Cecil A great deal of time [...]

    27. The Other Countess is another ARC I received from Vine Young adult books are not what I usually read However, I saw The Other Countess on the Vine list and it caught my eye I wondered how young adult historical romance differed from adult historical romance Here is what I found.One big difference was the age of the two main characters Ellie Lady Eleanor Rodriguez, Countess of San Jaime is 16 and William Lacey, Earl of Dorset is 18, much younger than characters in adult historical romances today [...]

    28. I never read historical There s something about it that just never really appealed to me before, and I don t know by Because I m all for sexy dramatic romance crap.I seriously, loved, his novel though I think it was amazing It was just so romantic Will and Ellie were so romantic.It was sweet and sexy and tragic and everything.I loved it I think I have a new thing for historical I was always of a paranormal romance person, but I guess there s a first time for everything I was browsing the young [...]

    29. The only thing young adult about this book is that the girl is 16 The book reads like a very calm adult historical romance There was some interesting history about the time period and the way they dressed and the politics at the time, but I wouldn t say it was heavy on the history side The whole story revolves around this young girl and the trails of her life I guess this will be a whole family saga and some of the other minor characters got wayyyy too much time in the book, will be used in othe [...]

    30. Despite the in authentic language of the main characters, this is a bodice ripper for the YA reader.The Other Countess is the story of Ellie Hutton, also Lady Eleanor Rodrigues of San Jaime, but she never uses this title in Queen Elizabeth I s papacy hating England.The story opens as little Ellie and her father are banished from the estate of the Earl of Dorset, young William Lacey, newly come to the title on the death of his father, a calamity which reveals how destitute the old Earl and Mr Hut [...]

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